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April 19, 2015

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Hospital Visit:

At the hospital, Kurai is treated for her burns and other small wounds she sustained. Zeng and Aria sit with Kurai.

Zeng: "You got hurt real bad."

Kurai: "It's just a few burns, Dad. I'm fine."

Zeng: "Yes, but-"

Kurai: "Dad, I'm fine. Really, I am."

Both Zeng and Aria worry so much for her. The doctor walks into the room.

Aria: "Hi, doctor, what's the status of our daughter's wounds?"

Doctor: "Well, she sustained third degree burns, a few bruises and small wounds, but other than that, she's fine. She's very strong. I know she's the Avatar, but I want her to relax for a few days."

Zeng: "Thank you, Doctor."

Doctor: "Of course. You are free to go home."

The doctor leaves them be.

Outside the hospital, Zeng looks at Nazo.

Zeng: "Nazo, where did you get that bite mark?"

Nazo: "What bite mark?"

Zeng: "The one on your right hand."

Nazo shows his right hand, but there is no bite mark. The waterbender in his group healed his hand the night he got home from the attack.

Zeng: "I could've sworn I saw a bite mark a couple of days ago."

Nazo: "Your eyes must have been playing a trick on you then."

Zeng: "Yeah, okay."

Nazo: "Anyways, mind if I stop by tomorrow to see how your daughter is doing?"

Zeng: "If Kurai doesn't mind it."

Nazo nods.

Nazo: "Of course. I feel awful for what happened to her today."

Zeng: "Right."

Zeng turns to his family.

Zeng: "Come on, let's go home."

Kurai, Zeng Aria, Omaya, and Merizo return home. Nazo and Mia also return home.


The next day, Kyan sees her sister sitting up in her bed looking at her wounds, thinking.

Kyan: "You alright?"

Kurai looks up at her sister.

Kurai: "I'm fine, just thinking."

Kyan: "About?"

Kurai: "I got burned because I couldn't redirect the lightning. I have to have Mom and Grandpa Lee teach me."

Kyan: "You know you can't right now. You have to take it easy and heal from your wounds."

Kurai lays back and sighs.

Kurai: "I know."

Kyan gets an idea.

Kyan: "Put your swim suit on and meet me in the bathroom."

Kurai looks at her sister, confused.

Kurai: "Um, alright."

Kurai changes into her swim suit and goes to the bathroom. Once there, she sees her sister has filled the bath with water and smells the scent of lavender.

Kurai: "What are you up to?"

Kyan: "I'm going to give you a healing session."

Kurai: "What's the lavender for?"

Kyan: "I read that lavender helps relax a person. I thought, why not give it a try? Now get in and relax."

Kurai: "Alright."

Kurai gets in an clays down in the water.

Kyan: "Close your eyes and try not to be so tense. I'm going to waterbend and begin the healing process."

Kurai listens to her sister, shuts her eyes, and tries to relax. Kyan carefully waterbends the water around Kurai and she eventually relaxes. As Kyan tries to heal Kurai's wounds the best she can, she is unaware that her healing is doing so much more than healing body wounds. Kurai relaxes and falls into a deep sleep once again.


In her deep sleep, Kurai finds herself in a dark area and has no idea where she is.

Kurai: "Hello? Kyan? Mom? Dad? Anyone?"

Kurai isn't afraid, but a bit nervous. She walks in the direction she believes will lead her somewhere, but all she sees is darkness. Kurai continues to walk seeing no sign of life or a spec of light. She tries firebending to create a light, but nothing happens.

Kurai: "I can't bend."

Kurai begins to get a bit frightened and calls out again.

Kurai: "Anyone around!?"

The only response she gets back is silence. As she continues to walk, Kurai keeps looking around her. She walks for what seems like hours. Finally, she sees something in the distance. Kurai tries to look to see what it is and sees that it's getting bigger and coming right at her. She turns and runs away from it, but she feels the spirit go through her, causing her to fall. She looks up at a dark kite like spirit.

