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Avatar: Beyond the Void


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6th October 2013

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The Void


Winter comes along,

Out in the Void for so long,

Ithar sings his song.

I played on my flute, whispering each echoing note as it drifted away into the night, this ever lasting night on the cold mountain tops. No wind to whistle along. The timeless zone outside of the Two Worlds, between them both, was silent. The only sounds that I ever heard were the notes that came from my flute, my only possession.

I remained seated, playing and watching on as time continued by; flashes of what was, what is, and what will come. The mists continued rolling by, glimpses of the world I used to know go by;

I saw Wan, the First Avatar, mastering all four elements. I saw Avatar Kuruk hunt down Koh deep into the Spirit World. I saw Avatar Kyoshi separate her home from the mainland before Chin the Conqueror, I saw Avatar Roku attempt to save his island at the cost of his life and his dragon's. I saw Avatar Aang fall into the ocean upon his sky bison in the middle of a storm. I watched on as I saw Fire Lord Sozin's first assault on the Earth Kingdom, the power the comet gave the Fire Nation was scarring. The first act to total war between the four nations. I then continued to watch over as Avatar Aang was freed from his icy prison, defeated Fire Lord Ozai and ended the Hundred Year War.

I saw all the chaos and all the harmony, yet I do not intervene, as a being of the timeless zone, my responsibility relies on watching, never joining. Time was set in stone by the spirit of time, Shi, and everyone's destinies were decided before they were born. The Fire Nation would never have been allowed victory in the war, it would have upset the balance too far, but it was necessary to fill their natures, and allow them to realize their own undoing, and build for a better future, and that was what was expected to occur.

My only role was to continue playing my flute, for however long eternity was. Life in complete solitude as a way to realize what I had done. Playing to haiku was soothing, sad, but soothing. Echoes were calm and silent remaining mute. Music provided realism and a sense of home in this empty place.

I raised my instrument and played on into the darkness;

Hundred years over,

Status quo bellum nova,

Lay down by Cove La.


Nations are at peace,

All hostilities have ceased,

Cove Tui's release.


The Avatar wakes,

The Storms and the Sea both quakes,

But life gives or takes.


Under the moon so bright,

The fires of home are alight,

Sleep tight all, sleep tight.


Hundred Years done,

The war has at last been won,

For now all may come. . .

I paused. I stared at the mists of time and though into the silver lining in between the light and the dark halves of the cloud; it had unnaturally become unbalanced and was hazy, unrevealing, no vision could be seen within it, except for the fog of war that meant an undecided course was in progress. Usually looked into the future, it felt like reading the end of a book, it spoils the rest of the story and each twist and turn is less exhilarating because of it. The blackness in the cloud meant only one thing, that time was being altered.

I have stood idly by and looked on at all the conflicts, but now this was my fight. I am a protector of the void and I will fix this. It was my fault that this could happen; this is my burden to bear. All because of a stupid move I made when I was a younger fool. I got up immediately, tucked my flute in my belt and prepared to bend the void:

I locked my arms together, and began to slide them against each other in a slow rotation in front of myself. I could see the golden aura begin to shimmer around my wrists, gathering more and more till I was moving complete streams of particles. I lined up my arms vertically, with my left in front of my right, bringing my left arm high and higher, and my right lower and lower, before cutting rapidly downwards like I was chopping through bricks, although with much less resistance, it felt more like a knife through butter, without the mess. I pulled up my right to catch the edge of the tear, then reached out with my left and began pulling the tear further apart, till I made a hole big enough for me to be able to walk through.


I turned at the sound of Shi's long hissing growl that boomed throughout the realm like a thunder crack through the sky. He wasn't visible, but a winged serpent with phoenix like features wouldn't have been the best view of the day. But I knew clearly that he wasn't happy with the timeline being affected, neither was he pleased that I was about to alter it further by stepping into the void into the time stream. But I knew that he wasn't going to stop me either, even if he wanted to.

"I know what you're thinking. But I will do what is necessary Shi, I'll do whatever it takes to fix this."

Without turning back to wait for a reply, I stepped further into the portal, and watched as it closed behind me.

Production Notes

Series Continuity


  • First Appearance of Ithar.
  • First Appearance of Shi and the Timeless Zone.
  • First Introduction to Voidbending.

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