Autumn Equinox Part 2: Avatar Tzenno
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Avatar: Beyond the Void


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13th December 2013

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Back in Omashu


Water, Earth, Fire, Air.

For 100 years, the four nations were at war on the day the Fire Nation first attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements could stop them, but he vanished.

About three years ago, my brother and I discovered the new Avatar, an airbender named Aang. And after finding some allies and mastering all four elements, Aang defeated Fire Lord Ozai and put an end to the war. We all set about rebuilding the world, but there is still tensions between the nations and further secret activity that Aang may not be able to stop. But I believe Aang can.


"There it is!" I shouted out. After a week of travelling, we made it to the outskirts of the Fire Nation. There was a small island peaking in the middle of the water. It was shaped into an almost perfect circle, but most of the land was covered in water. The shape was barely visible from this height. There in the middle was a large rectangular building that extended far above the island's natural height. But not high enough to reach us by a longshot.

"What's it called?" Katara asked.

"New Moon Island."

"That's a strange name; the island isn't very . . . moon like," Sokka said.

"The capital city of the Fire Nation is called Capital City," Toph pointed out.

"Fair enough."

We started descending down to the temple in the middle of the island. As we drew in closer, we saw the black flame in a red circle, the symbol of the Fire Nation, all created in mosaic tiles: thousands of little tiny square pieces of red, black and white. The island was also full of people dressed in long red robes with unusual looking hats. Fire Sages. I actually gulped at the sight of all of them. The last time we met the Fire Sages was when they tried to turn us in to Firelord Ozai.

But as we came in closer to land. One of the sages approached us. I stared at him and was shocked at the sight. "Wait. Is that . . .?"

I recognised him. He wore the same sages uniform from when we first met. He still had his brown goatee and he had that same welcoming smile he gave us on Crescent Moon Island. "Welcome Avatar."

"Shyu. I don't believe it," I called out, jumping from Appa.

"It really is you."

"In the flesh, young travellers," he confirmed.

"Toph, this is Shyu. He helped us out when we needed to speak to Roku on the solstice."

Toph stepped off Appa and walked up to Shyu. Her head didn't move, but she at least said, "Hi."

"Please, come this way," He directed us to the Temple, from the outside it looked just like the temple on Crescent Moon island. The same red tiles that covered the roof and solid dark walls keeping them up. The doors were coloured in a variety of red, black and gold.

"How did you get here?" I asked.

"After Crescent Moon Island was destroyed by Roku, I along with he rest of the sages were taken to the city by Commander Zhao. We faced trial which resulted in their imprisonment, and my banishment to this island. I was to work here, to finish with its construction. To be worked at my old age till I dropped. But I was fortunate enough to have been freed from my punishment when the new Firelord took the throne."

"Are the other sages still there? Or are they here?"

"No, I am the only one that is still here. The others were . . . less than enthusiastic to serve the Avatar again. I haven't really spoken with them since the end of the war."

"What exactly do you do here?"

"This island houses all Fire Nation Avatar Statues; from the most recent, Avatar Roku, to the first Firebending Avatar, Avatar Wan. This place houses statues in honour of their memories."

"But why are there no statues of the other Avatars?"

"This place was built by Firelord Sozin. It was initially used as somewhere to . . . raise some propaganda during the war. As you can see, the paintings are quite glorified."

We stopped by the first painting. According to what Shyu said it was Avatar Wan, the first Firebending Avatar. The image showed him in the Avatar State, with the glowing white eyes and the stone emotionless face.

I didn't recognise where he was fighting but I thought that it could have been maybe where the Foggy Swamp Tribe live; there was large tree in the background and it was surrounded in several pools of water all over the ground. Since he was the first, maybe the swamp hadn't grown yet, and it was just that one tree in his day.

I looked closer and saw Wan was surrounded in a spiral of white and he was firebending towards a big ball. the ball seemed to be made of Air, and there were rings of Air, Earth and Water. He seemed to be Firebending a ring of Fire to complete it.

I stared closer at the ball. I couldn't see what was inside. but the shape resembled a large black kite with a glowing red-orange eye.

In the background, there were also two beams of light coming from either end of the painting and arching over and meeting under that same tree.

"Wow," I exclaimed.

"Amazing," Katara added.

"So detailed," Sokka included.

"Beautiful," Toph concluded . . . hold up. We all looked at Toph. She wasn't even looking. Her direction of sight was facing down the hall. She slammed her feet on the ground. "This place is huge. A lot of vibrations everywhere. There has been so much detail put into everything here."

I also slammed my foot on the ground. The seismic sense wasn't lying; the hall extended even further underground, and even stretched out longer than I could feel. And the shapes that I felt were unbelievable, there were hundred of ornaments and carvings in the shape of dragons, flames and suns everywhere.

"This is nothing like the temple on Crescent Moon Island."

"Crescent Moon Island was built with a statue of Avatar Roku, separate to the this Island. My grandfather told me that Sozin himself was present during its construction."

"Firelord Sozin built Crescent Moon Island. But he betrayed Roku. He left him to die in the Volcano."

"Maybe deep down he was still his friend. He did fly to the island to help him."

"That didn't stop him from leaving him for dead."

"Each of these rooms are placed in the order to allow the sun to shine into their chambers on the right days of the year; Wan's Chamber lights up on the New Years Day, at the end of Winter, marking the new beginning of Summer coming. Roku's statue is placed currently on the day that he died, in mid Autumn."

"My birthday."

"Yes. Speaking of Birthdays; Avatar Tzenno was born in the late summer. In the old calendars there were six seasons; Winter, Prevenal, Spring, Summer, Monsoon and Autumn. In the direct centre of the Monsoon is the Equinox. That was the day he was born."

"Wait? Six seasons. But the seasons correspond to the elements. Water for Winter, Earth for Spring, Fire Summer, and Autumn is Air."

"The Prevenal and the Monsoon were seasons once. But why they do not exist today is unknown. Here we are: Avatar Tzenno's chamber."

"This image." I placed my hand on it. It was of Tzenno, but he was not in the Avatar State like Wan was; the image depicted him lava bending with three volcanoes behind him. He was facing a larger golden man in black armour. There in the sky was an aurora of golden lights stretching from behind the black armoured man. "What does this mean?"

"This is a memorial in memory of his greatest victory. The War of the Phoenix."

"What war?"

"This war was around 500 years before Sozin's Comet. But only the Great Sage and the Firelord are allowed that information."

"This isn't helping. We need to know what Avatar Tzenno knows, not another war."

"Very well," He placed his hand next to the painting. He firebent into the stone slate and it glowed red. The painting them opened up into a door. "He'll be waiting for you inside."

