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April 29, 2015

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Part Seven (Book Two)

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Parent Talk:

After returning from the market with Phoenix and Kayla, Zeng and Aria find Kyan, Kesuk, and Kurai awake and outside enjoying the warm day. The proud parents decide to sit with one another and watch their kids have fun.

Zeng: "It's going to be interesting when we get back to Republic City."

Aria looks at Zeng.

Aria: "Why?"

Zeng: "People will realize that Nazo is a fake Avatar."

Aria: "Yes, they will. I just hope he hasn't done anything while we were gone."

Zeng: "I hope not either."

Aria: "I'll admit, I'm a bit nervous for Kurai even though she seems perfectly fine. However, sending her to begin her full training is-"

Aria drifts off unable to say the word, but Zeng understands and nods.

Zeng: "I know."

Aria nods.

Aria: "She'll be okay though."

Zeng: "She will be. I just hope Kurai can come and visit."

Aria: "Me too dear, me too. I'm surprised they haven't asked her to prove anything. You know how the White Lotus is."

Zeng nods, agreeing with Aria.

Zeng: "I know she'll do fine."

Aria nods then softly leans on Zeng. When she does, Zeng puts his arms round her. The two continue to watch their kids.

Mending a Small Divide:

Kyan gets an idea.

Kyan: "Hey Kurai, let's spar. Water on water."

Kurai: "Alright!"

Zeng smiles.

Zeng: "Looks like someone is sparring."

Aria smiles too and nods again. Kesuk disagrees with Kyan.

Kesuk: "Kurai should work on airbending considering she has to go see master Tenzin. I know I have to too, but still."

Kyan: "Yes, but her waterbending is still weak and needs more work."

Kurai: "Hey!"

Kesuk: "Just helping you out, Kurai."

Kyan: "Yeah."

Kurai: "Not like this."

Kurai: "How about this, I'll spar with you both at the same time, using waterbending only with Kyan and airbending with Kesuk?"

Kyan and Kesuk look at one another.

Kyan and Kesuk: "You sure, Kurai?"

Kurai smiles and nods.

Kyan: "Well, alright then."

Kyan, Kesuk, and Kurai start sparring against one another. Zeng watches Kurai spar with waterbending. Kyan waterbends ice spears at Kurai, but Kurai breaks them with water whips. Then Kesuk air bends Kurai back as Kyan waterbends ice creeps and freezes Kurai.

Kurai: "Awe..."

Kyan and Kesuk: "Yes! Win!"

Zeng realizes Kurai does need some more work on her waterbending skills. Kurai smiles and looks at her siblings.

Kurai: "Oh yeah?"

Kurai melts the ice using her firebending, then airbends both Kyan and Kesuk, and finally freezes them in ice.

Kurai: "Got you both back!"

Kyan: "You used fire!"

Kesuk: "We only said water and air!"

Kurai: "Hey, I used it for a second!"

Kurai unfreezes her siblings.

Kyan: "You still need work on your waterbending."

Kurai: "I know..."

Kesuk: "As well as a little of your airbending."

Kurai: "I know, I know! I have to work on all, but I want to concentrate on lightning though."

Kyan: "You have to concentrate on all four."

Kurai: "When did you suddenly become a know-it-all?"

Kyan: "I'm not, I just-"

Kurai: "Exactly."

Zeng notices something is not right.

Aria: "Zeng, should we interfere?"

Zeng: "Not at the moment."

Aria looks at him.

Aria: "What are you thinking?"

Zeng: "I'm going to see how they handle the situation."

Aria: "Oh, good idea."

Zeng smiles. Kurai gets angry and snaps at her siblings. It's not something Kurai would normally do or say.

Kurai: "You know that Avatars are not given a book on how to do things!"

Kyan and Kesuk are shocked at Kurai's reaction.

Kesuk: "We may be pains, but we just want what's best for you, Kurai."

Kyan agrees with Kesuk.

Kyan: "That's right."

Kurai calms down, seeing her sibling's faces. She sighs and goes back to her normal self.

Kurai: "I know, and I appreciate it."

Kyan and Kesuk nod, not knowing what to say.

Kurai: "I'm sorry I snapped."

Kyan: "It's okay, Kurai."

Kesuk: "Yeah, it's fine."

Kurai, Kesuk, and Kyan smile. Zeng and Aria also smile proudly, seeing their kids work things out together.

Waterbending (Healing):

After settling their differences, Kyan helps her father give Kayla a well needed bath, while Kesuk gives Arrow a bath, Omaya gives Marbles a bath, and as Aria and Kurai give Phoenix a bath. Meanwhile, Tsubasa and Haylin practice their airbending and Jun makes dinner for the family. After the animals are all cleaned up, Zeng walks over to Kana.

