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February 5, 2015

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Bring Your Kids to Work Day:

The next day, Zeng brings Kyan and Kesuk to work with him, while Aria brings Kurai with her to work, and Omaya brings Kun to work.

Kyan and Kesuk with Zeng:

As they board the ship, Zeng greets the other soldiers and introduces Kyan and Kesuk.

Zeng: "Morning, you guys!"

His fellow soldiers look up.

Soldier: "The father is back and he bought his two kids."

Zeng: "Great to be back. This is my son Kesuk and my daughter Kyan."

The soldier walks over.

Soldier: "Nice to meet you two."

Kyan: "Nice to meet you too, sir."

Kesuk: "This is so cool!"

Zeng: "My son and daughter want to join here when they graduate."

Soldier: "Really?"

Kesuk: "I would be the first airbender here."

Soldier: "That would be cool to have an airbender here."

The soldier looks at Zeng.

Soldier: "I thought your wife was a firebender. How is your son-"

Zeng: "She is, but her mother is a born airbender."

Soldier: "Ah, I see."

Kyan speaks next.

Kyan: "I don't know what I would do, but I still want to work here."

Soldier: "A girl working here? That I can't see."

Kyan: "Hey, don't test me."

Zeng: "She's a very good waterbender."

Soldier: "If she's your daughter, then she must be."

Zeng smiles proudly.

Zeng: "Hey, will you let these two do some training? I need to start doing some repairing."

Soldier: "Sure."

Zeng: "Thanks."

Soldier: "Anytime, General. Come on, Kyan and Kesuk."

The soldier takes Kyan and Kesuk and shows them around.

Kurai with Aria:

As Aria and Kurai enter the station, she is greeted by Merizo.

Merizo: "Morning, partner and Kurai."

Aria: "Hello, Merizo."

Kurai: "Hi, Uncle Izo."

Merizo: "Welcome to the station."

Kurai: "Thank you."

Merizo smiles and another officer walks up.

Officer: "So this must be one of your little ones, Sergeant, and if I'm not mistaken, this one is the Avatar."

Aria: "Yes, you are right about both those statements. This is my daughter Kurai."

Officer: "It's an honor, Kurai. Welcome."

Kurai: "Thank you, sir."

Officer: "You're welcome."

The officer bows at Kurai. Kurai smiles and returns the bow, then turns to Aria.

Kurai: "Mom, can I go metalbend with Kun?"

Aria: "Sure, sweetheart."

Kurai goes off and trains with Kun.

Officer: "Metalbending already?"

Aria nods.

Aria: "Yes."

Officer: "Wow, that's impressive."

Aria: "It is. I'm so proud of her."

Officer: "I'm sure you are. Oh, by the way, you have a call."

The officer hands Aria a file. Aria looks at it, sighs, and nods.

Aria: "I'll go check it out. Merizo, please watch Kurai for me and I will be back as soon as possible."

Merizo: "No problem, partner. Be careful."

Aria: "I will and thank you."

Aria grabs her things and heads out. Tsubasa helps Merizo watch Kurai and Kun.

Kun with Omaya:

As Omaya and Kun enter the station, Omaya greets everyone and introduces Kun.

Omaya: "Morning, everyone! This is my son Kun. He's already metalbending."

Officer: "Your little earthbender / metalbender. Awesome to meet you, Kun."

Kun smiles.

Kun: "Pleasure to be here. Mind if I try out some equipment that you use for training?"

Officer: "I don't know, you think you can handle it?"

Kun: "I know I can."

Officer: "Well, alright!"

Omaya: "It would be great for my son to learn."

Officer: "Go for it!"

Kun: "Great! Thank you."

Kun goes into the training area.

Omaya: "Thank you for letting him train."

Officer: "No problem. He's your son, he must be very smart."

Omaya: "Thank you. Anyways, I'm going to be in my office filling paper work."

Kun: "Okay, Mom!"

Home From Work:

Evening falls, the kids and their parents return home.

Kyan: "I got to see what waterbending soldiers do on the ship."

Kesuk: "I got to give ideas for new airbending soldiers."

Kun: "Kurai and I got to train with metalbenders."

