Ember Island
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April 20, 2015

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Ember Island:

After arriving on Ember Island, the family unpacks and settle in. It's Kyan, Kun, Kesuk, and Kurai's first time anywhere besides being in Republic City. They have been there and other places, but they were very little at the time. After settling in, the family changes and heads to the beach for the day. That evening, after a day at the beach, the family decides to go see the Ember Island Players put on their play. It's been a while since the family has gone and seen this play. They are curious to see how much has changed or if anything has changed at all. At the theater, the family sits down and the play soon begins. As they watch, they get a few laughs in, smile as they watch and remember certain moments, as well get somewhat annoyed with the exaggeration of the play. While watching this play and though this may be an exaggerated version of all the events that have happened, Kyan, Kun, Kesuk, and Kurai learn what went on when they were little, before, and after they were born. Kurai finds the play especially helpful after seeing what Avatar Korra went through and what she did as the Avatar during her time. After the play ends and the curtain closes, the family visits a fair on Ember Island and enjoys a few rides, games, small shows, and snacks. The next day comes, Kurai is the first one up and sneaks her way outside. However, she is caught by her cousin, Kun.

Kun: "Where are you going this time?"

Kurai stops in her tracks and looks at Kun.

Kurai: "How did you know it was me without me saying a word?"

Kun: "Well, I can still hear your footsteps and feel you walking even if you are walking quietly. I learned to recognize everyone's different footsteps and your footsteps are always sneaky and quiet."

Kurai is impressed.

Kurai: "That's amazing!"

Kun smiles.

Kun: "Thanks."

Kurai: "You're welcome and I was just heading to the beach. You know, go for a walk, explore a bit, and maybe practice a little bending."

Kun: "Well, I'm not letting you go alone. I'm coming with you."

Kurai smiles.

Kurai: "Sure!"

Before they leave, Kayla nudges Kun.

Kun: "I think Kayla wants to come."

Kurai: "The more the better."

Kurai, Kun, and Kayla head to the beach. At the beach, Kurai relaxes a bit first, then works on her waterbending. As Kurai works on her waterbending, Kun works on his sandbending.

Kun: "I know the play was a bit exaggerated and you don't have to see in order to see that it was, but what did you think?"

Kurai: "Even though it was exaggerated, it was helpful to see what our family went through and what events were happening when you and Kyan were little. Though it was exaggerated, it was still very helpful to me to see what Avatar Korra went through and what she did to overcome everything."

Kun: "That's a very nice way of putting it Kurai. I'm glad the play had that affect on you."

Kun and Kurai both smile.

Kurai: "Yeah."

Before another word can be said, Kurai and Kun are interrupted by an unknown young male's voice, followed by a young female's voice.

Zorrin: "Aw, look at the waterbender and earthbender practicing their bending."

Zorrin smirks.

Zorrin: "You two shouldn't be here, this is our turf!"

Roe: "Zorrin, it's the beach. Anyone can be here."

Zorrin: "It's too close to our family's property."

Roe: "We don't own the beach Zorrin, and neither does our family. This spot is free to anyone."

Zorrin: "If they want to stay, they have to prove themselves by fighting us."

Kurai: "We don't want to fight. Why can't we all just enjoy?"

Zorrin laughs.

Zorrin: "That's out of the question."

Kun: "Come on, Kurai, let's just leave."

Kurai: "You're right, Kun, plenty of other spots."

Kurai, Kun, and Kayla begin to walk away.

Zorrin: "That's right, leave! A blind, weak earthbender and weak waterbender can't go against two strong firebenders like us!"

Roe: "Stop it, Zorrin, you're being mean!"

Zorrin: "No! They know they can't take us and that's what makes them weak!"

Kurai and Kun stop and turn around facing them.

Kurai: "Who says we can't win against you two?"

Kun: "Uh, Kurai? I wouldn't-"

Kurai: "No, no one makes fun of us!"

Zorrin gets in Kurai's face.

Zorrin: "A waterbender and a blind earthbender who is as blind as a wolf-bat won't last long in a fight."

Kun gets angry at what Zorrin called him.

Kun: "My blindness is my strength, not my weakness."

Kurai: "I am much more than a waterbender you know."

Zorrin: "Confident, are we now? Then fight."

