A:CoMaS - Chapter Two: Frinaco Science Corporation
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Avatar: Clash of Mind and Spirit


Book One: Earth



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March 30th, Sunday

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Julin stood up in the dark of the morning, waking Hatio. She stared at Julin until he noticed her open eyes.

"Sorry, Hatio, I'm just going for a walk." He whispered, leaning down to kiss her on the forehead. She closed her eyes and went back to sleep.

She awoke to the splintering of wood. Jumping out of bed, she saw somebody had kicked the door in. The person stood for a moment in the door frame, looking for something, and then saw Hatio and ran back down the hall. Hatio ran after the criminal, catching up rather easily to their slow gait, and punched s/he in the side of the head. S/he crashed into the wall, but before s/he could struggle to get back up Hatio had grabbed her/his collar and was holding her/him up against the wall. She took off the criminals mask to reveal a woman in her early twenties. Hatio curled her lip, but the woman stared right back.

"How dare you!" Hatio yelled, and the woman tried to pointlessly squirm out of her grasp. "What are you doing?" Hatio growled.

The woman tried to loosen Hatio's grip, but when she couldn't she instead screamed, "DOWN WITH THE AVATAR!"

Hatio stared at her in stupidity, and then looked at her watch. It was mid-day. Which meant Julin had been gone at least five hours.

"Oh, Vaatu..." Hatio whispered to herself, and then looked back at the woman. "You're coming with me," Hatio said, and then ran down the hall, still in her pajamas, dragging the woman behind her who began to protest.

"Hey- wait- no- you're not- supposed to- hey!" She began to yell, but Hatio ignored her. She ran down the stairs, the woman stumbling and falling against her, but Hatio kept going. When they got outside, Hatio pulled the woman in front of her and growled, "Where is he?"

"I'll never tell!" The woman yelled, but Hatio grabbed her throat and slightly squeezed it to show her strength.

The woman looked around frantically, and then grimaced. Hatio tightened her hand around the woman's small throat.

"They- they went to the Frinaco science labs. But that's all you'll get out of me!" The woman was practically wailing, but Hatio just snarled and threw her to the ground.

"Tell them I'm coming, then. I doubt-" Hatio began, but just then a joffer flew down to them. The woman jumped on it, yelling out to Hatio, "Oh, we'll be waiting!" She got in it and they zoomed away, leaving Hatio to glare at the sky. Hatio brought up a hologram map on her watch, and then began running towards the Frinaco science labs.

After taking a few joffers to her destination, Hatio finally arrived in front of the Frinaco Science Corporation. The problem was there were no doors. So, instead, Hatio punched in a window. Alarms went off and she ignored them, and was surprised to find no one inside. She ran through the halls and up the stairs, but there was not one person. Alarms were sounding through the building, but the police had not shown up yet. Hatio ran downstairs towards the laboratories, but when she got down the third flight she smelt burnt flesh. She kicked in each door, finding spirits, angry and passive, in large tubes, but no Julin. She got to the final level and kicked in the door, only to be blasted back by a stream of water. She started letting fire lose at random, and heard a couple of screams in response.

Running into the room she saw that there was a large circle of benders surrounding a few people watching Julin in a tube like the spirits were in. He was in the Avatar State, slowly cracking the special made glass, but the people continued to experiment. The tubes weren't meant to hold benders, but breaking the glass was a slow process. His tattoos and eyes were white with light, and he kept punching the glass with fire and wind.

Hatio screamed and let loose more fire, punching and kicking her way through the throng. They flew left and right, and she recognized the scared face of the woman she had captured before. She punched the woman in the face, and her hair caught on fire. When most of the people were struggling to get back up Hatio ran towards the people experimenting who then turned towards her, smiling, taking their poses. Hatio looked up towards Julin, and stopped to stare. He was suspended in the middle of the tube, and slowly there was a light being drug out of his mouth.

Hatio bared her teeth, and jumped up, kicking down a length of fire at the control panel. It burst into flame and several alarms went off, and warnings popped up across the screen on the wall. Julin collapsed in the tube, the light re-entering his features, and he began to scream out curses, Raava's voice audible behind his own. He continued to punch the glass, and Hatio fought with a firebender. They threw flames at each other, and people wailed around them as they were burned. Water benders surrounded her, but Hatio's fire was turning from red to purple to blue. The water began to evaporate as it got near her fire, and still she continued to fight. There was a shatter, and Hatio looked up to see Julin out of the spirit tube and flinging people around the room using airbending.

"YOU HAVE DISRESPECTED ME AND MY ANCESTORS, AND NOW YOU WILL SEE MY WRATH," Julin's voice echoed throughout the room, and the ground rumbled and towers of earth flew up from the floor, trapping the kidnappers in an earth prison.

Before Julin could act any further, Hatio jumped up and kicked him in the chest and he flew across the room, hitting a wall and sliding down. His face was furious for a moment, but then the light faded from his features and he stared at Hatio. The group had not brought any earthbenders, thinking them useless in a building, so they struggled to get out of the earth prison.

Julin shook his head and stood up, looking around the lab. Alarms were still blaring. Hatio turned towards the door.

"The cops haven't arrived yet," she said hoarsely.

Julin looked at her. "It was a set up. The police knew."

Fire raged and water trickled into the electronics, and then the lights went out.

"Oh, Vaatu," Hatio said, and created a fire ball. The two lovers ran out of the room and up the stairs, bursting through another window and out onto the street. There was a small group of people outside the building, mostly children, and when the adults saw the Avatar bust and climb out of a window they began to yell and hit a button on their watches to call the police. Julin and Hatio looked at each other and then ran down the street, the children, confused at what was happening, chasing after them, laughing and throwing rocks.

Julin created a wall of earth between him and the people, and the two turned a corner and kept running.

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