Kurai: "Then Aunt Omaya took me and Kun to see the court house."

Kana: "Wow, sounds like you had fun and learned quite a bit."

Kyan, Kun, Kesuk, and Kurai smile and nod. Aria is the last one home and immediately apologizes to Kurai.

Aria: "I'm so sorry leaving like that, sweetheart."

Kurai: "It's okay. I know it was important and it's part of your job."

Aria smiles.

Zeng: "What happened?"

Aria: "I can't tell you right now."

Zeng: "I understand."

Aria: "I promise I will tell you later, dear."

Omaya walks up Aria.

Omaya: "Aria, may I talk to you? It's related to-"

Omaya does the signal about the case.

Aria: "Sure, Omaya."

The two talk privately.

Case Argument:

Omaya: "I did some research and found something very interesting. One of the spirit poachers gave a list of other poachers. On the list I found that one person on this list is an ex-poacher and now he's a teacher at the school."

Aria grabs the list and looks at it. She becomes angry.

Aria: "I can't believe this. I'm going back tomorrow."

Omaya: "I'm going with you and Lin, too. Remember, I'm a chief prosecutor now. Listen, Alak is dangerous. I need to interrogate him for questioning."

Aria: "Yes, but if someone comes with me, Alak and his father will become suspicious. It's best I go alone."

Omaya: "I want to come due to my son being bullied. He's in the same class as Kurai. I'll come in the next day."

Aria: "Omaya, Kurai and Kun don't have the same class. I'm arresting this guy because we have the evidence. Kyan and Kun have different teachers."

Omaya: "Last semester he did. I saw the schedule. I'm sorry, Aria."

Aria: "I better not see Lin or you or anyone else there tomorrow. This is personal."

Aria walks off and Omaya sighs. Kun walks over to his mother.

Kun: "Mom? Everything okay?"

Omaya: "I'm just worried about your aunt, sweetie. Tell me, how are you and Kurai doing in school?"

Kun: "Oh. Yes, things are fine. Our teachers are rough, but hey, it's school."

Omaya: "That's good. If it turns into any problems with Kurai, cheer her on, okay? Tell your cousins to support her so she can stand up."

Kun: "I promise."

Omaya: "Great, sweetie. I'm proud of you, Kun."

Kun: "Thank you, Mom."

Both smile.

Bruised, Beaten, and Missing The Family:

The next day, Zeng wakes up and finds himself alone in bed.

Zeng: "Aria?"

Aria is not laying next to him. Zeng goes downstairs and finds a note. He picks it up and reads it.

Note: "Had to go to work early. Be home later. - Aria"

Zeng: "Oh boy."

The day went by, Aria arrived home very late. She is brought home by a fellow officer, she is bruised up pretty bad, and has a sling on her left arm. Zeng gasps and runs over to help his wife.

Zeng: "What happened?"

Aria: "Work..."

Aria says with anger. She then thanks her co-worker, before they head back to the station.

Zeng: "I understand. I'll help you up to bed and leave you alone."

Aria: "No, please stay with me."

Zeng: "Alright, but let me heal you."

Aria nods. Zeng helps her to their room and starts to heal her.

Zeng: "Wow, those are some nasty bruises."

Aria: "That's because I had a wall earthbended onto me."

Zeng: "Ouch."

Kun comes in and hands Aria a letter.

Aria: "Thank you, Kun."

Kun: "Your welcome."

Kun leaves. Aria opens and reads the letter with her good arm. The letter is from Omaya and it reads:

Letter: "I apologize for the fight we had yesterday. I won't come back until the day after tomorrow due to the case. Please let Tomaya and Kun know. -Omaya"

Aria angrily slams her arm on the bed forgetting about her injury, however, she feels the pain after hitting it.

Zeng: "Woah, easy there, you're still hurt."

Aria is in a lot of pain, but feels bad about fighting with Omaya.

Aria: "I fought with Omaya, there's no way I'm moving up now, and our kids are in danger."

Zeng: "You are still hurt. I will protect this family until you feel better. Your younger brother is also here to help."

Aria tears up.

Aria: "I know, I know. I got what I deserved, but I am not going to let you and him do this alone."

