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Avatar: We Are One



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February 1, 2015

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The next night, Republic City is warned of a massive blizzard that will fall on the city. The family prepare for the storm to come. Kana, and Onua get food, Lee, Jun, and Tai prepare make sure the home can withstand this storm, Zeng, Aria, Omaya, and Tomaya go out to pick up a few warm clothing for the kids. Kyan, Kun, Kesuk, and Kurai help the adults any way they can. The next day, the family awakes to bitter cold weather and over two feet of snow outside their windows. Kana, Zeng, Kyan, and Kurai get dressed up and go outside. They use their waterbending skills to remove some snow. While outside, Kayla comes running out and plays in the snow. Kyan and Kurai decide to take a break and join Kayla. After two hours, Kana and Zeng manage to clear enough snow away, and they head inside.

Zeng Talks With Aria:

Zeng: "Aria, may I talk to you?"

Aria: "Sure, dear."

The two leave the room to talk. Zeng feels uneasy.

Zeng: "I'm worried. I haven't seen Mei try to attack lately."

Aria: "I think Mei is the least of our worries, Zeng. If she is still around, there's not much she can do. I'm more worried about the danger we aren't seeing."

Zeng: "Yeah, I can't stop thinking about our daughter."

Aria: "I know I can't either. Merizo's words about Magnum and what he said keep echoing in my head. Also, I spoke to one of Kurai's teachers."

Zeng is surprised to hear this.

Zeng: "Really?"

Aria nods.

Aria: "Yes. I don't trust him at all and I did speak with Kurai. She knows to keep an eye in him but I didn't tell her about the fight."

Zeng: "Fight!? This is news to me."

Aria: "He's an earthbender. He pushed me into a chair and made me sit down. I got back up and was going to lightning fend him but he knew that. I then pinned him but he knocked me back with an earth fist. After that, he held am something sharp at me. I decided to calm down and stand back up. I told him if he continue, he can expect an arrest."

Zeng clenches his fist angrily.

Zeng: "I hope he gets arrested! I don't want him near you or our daughter!"

Aria: "Relax dear. I'm fine and so is our daughter. I didn't tell you because I want the focus to stay on keeping the kids safe."

Zeng relaxes.

Zeng: "You're right, I'm sorry I got so mad dear."

Aria: "It's okay, you have every right to be angry."

Zeng nods and Aria gives her husband a kiss on the cheek. Zeng smiles feeling a little better.

Spirit Snatchers:

Evening falls and the family go to bed. That night, Zeng begins having nightmares. Aria wakes up feeling Zeng toss and turn in his sleep and nudges him.

Aria: "Zeng? Zeng? Wake up!"

Zeng wakes up sweating and gasping.

Zeng: "It was just a dream."

Aria gets up and brings Zeng some water.

Aria: "What was it about?"

Zeng thanks Aria for the water and takes a sip before answering her question.

Zeng: "It was blurry, I couldn't see very well. It was a nightmare."

Aria gives Zeng a hug.

Aria: "It's okay, it's all over now."

Zeng nods, but Aria still worries. Meanwhile, spirit poachers enter the Spirit World through the Republic City portal and begin to kidnap spirits one at a time. Kurai can feel something is wrong. She tosses and turns in her sleep. Back in the Spirit World, Inari is busy collecting a book. The little knowledge-seeking fox spirit the begins heading back home. As she walks, she sees two spirit poachers and gets scared. The poachers see her too and surround Inari. They snatch her up. Inari squirms trying to get out, but one of the poachers lightningbends Inari and subdues her.

Zeng: "Something is not right."

Aria: "The kids, let's go check on them now!"

Zeng nods and runs to the kids. Aria follows him. Kurai wakes up gasping. Kyan also wakes up hearing her sister get up.

Kyan: "What's wrong?"

Kurai: "I don't know, but something is wrong."

In the Spirit World, Koko, Inari's mother, is walking around looking for Inari. She comes across the spirit poachers and sees Inari out cold in their hands.

Koko: "No....Inari..."

Koko knows if she gets close, she will get captured too. The poachers end their round for the night and head out.

Zeng: "Kurai, you've sensed it too?"

Kurai nods.

Kurai: "Yes, I did daddy."

Koko sees that the poachers have captured other spirits other then Inari. She quickly thinks and decides to go into the human world and seek help from Avatar Kurai. She appears in Kyan and Kurai's room.

Koko: "Avatar Kurai, I need your help!"

Zeng: "Did something happen Koko?"

Koko: "Spirit poachers! They have Inari and other spirits as well!"

Zeng: "Spirit poachers? Wait, I've heard of them. We have been searching for them. It's part of my job."

Aria: "I've never heard of them."

Koko: "They have my little pup! Kurai, please get my daughter back!"

