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February 9, 2015

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The Big Question:

    Within a week, Zeng, Kyan, and Kurai are all better. Temperatures continue to be cold outside and more snow is on the way. Lee and Jun gather firewood and place it in the fireplace. Once the fire wood is placed, Kurai firebends and lights the wood. After, Omaya made Kyan, Kun, Kesuk, and Kurai some hot chocolate. As the kids enjoy their warm drink, Kesuk looks at his Avatar twin sister and asks her a question.

Kesuk: "So Kurai, how are you going to kill Magnus?"

Kurai: "What?"

Kesuk: "You know, the earthbender who wants to kill you."

Kuria: "I'm not going to kill him."

Kesuk: "Than what are you going to do?"

    The young Avatar looks down.

Kurai: "I don't know."

    After hearing his son's question and then his daughter's answer, Zeng speaks up.

Zeng: "Take his bending away Kurai."

    Kyan disagrees.

Kyan: "That's too easy. Teach him a rough lesson, until he can't take anymore!"

Zeng: "Yes, but it's still better to take his bending so he won't hurt you Kurai."

Kurai: "Maybe, but Kyan is also right."

Kyan: "I am?"

    Kurai nods.

Kurai: "It's too easy. I'll figure it out though, if I have to, then I will."

    Aria steps in.

Aria: "You do what you feel is right, sweetheart."

Kurai: "Thanks, Mom."

Kun: "Once this snow melts-"

    Kesuk interrupts Kun for a second.

Kesuk: "If it ever melts."

    Kun nods and continues what he was saying.

Kun: "You and I will do serious sparring."

    Kuria nods agreeing with Kun.

Kurai: "Alright."

Zeng: "Your mother, Omaya, and I will help you get better, right, Aria?"

    Aria nods.

Aria: "Of course!"

    Kurai smiles.

Kurai: "Thank you."

    Zeng and Aria both smile.

Omaya: "I'm going to help you on your earthbending, Kurai."

Kurai: "Thanks, Aunt Omaya."

    Omaya smiles.

Omaya: "You're welcome."

    Kun realizes something and speaks up again.

Kun: "If Magnus is an earthbender, you'll also need to know how to defend against earth." 

Kyan: "Kesuk, Daddy, Mommy and I will help you with that."

    Kurai nods and smiles again. Now Kesuk speaks up.

Kesuk: "How strong is Magnus anyways?"

Kurai: "He wasn't that strong when I first fought him."

Kyan: "Maybe, but he could have grown stronger."

    Kurai is a bit worried knowing Kyan might be right, but she looks at her sister with confidence. 

Kurai: "I'll be ready."

Two Warnings:

    After having their hot chocolate, the kids clean up. Once the clean up is done, Omaya and Kun give Kurai an earthbending lesson. Omaya and Kun teach Kurai how to defend against earth and use that defense as a counterattack. They also teach her the earth gauntlet. Kurai will never forget what Omaya told her after the lesson was over, "That's what being an earthbender is all about, staying strong and standing your ground." She also remembers what her father had told her, "Don't be afraid of being who you are and be proud of the things you've accomplished." One of those accomplishments being that she had saved Zeng and Aria's life. Another being that she had set the spirits free after they were caught by Spirit Poachers.

    That night, Kurai can't sleep. Omaya's words keep echoing in her head about staying strong and standing your ground. She also thinks about how she freed the spirits. Kurai smiles at that, but that smile quickly fades as Kurai thinks about her father and mother being hurt by those who want to get to her. 

Kurai: "They could have been-"

    Kurai pauses not wanting to say or even imagine that word. With that in mind, Kurai quietly gets out of bed, gets dressed, and sneaks out of the house to find the two men who hurt her mother. Somewhere near the outskirts of Republic City, Alak and his father, Davenport are discussing their fight with Aria. 

Alak: "She had a lot of fight, I'll give her that much. She actually managed to get her hands on us."