Zeng: "Hi, Mom."

Kan looks up at her son and smiles.

Kana: "Hi, sweetie."

Zeng: "What are you doing?"

Kana: "Just looking at photos."

Zeng: "What pictures?"

Kana: "You, your father, and the family."

Zeng: "I was so little back then."

Kana: "Yes, and now my boy is no longer a boy."

Zeng smiles and blushes, a bit embarrassed.

Zeng: "Oh Mom, can you come with Kyan and me if you have the chance? I want to help Kurai with waterbending."

Kana: "Yes, of course, sweetie. She is still having difficulty with that element?"

Zeng: "Yes."

Kana: "What exactly is she having trouble with?"

Zeng explains to his mother what he saw when Kurai was sparring with Kyan and Kesuk.

Kana: "Sounds like she has a hard time reflecting the opponent's attack with water."

Zeng: "Yeah."

Kana: "Alright, let's see if we can help."

Zeng: "Thank you, Mom. I'll go talk to Kurai and let her know."

Kana: "Anytime, sweetie, and okay."

Zeng goes and finds his daughter. He finds Kurai earthbending a rock into a sculpture, making it look like Nazo.

Kurai: "Okay, Nazo, I'll show you. You wanna play with fire, huh? Well, here it is!"

Kurai firebends at the sculpture.

Kurai: "Still not enough!?"

Kurai now airbends the sculpture.

Kurai: "Tell the truth!"

Kurai waterbends the sculpture, cutting it in half. Meanwhile, Zeng watches his daughter as she does this. Kurai firebends once again, turning the rock to ashes. Her eyes slowly turn to a red-orange.

Kurai: "That will show you."

Zeng: "Ahem."

Kurai turns and looks at her father.

Kurai: "Dad! Um, hi."

Zeng: "Hey sweetie. I have a waterbending lesson for you. Your sister and my mother will help out as well."

Kurai: "Oh, sure Dad."

Zeng: "Great! Come with me."

Kurai follows her father. As they walk, Kurai looks at Zeng.

Kurai: "Dad, when we are done, I really have to talk to you."

Zeng: "Sure, sweetie."

Kurai: "Thank you."

Zeng: "You're welcome."

The two meet up with Kana and Kyan.

Zeng: "We are here."

Kana: "Hello again, sweetie, and hello Kurai."

Kyan: "Hi, Dad and Kurai."

Kurai: "Hi, Kyan and Grandma Kana."

Kana: "Ready for your waterbending lesson today?"

Kurai smiles and nods.

Zeng: "Good. Today we are going to teach you how to heal."

Kurai: "Doesn't someone have to be hurt in order to be healed?"

Zeng: "No, we we have something from the Water Tribe that you can practice on."

Kurai: "Oh."

Kyan: "It's a dummy person and I have it right here."

Kyan shows them the dummy.

Zeng: "Thank you, Kyan."

Kyan: "You're welcome."

Kurai looks at her sister.

Kurai: "Is this how you learned, Kyan?"

Kyan: "No. I learned by healing Mom and Dad."

Kurai: "Of course. Well, you are a waterbender, so it came easy for you."

Kyan: "Yes, but you're the Avatar! You'll get this in no time!"

Kurai: "Hmm..."

Kurai turns to her father and grandmother.

Kurai: "How did you two learn to heal?"

Zeng: "I learned when your mother accidentally burned my hands."

Kurai: "You did?"

Zeng: "Yes."

Kana: "I learned from my mother. She had to heal my brother after he got bit by turtle seal."

Kurai: "Alright."

Zeng: "Let's start the healing session. Kyan, can you please teach your sister healing?"

Kyan:: "Yes of course! Okay, so, Kurai, pretend that this dummy is you and let's say Nazo burned you in a fight. Dad, Grandma Kana and I are not around to heal you. Heal yourself like this."

Kyan waterbends some water from her pouch onto the dummy's arm.

Kyan: "You know you are healing when the water glows."

Zeng smiles proudly as he watches one of his daughters teaches his other daughter.

Kurai: "Great story, Kyan."

Kurai says sarcastically.

Kyan: "I'll take that more as a compliment and you know it can happen. Grandma Kana taught me that sometimes, depending on how bad the wound is, how long it will take to heal. Sometimes, it depends on what you're healing. It can be a burn, cut, or even spiritual healing."

Kurai nods understandingly.

Kyan: "I want you to burn this dummy on the arm, then heal it."