Kurai: "I promise Koko, I'll stop them."

Zeng: "I'm coming along."

Kurai: "Daddy, I got this."

Aria: "No, Kurai, your father is going with you."

Koko: "I'll watch her very close. I promise."

Zeng: "I have a strong connection with the Avatar and she is my daughter."

Aria: "Please let your father go with you Kurai."

Kurai: "Alright."

Zeng: "I won't let you down Kurai."

Kurai smiles, but is secretly hoping she's the one who won't let anyone down.

Kurai: "Let's go!"

Aria: "Be careful! I want you both back in one piece!"

Zeng: "We will. Koko, take us to Inari."

Search and Rescue:

Though it's only the break of dawn, Koko leads Kurai and Zeng to where the spirit poachers took her.

Koko: "They loaded one of those things and went that way."

Kurai looks down seeing Satomobile tracks.

Kurai: "There are a lot of Satomobile tracks."

This doesn't surprise Zeng.

Zeng: "There's one that's seems to get out in a hurry."

He takes a closer look.

Zeng: "I also see a couple of foot prints and a fox print here."

Kurai: "Let's follow it!"

Kuria runs and follows the tracks. Koko follows Kurai. They end up in the ship yard. Zeng sees a ship with different crates. In no time, they see Inari. She is muzzled, chained, and scared.

Koko: "Oh Inari..."

Koko says seeing her little pup.

Kurai: "Let's go get her."

Zeng: "Wait, the poachers are armed and some of these are ex chi blockers we need to sneak around."

Kurai places her hand on the ground and closes her eyes. She can feel the other spirits and quickly stands up again.

Kurai: "These crates are all filled with spirits. Daddy, you and Koko break Inari free. I'm going to break the rest of the spirits free."

Zeng: "Be careful. Don't get caught."

Kurai nods and goes. Koko carefully makes her way to Inari. Zeng is very careful. He and Koko find Inari. Inari sees the two and gets up. As she gets up, the chains rattle. One of the guards is sleeping and almost wakes up hearing the noise. The guard talks in his sleep, but is to tired to get up.

Guard: "Quiet down stupid fox!"

Koko nuzzles Inari.

Koko: "Thank goodness you're okay."

Zeng blows ice breath breaking the lock and then the chains.

Inari: "Mommy!"

Inari nuzzles her mother scared.

Once away form the other, Kurai puts her hands on the metal crates. She takes a deep breath.

Kurai: "Alright Kurai, just like Kun taught you, feel the earth in the metal."

Kurai searches and finds the hidden earth within the metal and metalbends the crate open. Inside, scared spirits look at them.

Kurai: "It's okay, don't be scared. We are here to rescue you and bring you home."

Spirits: "Thank you Avatar."

Kurai smiles and the spirits make their way home. Kurai turns to meet back up with her father, Koko, and Inari, but is stopped by two guards.

Male Guard: "Well, look who let our spirits escape."

Female Guard: "Yes, but we have someone better."

Male Guard: "Our boss will be very happy."

Kurai gets in her stance ready to defend herself.

Kurai: "They are not your spirits."

Guards laugh.

Male Guard: "What are you going to do young Avatar? You are too little."

Kurai: "Oh yeah? Try me."

The male guard firebends at Kurai. Kurai moves out of the way and counters with her own firebending. While the male guard is distracting Kurai, the female guard waterbends ice spears at Kurai and hits her. Kurai stands back up as the male guard firebends two fire streams at Kurai, but Kurai blocks it with her earth wall. She then uses the earth tossing rocks at the two guards. The female guard waterbends water whips to break the rocks.

Koko is happy to have Inari back. Zeng is happy for them too, but knows Kurai is in danger.

Zeng: "Kurai is in trouble! Let's hurry!"

Koko: "Yes, let's go!"

The male guard uses lightnignbending at Kurai. Kurai catches it and tries to hold it. It's a lot of power for her, more than she is used to with firebending. She loses it and is shocked. She yells in pain. Zeng arrives and shoots ice darts at the guard.

Zeng: "Kurai!"

Zeng holds his daughter close. Kurai looks up at her dad. She's alive, but burnt. The female guard bloodbends Zeng and plus him away from Kurai. Zeng tries to fight back.

Zeng: "Don't hurt my daughter!"

He gets angry and has a flash back when Mei bloodbended him and Aria. He bloodbends the female guard back. Koko tries to help best she can by turning into her dark spirit form and biting the male guard. The male guard fire jabs Koko. Koko lets out a bark that shows she got hurt. The male guard then firebends at Zeng hitting him with a fire comet.

Kurai: "Daddy! Koko!"

Inari: "Mommy!"

Guards laugh.

Kurai: "Don't you hurt my daddy, Koko, Inari, or any more spirits!"

