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Kurai Takes Action:

The kids sit down to eat their snack. Zeng looks at Kurai.

Zeng: "You okay sweetie?"

Kurai nods.

Kurai: "Yes, a little."

Zeng: "I'm glad."

Kurai smiles at her dad, then she gets an idea.

Kurai: "Kyan, Kesuk, and Kun, when we spar, I want you all against me at the same time."

Kyan, Kesuk, and Kun look at one another, then look back at Kurai.

Kesuk: "Why?"

Kurai: "I wasn't used to facing two guys at the same time."

Zeng understands and nods agreeing with Kurai.

Zeng: "That makes sense."

Kurai: "I want to be ready."

Kyan: "Well, alright."

Zeng: "Just don't over do it, alright?"

Aria: "He's right, take it slow."

Kurai nods.

Kyan: "We promise."

Kesuk: "Yes mom and dad."

Kun: "Yes Uncle Zeng and Aunt Aria."

Zeng and Aria smile.


After their snack, the kids clean up then go outside to play. Aria watches them from inside the home. Zeng sees Aria looking at the kids as they play.

Zeng: "Hey, are you okay Aria?"

Aria: "I'm fine dear. What about you?"

Zeng: "I'm fine too. I can't believe Magnus is still behind all this."

Aria: " I know, and even behind bars he has power. I was so worried seeing you tied up and then seeing Kurai get hurt."

Zeng: "I felt so helpless not being able to protect Kurai."

Aria: "Yes, same here."

Zeng: "I want her to train well and master her training."

Aria: "I do too. She told me that she's nervous."

While Aria and Zeng talk about Kurai and watch the kids outside, Kyan, Kesuk, and Kun spar against Kurai at the same time. As the three throw everything they have at Kurai, Kurai gets overwhelmed. Her brother, sister, and cousin manage to win against her. Kurai lays on the ground tired. Kyan, Kesuk, and Kun sit by her side. Aria and Zeng continue their conversation.

Aria: "Kurai also mentioned that she is nervous about lightning and that she can only waterbend in the Avatar State."

Zeng: "It's like Aang when he was learning earthbendind and when Korra she was learning airbending."

Aria: "Yes."

Zeng thinks for a moment and gets an idea.

Zeng: "Wait a minute, I got it!"

Zeng quickly heads out to Kurai, Kyan, Kesuk, and Kun. Aria follows Zeng outside.

Zeng: "Kurai, I figured it out. I know why you can't waterbed!"

The kids look at Zeng confused. Zeng explains.

Zeng: "Kurai, your birth element is fire and your trying to waterbend. Waterbending is the opposite element to fire and that's why it is harder for you to learn. You have to remember, waterbending is not about being aggressive. You must use your opennents strength against them. Its all about the flow of the water."

Kurai: "Oh. I think I understand."

Zeng: "Give it a try."

Kurai nods and stands up. She gets into a stance that Kyan showed her. Kurai uses the water from her water pouch to waterbend.

Aria: "Remember sweetheart, it's not fire. Relax and don't be aggressive."

Kurai nods again, takes a deep breath, and relaxes herself. She manages to waterbend the water into a small stream.

Zeng: "Great job Kurai."

Aria: "There you go, you got it!"

Kyan and Kesuk: "Go Kurai!"

Kurai smiles seeing she can waterbend, however, she is unable to hold the water for long and drop it.

Kyan: "Still needs a little needs work, but at least you did it without going into the Avatar State."

Zeng and Aria hugs Kurai. Kuria hugs her parents back.

Zeng: "You did it! Just keep practicing and you'll be able to master waterbending. All you need to do is feel the push and pull from the water."

Kurai: "Thank you Daddy and I will."

Zeng smiles and with that, the day comes to an end. Zeng, Aria, Kurai, Kyan, Kesuk, and Kun call it a night and go back into the home.

The Dream-Father Daughter Connection:

The next day, Kyan, Kesuk, and Kun head off to school. Kurai decides she is not ready to go out of the house after yesterday's ordeal. While her siblings and cousin are at school, Kurai cuddles up next to Kayla and Phoenix. She ends up falling asleep next to them. As she is asleep, Kurai has a nightmare and wakes up yelling for parents. Zeng and Aria come running in and quickly calm Kurai. Later that night, both Kurai and Zeng end up having the same dream. Both toss and turn as they sleep and find themselves somewhere dark, but they can't see where they are.

Kurai: "Where Am I? Mommy? Daddy? Kyan? Kesuk? Kun? Anyone?"