Davenport: "Son, you should not be giving her so much credit. All she did was get lucky, but we made sure that luck didn't go far. I knew it would come to this when she cam barging into my room complaining about you. Darn woman didn't know her place."

Alak: "If she did some of that lightingbending, I would have lost it, father."

Davenport: "Now now, you know we had our orders. Just deliver a message to the Avatar."

    Kurai walks around Republic City. She know it is dangerous to walking around at night. However, she also knows she has the light of the spirit portal and the guidance of the spirits, as well as their company. After searching for a while, Kurai sits down for a rest. As Kurai sits, a small spirit walks up to her and puts its paw out in front of Kurai. Kurai puts her hand on the spirit's paw and by doing this, the spirit shows Kurai where Alak and Davenport are hiding. Kurai follows the path the spirit gave her. In no time, she finds the two men. She quietly listens in on them gloating about their victory to one another.

Alaka: "That little girl doesn't stand a chance against Magnus."

Davenport: "Of course not, he's a lavabender. The Avatar can't even waterbend properly from what I heard."

    Alak and Davenport pause for a moment feeling Kurai's presence. The two nod at one another, but continue to talk.

Alak: "I would have enjoyed killing her. If I had the okay from him, I would have ended her daughter while she sat in my class. It would have been easy to manipulate the the students to apprehend her while I crushed her."

    Kurai worries after hearing Magnus is able to lavabend, as well as getting angry at the other things they are saying. Davenport finally lets Kurai know that they know she is here. 

Davenport: "Oh you can come out dear, does your mother always send you whenever she gets beaten?"

    Kurai forgets that earthbenders can sense movement around them and she walks out in a defensive stance.

Kurai: "My parents don't know I'm here. I chose to come on my own."

Alak: "You forgot that we can sense you. I'm surprised that you can actually talk."

    Davenport laughs a bit at his son's comment.

Kurai: "I never spoke to you, because I didn't like you Alak. I still don't like you, and now for more reason. I had a bad feeling about you and I was right."

Alak: "You will address me as Professor when you're speaking to me. You don't have to like me, but you will respect me. I never liked weaklings like you anyways."

Kurai: "I am not weak. You are not my Professor anymore, and I lost all respect for you. Especially, after you hurt my mom and after finding out that you work for Magnus."

Davenport: "It is past your bedtime little girl. Why don't you go home and enjoy the few days you have left of your pathetic life?"

Kurai: "Don't tell me what to do or threaten me. You have already done enough when you hurt my mom. I'm just hear to warn you two."

Davenport: "I'm actually giving you sound advice, Missy, it wasn't a warning, it was a spoiler. You are going to die in a few days."

    He laughs.

Davenport: "Hear that son? A warning."

Kurai: "I heard you clearly Davenport, but I'm not afraid. I'm still warning you."

Alak: "Don't disrespect us, I will always be your Professor and he will always be your principal, even after your death. How dare you talk to us that way, you little girl. Your mother is weak and deserved the beating we gave her.."

Davenport: "That right and we will give you one of our own, get out of here now or you'll feel what your mother felt."

Kurai Stays Strong and Stands Her Ground:

Kurai: "I will talk to you how I want to! Stop talking about my mom that way and I bet it wasn't a fair fight! You two are cowards and low lives! That's why you follow Magnus!"

Davenport: "Your mother is nothing more than a pet who has gotten out of line, and you are a little pet who got lost. I suggest you go back to that house of yours before we show you how fair the fight was and watch your dirty mouth, Missy!"

Alak: "Magnus should have been the Avatar, not you. You're nothing when compared to him."

Kurai: "I told you to stop talking about my mom that way! I'm no pet and neither is she! Magnus gives the Avatar a bad name! He doesn't know the first thing about being the Avatar! I will say what I want, because I know it's right."

Davenport: "I will talk about her however I see fit!"

    He smirks knowing Kuria won't like that. Alaka also adds on to what his father says.

Alak: "You mean you give the Avatar a bad name. You didn't say a word in my class and I'm expected to believe you can save anyone? Where were you when you mother was being beaten? Where were your past lives when my mother was..."