I turned towards my friends. "I need to go in alone."

"We understand. Get the answers we need," Katara assured me.

"We'll be right out here if you need anything," Toph confirmed.

"Thanks guys," I turned towards the door. I took a deep breath and stepped into the flickering darkness.

"Good luck young Avatar," I saw the doors close behind me and a beam of red light was shining above my head. The room was made in a similar fashion to Roku's room  on Crescent Moon Island, but the calendar for a start was headed at the Equinox, not the Solstice. The room was also small, but draped in long red and black banners and tapestries covered the walls in paintings of fire in all shades of colours. And there in the back of the room, covered in red light was the statue.

"Avatar Tzenno." I stared at the statue. It wasn't like the image; it was much more traditional and like something that would have been placed in the Southern Air Temple, or any Air Temple for that matter. Tzenno was dressed as I had seen him several times in my visions; he was wearing what looked like Fire Sage clothing, but it was much more grander that what Shyu was wearing, and the style was much older as well. The hat was especially bigger. I walked up to it. The light was directly in front of its eyes, but nothing was happening. I looked round for any clues, but there were none. I looked back at the statue and dropped to my feet.

"Avatar Tzenno. I have come for your help. I need to know about . . . well, I don't know what it is I am asking for. I don't know what it is. But Yangchen told me you do know. Please will you help me?"

I waited, but nothing happened. The statue just continued to stare at me. I looked round, and saw the fires begin to dim down. The room was becoming darker and the only light left was the red stone beaming over the Statue. The eyes began to glow and the room began to fill up with smoke and mists. I covered my eyes and barely saw the room shifting. The room eventually vanished, and I was left standing over the bay at sunset with a tall man dressed like a Fire Sage. He was a tall man, very slender, with a long thinning moustache that passed his jaw line, and a pointed beard covering his chin.

"I am Avatar Tzenno. Hello Aang."


It took us five days to get from Kyoshi Island until we reached General Fong's training camp. But we later learned that he had been demoted for trying to assault the Avatar while under false pretense. The camp was now under direct command of Ba Sing Se's generals and the Earth King himself. We got ourselves onto the road heading to Omashu on the back of a traders carriage. The road was bumpy and the carriages had woodworms in places so the journey wasn't the greatest.

Suki and Ty Lee had both changed out of their Kyoshi Warrior uniforms and changed into their civilian clothes again. But now they began putting sleeves and thicker trousers on as the cold started to creep up on us. Zuko stayed in his usual clothes, he didn't feel the cold as we usually did. I had a coat, I just left it at home, and I had no way of getting it.

"So what did you talk about?" Zuko asked.

I looked at him. I knew he was talking about what Oyaji had been talking to me about just before we were set to leave Kyoshi Island. He told me to keep things confidential. He knew the risks of me exposing too much. "I said it was nothing."

"No. You said he wanted to know what we were doing."

Darn it. "That then."

"Why don't you just say it?"

"I cannot reveal information that is not . . ."

"Please don't speak in riddles again."

"Okay then. Fine. All he told me was not to reveal too much information."

"Was that it?" Suki asked.


The moment became a bit awkward. I always deliberately do that. It just never feels the right time to explain myself. I waited for a while. But I had been wondering for a while, "Did you see your family?"

Suki turned towards me. "Sorry?"

"I presumed that you went to see your family while we were on Kyoshi Island."

"No, actually."

"Sorry, I just assumed . . ."

"You assumed that they lived in Kyoshi Village."

"Well, yes."

"No, they live on another village on the island. There are a few villages on the Island, but we all share the same customs. All the girls are allowed to become Kyoshi Warriors, but our base is in Kyoshi Village. So I actually never got to see them."

"I'm sorry. I've upset you."

"No, It's alright. It's perfectly okay."

"Then can I ask you some more about your family?"


"I'm guessing you have both your parents."

"Yes. I do."

"Any siblings at all?"

"No, I'm an only child."

"I have six identical sisters who all look like me," Ty Lee explained.

I raised both my eyebrows. I was generally surprised. "Really?"

"Yes. I had to be different to try and get noticed. I joined the circus for that reason. I didn't want to be another one of those girls. I wanted to be recognised as . . . me."

I smiled slightly. "Your parents?"

She pulled out her lower lip, looked up and shrugged her shoulder. "Just common Fire Nation nobles. Nothing particular about them."

I looked over to Zuko. His family was always going to be a sore subject, I never expected to get any answers from him. "I'm not going to ask."

"No, if everyone is saying . . ."

"No, I mean. I know a lot already. I've seen everything."

"You know about my mother, my father. And I suppose you know a lot about Azula then."

"To sum it up; Blue Flame and Crazy," I widened my eyes. "No I'm sorry, that was too harsh. She's not crazy, too strong a word . . ."

"It hurts. She's not crazy. But you're right a little though; Azula was crazy, and she was forced into it; being our father's favourite, he told me she was born lucky and I was lucky to be born. He told me that if I was never a firebender, he would have cast me out. A first born son of the Firelord who couldn't firebend was no son of his. He put all his effort into making Azula a carbon copy of himself. Telling her the only way to have loyalty is to be feared. It finally broke her. Then one night after I confronted her when she realised that even though she was mad, she was still my sister and my mother still loved her despite thinking she was out to get her."

I exhaled heavier than I thought I could. I knew all that information before hand, but hearing it from Zuko's own words was very emotional. "That's some serious stuff."

"I recently found my mother; she's remarried, and she has a daughter. They live in Hira'a in the Fire Nation. They are a real family. I generally feel happy for her. Happy for all of them," I nearly shed a tear. It was nice that they all had their families. Some of them had bad stories, but at the end of the day they still had their families.


Avatar Tzenno stood in front of me, almost like he had physically formed. But I knew by looking around that I was in the Spirit World.

His face remained stern and stiff, less friendly and approachable than Roku's did, but he didn't seem as serious as Kyoshi was. "I know why you are here Aang."

"Then you do know what that stuff, that . . . golden stuff. What was it?"

He shut his eyes, as if trying to replay that memory or information through his head. "An echo from time. Something that was misplaced that belonged in my time."

"Could you please speak clearly?"

I stared down towards me. His expression said that I was being rude, but he nevertheless continued on. "I have indeed seen it . . . 600 years ago in fact. At the peak of my only war experience."

"You say that like it was a good thing. War isn't good, it brings nothing but sadness for everyone. And people die," Just saying it out loud reminded me of the nightmares. My entire people were gone. I wasn't there, but I could have joined them. The Last of the Air Nomads, the Last Airbender. "A lot of them do."

