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9th Fleet
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Defend Fire Nation waters.

The 9th Fleet, also known as the Mo Ce Flotilla, was a flotilla of Fire Nation Navy Cruisers, and one Empire-class Battleship, that operated during and after The War.

History Edit

Formation Edit

Fire Navy ships

9th Fleet cruisers drilling fleet maneuvers.

The Ninth Fleet was made around 2 AG, when a squadron of Earth Kingdom Navy destroyers attacked the Fire Nation's outer islands, and succeeded. The original eight fleets created at the start of the war were already in combat and couldn't respond, so the Ninth Fleet was created.

Early Days Edit

After creation of the first twenty cruisers and the one Empire-class Battleship, they pushed back the Earth Navy and Army forces and took back the captured Fire Nation territory that was occupied.

Navy Command ordered the fleet to remain in the Mo Ce Sea and form a defensive blockade. Many times the Earth Navy attempted to breach the blockade, only to be pushed back and take heavy casualties, and that was how the Earth Navy was almost entirely obliterated. All but fifteen of the Earth Navy's ships were destroyed, and so the Earth Navy remained stationed in the southeastern Earth Kingdom.

Blockade Edit


9th Fleet ships in blockade formation.

For the next several years, the 9th remained in blockade formation and was put under the command of Admiral Zhao. They had several run-ins with the Avatar, Aang, but couldn't manage to stop him from entering Fire Nation waters.

Later, the blockade was involved in a short skirmish with Southern Water Tribe ships who attempted to cross into the Fire Nation, and the outcome was unknown.

Near the end of The War, the ships were lifted from the blockade and they moved into the Earth Kingdom, and were headquartered at the Western Lake near Serpent's Pass. There, they had many skirmishes with the Serpent creature that lived there, and were ordered to kill it. The soldiers noted that it was no easy task.

Earth Kingdom Assaults Edit

Final raid

9th Fleet Frigates closing in on an Earth Army bas during winter.

Later, the War ended and the Earth Kingdom regained control of its lands. Before the Fleet could pull out, they got orders from Navy Command to remain at their posts. The Earth King turned evil and tried to attack the other world nations.

The Fire Navy began construction on a large super weapon, a more upgraded and defended version of the Fire Nation Drill, on the western shore. 9th Fleet vessels constantly patrolled the area, scouting for any attackers or spies.

Raids Edit

When the Great Earth War started, the 9th Fleet conquered the Eastern Lake from the Earth Kingdom, which is where the main Earth Navy base and shipyard was. Over half of the Earth Navy was destroyed in the raid, and the Eastern Lake was entirely conquered, and a large barrier/gate was placed at the Serpent's Pass that checked traffic that crossed the Lakes.

The 9th was ordered to raid various towns and bases along rivers and lakes, and destroyed most of them. It was known as the Fire Navy Raids.

Composition Edit

These are the vessels that the 9th employs.

  • 1 Empire-class battleship - The flagship of the 9th, and was upgraded by Korg with stronger armor, better speed, and more firepower.
  • 100 Fire Nation cruisers - The basic ship of the fleet, and are commonly seen. The ships of the 9th have the 9th Insignia on the front of the back tower.
  • 40 Southern Raiders frigates - Fast scout vessels, used for raiding enemy beachside towns and fortifications. Used extensively during the War against the Earth Kingdom.
  • 2 Royal barges - Large decorated ships used to transport royalty, or in this case, high ranking 9th Fleet officers.

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