In the darkness, Zeng finds Kurai.

Zeng: "Kurai?"

Kurai: "Daddy? Daddy!"

Seeing her father, Kurai runs to Zeng and gives him a hug. She is relieved to see someone. Zeng hugs his daughter close.

Zeng: "Where are we?"

Kurai: "I-I don't know."

Zeng: "Let's stay together. Hold my hand so we can find a way out."

Kurai nods and holds her father's hand. Both begin to look around.

Zeng: "Hello? Anyone there?"

Kurai feels uncomfortable, scared, and nervous. She stays very close to Zeng.

Zeng: "Sweetie, when we are place like this, we close our eyes and tell ourselves that we are never alone. Even if we are far away, we are always together, No matter what."

Kurai: "Okay, I guess we can try."

Zeng smiles and Kurai shuts her eyes. She feels something close by and opens her eyes to see a light.

Kurai: "Daddy, this always happens. That light always comes up."

Zeng: "I see it."

Kurai: "I always-"

Kurai's voice trails off, she lets go of Zeng, and walks towards the light. Zeng follows Kurai.

Zeng: "Kurai?"

Kurai seems to forget her father is there. She continues to walk towards the light. As she reaches it, the lights turns red and menacing. Its not just an ordinary light, but a spirit. The spirit surrounds Kurai flying around her. Kurai kneels down tearing up. Zeng sees this and gets in between Kurai and the spirit.

Zeng: "Kurai! Kurai! Hey spirit! Leave her alone and take me instead!"

The dark spirit ignores Zeng. Kurai is scared, and visions appear that even Zeng can see. They show Kurai shocking Kyan with lightning, Kurai burning Kun's feet, Kurai knocking out Kesuk with a rock, and Kurai trying to help Aria, but is to late. Then it shows past events that have happened as well as Magnus towering over her and the people screaming at her.

Zeng: "You asked for this spirit."

Zeng uses his waterbending healing on the dark spirit trying to calm it. At first, the dark spirit seems to calm down, but breaks fee of Zeng's bending and hits Zeng. Kurai sees her father get hit.

Kurai: "Daddy! No, you can't hurt him!"

The dark spirit looks at Kurai trying to scare her. Kurai is very scared, but remembers what Zeng said to her about not being alone. That helps her stand up to the spirit and as she does, the spirit backs off and turns into a bright light again rather than being dark. The same visions replay again, but this time showing a much better outcome. Kyan is avoided Kurai's lightning, Kun forgiving Kurai for accidentally burning his feet, Kesuk breaking the rock with his airbending instead of getting hit by it, and Aria hugging Kurai close. Not only does the dark spirit turn into a light spirit, the darkness around them turns into a calm park. Magnus has disappeared and the people who were yelling at her in the vision before, are now smiling at her. As all this occurred, Zeng watches. Once peace is restored, Zeng looks at Kurai and smiles.

Zeng: "You did it sweetie. You finally did it."

Kurai is shaking a bit, but has a smile across her face. She is happy it's finally over and she hugs Zeng close.

Zeng: "You can finally sleep easier now."

Kurai: "Yeah I think I can too."

Zeng and Kurai smile at one another. The once dark spirit flies over to Kurai.

Dark / Light Spirit: "Kurai, fear keeps us focused on the past or worried about the future. You must learn to face these fears if you are to have a stronger connection. Only then, will things start making more sense. You must also remember, no matter what you do, what mistake you have made or will make, and if you ever feel alone, you are never alone. I should know, I was in the same place as you not to long ago."

Kurai: "I see that now and I promise to remember that. Thank you spirit."

The dark / light spirit gives a friendly nod then looks at Zeng.

Dark / Light Spirit: "Teach Kurai what I taught you other than teaching you waterbending."

Zeng: "I promise."

Dark / Light spirit smiles and disappears. The dream fades away as both Zeng and Kurai wake up. Zeng immediately jumps out of bed and goes to Kurai's room. He knocks at the door and Kurai answers with a smile across her face. Zeng smiles seeing his daughter smiling.

Zeng: "Morning Kurai. I see that you slept well."

Kurai: "Morning. Yes, I did thanks to you Daddy."

Zeng: "You did most of the work Kurai."

Kurai: "Yes, but if you weren't there I could have never done that."

Kurai smiles and so does Zeng.

Jun vs. Zeng:

Zeng and Kurai head downstairs. As they walk into the kitchen, they see Jun having some breakfast.