"I understand you feelings. I know about what happened to your people. Some of my closest friends were Nomads. They died long before the genocide, but it still hurts knowing that their descendants are all gone now."

"Tell me about it."

He approached me and placed a hand on my shoulder. "War was never a happy time for me either. But had I not stopped what happened. I feared that my successor, Yangchen would have been in no state to have prevented it at her age. If I had died before the war finished, we would no longer be seeing four nations."

He turned towards his left and I followed. An image appeared to form in front of us. The image showed us a man in Earth Kingdom clothes, military clothes; what looked like the uniforms worn by the guards of Omashu; the beige under layer cloaked with a few key green over layers such as a poncho over his shoulders, wrist and ankle guards, a waist coat and a fixed belt to keep it all together. He was in his sixties and grown a very large beard. he was also quite a large man. Not tall, large. I wouldn't say fat, but he was shorter than Tzenno, and he was more . . . stocky. Stocky is a better word to use.

"When I was a young Avatar, the world had been at peace for many decades. My predecessor, Avatar Uru, was a strong and fierce man. Powerful as well. He kept the world at peace and his memory stopped them for most of my lifetime. They used to say he stood like a mountain that still rises from the ocean. He was such a great leader too. He was once offered the kingship of Omashu, his home, but he was the Avatar and refused the title."

"But wait. You were the Firelord. That seems hypocritical."

"I can see why you would think that. But when I was alive the Fire Nation was a Theocracy, similar to the Air Nomads that raised you, and the title of Firelord belonged to the High Priest, the most powerful of the sages. But the Firelord was their equal, not their superior. As it was not a sovereign title, I was allowed to keep it, but I was not allowed to take part in any of the discussions concerning the country, unless the Avatar was required to be present. My father held the title for the first fifty years of my life before his passing, then my younger brother became the Firelord on my behalf. He shared the title with me until the war."

"What does all this history have to do with the gold stuff? I'm looking for answers, not a lesson."

He pointed back to the image. It had now changed into a scene of his own life. Tzenno was there bending the lava directly from the volcanoes. And there opposing him was a man of equal stature, but he was certainly stockier. He was not visible, but his clothing was very unusual; he didn't wear any colours that resembled any of the Four nations colours. No green and beige, no blue and white, no red and brown, and no yellow and orange. Instead he encased himself in a self styling black clothing lined with gold. Big shoulder armour and a large winged helm concealed his face, with a long cape fluttering behind him.

"This has everything to do with what you saw; 500 years before Sozin's comet got its name. The day the Great Comet, as it was called then, flew across the sky in the late summer. I was there to confront the man who would have conquered the world. He was a bender, but he bent something I nor any of our previous lives had ever seen.

His movements were an unusual form of bending; He stood firmly rooted as an Earthbender, he pulled his arms in a motion similar to a Waterbender, his hands circling like an Airbender, and his strikes were solid and sharp like a Firebender.

But he did not produce any elements, no his focused movements produced something seemingly out of thin air. Gold light caught hold of his finger tips and eventually grew over his palms. Encasing his motions with golden light, he was bending. Every strike I or anyone tried throwing at him faded and vanished as they approached him. Sweeping his hands over our target areas like some form of shielding. Then he would chop a handful in any direction he wished and it would grow in that direction. The light looked so fragile and harmless, but its bite was as sharp as any fine blade."

The image drew in closer; I could see him bending, and it was like nothing I had seen before. He was holding his hands out and moving them in a serpent like fashion, producing light around his fingers. He wiped his hands outwards and a long ray of light projected out in front of him.

"That's the stuff I saw. What is it?"

"People called it the Quintesence, the Fifth Element. But a great many called it Aether, the fine air, despite not having any relation to your native element. I have heard once of people thinking it as Spirit energy, a statement that is false of course. When used by this man, he called himself the Voidbender."

"Void?" I questioned. I have never heard of such a word. I knew about all the elements. I was the Avatar so I felt like I should have really known what void was. But I had only really known that you could bend energy since a few years ago.

"Precisely. The void is nothing like the other four. An empty element, with no opposite to call its equal, it has no purpose in this world or the Spirit World, but it comes from a space between the two. A shadowed area no one would dare venture. But none the less, the Void was very real and it was my greatest challenge in restoring peace. It was no more powerful than any element. But I had no experience in dealing with such a thing. It was a difficult fight."

"But you won. You stopped him."

"Barely. As hard as I tried, he nearly took the upper hand and would have defeated and ended me had I not activated the Avatar state at the right moment."

I watched as a short battle commenced. The battle had reached its conclusion with a collision of lava and Void smashing against each other. The man swiped his hand and the lava vanished into nothing just like that. The black suited man swiped quickly at Tzenno who fell straight to the ground with a tore through his robes. The man jumped and prepared the final blow before Tzenno's eyes glowed, forcing the man back with a combo of Fire and Air. Tzenno hovered up and the scene ended with Tzenno clapping his hands together as the land closed in on itself, swallowing the man in the black armour.

"Who was this man, the guy who bent the void?"

"I never found out his real name. It was like he appeared out of thin air, like his bending. But I knew him by the name he called himself, and what his army called him: 'Han Huang'."

I gulped. I knew exactly what it meant. It was a terrifying memory for me also, but for a different reason. Firelord Ozai used such a title when he intended to exterminate the Earth Kingdom. "The Phoenix King."



"So what are we suppose to do while Aang's in there?" I looked round, everyone was just standing or sitting around in the hall. I was leaning opposite to the portrait of Tzenno. It had been less than an hour, but it was so boring just waiting while Aang was probably watching some epic fight in the past. He gets to have all the fun in the team.

"I could pick the dirt between my toes again," Toph suggested. "But the third time isn't as sweet as the other two."

I stretched my mouth sideways in disgust "Yeah, I'll pass."

"Suit yourself."

"Actually, Shyu," Katara asked. "Is there a place where you could meditate anywhere around here?"

"We do have a private sanctuary at the top of the temple," He pointed straight upwards like we didn't know where the top was. "Why do you ask?"

"I just want to give it shot."

"Since when have you ever wanted to give meditation a 'shot'," I protested, showing my finger expression on the word 'shot'.

"For your information, Pathik recommended it."

"Your believing in information provided by a 150 year old man who lives entirely on bananas and onions?"

"Well he's been a lot more helpful than you have recently."

"Haha," Toph exclaimed. I winced in her direction.

"The hall is this way," Shyu explained. "Please follow me," Katara started walking down the hall, and I was so bored that I thought I might as well join them. But Shyu placed his hand in front of me. "I'm sorry but the sanctuary is limited by one person per entry. You two will have to wait here."