    Davenport stops his son.

Davenport: "Don't finish that sentence, son."

    He turns to Kurai.

Davenport: "Missy, you're wrong."

    Kurai tries not letting Alak and Davenport get to her, but she begins to tear up after hearing what Alak said. She knows he's right...where was she when her mother needed her and why couldn't she be there to help others?

Davenport: "Aw, look at that, son, you made her cry. Do you want a hug dear? It might make you feel better."

    Davenport says mocking Kurai. Kurai has her eyes closed as tears run down her cheek, but she continues to stand her ground and be strong.

Kurai: "I'll give you a hug you won't be able to get out of that easy."

    With those words, Kurai's eyes open and she enters the Avatar State. While in the Avatar State, Kurai waterbends the two men freezing their bodies solid up to their necks. Alak doesn't like the situation he and his father are in. He is taken back by Kurai entering the Avatar State and freezing them both. Davenport smirks.

Davenport: "That's more like it, Avatar. Don't worry, we will return the hug."

    Still in the Avatar State, Kurai looks angrily at Davenport and Alak with small tears still running down her cheek.

Kurai: "If you happen to move anything, you'll be sorry!"

Davenport: "I'd like to see how sorry you make me, Missy."

    Davenport and Alak nod at one another, then use their earthbending to break free of Kurai's ice. 

Alak: "We moved, come get us."

    Kurai accepts the challenge. She uses her own earthbending and stomps her foot on the ground, lifting up a rock, and attaches the rock to her hand creating the earth gauntlet. She stomps again, lifting another rock, and creating another earth gauntlet, then sends the two gauntlets at Davenport and Alak. Davenport launches his own earth gauntlet towards Kurai after breaking her earth gauntlet. Alak tries to block Kurai's second earth gauntlet, but gets hit with it instead. Still in the Avatar State, Kurai breaks the earth gauntlet coming at her, then she air bends a strong wind, keeping the two away from her. 

Kurai: "You said Magnus wanted to send a message to me by hurting my mom and my dad. Well, I have a message for him! Tell him, the Avatar will be waiting for him when he decides he is brave enough to come out of hiding!"

    Alak and Davenport are both kept back by Kurai's strong airbending.

Davenport: "I'm sure that Magnus is more than ready to deal with you, he's just going to end you however he sees fit. Are you so eager to die?"

Kurai: "Then tell him, I'm waiting! Like I said, I'm not afraid!"

    Though Kurai says she's not afraid, deep down, she is scared. Davenport can sense that in her.

Davenport: "I'll humor you and let him know that you're staring to develop a backbone. Oh wait, I know you're afraid. Don't kid yourself and don't kid us."

    Kurai uses her Avatar State to create a small tornado lifting the two men in the air then dropping them to the ground. Meanwhile, Zeng is asleep, but gets an uneasy feeling. He wakes up, then quickly wakes Aria. When he does, he tells Aria what he feels. Aria jumps up and they both get out of bed, get dressed, then wake up Omaya. Omaya gets up and gets dressed too. After they get ready, Zeng gets on Kayla, Aria gets on Phoenix, and Omaya gets on her ostrich horse Marbles. Kayla tracks down Kurai's scent and they look for Kurai. 

Aria: "I hope she's okay. She is going to be in so much trouble when we find her."

Zeng: "Oh yeah." 

    Kayla finds Kurai.

Zeng: "Good girl, Kayla!"

    Zeng, Aria, Omaya, Kayla, and Phoenix come in just as Kurai drops Alak and Davenport to the ground. Davenport and Alak find themselves a bit flustered after Kurai's move. Davenport then sends a large boulder toward Kurai while Alak sends an earth wall at Kuria. Kurai firebends a fire bomb blasting the boulder and earth wall to pieces. However, before she can return eh attack, Zeng, Aria, and Omaya appear on Kayla, Phoenix, and Marbles. Omaya uses rock pillars to trap Alak and his father.

Omaya: "You two are under arrest!"