Kurai: "Who are you?"

The dark kite like spirit looks at Kurai and goes straight at her once again. Kurai braces herself for another hit, but instead finds herself falling. She falls into the light of the Spirit World and lands in some grass. From the ground, she looks around.

Kurai: "I was in the Spirit World the whole time?"

Kurai stands up, but doesn't see any spirits.

Kurai: "Hello?"

No one answers. Kurai notices a small breeze pick up and sees everything turn dark.

Kurai: "Not again."

Kurai runs as everything turns dark. She runs as fast as she can not knowing where she is going. As she runs, she looks behind her and sees the dark spider spirit chasing her. She tries to firebend or bend anything at it, but it fails.

Kurai: "Stay away from me!"

Behind the spider spirit, the dark kite like spirit hovers over it. The kite like spirit laughs evilly. The spider spirit jumps at Kurai, but she is rescued but some kind of light spirit. The light spirit sends the dark spider spirit and the dark kite like spirit back. The two dark spirits disappear and Kurai looks at the light spirit.

Kurai: "Thank you."

The light spirit breaks into two separate spirits. As Kurai looks closer, she can't believe her eyes.

Kurai: "Raava? Avatar Korra?"

Korra smiles.

Korra: "Hello, Kurai."

Raava: "Hello, young Avatar."

Korra and Raava take Kurai to the spirit portals. When they arrive, Kurai can see not only two, but now three spirit portals. Kurai recognizes the one leading into Republic City, but not the other two. She tries to find something to say and starts with this.

Kurai: "I don't believe it! All this time, I knew you two were there and trying to speak to me, but I couldn't understand. I'm so happy to finally see you both! I have so many questions, but first, where are we?"

Korra: "We know and we are sorry, Kurai. Ever since Harmonic Convergence, things haven't been exactly the same. Much like you, I struggled without the help of the Avatars before me."

Kurai: "There are those two words again. Wait, you did? I don't understand."

Raava: "Harmonic Convergence happens once every ten thousand years. It's when I and Vaatu do battle to keep balance in the world as well as between spirits and humans."

Kurai: "Vaatu? Was he that dark spirit over the spider spirit?"

Raava: "Yes."

Kurai is shocked and still confused.

Kurai: "I'm sorry, but I still don't understand."

Korra: "Every time you heard the two words, Harmonic Convergence, you fainted. That was me trying to tell you what that event was. You see, during my time when Harmonic Convergence was happening again, I didn't understand either. I was told by the first Avatar-"

Kurai: "Avatar Wan."

Korra nods.

Korra: "Anyways, before Harmonic Convergence came, I battled Vaatu and my uncle, Unalaq. I tried to keep them from fusing together, but I wasn't able to."

Korra looks down and Kurai looks at her.

Korra: "Unalaq and Vaatu fused and became an evil Avatar. When they did, they took Raava from me and attacked her. By doing so, I lost the connection with my past lives. In the end, I defeated UnaVaatu, but I had help."

Kurai is surprised and at a loss for words.

Korra: "I had to fight without the help of any past Avatars. However, I managed to and I eventually connected with Raava again. You see, Raava never left me. Again, I couldn't do it by myself. I had help."

Kurai: "All that, it took place here. Didn't it?"

Korra nods again.

Korra: "In Republic City, too."

Kurai: "Were you able to reconnect with the past Avatars?"

Korra sighs and shakes her head.

Korra: "That's a burden I left to the next Avatar, to you. I did not want to, but I was not able to achieve that."

Kurai: "I see. I understand a little better now-"

Raava: "But you still have questions."

Kurai nods.

Kurai: "Why me? Earth was supposed to be next in the cycle, but I'm fire. If Harmonic Convergence happens once every ten thousand years and if Vaatu was defeated, then why is he back? Lastly, will I ever reconnect with more Avatars just like I have with you, Korra?"

Korra: "I'm sorry, Kurai, I can't answer any of those. However, I want you to meet someone."

Korra and Raava move to the side as Iroh walks up.