I sighed, "Great," I sunk back down next to Toph, while Katara and Shyu disappeared down the hallway. I was left alone with Toph. But we had nothing to talk about. It was just going to be another few minutes of silence. After ten minutes I tried to break the awkwardness. "Bent any metal recently?"

She continued to stare straight ahead of herself. "Just my bracelet. But there's only so many shapes you can make."

"Oh. Okay," I waited around for another response. But the conversation died. In a desperate attempt, I tried to restart a new one. "Have seen Momo lately?" I then realised what I said. "Sorry."

"I haven't heard from him in a while. I actually have noticed that he hasn't been around for a long time."

"He probably went looking for bugs."

"Maybe Appa knows. Those two are really close."

"Nah, I asked him earlier."

She turned towards me, or at least nearer to me. "What did he say?"

"He said roar. I presumed that was a no."


"Have you heard from your parents at all?"

She crossed her eyebrows the moment I mentioned her parents. She also crossed her arms and squinted her eyes. "No."

"Wow. Something's obviously not right. What's wrong?"

She looked in the opposite direction to me. "They don't want to talk to me."

I was shocked to hear it. "What gave you that idea?"

"They've never once sent me a letter. I know I can't read but it would have been nice if they had the courtesy to send me something."

"Maybe they were busy."

"Oh yeah. Sitting around on their chairs all day must be pretty exhausting."

"You know what I mean. When did you send that letter?"

"A couple of months ago . . ."


". . . Two years ago!"

"What? We were in the Fire Nation. We were all together 24/7. Was it when I was training with Piandao?"

"No, after Combustion Man attacked us a second time."

"Wait. Did you take Hawky?"

"No, we gave the message to a flying hog monkey."

"You told me we lost him."

"Good riddance, he was annoying. It was like having another Momo, but with sharp everything and he wasn't even soft."

"He was part of the team. Team Avatar."

She rolled her eyes. "Again with the name. It seriously will not catch on."

"It will. You'll see," I tried to explain. It would catch on. She'll see, or not in any case. They'll all see.


"So yeah," I explained "My father was just a horrible person. Even today he is still the same cruel man he was when I was growing up."

Everyone was still exhaling loudly. They all knew my father was an awful man, but they were still shocked in hearing what I had to say about him. "You can say that again," Ithar commented. "Burning the Earth Kingdom to the ground was just plain inhuman. Sozin was still worse though, for actually completing it though, when he exterminated most of the Air Nomads. Ozai only burnt down a portion of a forest really, in my opinion anyways."

"Not to mention Sozin killed Avatar Roku," Suki added.

I nodded slightly. "That's the least of my families crimes."

"Just awful."

"You said it."

I patted both my knees. "Alright, I think that we should call in the other favour" I told Suki and Ty Lee

The both looked at each other from either ends of the cart. "Yeah, alright," Ty Lee answered.

"Agreed," Suki added, nodding slightly.

"Ithar?" I asked, staring at him. He looked around to see we were all looking at him. He stared up at the sky and smacked his lips together. He shrugged his shoulders then turned back to all of us.

"Okay, hit me," he agreed.

I don't know if this was the question the other two would have thought we wanted to know, but I was in the mood for some stories about him since we were all exchanging family stories. "Could go into a little more detail about your family?"

He raised an eyebrow. I expected he wasn't expecting that question, but since he started asking us about our families he must have known it would be his turn eventually. "Your using your favour to ask me about my family?" he pointed out. "I actually expected something a little more . . .useful." he rolled his wrists like he was trying to generate the right word in his hands.

"Well, we've all shared something about our family," I explained "It seemed fair that we listen a bit more about yours."

He huffed while smiling at the same time. "Now you're just making me feel bad. *tut* How about this: you keep your favour and since you all told me about your families, I'll offer up what I have, for free? Deal?"

I looked round. Suki and Ty Lee didn't have any objections, and neither did I, especially if he was willing to let us still keep that one favour. "Um, yeah. Yeah we're cool with that."

He tapped his knees like I did, but in unison. "Okay then," He held out his hand and started counting what he had already given us. "Right, well you know I was from Shao Hui in the Hu Xin Provinces. My father's name was Benki, and my mother's was Nela . . . not much I can really build on at that."

"Did you have any siblings?" Suki asked.

"Well, no. I was an only child," he answered. He then stuck his bottom lip out, looked up to his head and swayed side to side like he was debating the answer. "But I did have . . . sort of a brother."

"Sort of?" I asked. "That makes little sense. Either you did or didn't. It's not that hard to answer."

"Well, he wasn't related to me in anyway. But he was like my brother. We were that close, he was my only real person I could call my friend . . ." He looked round like we were now judging him. "I didn't mean it like that: you're my friends too, but he was there first. We were inseparable. We actually spent nearly forty years having fun, goofing around. Just enjoying life."

"What you do?" I asked.

"Well, we would be doing a lot of time hopping."

We all stared at him blankly. "Time what?"

"Um, well it's like . . . how do I describe it? I would open into the Timeless Zone . . ."

"That place you came from?" Suki asked to confirm.


"With the huge Dragon Bird spirit?" Ty Lee added in.

He nodded. "Yeah. And in the zone, there are a lot of mist . . . lots of mist? Yeah, well they're more like clouds that just hover by. And within each of them, you can see something from the timeline. They replay a single day each and basically I would then use my bending to open a portal to it. Then you jump right in and you're there. Bish bash bosh really."

"How does that even begin to make sense? You were in a timeless zone, how did you know you were playing for forty years?"

He held up his fingers as he counted down his answer. "1. We were not playing we were . . . okay, we were playing. 2. The Zone is timeless, so you don't age while your inside it, but time is still passing you by. You notice new clouds drifting towards you with scenes you never seen, and you know they're new as the mists are not so worn and fading. They're fresh and . . . um," He rolled his hand again, but it never came to him.

"Poofy?" Ty Lee suggested.

"Yeah pretty much."

"So what happened to your 'brother'?" I asked.

His head dropped to moment I asked. "We . . . got into a bit of fight."

"What happened?"

"We were good for a long time and we were even helping some people. But then he started messing a bit with time; people were getting information they shouldn't know about. Stuff that wasn't suppose to happen yet. I tried to keep things as orderly as possible, to make sure I didn't mess with time too much, just making it less noticeable. But when we saw our goals were different, we got into a fight. It didn't end well and we went our separate ways. I didn't see him or even hear from him again for a long, long while. "

"How sad," Ty Lee commented.

"But then one day he asked to meet me so that we could try working together again. He wanted us to go back to the way things were before," He didn't change his tone though, despite how nice that actually sounded.