Kurai and Kun: "You're on!"

The four step back, bow respectfully to one another, then get into position, and the fight begins. Zorrin firebends at Kun, but Kun uses the sand to block Zorrin's attack. Roe follows her brother even though she doesn't want to fight and firebends at Kurai. Kurai blocks Roe's firebending with waterbending. Kayla barks loudly since she can't interfere. Kurai manages to send ice creeps to Roe's legs, and up her body, freezing her solid.

Roe: "Zorrin! Help!"

Zorrin: "You can melt it away and unfreeze yourself!"

Roe tries to, but can't.

Roe: "I can't!"

While Zorrin is distracted, Kun hits him with an earth gauntlet. Zorrin gets knocked back.

Kurai: "I guess we win."

Kun: "Good fight, though."

Zorrin gets enraged, gets up, and firebends at Kun. Kun gets burned on his legs and feet.

Kun: "GAH!"

Kun falls to the ground. He can feel the burns on his legs and feet.

Kurai: "Kun!"

Kurai goes over and helps Kun. Meanwhile, Zorrin unfreezes his sister.

Kun: "Ow, ow, ow! That stings so much."

Kurai: "We have to take you back so Grandma Kana can heal you."

Zorrin laughs.

Zorrin: "That's for hurting my sister!"

Kurai looks at Zorrin.

Kurai: "I never hurt her! I just froze her! You hurt my cousin!"

Zorrin: "So? You two asked for it."

Kurai stands up still looking at Zorrin.

Kurai: "This fight was not supposed to hurt anyone seriously!"

Zorrin: "Oh yeah? Well, firebenders don't play by the rules. Besides, what are you going to do about it, you waterbender?"

Kurai: "You want to play with fire, huh? Then let's play."

Kurai firebends at Zorrin. Zorrin blocks Kurai's firebending with his own, but is very surprised.

Zorrin: "How is that possible!? You were just waterbending! How can you do both? Unless ... No, you can't be!"

Kurai: "Like I said, I am more than just a waterbender."

Kurai now airbends Zorrin back, then earthbends him into the ground. Zorrin and Roe are very shocked. Zorrin looks at Kurai.

Zorrin: "You're the Avatar."

Kurai: "Yeah and next time be careful who you pick a fight with!"

Kurai lets Zorrin go and walks back to Kun. She helps him up and lets him lean on her for support.

Kurai: "Easy, Kayla."

Kun: "It's okay, Kayla, everything is alright."

Roe slaps her brother behind his head.

Zorrin: "Ow!"

Roe: "You idiot! You just picked a fight with the Avatar! The one person you should never fight with and you just burned someone close to her! Do you realize what can happen to you now!?"

Zorrin is now very nervous realizing what his sister is saying. Kayla wags her tail and lays down for Kun to get on her back. Kurai helps Kun onto Kayla's back, then climbs on herself.

Kurai: "Come on, Kayla, let's get Kun back quick."

Kayla quickly brings Kun and Kurai home. Jun is awake after hearing Kayla's bark coming from the beach. He was walking towards the beach to see what was going on, but sees Kayla running back with Kurai and Kun on her back and stops them.

Jun: "What happened?"

Kurai and Kun explain to Jun what happened. Jun nods and helps them all into the house. Inside the house, Kayla gently lays down so Kurai and Jun can help Kun down. Once Kun is down, Jun carefully carries Kun and helps him sit down.

Kun: "Thank you both."

Jun: "You're welcome, Kun. I should wake up Kana so she can heal you right away. Stay put."

Jun goes up and knocks at Kana and Lee's bedroom door. Kana opens the door.

Jun: "I'm sorry for disturbing you and Lee, but Kun got burned during a fight."

Kana: "Say no more, Jun. Let's go see."

Kana and Jun go downstairs quickly. Meanwhile, Kurai sits with Kun.

Kurai: "I'm sorry you got burned, Kun."

Kun: "It's not your fault."

Kurai: "Maybe fighting wasn't a good idea."

Kun: "Are you kidding!? It was awesome!"

Kurai: "You got hurt."

Kun: "Yes, but I wish I could have seen their faces when you beat them!"

Kurai laughs. Kayla licks Kun's cheek; she was worried. Kun smiles and pets Kayla.

