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May 4, 2015

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The Flight Home:

The next day, the family prepares to leave Ember Island and head back to Republic City. They pack the airship then board. Kesuk goes with his grandfather, Jun, to the control room. There, Jun teaches Kesuk how to fly an airship and him steer. While Kesuk and Jun steer the airship, the rest of the family relax.

Zeng: "We are going home."

Kyan: "You never realize how much you miss some place until you are away for so long."

Zeng: "I agree with you, Kyan."

Kyan nods and smiles. Kesuk's voice comes over the loud speaker.

Kesuk: "This is your pilot speaking. Prepare for take off!"

Zeng chuckles a bit, hearing his son.

Kesuk: "Everyone hold on!"

Everyone holds on as the airship takes off. Kesuk's voice comes over the loud speaker again.

Kesuk: "You are free to move about the airship."

Everyone moves around the airship freely. Kayla stays with Kurai. Kurai smiles and pets Kayla softly. Kayla wags her tail gently.

Kurai: "You're glued to me a lot lately, Kayla."

Kayla looks at Kurai, still in the same mood. Kurai is smiling and hears her mother come in to check on her.

Aria:: "Hey, sweetheart. You alright?"

Kurai: "Hi, Mom. I'm fine."

Aria: "Mind if I sit with you both?"

Kurai: "Not at all. Come sit."

Aria smiles and sits with Kurai and Kayla. Kayla looks at Aria and Aria gives a gentle pet to Kayla. Meanwhile, Zeng goes and checks on his son.

Zeng: "Hey, Kesuk. How are you doing, kiddo?"

Kesuk: "Hi, Dad. I'm fine, and you?"

Zeng: "I'm fine. You're doing great at flying, sport."

Kesuk: "Thanks, Dad! Grandpa Jun, Grandpa Lee, and Mom taught me a lot!"

Kesuk shows his father what he knows. Zeng smiles as she watches and listens to his son.

Kesuk: "Flying is easy. Especially for an airbender like me. I can't wait to get my glider suit and become a master! Then I'll give Kurai my staff glider."

Zeng: "Yes, you will be and that's very nice of you, Kesuk."

Kesuk: "Thanks, and after all that, I will be a soldier like you, Dad."

Zeng smiles, proud of his son. Kesuk smiles, very proud as well.

Kesuk: "What's going on?"

Jun walks over and takes a look.

Jun: "Bad weather ahead."

Zeng: "Jun, what's the nearest island?"

Jun looks at a map.

Jun: "There is none nearby. We will have to ride through it."

Jun gets on the loud speaker.

Jun: "Attention! I want firebenders on deck to redirect some lightning if possible. I also want airbenders on deck as well just in case. Be careful!"

Lee, Haylin, Tomaya, and Tsubasa head out onto the deck. Jun looks at Zeng and Kesuk.

Jun: "You two keep the airship steady as best you can."

Zeng: "Yes, sir!"

Kesuk: "I should go outside to help out."

Jun: "No, your mother would kill me if I let you out there."

Kesuk nods and listens and Jun heads outside. Meanwhile, Aria gets up to join the others outside on deck. Kurai also gets up, wanting to help, but Aria stops her daughter.

Aria: "No, Kurai, you stay put."

Kurai: "Mom, I can help."

Aria: "No, Kurai!"

Aria goes outside with the others. Kurai sits back down and crosses her arms. Storm clouds approach and the wind picks up. Tsubasa airbends and begins to make an air sphere around the airship. Haylin and Tomaya help Tsubasa. Lee, Aria and Jun redirect the lightning. Inside the airship, Kun's little sister, Jade, begins to cry, not liking the sound of the wind and thunder. Omaya tries to calm her daughter, but Jade is still crying. Onua, Tai, and Kun try to help Omaya calm Jade down. Omaya holds Jade close. In the control room, lightning strikes through the window and onto the control box. The controls freeze up and the airship dives down. Kesuk is shocked by the lightning when it hit the controls. He yells.

Kesuk: "Ahhh!"

Zeng rushes over to his son's side and helps him. Kesuk is okay thanks to his father. Kyan and Kurai come running into the control room.

Kyan: "Why are we falling!?"

Kesuk: "The controls froze!"

Kyan and Kurai: "What!?"

Kyan: "What do we do?"

Kesuk looks at his twin sister.

Kesuk: "Kurai, maybe another shock will unfreeze the controls."

Kurai shakes her head.

Kurai: "I can't, you know I can't!"

Kyan: "Just try!"

Zeng: "Kurai, help us! Please hurry!"