"Well that doesn't seem too bad," I said

He sighed. "You don't know the half of it."

"What happened?" Suki asked.

He shook his head. "I don't want to say."

"Please come on. Tell us."

"I can't," He shuffled over and tried to pretend that he was tired and wanted to sleep. "I still can't sleep over it."

"Why not?" I asked

He sighed again, but it was much heavier than last time. "Something bad happened. And . . . I just wish I could erase it." Tears started rolling off his eyes. "He basically stabbed me in the back. *sniff* I wish I never got my bending. I wish *sniff* I never lost my family," He buried his head in his knees again. Poor guy, he lost everything he's ever had. I felt almost ashamed that I had a lot of good people in my life and he lost them.

I patted his shoulder. "I'm sorry for what the Fire Nation did to your village."

He too his head out of his knees and looked at me. "I'm sorry?"

"You said the Fire Nation burnt down your village. Your dad came home with the Earth Kingdom army and the Fire Nation attacked."

"I, *sniff* What?" He brushed his eyes and wiped his cheeks dry. "I never said anything like that; I said my village burned, I never said the Fire Nation did it. And why would they, they were our allies."

I raised an eyebrow. Now he was making no clear sense. "Allies? W-What?" I pulled my hand away from his shoulder. "Ithar, you're Earth Kingdom, you were born in the Hu Xin provinces. The Fire Nation was still invading that area. I can't even think right now."

He shook his head in complete disagreement. "You misunderstand completely. It's true; I am from the colonies. Yes, my mother was Earth Kingdom, and my father was a soldier. But he didn't fight for the Earth Kingdom. He fought against them. He was a soldier. A Fire Nation soldier. He was a Firebender."


"I don't believe it. Ozai used that title, but I never knew it had something far more deep in meaning."

"I am well aware of my descendant's use of the title. He thought of it as a much greater ceremonial title. Something that would bring fear to the nations. The name of the man who almost killed the Avatar."

"But I still don't understand how that gold glow managed to reach me in this time? If this happened 600 years ago, then why is it here?"

"To answer that, we must see the effects that the War of the Phoenix brought onto the world."

The scene completely changed again. It was now showing us a very large city completely made of ice, with several canals along the spaces between the buildings and many bridges arching across them. The city was on fire with smoke rising from every direction and a clan of soldiers in black marched across every street of the city. I saw the symbol of the Water Tribe behind a large banner bearing the golden wings on black of the Phoenix King.

"Wait, this is the Northern Water Tribe. And it's covered in black banners."

"This is one year before I confronted Han Huang, he began initially with the small islands, growing his empire and expanding his army."

"His army?" I asked.

Tzenno pointed to the several troops marching through the streets. They were in full black coloured armour trimmed with gold along the edges, similar to what Han had worn, but less in detail. "The Black Phoenix Army was feared for its ferocity. The army consisted of nonbenders entirely. All shapes and sizes, all were incorporated into his army. The benders of the world thought of them as nothing to fear. What we didn't realise was that their discipline and superior tactics were greater than our bending."

I looked round and noticed something he wasn't showing me. "Where were you? the world was in danger and you never arrived."

"I did arrive," he explained pointing to him in the memory flying towards the wall of the city. There was a large gold glow stretching from behind the wall, and as Tzenno arrived, the city was completely deserted.

"Wait, where did they go?"

"If I ever came close enough to the army, Han would use his ability of voidbending to move their location before I could stop them. He didn't want to risk losing his army to the Avatar. Little did I know that eventually he would come for me."

The scene shifted to a large familiar site; the outer wall of the largest city in the world.

"Ba Sing Se?"

"Yes, there was no city that could stand up to the Black Phoenix."

I looked over the walls, but I saw nothing. There was no gold glow, no banners of black. Nothing gave me the indication the Black Phoenix were even here. "But where are they? The walls are still here."

The gates began to open and the army began to slowly march out. I saw in the distance large amounts of smoke rising from "When your general can create portals to other dimensions, walls mean nothing to an attacking force, except getting inside them. The Earth King Yi Ming was captured before his army could run all the way back to the palace, and Ba Sing Se fell that day."

The scene shifted again to the Fire Nation Capital City; it wasn't at all as I imagined, it looked too modern. The whole city was engaging in factories and weapons so quickly. The Fire Nation were rolling in what looked like the catapults they installed onto their ships. And there were also what looked like old forms of the tanks they used, except they were more like cannons with two wheels and a defensive body guard in front of the turret.

"Eventually, the Earth Kingdom and the Water Tribes both fell," Tzenno continued. "The Fire Nation was their next target. And this time, we were preparing; in order to counter the Black Phoenix, we made vast changes in our entire civilisation. Since the fall of the Water Tribes, we went into a massive industrial revolution. We were determined not to be swallowed by the Phoenix king's army. Metal was the key; hammered and shaped into masses of contraptions in record time. New weapons had to be made, and in time we were ready.

The scene then went back to the one I was familiar with; the one with the stand off between Tzenno and Han. They stood on either sides and each prepared themselves for attack.

"Standing aside from battle, I found Han and challenged him to a final brawl. His death would result in the destruction of his army and his empire. My death would have let everything we worked hard for destroyed.

"The battle raged on in the bay of the Capital City port. Despite our best efforts, the Black Phoenix was too well trained to be stopped by new machines alone."

The scene shifted back to the main battle between the Fire Nation army and the Black Phoenix army. The artillery was firing against the Phoenix army, but it did little to slow down their advance. The firebenders continued to chuck volley after volley, but I noticed two flying beasts coming towards the armies. They opened their mouth and unleashed fire upon the black army.

"Wait, Dragons?" I said surprisingly. "And there's people riding them," I looked closer at the riders and noticed something familiar about one of them. "That one on the left, she looks like you."

"My daughter, So Nya, and her friend, Yanji. They made contact with the dragons and they rode them into the battlefield. But even with the aid of the original firebenders we required more help."

"But who? The Water Tribes and the Earth Kingdom were defeated. Spirits?"

He shook his head. "No Aang. The spirits do not take part in the wars of men. their place remains the Spirit World."

My jaw dropped. "Not even Tui and La? But they were at the Northern Water Tribe. They could have helped."

"Spirits only join in matter that concern themselves. Your friends Tui and La only helped when the other was slain in cold blood. La joined you in defeating the Fire Navy when they made him their enemy. No, our help was not the spirits, but the spiritual instead."

I watched as the sky became full of what appeared to be big birds. But they were not flapping, but they weren't gliding either. I continued staring until my vision became clear to what shocked me about the last minute allies. "No. No. Is that?"

"Yes, the Air Nomads."