Zeng and Aria: "Kurai!"

    Zeng and Aria run to Kurai and hug her.

Aria: "Thank goodness, you're okay."

    Davenport and Alak see Aria has made a full recovery.

Davenport: "Well well well, look who made a full recovery after we beat her."

Aria: "What did I tell you about staying away from my daughter!"

Alak: "We did, she came looking for us."

    Kurai pushes Zeng away with her airbending then does the same to Aria and Omaya. She walks up to the trapped Davenport and Alak while still in the Avatar State.

Kurai: "Go give Magnus my warning and if I ever see you hurt someone else from my family, I'll do more than just beat you up a little!"

    Kurai earthbends the two men free.

Kurai: "Get out of here!"

Davenport: "You haven't seen the last of us yet, we will take our exit for now...but you'll all see! The Avatar will perish under earth!"

Alak: "While she's being taken care of, you guys will be too." 

    After those words, the two quickly use their bending to flee. After Davenport and Alak run off, Kurai returns to her normal self.

Zeng: "Kurai, what where you thinking, running off like that! We where worried sick!"

Aria: "You know better than to do that Kurai!"

Omaya: "And what do mean by Magnus? Is he connected to these two?"

    Kurai looks at her father, mother, and aunt knowing she is in a lot of trouble. She explains to her parents and to her aunt why she did sneak out and told them about the fight.

Zeng: "You are in so much trouble when we get home, but we are very proud of you for confronting them."

    Kurai looks away not saying anything else.

Aria: "Come on, let's go home."

    Zeng, Aria, Omaya, Kurai, Kayla, Phoenix, and Marbles return home. 

Revisiting The Past:

    The next day, Zeng and Aria sit down to talk about last night.

Zeng: "Kyan told me that Kurai wants to be alone. I wish I can talk to her and I think I over did it."

Aria: "I wish I could too, truth is, I don't know how to explain or talk to her. This isn't like a bully at school for her. Why do you think you over did it?"

Zeng: "We yelled at her. We did it because we were worried sick."

    Aria sighs.

Aria: "Yes we did and we were. I know what you mean now. Maybe it's best we do talk to her."

Zeng: "Let's go see her."

    Aria agrees and the two go upstairs to Kyan and Kurai's room. Kurai is laying on her bed, under the blanket.

Zeng: "Hey sweetie, sorry we yelled at you last night."

Aria: "We were just so worried sweetheart."

Kurai: "I know you were worried, but you should not have come. I was in control and just fine. You two could have been hurt again because of me, or worse..."

    Zeng sighs.

Zeng: "It's time to tell you about our past."

    Zeng looks at Aria.

Zeng: "Ready, dear?"

    Aria nods.

Aria:'Yes, ready."

    Kurai looks at her parents and listens. Meanwhile, Kyan and Kesuk quietly listen from outside the room.

    Zeng starts telling Kurai how he met Aria in Republic City and how they ended up there. He tells her about Kyan being born, and where he was captured by Ming-Hua. He also mentions that around Kurai's age, he was being bullied. Next, Zeng mentions how he and Aria met Omaya. He talks about how he rescued Aria from Haku. Then he mentions the Battle of Zaofu and how he wasn't there when she and Kesuk were born. Lastly, Zeng tells Kurai about him being Avatar Korra's waterbending student. Aria agrees with Zeng telling Kurai how she and Zeng met. She re-mentions about Kyan being born, then fighting Haku and again being rescued by Zeng. She also mentions her running away from home because of Jun and because of the bullying. She says that when she ran away, she eventually joined the Triple Threat Triad. When Aria mentions about running away, Zeng tells her about Jun, how he talked to him and changed him for the better. Lastly, Aria tells tells Kurai about when her and her twin brother were born. Both Aria and Zeng mention about turning their lives around by getting their jobs and deciding to have a family. 

    Kurai, Kyan, and Kesuk are shocked hearing what their parents went through.

Kurai: "You two went through a lot."