She also tells Zeng about what happened to her. Zeng hugs Aria close gently to comfort her. Aria softly leans on Zeng, as their kids come into the room.

Kyan, Kesuk, and Kurai: "Mom?"

Aria looks up at her kids.

Kyan: "Who did this to you?"

Kesuk: "You look horrible."

Kurai: "Whoever did, we will get them!"

Aria: "No, you are not to go any where near this guy!"

Zeng: "Listen to your mother."

Kurai: "But mom-"

Aria: "No Kurai! I don't care how strong you or your siblings are, you may be the Avatar, but you're my daughter first!"

Kurai looks down.

Kurai: "Okay."

Kyan, Kesuk, and Kurai climb onto the bed and carefully cuddle up to their parents.

Aria: "Ow, careful."

Kyan, Kesuk, and Kurai: "Sorry, Mom."

Aria calms down a bit seeing she's being a bit mean.

Aria: "It's okay. You just wanted to help that's all."

Aria and Zeng holds their kids close. Meanwhile, back at the station, Omaya is doing paper work. She looks at her family picture on her desk and wishes to be with them. Tomaya, Kun, and Jade with Omaya was home too. Omaya starts crying quietly.


The next morning, Aria gets up and gets dressed. Though she is still hurt and in pain, she wants to go down to the station and apologize to Omaya. On the way, Aria picks up some breakfast for Omaya. When arriving at the station, Aria finds Omaya in her office.

Aria: "Omaya?"

Omaya lifts her head up form her desk and yawns.

Omaya: "Morning. Sorry, Aria, I couldn't make it home yesterday. I might be done today or tomorrow."

Aria hands Omaya the breakfast.

Aria: "You shouldn't be sorry. I should be, you were right."

Aria gives her friend a hug with her good arm. Omaya hugs her friend back.

Aria: "Let me help anyway I can so you can come home. Your kids miss you and so does your husband."

Omaya smiles with relief and sheds a tear.

Omaya: "Thank you. I just need to finish my logic writing, gathering the evidence, and my opening statements. I see what Alak did to you."

Aria: "You're welcome. Oh, okay, I see. It was Alak and his father. I still have to catch them."

Omaya: "Please let me help you, he's an earthbender."

Aria: "They both are. That's how they were able to bring down the wall on me and alright."

Aria helps Omaya with the paperwork. Later that evening, they finish up.

Omaya: "Thank you so much, Aria. I could not have finished this without you."

Aria: "It's the least I can do after that fight we had."

Omaya smiles.

Omaya: "Let's go home."

Aria: "Yes, let's."

The two return home.

Back Home:

That evening, Omaya and Aria return home.

Omaya: "I'm home, everyone."

Tomaya and Kun welcome Omaya with a big hug.

Kun: "Finally!"

Tomaya: "I'm glad you're home, dear."

Omaya: "I am, too."

Omaya hugs them both then holds her daughter.

Omaya: "Hey, Jade, your mom is home."

Omaya smiles and kisses Jade's forehead. She also kisses Tomaya and Kun's forehead.

Omaya: "I've missed you all."

Omaya turns to Aria.

Omaya: "Thank you, Aria."

Aria smiles at her friend, then decides to go to her bedroom and lay down.

Earthbending Lesson:

Omaya: "Ready for another earthbending lesson, Kun?"

Kun: "Oh yeah!"

Omaya: "Come, let's go outside."

Kun listens to his mother and follows her outside. Outside, snow is still on the ground.

Omaya: "Okay, sweetie, show me what you learned from the last time I taught you."

Kun tries to feel the earth, but is having some difficulty with all the snow on the ground. Omaya sees this and gets an idea.

Omaya: "Let's have Kyan help us out by removing the snow so you can earthbend."

Kun: "Good idea, Mom."

They go back inside and find Kyan.

Kun: "Kyan, can you please clear some snow so I can earthbend?"

Kyan: "Sure!"

Omaya: "Thank you, Kyan."

Kyan: "No problem."

Kyan goes outside and waterbends enough snow so Kun can continue his training. After, Omaya and Kun go back to training, while Kyan goes back inside the home.

Omaya: "Show me what you learned so far."