My eyes and jaw were wide open. The orange and yellow robes flapping in the wind by the hundreds were flying at the armies direction. All of their faces were not calm or tranquil, but serious and determined. It was too unbelievable. I couldn't watch anymore, placing my hand into the image and fanning it away before I had the chance to watch anymore.

"No. It can't be. You're lying. My people are peaceful, spiritual, we have no army. We could never do such a thing."

"Circumstances had changed; if the Fire Nation was to fall, the Air Temples were the last targets in completing his conquest. Your people knew the risks of leaving things be. They believed in leaving the world behind them, but they were fully aware of the consequences in letting the world eventually catch them. They had began developing a new form of Airbending, as sub element to air. For fire it was lightning, earth became metal, water is plant . . . "

"And what about Air?"

He sighed. "I am afraid that I do not know. I wasn't there to witness it."

"Wait, you weren't there, but you showed me so much, and now you tell me you weren't there to see it."

"Things I saw are things I was aware of. I was not there to see the battle, but I heard about it later, after the conclusion of my battle."

The scene reappeared to the end of the battle between Tzenno and Han. Tzenno was lying on the ground, sweating and panting heavily. He was lying right on his back and made no real movements. His eyes were closed like he was trying to sleep.

"Wait, where is this now?" I asked. "Hang on, there's you, but where . . . " I looked straight at his eyes. That look meant it was the end. Han did not survive. "Oh okay."

"I did it. I defeated him, but at such a cost of my own energy."

I looked at Tzenno's image as it continued breathing heavily and heavily until the breathing drew weaker and fainter. He eventually stopped breathing all together and his arms dropped with his last breath. "You didn't survive. You look so . . . old." I had noticed that he seemed to have significantly aged from when he started the fight to when he ended it.

"When the void touches you, a piece of your own life feels like it's being ripped from you. With every strike he inflicted on me, I felt my own strength being drained. Only the Avatar State saved me from becoming the last of our line. But the toll my body took was too weak to continue. And so I died, and in the Eastern Air Temple, Yangchen was born."

I continued watching the scene, I saw a dragon approach from the sky and land to his side. From his back dropped three people; one was So Nya, Tzenno's daughter, another was a particularly well built man dressed in full black armour, and the last was a man older that both, in Fire Nation military armour.

"Wait it's your daughter, and there's a guy there, in Black Phoenix armour? And that other guy, hey he looks like you too."

"My son, Inzuoma."

"The Firelord, the first real Firelord."

"Yes, after my death. The sages thought they made a revelation that the old society of priests was too old fashioned for the new world and as such, when my son became Firelord, he was the sole leader of our country. The Fire Nation was now the most advanced civilisation among the Four Nations, exceeding the Earth Kingdom by nearly 100 years of technology. but you know what eventually happened with all of our technology.


"On that day, the Fire Nation was the world's saviours, but 500 years later, we became its conquerors."


"This place is beautiful," I wasn't joking, everything in the room was beautifully decorated. The walls, the floor, the ceiling, all were heavily covered in art, and there was so much light brought into the room it made the jewels encrusted everywhere sparkle in the sunlight.

"It was built especially for tranquility. In order to meditate, one must be at total peace with their surroundings."

"I expected there to be more fire in the room."

"Fire is a huge distraction; the flickering, the heat, the light. Simply not permitted for times such as these."

I walked across to the centre of the room and sat down.

"Good luck in here."

"You're not staying?"

"As I told your brother, only one person is allowed in the sanctuary. Do your best. Good Luck and I hope you find the answers your looking for."

He closed the door behind him and I was alone in the room. I looked around at all the paintings, they were all paintings of sages meditating and dragons and clouds filling up the spaces in between. Everything just had so much detail in it, the depths of the robes, the shades on the clouds and the scales on the dragon's hide. I crossed my legs and locked my knuckles together, like Aang would. And I closed my eye, breathing long breaths; Innnnn . . . and out. Innnnnnnnn . . . and out. Innnnnnnnnnnnn . . . and out.

I felt relaxed and strangely so weightless. Everything was dark until I found myself standing in the snow. I was no longer in the Temple, or even the Fire Nation at all. I looked around and noticed all the white buildings, the canals and the people in think blue and purple coats. It was a no brainer when you could see the large Water Tribe symbol encrusted on the building. The South had nothing like this anywhere in the country, so this was the Northern Water Tribe, and not just any city, the large wall raised in front of the ocean said that I was in the Capital.

Nothing seemed any different from then the last time I visited. The buildings were in the same, so were the bridges, the canals. I couldn't tell any difference, except the lack of fire bombardment remains in every area facing the water. But as I continued sightseeing, I knew something was different about this place.

"Hi Nerrivi," I looked round and spotted a girl of around fifteen with shoulder length dark brown hair and rich blue eyes in a pale blue coat rushing over to an older woman with fading black coloured hair in a dark blue coat. She walked straight through me like I was a spirit and didn't even notice that I was here.

The old women turned to the girl, smiling as she greeted her. "Why hello there Tulia. How's your mother doing?"

"She's doing great. Thank you."

"And your father?" she asked concernedly.

"Well, dad's off hunting right now, but he's doing fine."

"How are things . . . since the raid?" She dropped her smile slightly when she mentioned the raid.

The girl dropped her head. It was clearly a sore subject. She was tearing up like she had lost someone. Someone dear.

The woman pulled her in for a hug. "So sorry to hear about your brother. Kahasi was such a sweet boy."

"*sniff* Yeah, he was."

"Give my sympathies to your parents for me."

"I will."

They pulled away from each other and the girl wiped the tears from her cheeks. The woman told her "I'm sorry to bring that up child. We all know how sad it was when the Fire Nation ambushed the fleet. Never trust a firebender or anyone of them is all I can say," She shook her head in disapproval, and rightly so. I knew what it was like to lose someone to the Fire Nation. Even when we live in times of peace, I will never forget or forgive. The old woman shook off that thought. "But enough about the war. Let's talk about you: three months to go until you're sixteen. I hope you're excited."

"I am actually."

"Well I hope you find a lovely young man to carve you a betrothal necklace for you. A beautiful girl such as yourself deserves someone who will show you the time of your life. Love is magical that way."

The girl awkwardly smiled at the thought. "I don't think I'm quite ready for that sort of thing."

"You will be. I was skeptical once like you, but when I met my husband and he gave me his necklace . . . " She pulled her collar down to reveal her necklace. It had a small picture of Tui and La carved into it. ". . . it was one of the happiest days of my life. And we were blessed with children."

"Thank you Nerrivi."

"Tuwia!" A small boy at around two years old came running round the corner and clung himself to Tulia's legs.