Kurai: "Morning Grandpa Jun."

Jun smiles.

Jun: "Morning Kurai."

Zeng: "Morning Jun."

Jun: "Morning son-in-law. What are you two doing up so early?"

Zeng: "We slept well."

Kurai: "Yeah."

Jun: "Oh good, very well."

Zeng: "Jun, I was wondering can I spar against you?"

Jun looks at his son-in-law with some surprise.

Jun: "Really? Sure."

Kurai looks at Zeng.

Kurai: "Why do you want to spar with Grandpa Jun?

Zeng: "I want to get better defending against fire."

Kurai: "Oh."

Jun: "Well alright. It's been a while, but I think I have some fight left in me."

Zeng: "Great! Thank you Jun."

Jun: "No problem."

After breakfast, the two go outside. Both stands apart from each other and take their stance. Kurai sits to the side and watches. Aria comes down and sees her father and husband about to spar. She stays and watches as well.

The spar begins. Jun starts and tosses multiple fire jabs at Zeng. Zeng waterbends water shields to protect himself from Jun's fire jabs. Jun firebends blaze arcs cutting Zeng's water shield, then sends fire missiles at him. Meanwhile, Kesuk comes down and sees his mother and twin sister looking at something. He joins them.

Kesuk: "What's going on?

Kurai: "Daddy and Grandpa Jun are sparring."

Kesuk: "Oh awesome!"

Zeng dodges Jun's fire missiles and uses multiple water whips at him. Jun moves out of the way of Zeng's water whips and sends two fire lashes at Zeng's sides.

Kesuk: "So far it seems to be an even match."

Kurai: "Yeah so far."

Kesuk looks at Aria.

Kesuk: "Hey Mom, when was the last time you and Dad sparred?"

Aria: "We sparred a few years ago."

Kurai: "Who won?"

Aria: "I did."

Kesuk: "How?"

Aria: "Well, whenever your father and I would spar, he would always beat me by using his ice creepers on me. I would always fall for it. However, I learned to watch out for your father's move. When he tried to use it against me again, I was able to move out of the way by firebending with my feet. When I did, your father was caught off guard and I hit him with a fire bomb."

Kurai: "I thought the fire bomb was a very strong move. You used that on Daddy!?"

Aria: "It is a strong master move, but I created the fire bomb strong enough to knock your father off his feet, but not strong enough to hurt him."

Kurai and Kesuk: "Oh!"

Zeng dodges Jun's firebending and uses octopus arm bending arms at Jun. Jun tries cutting Zeng's water arms with his blaze arcs, but he is a bit overwhelmed with how many there are. Kyan comes down and sees what's going on.

Kyan: "It looks like Daddy is going to win."

Aria: "Maybe, unless he can build up enough heat to create a fire augmentation and use that to evaporate the water or dry it up."

Kesuk: "Whose side are you on mom?"

Before Aria can answers, Kyan speaks up.

Kyan: "Daddy's of course!"

Kesuk: "It sounds like she's taking Grandpa Jun's side."

Aria: "I'm not on either ones side. I can't chose between your father and your grandfather."

Zeng smirks and waterbends using the vapors to cover the area turning it into a fog so Jun can't see. Jun does what Aria says and creates the fire augmentation, but instead of using it evaporate the water, he to try and light up the area so he can see again. Before Jun has time to gain his vision back, Zeng uses ice creep on his legs and traps Jun with an ice pillar. Jun is defeated. Kyan and Kurai learn a few things as they watched Zeng and Jun spar. Zeng unfreezes Jun and helps him up.

Zeng: "Great match Jun."

Jun smiles and bows to Zeng.

Jun: "Great match indeed."

Kesuk looks at Aria again.

Kesuk: "Looks like you'll have to find other ways to beat Dad."

Aria: "Don't worry, I have few moves to defeat your father next time we spar. *She smirks* I just hope you all learned something while watching."

Kids: "We did!"

Aria: "Good. Glad to hear it."

Zeng and Jun notice Aria, Kyan, Kesuk, and Kurai standing there. They both blush in embarrassment.

Jun: "How long were you watching?"

Aria: "Oh, we only saw the whole match."

Zeng: "Woah."

Kesuk: "Dad kicked your butt Grandpa Jun!"

Aria: "Kesuk!"

Jun and Zeng laugh.

Jun: "It's okay and yeah he did."

Kyan: "Hey it was a great match! It was almost close too."

Aria: "I agree with Kyan, it was a very close match."

Kyan smiles.