Kun: "It's okay, Kayla, I'll be fine."

Kurai smiles. Once downstairs, Kana sees Kun and walks over. She looks at his legs and feet and begins to heal him.

Kana: "The good news is that the burns could have been much worse and will heal quick; however, you can't walk on your feet for about three days, Kun."

Kun doesn't like the fact that he can't walk on his feet. His senses are gone for now.

Kun: "Alright..."

Omaya wakes up, gets ready, and walks downstairs.

Omaya: "Morn-"

Omaya sees Kun's legs and feet and becomes worried.

Omaya: "What happened!?"

Kun tells his mother what happened.

Omaya: "Please be more careful next time, Kun. You have protect your feet, okay sweetie? You have no idea how worried I am."

Kun: "Don't worry too much, Mom. It's not going to be easy to sense things and I can't walk for a few days, but I'm fine."

Omaya: "Okay, I understand."

Kun smiles.

Omaya: "Take it easy with the walking, okay?"

Kun: "Yes, Mom."

Tomaya walks down after getting ready and sees his son hurt.

Tomaya: "What happened to you?"

Kun tells his father. Tomaya gets angry hearing what happened.

Tomaya: "What!? Are you serious!?"

Kun: "Don't worry, Dad, Kurai showed them."

Omaya: "It's okay, dear. It's fine now."

Tomaya calms down and nods.

Omaya: "I am going to go thank Kana, but first, thank you, Kurai."

Kurai smiles.

Kurai: "I would do anything for my family."

Omaya smiles and goes to thank Kana.

Omaya: "Kana?"

Kana: "Yes?"

Omaya: "Thank you for healing my son's feet. I don't know how I can repay you."

Kana: "Omaya, as a family, we have each other's back. There's never a need to repay."

Omaya: "Thank you."

Kana smiles. After having some breakfast, Tai, Zeng, Aria, and Omaya help Lee repair the roof while the rest of the family takes care of other chores. When chores are all done, they sit down and eat lunch. During their lunch, Phoenix comes walking in holding a messenger hawk by its strap. Aria sees this and thinks her hawk dragon is trying to eat the poor bird.

Aria: "Phoenix, let it go!"

Phoenix lets the messenger hawk go, but not without the messenger hawk giving a strong peck to Phoenix's nose. Once the messenger's beak is free, it gives a letter to Kurai. Kurai smiles, takes the letter gently, and reads it. Zeng gets curious and asks his daughter what the letter is about.

Zeng: "What does it say, Kurai?"

Kurai: "It's actually for both me and Kun. We are invited to a dinner at Roe and Zorrin's home. They want to apologize and Roe even put a heart next to your name Kun."

Kun blushes.

Kun: "Uh..."

Omaya: "Oh, my son has a girl now! He's becoming a man so soon!"

Kun: "Mom..."

Omaya: "Relax, sweetie, I was just kidding around."

Kun is embarrassed.

Kurai: "So, can we go?"

Zeng: "Yes, but take one of our animals with you."

Aria: "Wait, aren't we going with them?"

Zeng: "Yes, we are."

Aria: "Good."

Kun: "I'm guessing my mother and father are coming too?"

Tomaya: "Yes, son."

Omaya: "That's right."

Kun and Kurai nod. Later that day, Kurai, Kun, Zeng, Aria, Omaya, and Tomaya arrive at the home of Roe and Zorrin. Kurai knocks on the door and steps back. A Water Tribe man answers the door, looks at Kurai and the rest of the family. He greets them with a friendly tone.

Terik: "You must be the Avatar and this must be your family. Please, come in."

Kurai thanks him and they go inside. Terrace shuts the door behind them. Once inside, a pregnant Fire Nation woman is slowly walking down the stairs.

Terik: "Dear, I told you I'd handle everything."

Musa: "Please, I don't want to be rude."

Musa looks at Kurai, Kun, Zeng, Aria, and Omaya with a welcoming smile.

Musa: "Welcome to our home. Please, come and sit."

Again they thank Musa and follow her to the living room where they all sit.

Musa: "I am so sorry about my son and daughter. They are usually very respectful."

Terik disagrees a little with his wife.

Terik: "Our son likes to provoke and start fights. He doesn't know when to stop."

