The Good of the Human Heart
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Avatar: Clash of Mind and Spirit


Book 1: Earth



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March 16, 2014

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"What do we have here?"

The man who has situated himself on the table looks up to see the doctor close the door behind him. The man on the table turns his torso to show the large wound on his left arm.

"Had a little accident, did we?" The doctor gets a closer look, but the man just nods, earning a quick glance from the doctor.

"So, uh, mister..." The doctor looks at the man's name on the clipboard. "Mister Grol, is it? Well, it seems that you are going to need stitches. I'm surprised they brought you in to me. Usually they send people to the emergency room."

"I'm not allowed in the ER," the man croaks. The doctor is surprised at the man's voice and offers him a glass of water. Grol accepts gratefully.

"What? Why not? That seems very... well. Why?"

Grol sighs, setting down the cup. He holds two hands up. In one a flame appears, and he moves the other to bend the water out of the cup to swirl around his fingers.

"They said you were the only doctor who would see me." Grol's throat is not as sore as before, but the doctor still does not recognize the Avatar's voice from what he has heard on the holovision.

"Oh, I see. They were quite right, Avatar Julin. You are not a very popular figure among anyone these days," the doctor says, frowning to himself. He holds out a hand to Julin Grol.

"Dr. Errit, at your service." Julin takes his hand using his good arm, wincing from the movement.

"Right, I better take care of that wound..." Dr. Errit says, getting up to grab supplies from a nearby drawer.

"This happened at the Peace With the 'Spirits' walk this morning, didn't it?" Dr. Errit asks as he puts on gloves, and Julin nods. Dr. Errit shakes his head as he sets to work on Julin's wound.

"Sometimes I don't understand our hate for the demons... er, spirits. Sorry, I get so used to listening to those around me..." Dr. Errit shrugs. "I don't have a problem with them. I find them almost docile. Nothing like the media makes them out to be."

"Don't even get me started," Julin chuckles, and then grunts in pain as Dr. Errit begins to stitch up his wound.

"Sorry, this will sting a little, even with the numbing cream. Yes, I've heard your speeches on my holovision. I watch the Avatar Channel all the time. It costs extra to get it, though..."

They are silent for a time, with only quick gasps from Julin breaking the silence.

After a while the doctor sits back to admire his work.

"There you go, Mr. Grol. Come back if you ever need anything." Dr. Errit shakes Julin's hand and exits. Julin takes a closer look at the stitching, and then leaves as well. He steps into the warm evening outside and is greeted by a woman fit to be a professional wrestler. It's likely she was one at some point. She says nothing, but begins walking beside Julin.

"Well, Hatio," Julin says, "what now?"

The woman shrugs, her arms behind her back.

"Let's walk home today. It's a cooler day than the last," Julin suggests, and Hatio nods. They walk down the road, abandoned after Gregor Jof invented flying machines. Gregor called them joffers. It was the first flying invention that was cheap enough for the populace.

A few children play in the street with a Lemur. Julin walks by, smiling at them, and they stick out their tongues and run circles around him and Hatio. Then a woman calls from a building above, and the children stop their circling and run inside. It is growing late.

Julin and Hatio arrive at their small apartment, and Julin waves his hand in front of the scanner. The door clicks unlocked, and they enter. They live in a small apartment on the edge of town, in one of the only places where they are allowed. The man at the front desk still gives them glaring looks every now and then.

Hatio sits at the window, staring up at the joffers flying in the sky.

"Don't do that, Hatio," Julin sighs, "you know how it worries me so."

Hatio turns to look at him, and then walks over and sits beside him on the bed. Julin takes her hand in his, wincing at the pain in his arm. After moments of silence he sighs.

"Hatio, I don't know what to do. Half of my followers are obsessed with spirits, and the few who aren't won't endanger their lives. I don't want them to, but we are the only real ones worried about our cause. The world is out of balance, and I have no idea how to stop the decimation of and experimentation on the spirits. Your ideas," he kisses her hand, "are wonderful, but I don't see how we can do this anymore."

Hatio looks at him, his head bowed, talking to his feet, tired.

"Julin--" Hatio stops, and sighs. "Julin, we can only keep telling the people. Violence will not help. You know this just as Aang knew it. You must keep faith in the good of the human heart."

Julin looks up at her, and Hatio see's time in his eyes, watches as the past unravels and catches up with the Avatar. He is without the guidance of the Avatars before Korra, and has become old too soon without their knowledge.

They kiss, and lie down. Neither sleep, but instead wait for another day of hoping for the good in the human heart.

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