Zeng: "All we are saying, is don't carry out the burden alone, let us help you. If you are going out, let us know and don't go without telling us."

Aria: "Your father is right. The reason why we also tell you this is because we were you and your siblings age when we had to go through hard times and rough challenges."

    Zeng knows Kyan and Kesuk are outside listening.

Zeng: "Kids, we know you're out there. Come in."

    Kyan and Kesuk come in and sit with Kurai, Zeng, and Aria.

Aria: "You know, I'm happy all three of you are here. I want you each to know, never let your confusion take control and lead you down a dark and lonely road. Even that won't last forever. And if the weight of the world is on you now, but you know you can turn it all around again, just look around and see you're not alone."

    Zeng, Kyan, Kesuk, and Kurai smile.

Aria: "And hey, your father and I never thought we would be parents to three kids. Let alone a set of twins and one of them being the Avatar, but we love you three so much and couldn't be more proud. It's a new and exciting adventure for all of us, but we are one and we will get through everything together."

    Kyan, Kesuk, and Kurai hugs their mom and dad. Zeng and Aria hug their kids back. 

Kurai Tries Lightningbending:

    After yesterday's events, Lee comes up to Kurai.

Lee: "Kurai, I would like to teach you lightningbending."

Kurai: "No, I don't want to."

Lee: "I understand."

    Aria over hears them and walks over.

Aria: "Kurai give it a try, please. It will help you against others."

Kurai: "It's dangerous."

Aria: "Yes, it can be, if not used properly."

    Kyan and Kesuk encourage their sister.

Kesuk: "Come on, Kurai, lightning is so cool!"

Kyan: "Yeah, it is!"

Lee: "I will explain how to use it properly and how to use it for defense."

Kurai: "Mommy told me a little bit about lightningbending. I understand what it is, just can't use it."

    Jun overhears them and offers support.

Jun: "If anyone can teach you Kurai, it's Lee."

Aria: "That's right. Your Grandpa Lee taught me how to use it."

    Kurai thinks about it and looks at Aria.

Kurai: "Will you be there too?"

Aria: "Yes, sweetheart."

    Kurai takes a deep breath.

Kurai: "Okay, I'll try it."

Lee: "I know how it works. Trust me Kurai, it will save your life one day."

Kurai: "Alright."

    They go outside to train.

Lee: "I know your mom has told you the fundamentals, but let me show you a demonstration. When it comes to lightningbending, it's simply a humble guidance. The technique was created by Iroh."

    Lee gets in stance showing Kurai when lighting starts to show then releasing it.

Lee: "You need to have it from the tip of your fingers, let it down to your stomach, but not your heart. It's very dangerous to the other hand and you can't hold it or fight it. Let it guide you."

    Kurai nods and watches as her grandfather explains and shows this to her.

Lee: "Now let's practice the movements until you get it."

    Lee shows Kurai the stances and the movements. Kurai follows each of her grandfather's stances and movements.

Lee: "That's it. You feeling the flow?"

Kurai: "I think so. Its kind of like waterbending."

    Lee smiles.

Lee: "That's right!"

    Kurai smiles and keeps moving. Aria walks out and smiles as she watches them.

Lee: "Great job! You mastered the movements."

Kurai: "Thank you, Grandpa Lee."

Lee: "That's your training for the day."

Kurai: "Wait, no lightning?"

Lee: "You're ready for the lighting? All right. It's a dangerous move, so you have to be careful."

    Aria becomes nervous as she continues to watch them.

Kurai: "Well, I didn't come out to train without learning lightning. I know Grandpa Lee."

Lee: "Alright, but I hope you only have to use it in dangerous situations or working at the power station."

    Lee shoots lightning upward showing Kurai then his face turns serious.

Lee: "You have to be careful, it's not something you mess with."

Kurai: "I understand."

Lee: "Try it out."

    Kurai takes a deep breath and moves the way Lee showed her. She creates a small spark that turns into lightning. Aria smiles seeing her daughter lightningbending. Kurai smiles and tries to make it stronger, but the lightning turns into a small explosion and knocks her back. 