Kun nods and earthbends two earth columns.

Omaya: "Great job, sweetie!"

Kun: "Thank you. I can do this, too."

Kun turns those columns into a rock slide.

Omaya: "Wow, you've been practicing."

Kun smiles and nods proudly.

Omaya: "Alright, for your next lesson, I will show you the earth gauntlets. Let me show you how it's performed."

Omaya stomps on the ground, forms the gauntlets around her hands, all while remaining in her stance. Because Kun can't see what actually happened, he asked his mother this question.

Kun: "It forms on your hand, right?"

Omaya: "Yes, that's right."

Kun: "Okay."

Kun smiles and gives it a try. He stomps on the ground and tries catching it with his hand, but misses and hits himself.

Kun: "Ow."

Omaya: "You okay? Remember, you have to feel it."

Kun: "Yes, I'm okay."

Kun tries again and this time he manages to get the gauntlets on his hands.

Kun: "I did it!"

Omaya hugs him proudly. Kun hugs his mother back smiling.

Omaya: "You can also throw the gauntlets in defense and attack."

Kun: "Good to know."

Omaya: "That's the end of your lesson for today. Practice the gauntlets and once you're good at that, we will spar to move to the next lesson."

Kun: "Okay, sounds like a plan."

Both smile and go back into the home.

A Second Blizzard and Illness:

The next morning, Republic City wakes up to another blizzard. Kana looks out her window and as she does, she feels like she is back in the Southern Water Tribe. Zeng wakes up and sees his mother looking outside.

Zeng: "Just like home, huh?"

Kana: "It is. Looks like we will have to move some snow in a while."

Zeng: "Yeah."

Kana: "We will get it done and I'm sure Kyan and Kurai will help."

Zeng: "I've never seen so much snow here."

Kana: "Neither have I."

Kyan, Kun, Kesuk, and Kurai come downstairs and see the snow outside.

Kyan: "Yes, more snow!"

Kesuk: "Race you outside!"

Kyan: "You're on!"

Kun: "No, thanks, I'll stay here."

Kurai: "I'll stay with Kun."

Zeng: "Hold on, Kyan and Kurai, can you help your Grandma Kana and me clear a path?"

Kyan and Kurai: "Sure, Dad."

Kesuk: "Can I help? I'll blow it away."

Zeng: "Sure, Kesuk."

Kesuk smiles and the five of them get ready then head outside to clear a path. Once done, Kyan and Kesuk stay outside to play, while Kana, Zeng, and Kurai go back inside. Inside, Haylin is listening to the radio.

Haylin: "Morning, you may want to listen to this."

Haylin turns up the radio. The announcer mentions an illness that is spreading throughout Republic City. As they continue to listen, the announcer explains what the illness is.

Kana: "That doesn't sound good."

Haylin: "No, it doesn't."

Zeng: "I think it's because of the weather."

Kana: "It could be."

Zeng, Kyan, and Kurai start coughing. Kana and Haylin look at one another with concern.

Kyan: "I feel weird, Daddy."

Kurai: "Me too."

Zeng nods and continues to cough.

Zeng: "I feel the same. We need to be in bed."

Kana: "Go to bed, all of you. Haylin and I will bring up some tea."

The three go to Zeng and Aria's bed. They stay together. Later that day, Zeng, Kyan, and Kurai's condition worsens and their temperature rises. The illness causes Kurai to enter the Avatar State. Kyan looks over at Kurai and realizes her sister is in the Avatar State.

Kyan: "Kurai? Why are you going into the Avatar State?" she says as she coughs.

Kurai: "What do you mean? I'm not-" She sneezes.

Zeng: "Sweetie, rest," he says as he sneezes and coughs.

Kyan and Kurai nod and try to rest, but it's hard to rest when they don't feel good. Aria is very worried about her husband and two daughters. Kesuk is also very worried about his sisters and father. The next day, the three get even worse. Kana calls the doctor and he comes as soon as possible.

Kana: "Thank you for coming."

Doctor: "No problem."

Kana leads him to the room where Zeng, Kyan, and Kurai are resting. When entering the room, Zeng, Kyan, and Kurai are cuddled up and trembling. The doctor turns to Kana.