Kurai jumps up on the dashboard, takes a deep breath remembering what Lee taught her. She waits for lightning to strike. Once it does, she catches it and redirects it to the dashboard. The lightning unfreezes the controls.

Kesuk: "Dad, you have to steer it back up again!"

Kyan: "And hurry, because we about to hit water!"

Zeng starts the ship and gains control. Kurai keeps redirecting lightning so it won't hit Zeng, Kesuk, or Kyan or the controls again. Kyan waterbends some water out of the control panels, Kesuk airbends helping out with the air sphere. After a long half hour, they make it through the storm and the sky becomes clam once again. After checking to see if everyone is alright, the flight continues home, towards Republic City.


Once home, the family relaxes, but Kurai goes straight to her room. Having not slept the night before, Kurai relaxes by meditating. As she meditates, Kurai sees nothing but darkness, just like in her dream. Kurai walks around, trying to find her way out, but isn't scared. In fact, she is relaxed, until her father interrupts her.

Zeng: "Having nightmares?"

Kurai opens her eyes and looks at her father.

Kurai: "What makes you think that?"

Koko appears next to Kurai and looks at her.

Koko: "What happened? You left."

The knowledge-seeking fox spirit looks at Zeng.

Koko: "Oh, I see why."

Zeng: "Hi, Koko."

Zeng looks back at his daughter.

Zeng: "Trust me, Kurai, I know how you are."

Kurai: "Dad, I'm fine. Please leave us alone."

Koko: "Maybe you should tell your father."

Kurai: "Koko..."

Zeng: "I went through the same fate and I know the feeling Kurai. Please talk to me."

Kurai: "I'm fine, Dad. I just had a few bad dreams and Koko is just calming me down."

Inari appears and the little knowledge-seeking fox spirit senses some tension.

Inari: "Someone isn't very happy."

Koko looks at her pup.

Koko: "I thought you were busy, Inari, with something important."

Inari: "I did and I already finished it."

Koko: "Oh, well good."

Inari: "Mommy, why is the Avatar so sad and scared?"

Koko looks at her pup, then at Zeng, and finally at Kurai.

Koko: "Inari and Zeng, I want you both outside now. Kurai, just relax like I told you."

Kurai: "Sure."

Inari: "Aww, okay."

Zeng: "Okay, Koko."

Inari, Zeng, and Koko go outside of Kurai's room. Koko shuts the door behind them, then sits down and looks at Inari and Zeng.

Koko: "You two aren't going to like what I have to say."

Zeng: "What is it?"

Koko: "I wish Kurai was feeling sad and depressed. That mood would be much better than the mood she is truly in. Kurai is scared, but she is also angry. She has been telling me about these dreams she has been having. In her dreams, she sees nothing but darkness first, before she sees light. In other words, she has seen Vaatu before Raava can interfere. I can feel a much darker side to her, which isn't the normal Kurai."

Zeng: "I had similar dream like hers. I hope I can help her out."

Inari: "Me too."

Koko: "While the family went on your vacation to Ember Island, I made Inari do some side work for Wan Shi Tong while I dug a little deeper into that dark spirit that attacked Kurai. What I found is a bit troubling. The dark spider spirit is a small reincarnation of Vaatu. When he attacked Kurai, he infected her. The infection is strong and messes with Kurai's feelings. I'm trying to figure out why Kurai is so angry and scared, but she won't let me in. The last thing I know is that her Avatar State is very unstable."

Zeng: "I have some connection to the Avatar. I once had a dark spirit take over my body and that's why I'm so sensitive to spirits. I want to help, Koko."

Koko: "I understand, but it's not necessarily a spirit. Its more like spirit energy. For now, I think it's better not to jump into things. Let me continue to try and figure out what Kurai is thinking or believe she is thinking. I don't think that the man in the Black Hood knew what he was getting himself, the Avatar, and possibly the entire world into."

Inari: "Mommy, the black hooded man is Nazo. When I got his scent, I recognized it after biting him."

Koko: "He is?"

Kurai hears what Inari says and becomes angry. Koko growls.

Koko: "After so many years, you think humans would be smart enough not to mess with spirits. Apparently, the Black Hood is not."

Inari: "We will get him. Omaya still has the cloth."

Koko: "We will and he will pay. Good that she does."

Zeng: "Koko, can you help me connect to Kurai please?"

Koko: "I don't think this is a good idea, Zeng."

Zeng: "Please let me try. I don't want to see my daughter suffer like this."

Koko sighs and nods.

Koko: "Alright."

She turns to Inari.