Lee: "You still have to much turmoil in you. Don't make it stronger, let it flow."

    Kurai sighs and tries again this time letting the lightning flow like water. However, the same events occur and the lightning turns into a small explosion and knocks her back.

Lee: "You have to confront your inner turmoil that's blocking your flow. Meditate on this."

    Kuria sighs.

Kurai: "Yes, Grandpa Lee."

Lee: "It's all right, it happened to me and to your mother as well."

Kurai: "What was your inner turmoil?"

    Lee tells her about Jun's father, Jian killing his parents when he was just a boy. Kurai is surprised hearing this.

Kurai: "I'm sorry to hear that, Grandpa Lee."

Lee: "It's alright. It was hard to let go, but I had to confront it. I was only 8 when my parents died."

Kurai: "I can't even imagine how you must have felt, Grandpa Lee."

    Lee nods. Kurai gives her grandfather a hug. Lee hugs his granddaughter back.

Kurai: "I promise nothing else will happen to our family. Ever!"

Lee: "It's alright, you're not alone. Everyone is looking out for each other."

    Kurai smiles, nods, and bows.

Kurai: "Thank you, Grandpa Lee."

    Lee smiles and bows back.

Lee: "You're welcome. Your lesson is done for today, let's head back inside."

    Kurai and Lee go back inside the home.

Magnus' Final Message:

    After Kurai's lesson, Kurai joins her father, sister, and cousin not he couch. They listen to music and talk. There's a knock at the door. Zeng answers it, and it's Merizo.

Merizo: "Hello, Zeng. Is Aria home?"

Zeng: "Yes, she is, come in."

Merizo: "Thank you."

    Merizo walks in and Aria sees him.

Aria: "Merizo? Everything okay?"

    Merizo whispers to Aria.

Merizo: "I'm going to go see Magnum. I thought you would want to come."

Aria: "Of course I do."

    Aria turns to Zeng.

Aria: "Zeng, I have to go to the prison."

Zeng: "Alright, but be careful."

Aria: "I promise I will."

    Aria hugs Zeng then she and Merizo head out. Meanwhile, Omaya is on her way home from work when her ostrich horse, Marbles, starts acting up.

Omaya: "Hey, easy girl. We are almost home."

    Hiding, Magnus lavabends around Omaya and Marbles. Marbles freaks out and Omaya falls off. Omaya then shouts.

Omaya: "Come on out! I know you're there!" 

    Magnus comes out of hiding and smirks.

Magnus: "Omaya, I heard a lot about you."

Omaya: "Magnus, I know about you."

    Omaya gets in her stance.

Omaya: "Why do you want me?"

Magnus: "Send a message."

Omaya: "What message?"

Magnus: "A message to the Avatar. Tell her, I'm waiting for her downtown Republic City at dawn, near the spirit portal. She has to come alone. If she doesn't, the ones she cares about, won't be around for much longer."

Omaya: "I understand."

Magnus: "Good."

    The lava continues to surround Omaya and Marbles. Marbles spooks and Omaya panics a bit and gets flashbacks of her father. She tries to bend and accidentally lavabends, cooling it down. Magnus smirks and leaves. Omaya puts her hand on her forehead. She look and sees Aria and Merizo returning.

Aria: "Omaya?"

Merizo: "Are you alright?"

    Omaya tells them about Magnus, what happened, how the lava and fire brought back horrible flash backs of her father. Aria and Merizo look at one another then back at Omaya.

Aria: "We just came back from visiting Magnum."

Omaya: "I just lavabended. I've never done that before."

Merizo: "That's amazing!"

Aria: "I'm glad you're okay Omaya."

Omaya: "I just need to relax." 

    Omaya looks at the rock lava in a circle. Marbles nuzzles Omaya.

Aria: "Let's go home."

Omaya: "Thank you for coming this way."

    Aria and Merizo give her a small smile and they head home together. Each one of them carrying the bad news they had received.

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