Aria: "Good job to you both."

Zeng: "Thank you dear."

Jun: "Yes thank you Aria."

Aria: "You're both very welcome."

Zeng: "Hey Aria let's spar tomorrow."

Aria: "You're on!"

Zeng and Aria smile at one another and the kids shout.

Kyan, Kesuk, and Kurai: "Finally!"

Jun: "Looks like the kids have been waiting for this moment."

Zeng and Aria laugh a bit and nod.

Zeng and Aria: "Yeah."

After Jun and Zeng's spar, they head back inside.

Lee vs. Aria:

Lee sees Aria is worried and is struggling a bit with training. He gets an idea and walks over to Aria.

Lee: "Hey Aria, would you like to spar with me? I would like to see how you progressed over the years."

Aria: "Sure Lee."

Lee: "Great! Let's go outside then."

Aria smiles and nods. Lee leads the way and Aria follows. Zeng and the kids also follow wanting to watch the sparring match. Once outside, Lee bows to Aria then gets in his stance.

Lee: "Let this be a good fight."

Aria bows back to Lee and gets in her stance.

Aria: "You know I always bring out the best in a fight master."

Lee smiles. Aria delivers the first attack with two intertwined fire streams. Lee blocks Aria's fire streams, then fire kicks at Aria. Aria moves out of the way of Lee's kicks and counterattacks with fire lashes. Lee blocks Aria's fire lashes with a fire wall, then uses fire jabs at her. Aria is distracted trying to defend herself from his fire jabs. While she is distracted, Lee uses low firebending on Aria's feet. She moves out of the way of Lee's fire jabs. Seeing Lee aim for her feet and having had others do the same to her, Aria knows how to avoid these attacks by using her own firebending from her feet.

After avoiding Lee's low attack, Aria hits him with a fire bomb. Lee is distracted by the fire bomb, so Aria sees the opportunity and sends a fire comet towards him. Lee avoids the comets and creates fire streams at Aria. Aria blocks his fire streams with a fire wall then turns that fire wall into a fire augmentation and closes it on Lee. Lees uses the fire circle to clear the fire augmantion and uses it against her.

Zeng: "Woah even match!"

Kyan: "It is."

Kesuk: "It's intense!"

Kurai: "Both Mommy and Grandpa Lee are using firebending master level attacks."

Aria is stuck on what to use next. She decides to use the fire around her, and uses jet propulsion to launch herself then hit Lee with a fire jab. He blocks her fire jabs with his fire daggers. Aria moves back from Lee's fire daggers. She is sweating from both her and Lee's heated up match.

Lee: "You've gotten really good my young pupil."

Aria: "Thank you master. Ive had a lot of practice over the years and a great teacher."

Lee: "Let's call this match to an end. You did very well."

Lee smiles and bows to Aria. Aria smiles too and bows back.

Lee: "I don't have as much energy as I did when I first trained you. I'm getting old."

Aria: " Are you kidding!? You showed so much energy! I was losing my energy keeping up with you!"

Lee: "Thank you Aria."

Aria: "You're welcome master."

Zeng, Kana, Kyan, Kesuk, Kurai, and Merizo were watching the match. Aria turns to see them standing there.

Aria: "Were you all there the whole time?"

Merizo: "Yes."

Zeng: "Yeah."

Kana: "That was quit a match."

Aria: "Thank you Kana."

Kurai walks over to Aria and lee.

Kurai: "Will I learn everything you two did today?"

Aria: "Yes, you will sweetheart."

Lee: "Yes, you will Kurai."

Kurai: "Yes!" She says with excitement.

Lee: "Someone is excited."

Aria laughs a bit.

Aria: "Yeah."

Kana: "It's still cold outside, come in before your sweat freezes on you."

Lee: "Okay dear."

They go back inside.

A Brother's Visit:

Merizo decides to visit his brother in prison. Once there, Merizo enters a room tot all privately with his brother, Magnum.

Merizo: "Hello Brother, you look well for someone who is in prison."

Magnum: "Well if it isn't my little brother. You came to visit me, I'm somewhat surprised."

Merizo: "I am surprised at myself being here, but here I am, visiting you."

Magnum: "I see that, but what brings you here? Police business?"

Merizo shakes his head.

Merizo: "No, not really. It bothers me knowing this, but I did feel bad seeing you lose your bending like that. How did it feel?"

Magnum: "Ha! You feel bad!? I doubt that! If you really felt as bad as you do, you would pay me back and do me the favor of getting close to the Avatar."