She laughed. "Hello Pakku, how are you," Pakku? Master Pakku? I couldn't believe it. he was so cute. He had such little black hair on top of his head. his cheeks were so wide like a baby's. I could just pinch them.

But if that was Pakku, then this was in the past. This whole thing was a memory.

Pakku started jumping up and down while trying to explain what he'd done that day. "I made a fort and built a snowman and threw snowballs and made snow angels," Just adorable.

"Well didn't you do a lot then."

"Look, look," He placed his hands over the snow, he pulled it up slightly and the water started to bend right out of the snow and into his hands. He then cuffed it together between his hands. "I am bending the water just like you do. I make a ice statue for you," He handed her a small little ball of ice he made from the water he put in his hands. It wasn't much, but she appreciated the gift all the same.

She reached down towards him and gave him a hug. "Aw that's sweet. Thank you Pakku," She let go and started walking off. "Catch up with you later, Nerrivi."

"Goodbye dear. Send my love to your mother."

"I will. See ya."

When she was gone, Nerrivi said to herself "Such a sweet girl."

The image began to fade out. The buildings and canals disappeared and soon the world blacked out before my eyes. I woke up back in the middle of the sanctuary. It was quiet. I was still alone. But I sat there as I wondered what I just saw.

How was this connected to Aang's memories? Or Sokka's alternate endings? It didn't make any clear connections what so ever. This wasn't my memory, it belonged to someone else. Who was this girl? She knew Pakku, if that was our Pakku. But he was two years old, so this was more than eighty years ago. Gran Gran wasn't even born then. How did this connect to Aang or Sokka? How did this even connect to me?

But I knew whatever this was, it had to have some importance. The question was, what?


The road trip was getting longer by the hour. We all tried exchanging stories, but Ithar knew basically everything and it really spoiled the stories. Well, not everything, he didn't know much about any of our childhoods except of what we told him. But still, we ran out of things to talk about.

We were going to get some stories from Ithar, until we realised that all his stories were depressing for all of us to listen to. He never seemed to have a happy ending in any story.

"Okay, we need something less depressing to talk about," I declared.

"I got nothing that comes to mind," Ithar told us.

"Nought here," Zuko confirmed.

"Zero," Ty Lee declared. "You?"

"Well, there was the time we escaped the boiling rock."

"I was there," Zuko reminded.

"So was I," Ty Lee added.

"I watched it," Ithar

"Watched?" I asked.

"I saw it in the mist. Every part, don't even bother summarising."

I stared "Well that really doesn't help. What don't you know?"

"About you guys . . . childhoods mostly."

Yeah, I already explained this part. But that just shows you how bored we were getting that we were in an endless cycle of boredom.

"What were you looking at that was so important?" I asked him.

"Hmm, I believe that there was a war for the last hundred years. Everyone should know that. We were all born in it."

"Actually, Kyoshi Island never took part in the war until the last year. So I wasn't born into the war."

"I was Crown Prince of the Fire Nation," Zuko reminded us. "That's enough really said."

"Fire Nation Nobleman's daughter, so same here with Zuko," Ty Lee added.

"And I'm a Colonial, which you guys already knew," Ithar confirmed.

Well that lasted long. *sigh* We all exhaled in unison. We were all that tired and out of ideas to keep us occupied. "Man this sucks," Zuko proclaimed. He wasn't wrong there.

I slumped back into my corner. I couldn't think straight enough to concentrate. I kept thinking back to what I told Oyaji back on Kyoshi Island; that I was doing this for all our sakes. I never forgot about my home, but things always seemed to be coming up, like the search, the small criminal activities, Ithar losing his bending, going to find Aa . . .

"Wait! I got one," I yelled out loud. "Ithar. How did you learn to voidbend?"

He turned and looked at me. He wasn't looking like he was about to be stung in the heart so it obviously wouldn't turn out to be a tragic story like all of his were. "Oh I didn't learn it," he answered "I was given it."

Oh thank goodness we actually have something to listen to. Any more and I might just of got off the cart and walked straight home, I was that bored. "Really?"

"Yes. It happened three years after I lost my parents. I spent the last years scavenging, trying to make my way in life without starving. I worked some odd jobs as a labourer on a few farms in the regions. One of these days I was moving on and I came across a man who was told people stories about the Lion Turtles. He told everyone that they possessed infinite amounts of knowledge and that they had been around longer than the Avatar. I wanted desperately to find one, bit he told us that there weren't any Lion Turtles left, that they had gone extinct, like the Sky Bison, Lemur Bats and Air Nomads.

"After hearing his story, I decided to conserve what little I earned by sleeping out on the beach. It was early summer and I remember it being a warm night. The cool sea breezes countered the hot sands and mad my sleep pleasant. I only really got maybe four hours of sleep, when I noticed this island in the water that hadn't been there before. I shrugged it off and tried to go back to sleep. But I could hear something speaking, all quiet and deep. I don't remember what it was saying, but it stopped me from sleeping.

"I tossed restlessly, but whenever I looked around, there was no one there. It took me the fourth time before I had enough and went to swim out to the island to try and get some shut eye with what little night there could have been. I say that it was actually the best sleep I had since after my parent's death. I found a large stone like hexagon and slept on it for the rest of the night.

"The next day I awoke very refreshed. I remember walking over to the edge of the island to maybe swim back to a village nearby to get something for breakfast. But when I came to the water's edge, I realised that I couldn't find the beach anywhere. I walked all around the edge, but the beach I slept on last night was gone in all directions. I stopped and sat straight down on an extending part of the rocks that stretched out further than the beach itself.

"The rocks then began to move from right under my feet. The water began to pull further away from rocks as they seemed to be lifting themselves off from the water. In a panic I slipped off and tried landing in the water, but ended up being caught on top of a very large claw. I jumped at the sight and sprang to my feet. I looked back at the rocks, but noticed a face now staring right into my soul.

"It had very large dark eyes and fangs that couldn't stay in its emotionless jaw. And then it spoke to me, without opening its mouth, but with its mind. The jaw moved up and down, but it had no lip movements to clarify it was speaking what I heard it say.

"Have you come for my gift?

"I recognised the voice as the one that disturbed me last night. I told it I had no idea what it was talking about. I said I only came to find a place to sleep.

"I sensed great sadness in your life. I sensed that you did in fact wish to seek me out for my gift. But your answer is sincere. For your honesty I will, ask again. Have you come for my gift?

"I asked it what information it had to offer.

"It is not knowledge that I offer. One more came before and I granted him the ability to bend. I asked him how he would use his gift. I told him that by accepting his gift It would decide his future. Revenge or not. He chose revenge.