Inar gets angry. turns into a dark spirit and attacks the firebending guard. Kurai also gets angry and though still hurt herself, she airbends the two guards away from Zeng, Koko, and Inari. As the guards try to fight Kurai's airbending and with the help of the new dawn, Kurai's firebending becomes stronger. She hits the two guards with fire lashes knocking them down, then stomps her foot earthbending the two into the ground trapping them.

Kurai: "Enough Inari."

Kurai holds Inari back, earthbends the two guards above the ground, then uses her metalbending to tie a metal bar around them. Koko wakes up injured, but is okay. She runs to Inari and hugs her pup close to her. Inari turns back to normal and hugs her mother back.

Inari: "I'm so sorry I lost control."

Koko: "It's okay. I'm proud of you."

Kurai smiles and runs over to Zeng giving him a big hug.

Zeng: "Ow, easy Kurai. I'm burnt a bit. Let's let the rest of the spirits out before more guards comes in."

Kurai: "Sorry daddy."

Zeng can see Kurai is burnt too. Kurai walks around and metalbends all the crates open. The spirits thank her and return home. With the last of the spirits returning home, Zeng and Kurai also return home. Koko and Inari go with them.

Safe Again:

At home, Inari is asleep next to Phoenix. She is very tried from using to much energy. Koko last down next to Inari and Phoenix. Phoenix doesn't mind the company and gently wraps his wing over the two fox spirits. Kyan goes over and heals Koko's wounds. Aria hugs Zeng and Kurai gently seeing they are burnt.

Aria: "I was so worried."

Zeng: "Sorry about the rough mission."

Aria: "I'm just happy you are both finally home and safe, but you two have bad burns all over your body."

Zeng: "Yeah I know, It hurts."

Kyan walks over.

Kyan: "Let me heal you both."

Zeng: "Thank you Kyan."

Kyan smiles. Zeng and Kurai go lay down. Kyan comes and heals her father and little sister. Aria and Kesuk also go with them and sit by their sides. Kesuk decides to ask them a question.

Kesuk: "What happened anyways?"

Aria: "Spirit poachers?"

Kesuk: "That's messed up. Why did they want the spirits?"

Kyan: "Probably to sell them or even use their spirit energy."

Zeng: "They will come back for Inari and Koko and yes."

Aria: "They can stay here with us until we know its safe for them to return."

Zeng: "Good idea."

Aria, Kyan, and Kesuk smile. Kurai listens and thinks to herself.

Kurai: "I'll make sure they don't take another spirit again!"

Checking on Koko and Inari:

Zeng and Kyan go to see Inari and Koko. Koko looks at Zeng and smiles.

Koko: "Thank you to you and your daughter for helping me get my Inari back and for saving the other spirits."

Zeng: "You're welcome and you two can stay here until we capture all the poachers. If you want."

Koko: "Thank you Zeng. We appreciate it."

Zeng smiles. Inari runs over to Kyan and nuzzles her.

Inari: "Kyan!"

Kyan: "Hi Inari."

Kyan smiles and pets Inari softly.

Kyan: "Glad to see you're okay."

Inari: "Its been a while."

Kyan: "I know and I'm happy to see you again."

Koko sees the close friendship between Kyan and Inari.

Koko: "I'd say my little pup is your very own spirit guide Kyan."

Kyan and Inari look at Koko with confusion.

Inari: "A spirit guide Mom?"

Koko nods.

Koko: "Sometimes us spirits become close with a human and we become their guide. Usually it's to teach the humans lessons, but sometimes spirits also learn lessons from humans as well."

Inari: "Wow!

Kyan: "Cool!"

Kyan and Inari smile liking the sound of that.

The Spark:

Zeng comes back to check on Kurai and finds the young Avatar cuddled up to her mother.

Zeng: "You okay Kurai?"

Kurai nods.

Kurai: "I'm fine daddy, just sore and tired."

Zeng: "I understand, you need your rest."

Kurai: "I know, but I want to help you find those guys."

Aria: "No Kurai, let us do that."

Kurai: "No mommy, its my job to keep the spirits safe. If they are after spirits, I will wait for them in the Spirit World and take them down!"

Zeng: "Okay, but rest now sweetie."

Aria: "Your father is right, get some sleep sweetheart."

Kurai nods, cuddles up under the blanket, shuts her eyes, and falls fast asleep. Aria carefully gets up and stands next to Zeng.

Zeng: "I can't believe it, she is the youngest Avatar to know of her responsibilities."

Aria: "I know, it's as if she's starting backwards. I wonder how she knew."

Zeng: "I wonder too."

Aria: "Maybe she'll tell us one day."

Zeng: "Yeah."

Aria: "Whatever it may be, I know one thing, something in our daughter sparked and ignited her determination."

Aria and Zeng smile and leave Kurai to rest.

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