Iroh: "Hello, Kurai."

Kurai has heard stories, but again, she can't believe her eyes.

Kurai: "Iroh, I have heard so much. You can answer my questions?"

Iroh: "Oh no, I don't know anything about that stuff."

Kurai slumps hearing that.

Iroh: "You seem down. Have some tea, all of you."

A table appears and they sit. Kurai is enjoying this, but is also down for not knowing the answers she is looking for. Iroh, Korra, and Raava see Kurai is upset; Iroh puts his hand on Kurai's shoulder.

Iroh: "I can't give you a direct answer to your questions, Kurai, however, I can tell you this. The answer you are looking for is right in front of your eyes. You just have to take a closer look."

Kurai sighs.

Kurai: "Maybe, but how does that help me to fix this divide? Why is the Avatar Cycle broken? Why can I only see Korra and Raava now, but haven't been able to before? What about the other past Avatars? What about Nazo? How am I supposed to be the Avatar when no one wants me around? They all think Nazo is the Avatar."

Korra: "Kurai, Nazo is not the Avatar. You are, but trying to fight him in order to expose who he really is, is not the answer."

Kurai: "I tried...It didn't work..."

Iroh: "Ah, Kurai, nothing is truly ever lost or broken. Much like your wounds, it can be healed, however, it may take some time. If you allow it to heal, it will, but if you don't, the wound opens again. Sometimes healing means having to start over again. So you must let yourself heal and as you do, take time to look a little closer at what is around you and what is said to you. When you do that, your questions will be answered."

Korra puts her hand on Kurai's shoulder and smiles at her.

Korra: "Everything is connected, Kurai. Like Iroh said, take a closer look, think, listen, and also feel what's around you."

Kurai: "I'll try."

Korra and Iroh smile. Raava comes next to Kurai.

Raava: "Ready to return home?"

Kurai: "Yes, but one more thing."

Kurai looks at Korra.

Kurai: "Korra, will I see you again?"

Korra: "I'll always be there, Kurai. Remember, I live within you."

Kurai smiles and nods, then looks at Raava.

Kurai: "I'm ready to go home."

Raava nods, flies, reconnecting with Kurai. Once the two are reconnected, Kurai wakes up in the bathtub as Kyan is still healing her.

Kurai: "Kyan?"

Kyan: "Kurai. You're awake. How do you feel?"

Kurai sits up and smiles.

Kurai: "You did it, Kyan!"

Kyan looks at her sister with confusion.

Kyan: "What did I do? What happened when you were asleep?"

Kurai gets out of the bathtub and grabs Kyan's hand.

Kurai: "I have to tell you and everyone else!"

Kurai and Kyan run downstairs.

Telling Her Family:

When downstairs, Kurai excitedly tells her family what happened.

Kuria: "Mom! Dad!"

Zeng: "Hey, sweetie."

Aria: "Kurai, sweetheart, why are you all wet?"

Kurai: "Oh, um, I forgot to dry myself. Anyways, I have something to tell everyone!"

Kurai excitedly tells everyone what happened when Kyan was healing her.

Zeng: "Wow, that's great news!"

Aria: "That's amazing news, sweetheart!"

Kesuk: "Can you tell us again, but in just a few sentences please?"

Kurai: "The Avatar Cycle is broken, but it is slowly healing. I haven't helped in its healing and sometimes healing means starting all over again. Connecting with Korra shows that the healing is working and the reason why I'm fire and not earth is because the cycle is starting again."

Zeng: "I see."

Kurai nods and smiles.

Zeng: "Well, I have some more good news."

Kyan: "What is it, Dad?"

Zeng: "How about a little vacation to Ember Island?"

Kurai, Kyan, Kesuk, and Kun smile.

Kurai, Kyan, Kesuk, and Kun: "Yeah!"

Zeng smiles.

Zeng: "Start packing, we are leaving tomorrow."

With that, the kids start packing their things. They all need a little break from Republic City and from Nazo.

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