"He didn't go any further. But he asked me again. I thought about it, I could have chosen revenge, but I didn't know who was responsible for destroying my village. I still don't to this day, but I can't have revenge if I don't know who was responsible. I told the Lion Turtle that I would not choose revenge.

"The last person who came to me chose revenge, and he used it not in revenge, but he expanded into domination. You have chosen not to follow his path and so I will grant you this gift. The fifth element.

"The other claw emerged from the water and touched me on my chest and my forehead. A glow of light appeared the moment he touched me and suddenly I felt a surge of power running through my whole body.

"The Lion Turtle dropped me off on an island and bid me farewell. It was largely deserted, so I swiped my hand across my face and I saw it for the first time. The golden glow gripping my finger was only a short time thing, but I saw the power I had been given first hand. I was finally a bender like my father always wanted. I fulfilled his dream, and that in a way, was special to me. Honouring his memory with this ability . . ."

"Here you go kids," yelled out the driver uninterestingly. "The City of Omashu, straight ahead."

Ithar stopped talking and we all turned around. He wasn't lying. There stood the three mountain shaped city of Omashu. We were finally there.


We watched Tzenno's final moments up to his last breath leaving him. The image followed the breath of light as it slowly traveled out of his mouth and into the sky. The image whited out and reappeared to the sound of a baby crying out. Yangchen opened her eyes for the first time and the image faded out.

"This doesn't make sense," I told him, turning back towards him. "You still haven't explained how that void managed to reach us. Are there any more voidbenders left out there?"

"My sucessor, Yangchen sought out for such a people, but found nothing. As far as history can tell us Han Haung was the first and the last of the voidbenders. But I still question that even here in the Spirit World. I'm sorry that I cannot answer your question young Avatar, with such certainty."

I sighed. Yangchen told me this was the only one of my past lives that could help me work out what void is. But even he had no further answers than the basics. "Well where do I go from here? What does this all mean?"

"I may not know, but I can point you to someone who does."

My ears pricked up. "Really? Who?"

"To the North West of the Earth Kingdom, there is an island. On this island there is a cave where the waters don't run, the flames don't consume, the air doesn't whistle, and the earth doesn't stand. There you will meet the spirit in the reflection. The spirits face can only be seen if you believe it to be there. Putting your faith into believing will reveal its presence."

"Which island? There are hundreds of islands along the coast of the Earth Kingdom alone. I can't hop on every island hoping to find one spirit. That would take too long."

"You cannot miss it. The largest of the North Western isles. There it has spat out two men who would try to be the rulers of all men. Han was the first of these men. The other is someone our other life, Avatar Kyoshi faced and single handily ended his campaign with little struggle."

"Chin the Conqueror."

"Correct. Both these men had desires to create a single nation under their own banners. Both tried and both failed. There on the same island they were born and bred, you will find this spirit."

"Who is this spirit?"

"The spirit is known as Ni. In light of your proposed audience, I offer this wisdom to you: be wary and watch your every step. Ni may seem welcoming, but is notoriously two faced in appearance. Watch which face you speak to, and beware whom you talk to."

"How do I do that?"

The whole world slowly began to fade away. Tzenno's connection started to waver as colours of our meeting place watered away like paint off a sheet of paper. "I'm sorry Aang, but the equinox is coming to an end. This conversation must too come to a close."

No! I thought. We can't end it like this! There was still so much I need to know! "Wait! Avatar Tzenno!"

He nodded his head slowly, like he was bidding me farewell. "Good luck Aang, and be wary."

"Tzennoooo!" The world whited out as my cry echoed faded with it. I gasped like I drifted off into a sleep, awaking with such a start. I looked around and I was back in the shrine room. I peered back to the statue of Tzenno. The light had now passed over his face and he was now just staring stone cold at me again.

I turned around and started walking towards the door. I placed my hand over the stone to the side and firebent into it. The fire glowed, then died again, and the door unlocked itself. I stepped through and found Sokka and Toph impatiently waiting opposite.

Sokka jumped up, holding his hands out to emphasize his complaint. "Fi-nally. What took you?"

"Did you learn anything?" Toph asked. "Or was waiting here a waste of time."

"Tzenno told me that what we saw was another element."

"Another element?" Sokka questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"What's with this we?" Toph pointed out.

I didn't think it was a big deal, seeing as her blindness wasn't really a factor in the description, but I apologized nonetheless, even if I was rolling my eyes while doing it. "Sorry."

Her eyebrows crossed and she lifted her head as if she was actually looking at me, staring blank expressively as me. "That wasn't what I meant. We never saw it, you did in a vision."

My eyes widened. I blushed with embarrassment. Not the good kind either. "Ooh," I looked around and noticed that Katara wasn't here. I had no clue where she was. I presumed she was waiting with the rest of them. "Where's Katara?"

Sokka shrugged his shoulders. "Dunno."

"You don't know!"

"I'm here Aang," I looked down the corridor. Katara came walking down with Shyu following close by.

"Where were you?" I asked.

"I'll explaine later," she assured me.

"Oh there you are," Sokka intercepted. "I wondered where you were."

Katara stared angrily at him. "You knew where I was. Both of you did."

"What did I do?" Toph complained. "I didn't say anything."

I interrupted the conversation before it had the chance to erupt into a full blown war. "Hey guys. I know where we should go now."

Everyone's attention dropped from each other and was now focused on me. "Where do we go from here then?" Sokka asked.

"Tzenno couldn't tell me how it got there, but he said there might be a spirit that could. And they live on an island in the Earth Kingdom."

"So we're going in circles here then?"

"Pretty much."

Sokka pulled out his boomerang and held it out towards the door. "Well, to the Earth Kingdom it is!" he declared, much to our disappointment his is exclamation.

Toph stood up and thumped Sokka's arm with a huge smile on her face. "Good job Mr Boomerang," she told him before walking off towards the outside.

"I thought I was Captain Boomerang."

"*humph* That ship sank a while ago. You were a good captain for going down with it though," Sokka walked off after Toph trying to argue over the recent change. Much to Toph's enjoyment he did a great job of complaining over it.

I turned to face Shyu and bowed respectively towards him, with Katara following my example. "Thank you Shyu, for everything."

"It was my most humble of honour, Avatar Aang."

I turned towards the exit, but waited. I faced Katara, staring straight towards her just next to me. "You ready?" I asked.

"Always," Katara replied smiling back at me with determination

"Well then: we have a spirit to find."

Production Notes

Series Continuity


  • Avatar Uru is named from the latin word Aurum meaning "gold".
  • Katara's visions carry on throughout the rest of Book 1.

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