Koko: "Inari, I want to you to go down and tell the family what's going on. I guess if Zeng knows, they all should and just in case something goes wrong."

Inari: "Yes, Mom."

Inari runs downstairs to tell the family.

Zeng: "Thank you."

Koko: "No problem, you ready?"

Zeng: "I'm ready."

Koko stands on her hind legs and holds out her front paws to Zeng. Zeng puts his hand son Koko's paws.


Koko and Zeng enter the Spirit World. However, it is nothing but darkness.

Koko: "Though it doesn't seem like it, we are in the Spirit World."

Zeng: "I remember having a dream just like this."

Koko: "Really? Hm, this may work then."

Zeng: "Let's go look for Kurai."

Koko and Zeng walk around in the dark. For a while, they can't see or hear anyone or anything. Zeng calls his daughter's name.

Zeng: "Kurai!"

Koko calls for Kurai too.

Koko: "I know you're here!"

Finally, they find Kurai sitting with her eyes closed, meditating just, as she is doing in the human world. They approach Kurai, but are stopped when Vaatu appears behind Kurai and The Black Hood appears next to Kurai. Zeng gets in position to protect Kurai.

Zeng: "Leave her alone!"

Vaatu hits Zeng out of the way.

Vaatu: "Stay out of this human!"

The Black Hood speaks to Kurai while she is meditating.

Black Hood: "I joined Nazo's little Avatar support group, but I know he is not the real Avatar. I know you are the one, but the people of Republic City and around the world see you as a fake too."

Kurai still has her eyes closed, but she speaks.

Kurai: "How am I supposed to be the Avatar, when no one wants me around?"

Black Hood: "Nazo has them all fooled, but they will discover he is a fake. However, everyone can't see you for who you are and refuse to have the cycle broken. They believe that you're a mess up, a broken link. You shouldn't have survived, and yet you did. They believe there is another Avatar out there, the true Avatar, an earthbending Avatar."

Kurai: "That's not true..."

Black Hood: "Think about it Kurai, they are against you. Why would you protect those who don't believe in you?"

Zeng: "Kurai, tthe Black Hood is Nazo! You are not a fake!"

Vaatu talks to Kurai.

Vaatu: "You are indeed the Avatar, but a reincarnated dark Avatar. Your name means dark and a stranger."

Kurai: "I am not that Avatar..."

Black Hood: "Don't waste your time and skills to protect those who don't even want you around. Embrace what you can do, what you were born to do!"

Vaatu: "The Avatar will no longer be looked as to bring peace, balance, and light, but bring war and darkness."

Kurai: "You're right...I won't protect those who are against me."

Koko growls, not liking what she is hearing.

Zeng: "Relax, Koko, I got this."

Koko stops growling but is very angry about all this.

Zeng: "Kurai, remember Raava? She's there with you, she will always be there for you, as well as the rest of us. You're not alone. People need you. Think of all the achievements you made."

Raava appears.

Raava: "Vaatu, stop this! You are messing with what the Avatar stands for!"

Vaatu: "Stay out of this, Raava! You are weak and too late!"

Kurai's eyes open to reveal her glowing red-orange Avatar State. She grabs Zeng and tosses him. Zeng tries to get up as he looks at his daughter.

Zeng: "No matter what happens, never forget who you are! Fight it, Kurai! You can do this, you are not weak! You stand up against Nazo, you have faced your fears before!"

Kurai walks closer to her father with intent to hurt him. Koko feels the dark energy and puts her hands on Zeng's back.

Koko: "I'm getting us out of here."

Koko brings her and Zeng back to the human world.

Zeng: "Please bring me back! I want to help her!"

Koko: "No, it's too dangerous! Leave her be for now."

Zeng worries and Koko can see he is worried.

Koko: "I know you are worried for your daughter, but If we interfere like this, it could spell disaster."

Zeng: "You're right, Koko."

Zeng looks at Kurai.

Zeng: "Hang in there, sweetie."

Koko: "At least we now know what Kurai is thinking and what she is feeling. We also know a part of Nazo's plan."

Zeng nods, agreeing with Koko. Aria and Inari come up the stairs.

Inari: "Mom, how is the Avatar doing?"

Aria: "How is my daughter doing? Everyone is worried about her."

Koko explains to Inari and Aria about what happened and what's going on.

Aria: "We can't do anything?"

Zeng looks down.

Zeng: "I tried my best to help her."

Aria hugs her husband.

Aria: "I know you did."

Zeng hugs his wife back. Kurai walks out and sounds very angry with her parents and with Koko.

Kurai: "It is very hard to get rid of this headache when you are all on my back."