Aria: "I'm sorry, but I'm a bit at a loss. I'm not even sure what even happened."

Zeng: "As am I."

Terik: "Let my son and daughter explain."

Terik calls for his kids. Roe and Zorrin come walking in.

Roe: "The Avatar is going to take your bending away."

Zorrin: "Shush!"

Musa: "Stop arguing you two and please explain to us what happened."

Zorrin and Roe explain to Zeng, Aria, Omaya, Tomaya, and to their parents what happened.

Omaya: "So that's what happened. You two are lucky my son's feet aren't that bad right now, but thank you for telling us."

Roe: "We are very sorry."

Zorrin: "Yeah and I was a jerk."

Zorrin looks at Kurai.

Zorrin: "You're not going to take my bending away, are you?"

Kurai: "No, of course not. I hate doing that. I try not to, unless I really have to."

Zorrin smiles and bows to Kurai.

Zorrin: "Thank you."

Zorrin now turns to Kun.

Zorrin: "I'm sorry for burning you."

Kun: "It's alright."

Kun smiles.

Kun: "I can work on my other strengths now."

Zorrin: "Thanks and great!"

Roe: "Oh, I have something for you, Kun!"

Roe gives Kun a get well card and reads it to him. Kun blushes when she reads it to him.

Kun: "Uh...Thanks."

Roe: "You're welcome!"

Omaya and Tomaya smile for their son.

Terik: "Truthfully, Musa and I didn't believe our son when he told us. It wasn't until our daughter told us again and we were shocked."

Roe: "My brother likes to lie a bit."

Zorrin: "My lies have never hurt anyone."

Roe: "Until now."

Zorrin gives his sister a stare.

Zorrin: "Anyways, we thought the Avatar was an older man. He left the Fire Nation a few days ago."

Roe: "He made a big announcement saying he was going to Republic City."

Zeng, Aria, Kun, Tomaya, and especially Kurai's faces change, knowing who he is.

Kurai: "We know and he's a fake!"

Zorrin: "Well, we see that now. However, I believe you can show him who the real Avatar is! You're strong, as well as your family. I can tell."

Roe: "Awe, that's sweet of you to say that to them, Zorrin."

Kurai, Kun, Zorrin, and Roe smile.

Kurai: "Thank you."

Kun: "Yes, thank you."

Terik: "Well then, dinner is ready. Let's go enjoy."

Zeng: "Thank you so much. Oh by the way, my name is Zeng-"

Zeng puts his hand on Aria's hand.

Zeng: "And this my wife, Aria."

Aria: "The young Avatar here is our daughter, Kurai."

Omaya introduces herself now.

Omaya: "My name is Omaya-"

Omaya holds Tomaya's hand.

Omaya: "And this is my husband, Tomaya."

Tomaya: "And this is our son, Kun."

Musa: "Oh, I'm so sorry, where are our manners? It's nice to meet you all. I'm Musa and this is my husband, Terik."

Terik: "And of course you now know our kids, Roe and Zorrin."

Aria: "Nice to meet you all as well."

After greetings are done, they enjoy a nice dinner. After dinner and a few hours of talking, the day comes to an end.

Roe: "Awe, you have to go already?"

Kun: "Yeah, sorry."

Roe kisses Kun's cheek. Kun smiles and blushes very red.

Roe: "Well, maybe we can come visit someday in Republic City. I always wanted to go there!"

Kun: "I"

Roe blushes and smiles. Zorrin walks over to Kurai.

Zorrin: "So, are we cool? I mean you know, about the whole fighting and stuff? I hope your cousin isn't too mad at me and my sister is right, I'd like to come see you-I mean Republic City. Maybe we can have a better, less harsh fight-I mean spar."

Kurai: "It's all okay now and I know he's not mad at you. It would be great if you can one day. I'd like that a lot."

Zorrin: "I'm glad and me too. Hey, show this Nazo guy he messed with the wrong person and that he is an insult to the Fire Nation as well as to the Avatar!"

Kurai smiles with confidence.

Kurai: "You know I will."

Zorrin smiles too.

Zorrin: "Great!"

The parents could not be happier and more proud of their kids for getting along after apologizing. With all that said, Kurai, Kun, Zeng, Aria, Omaya, and Tomaya head back to their home on Ember Island.

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