Merizo: "You know as well as I do that I would never do that to my family, including my niece. I do feel bad though, despite all your monstrosities, you are my brother."

Magnum: "Your family!? If they are your family, than we are nothing to you! Your niece? Your real niece is at home with my wife! Your nephew is nowhere to be found and you care about that fake family of yours! I have no trouble taking my little brother down if he gets in my way."

Merizo: "All we are is blood related because of your actions. They are my family because family is those who you truly love, respect, and care about among other things. They make me feel at home and I am at home with them. There is nothing I would't do to protect them. Magnus and Sapphire are blood related to me, and if they stray from your path, then we can have a family relationship. You know I did what I had to bring you down. You're not taking me down again."

Magnum smirks.

Magnum: "So be it then. Having your bending taken away then being bloodbended is painful. The young Avatar will pay and like I said to her, you all better watch your backs. I may be in here, but I have more power than you know. Know this, little bro, and remember, these are your words, not mine, I did what I had to do."

Magnum laughs.

Magnum: "Trust me, I'll take you down again."

Merizo: "You won't be taking anyone down. You're already down. You better stop threatening my family brother. I won't tolerate this nonsense you spew from your mouth. Why did you not listen to me and my partner when we told you to leave? You and your wife were expecting Magnus, you and no reason to interfere with our lives."

Magnum: "The fight is not between us Merizo. Not anymore. Its between me and the little Avatar. I want what's right and you know I never listen to anyone."

Merizo: "If you go after my niece, then you are not only are you involving the others, but me as well. You leave her alone! Look at what disobeying has cost you! You are behind bars and your wife can't even bear to look at you, let alone visit you."

Magnum: "Then prepare for another good fight little bro. Your wrong, my wife has visited me."

Merizo: "You should know me, I'm always ready for a fight!"

Merizo is a bit surprised.

Merizo: "She does love you after all, but I can't imagine she's all that happy with what you've done."

Magnum: "Yes I do know that and she does. No, she's not that happy. However, once she sees that I'm doing this for us, shell appreciate it more."

Merizo: "Better not forget it either."

Merizo shakes his head.

Merizo: "She will never see it that way. Your mind is fixated on the girl who took your bending away. This is strictly revenge, and I know you like that."

Magnum: "Oh I won't."

Magnum smirks.

Magnum: "It is more than revenge and believe me, she'll see it my way."

Merizo shakes his head.

Merizo: "Always manipulating, aren't you Magnum? We will see about that, maybe we will have a few words with Ruby."

Magnum: "Go ahead. It's not like she'll say much."

Merizo: "I know you enough to know the real you bro. We will talk to her and see what's he has to say about all of this."

Magnum: "Fine and let me know what she says, if she doesn't come to me first."

Merizo: "Well with you, it is true that we never really know. However, I do know that you're plotting something with your son, considering he is no where to be found. I'm not sure I'll be relaying that information to you."

Magnum: "Ah my little bro got smart. Who knows, I could be. Well, if you don't tell me, I will find out either way. We are done here."

Merizo slams his fist on the table. Magnum jumps a bit at his brother's actions.

Merizo: "We are not done here! I know it! That boy only wants to make you proud, at any cost and Ruby will probably mention it to you."

Magnum: "She will and my son will only make me proud when he gets rid of the Avatar."

Merizo: "He will never accomplish that goal! I guarantee you that! You play a dirty game, how dare you help Sheng do that to my partner and her husband!"

Magnum: "The game isn't over, I will continue to play."

Merizo: "I thought you were only after my niece, now you'll go after my partner too? You better stop Magnum while you're behind."

Magnum: "I think you mean while I'm ahead and like I said, I will continue."

Merizo: "I don't, because if you were ahead you would't be here Magnum, and you'd have your bending. Cut your losses now. One last thing, I want to know why you're not letting me see my parents! I know you're stopping me from seeing them. You have managed to get a lot of power in here."

Magnum: "Our parents were let out once I was locked up in here. I confessed to what I did those years ago. They could't look at me, but I don't care."

Merizo: "Where are they now?"

Magnum: "I don't know, they wouldn't tell me."

Merizo: "I will find them."

Magnum: "Good luck."

Merizo gets up.

Merizo: "Enjoy the rest of your life here bro. I'll probably see you again."

Magnum: "You'll see me alright. Thanks for the visit little bro."

Merizo: "I know I will, through your son. You're welcome brother."

With that Merizo walks out and heads over to see Aria.

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