Aria and Zeng are surprised by Kurai's attitude. Kurai looks at Zeng.

Kurai: "Stay out of my way, Dad!"

Kurai walks back into her room and she slams the door behind her. She knows she was mean, but she also knows it's best to keep them away from her so she doesn't hurt them. Aria and Zeng are very worried now. Koko can see the parents worried about their daughter.

Koko: "Come, let's go downstairs and leave her be."

Aria and Zeng nod and they follow Koko and Inari downstairs.


Back downstairs, Zeng looks at Aria.

Zeng: "We need someone who can help us out."

Aria: "Zeng, we are her parents and we can't even help her out. Who can we possibly get?"

Zeng: "I don't know."

Both Aria and Zeng sigh and are frustrated unsure how to help their daughter. There's a knock at the door. While Aria and Zeng try to figure something out, Kana answers the door. She sees three metalbending police officers and one White lotus guard standing there.

Kana: "Can I help you two?"

First Officer: "We are looking for Zeng, Aria, and Omaya."

Omaya comes over holding Jade in her arms.

Omaya: "I'm Omaya. Something wrong?"

First Officer: "You, Zeng, and Aria are under arrest for robbery."

White Lotus Guard: "We also have to take the Avatar too. We received word from an unknown source that she is very dangerous and unstable."

Everyone is shocked hearing this.

Tomaya: "That can't be right!"

Omaya: "Dear, please hold Jade."

Tomaya nods and takes Jade carefully in his arms.

Zeng: "What!? Taking my daughter!? What robbery? We just got back from Ember Island!"

Aria: "What are you talking about? Arresting us and taking our daughter?"

First Officer: "We have witnesses saying you three robbed Republic City Bank."

White Lotus: "Your daughter is a threat to herself, your family, and the world right now. She has to be isolated."

Zeng and Aria are stressed out by this.

Zeng: "Sir, we would like to request a defense in court."

First Officer: "You will receive that, but for now-"

The office and the other two guards take out handcuffs.

First Officer: "You have to be held in jail."

White Lotus: "Before you take them officers, where is the Avatar?"

Zeng: "Upstairs, in her room."

The three officers handcuff Zeng, Omaya, and Aria. The family helplessly watches and listens as they are being handcuffed. The White Lotus guard goes upstairs and enters Kurai's room.

White Lotus: "Excuse me, Avatar? You have to come with me please."

Kurai looks at the guard. She nods, gets up, and walks back downstairs with him. When reaching the bottom of the stairs, Kurai looks around.

Kurai: "What's going on?"

Zeng: "I can't believe this is happening to us. First we get arrested for something we didn't do and now they are taking our daughter away. I have a feeling someone is behind this."

Aria: "I'm not happy about this either, Zeng."

After hearing what her father said, Kurai gets angry and goes into the dark Avatar State. She turns to the officers and White Lotus guard.

Kurai: "Leave my family alone!"

Kurai airbends the officers and White Lotus Guard away from them. Zeng runs over to Kurai.

Zeng: "Sweetie, calm down. Everything will be okay. We will handle this."

Kurai is completely out of it. She pushes Zeng away and airbends the guard and officers back some more.

Kurai: "No one hurts them!"

Kurai now firebends at the officers and guard. Two metalbending officers metalbend at Kurai. Kurai catches the metal wire and swings the two officers out of the house.

Kyan: "Kurai, calm down!"

Aria: "You are not yourself, sweetheart! Please stop!"

The Third Guard metalbends, wrapping Kurai's hand in metal wire and shocks her. Kurai yells in pain, but manages to stay standing, uses that shock and redirects it back at the officer. Kurai is hurt, but still standing. Zeng gasps, seeing his daughter getting hurt.

Aria: "Kurai!!!"

Kurai charges at the officers again, but is stopped when the White Lotus guard hits Kurai with a shirshu dart. The poison from the shirshu dart causes Kurai to be knocked out. The family is in shock at everything that just happened. Zeng and Aria start to cry seeing their daughter suffering.

Aria: "My baby..."

Officers get back up and come back into the home. They arrest Zeng, Aria, and Omaya and take them to jail. The White Lotus Guard takes Kurai away. The family is helpless to stop any of this from happening.

Zeng, Aria, and Omaya are placed in separate cells, but are right next each other. They sit curled up against the wall and can't believe what happened to them. However, they are more worried for Kurai and the rest of the family. Meanwhile, Kurai wakes up and finds herself on a bed, in a small room. She gets up, walks towards a window, and look out at the view. Kurai finds herself isolated on Air Temple Island.

Kurai: "What have I done?"

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