Doctor: "Go sit down and I'll see what's going with them."

Kana: "Alright."

Kana respects the doctor's wishes and goes sit down. She joins Aria and Kesuk downstairs. They look at one another with worry. The doctor examines the three and notices spots on their bodies.

Doctor: "Just like all the other cases in the city. I'm going to have to give you each a shot."

Kyan: "A what?"

Kurai: "What's that?"

Doctor shows them a needle. Kyan and Kurai grab Zeng.

Kyan and Kurai: "Daddy?"

Doctor: "I promise to make it as quick and painless as possible."

Zeng: "It's okay, kids."

Kyan: "You go first then."

Zeng: "I'll go first."

Doctor: "Alright, please hold your arm out straight."

Zeng holds his arm out for the doctor. The doctor carefully finds a spot on Zeng's arm and carefully inserts the needle in his arm, distributing the medicine. Zeng winces, feeling a small pressure from the shot. Within a few seconds, it's all over.

Zeng: "Your turn, Kurai."

Kurai: "Okay."

Kurai says nervously and shows her arm to the doctor.

Doctor: "Don't worry, sweetie, you'll be okay. I promise."

He prepares Kurai's arm for the shot, then gently gives her a different needle with the medicine in it. Kurai winces feeling the pressure from the needle. The medicine causes her Avatar State to get a little out of control. The doctor sees this and is shocked.

Doctor: "That's new."

Zeng hugs Kurai to calm her.

Zeng: "Shhh, it's okay, Kurai."

Kurai clams down and the doctor finishes up. He removes the needle, cleans Kurai's arm, and wraps it up.

Zeng: "Kyan."

Kyan is scared but holds her arm out for the doctor. The doctor prepares a different needle for Kyan, then gently inserts the needle and medicine in her arm. Kyan winces like Zeng and Kurai did, also feeling the pressure. After a few seconds, it's all over. The doctor cleans up Kyan's arm and wraps it up.

Doctor: "There we go. All done."

Zeng: "So, doctor, how long until we feel better?" He asks weakly.

Doctor: "Well, it should be a week or two. You three are lucky Kana called me as soon as she did, otherwise it could have ended up a lot worse. It may only last a week or two, but you will still have fever, aches, coughing, sneezing, and each of you will react to it differently."

Kurai: "Is that why my Avatar State is acting all weird?"

Doctor: "Yes, young Avatar. The illness and medicine seems to affect you in that way."

Zeng groans.

Doctor: "Get plenty of rest and drink a lot of water. Maybe some tea, too."

Kyan and Kurai: "Yes, sir."

The doctor leaves them to rest and goes downstairs. Zeng, Kyan, and Kurai fall asleep. Back downstairs, the doctor tells Kana, Aria, and Kesuk what's going on with Zeng, Kyan, and Kurai.

Omaya: "So, will Zeng and the kids be okay?"

Aria: "Please tell me it's not serious."

Doctor: "They will be okay. After a week or two, they should be better. They need rest and a lot of fluids. I gave them each a shot of medicine that will help them fight the illness."

Kana: "Oh, thank goodness."

Aria, Kana, and Omaya sigh in relief.

Omaya: "Good thing Jade is with my husband. I don't want her or Kun to get sick too."

Aria: "Yeah. Kesuk, you stay away from your father and sisters for now."

Kesuk: "Okay, Mom."

Doctor: "Well, I better get going. There are others who need help."

Kana: "Thank you, doctor."

Doctor: "You're welcome."

The doctor smiles and leaves. Kana, Omaya, and Kesuk decide to make some tea and some light food for Zeng, Kyan, and Kuria when they wake up. As the three go prepare that for them, Aria sits with Haylin. She is still worried. Haylin gently hugs her daughter.

Haylin: "They will be fine."

Aria: "I know, but it's my husband and two girls. Of course I'm worried, they mean the world to me."

Haylin: "I know, sweetheart. They will pull through."

Aria sighs.

Aria: "I'm going to work out my arm a bit."

Aria goes and works out her hurt arm. In the days to come, Zeng, Kyan, and Kurai continue to rest and get better.

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