Kurai nods once again then burns the dummy. After burning the dummy and leaving a dark mark on it, she then waterbends around the area she burned. The water is not glowing just yet.

Zeng: "Kurai, remember to take small breaths and relax."

Kurai she tries to relax, but the water turns to ice instead of its glowing, healing properties.

Kurai: "Ugh!"

Zeng shows Kurai how to do it. Kurai watches as her father turns the ice back to water and the water glows, showing its healing properties.

Kurai: "I think I understand how to do it now."

Zeng: "Give it a try."

Kurai nods and tries again. This time, she manages to heal.

Kyan: "Great job! Told you, you would get in no time!"

Zeng: "Great job, sweetie. You can heal now."

Kurai: "Thank you both for treating me."

Zeng: "You're welcome."

Kyan: "It will help now that you know how to heal."

Kana: "Your sister is right, Kurai."

Kurai smiles and nods.

Zeng: "Let me give you a tip. When it comes to waterbending, protect yourself and use your strength against your opponent. That will help you with your waterbending."

Kurai remembers hearing that from her father when he first began to train her in waterbending.

Kurai: "Thank you, Dad, and I will."

Zeng: "You're welcome. That's all the training for now. Why don't we go out to eat, Kurai?"

Kurai nods.

The Bad Feelings:

After learning to heal, Zeng takes his daughter out to dinner.

Zeng: "So, what was it you wanted to talk about Kurai?"

Kurai: "Well, I haven't been feeling myself. I know I've been acting like myself, but I know I'm not. It happened after the spirit attacked me and after Kyan healed me."

Zeng kneels down next to his daughter.

Zeng: "Sweetie, I know how you feel. I've been there before, we all have. We all face difficult challenges."

Kurai: "Dad, I'm scared. I know and I saw everything that happened from the play. I know it was exaggerated, but it still happened."

Kurai hesitates to say something, but takes a deep breath.

Kurai: "When I bend, mostly when I firebend, I want to hurt someone, not help. When I yelled at Kyan and Kesuk, it wasn't me. When I hear the two words about happened with the dark and light spirit, I get a strong headache and I really want to harm someone."

Zeng: "I know, sweetie. I was scared of the Red Lotus, I was scared of losing you, your mother, and your siblings. I was also scared when I lost my uncle and on top of that, I almost died from an explosion. I faced day to day challenges like my teacher, Korra. Korra has faced her fears with Amon and every other person who tried to hurt her."

Kurai looks at her father, not really seeing that he gets it, but she knows he's trying to help and accepts his words. Zeng explains to Kurai in a similar way when Avatar Aang explained to Avatar Korra. Kurai smiles understanding a bit more now.

Kurai: "I knew I could come to you, Dad. You're the only one I know who can tell me about this when I don't know anyone else who can at the moment and because I can't talk to Korra right now."

Zeng smiles.

Zeng: "I'm glad to hear it and you know you can always come to me."

Kurai smiles a little and looks at her noodles as she stirs them. Her smile fades.

Kurai: "I don't want to sound ungrateful, or unappreciated, but don't you think that maybe I was a mistake? Maybe the spirits made a mistake. Maybe when I was born, I wasn't supposed to survive. I know why I'm the Avatar or at least from what Raava, Korra, and Iroh explained to me, but still..."

Zeng is shocked by his daughter's words.

Zeng: "Sweetie, you aren't a mistake. Your mother and I would have been devastated if we had lost you."

Kurai: "Okay, but what about me being the Avatar? I definitely think that was a mistake."

Zeng: "No sweetie, you are fine and we are very proud of you being the Avatar. I know you can do this."

Kurai smiles again.

Kurai: "Thank you, Dad."

Zeng smiles.

Zeng: "You're welcome."

After their dinner, Zeng and Kurai return home. At home, Kurai hugs her father goodnight and goes to bed. Aria has been waiting for her husband and daughter to return.

Aria: "Is everything okay with Kurai?"

Zeng: "Yeah. Dear, mind if I talk to you in our room?"

Aria:'I don't mind at all."

Zeng and Aria go up to their room. Zeng turns to Aria and tells his wife about the conversation he and their daughter had. Aria's face turns to worry and Zeng sees that.

Zeng: "I know dear, I know."

Aria sits down.

Aria: "I don't - I don't know what to say...or what to do for her. I guess we just have to watch her."

Zeng hugs Aria close. Aria leans on him as he hugs her.

Zeng: "Don't worry, this will all be over soon."

Aria: "I hope so."

With that, the parents of the Avatar try to get some rest.

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