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The Secrets of the Beast

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March 26, 2012

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The secrets of the beast 5:

Get It Up

Start of the Games

(?:"Greetings, gore sport fans! It's a beautiful evening on Taku just perfect weather for our unwilling contestants to compete in ShinoMitori! I'll be giving you a slay by slay count of tonight's bloodbath. You can be sure to not miss a single disembowelment, or brutal shanking! this is Chō your current commentator along with former champion- ")

(?:I got this the name is Suǒ and we're in level one of the Shinomitori)

(Cho:Oh yes the industrial level with as many saw blades, chompers, and rose bushes as these crazed animals can kill each with, what a spectacle isn't that right Suo?)

(Suo:Key-freakin-rect, Cho! I've survived more than my share of these crazy contests, and I can tell you that our audience is gonna see more gush and blood, and severed heads, than a troop of Kyoshi Warriors, camping in an unexploded minefield. We got some savage contestants, amazing arenas, and a HECK load of surprises for ya!)

(Cho:So sharpen your knives, place your bets, and get ready to enjoy, DeathWatch!)

(Suo:So much fun it hurts!)

Tora had told to go to the outskirts of the city to have his part in the games as he went to the location he realized that it started without him. A group of people started butchering each other. One had forced a spear through the others throat. Another grabbed one by the throat and with a grunt stabbed him through the chest. As one other grunt cut one in half.

(Cho: One loser divided by two equals)

(Suo: Wait a minute, nobody said there'd be math)

[Let's go, let's go y'all! Let's go, let's go, let's go y'all! If y'all ready to ride. If y'all ready to fly. If y'all ready to live. If y'all ready to (c'mon) die. Let's go, let's go y'all! Let's go, let's go, let's go y'all!]

Tora pulled out one of his swords moving forward carefully hoping to get a silent first kill but then everyone stared at him as people started to yell then he realized the place he was in. The arena walls were cage like with the bars continuous overlapping each other, it all ended 30 meters in the air where the spectators stood and cheered, drank, ate (if they could stomach it), and the best part, they could throw weapons into the arena for the fighters to use. Then one of the grunts ran towards Tora with a large sword and made a swipe at him but Tora side stepped to the left and cut the mook in the gut.

(Cho: That guy went down faster then my ex-wife on the new messenger boy)

(Suo: He wasn't that quick)

[The dude is back. Live to kill it with a squad, so the movement back. Baby the music back and you got a court side seat To get it straight from the source. How cool is that?]

As the guy hit the ground Tora quickly went to the next grunt that had a spear in hand tossing it at Tora. He dodged the blow only to grab on the grunt and toss him into a rose bush.

Discussion of The Yokozuna

In a large meeting room somethings were heating up.

"The games are proceeding as they should, everyone is where they're supposed to be," Ryuji's assistant said as she went over files on her clipboard.

"I designed them to be Xīnzàng if anything goes according to plan then maybe I will find the opponent I've been searching for."

"But what about the profits I mean the first one was glorious but I will not allow the first round finalist continue until you pay us more for this game."

There is a large table with Ryuji on one side looking out a window with this sniveling little vermin of a man telling him he had to pay more on the other side. Ryuji turned his chair to look at the little man.

"What do you mean?"

The small man started to sweat, the way Ryuji stared him down scared him.

"I-I mean that I brought him to you and I expected payme-" Before he could say more Ryuji had his hands around his neck and lifted him slightly off the ground. He was struggling to form words as Ryuji looked at him gasping for air then he was let go.

"You don't request anything in fact I should pay you less, your boy has been slackin" Ryuji then turned to look out the window again with his arms crossed.

Despite his fear he wouldn't let him insult the fifth circle fighter.

"B-but he hasn't got a real challenge after killing the last big boss."

Ryuji didn't say anything but Xinzang turned to the manager.

"He will give you a 22% increase if your man can kill 40 more men, do we have an accord?" She waited for his answer in which all he gave was a very shaken he left the room.

"You shouldn't threaten the sponsors sir" She said standing next to Ryuji.

"Most are grateful and wouldn't complain with there pay but that rat believes that his fighter is better when he can't even get to the second ring."

Ryuji was too busy looking at the new construction to notice that his assistant pushed him into a wall.

"Seems very rude" She said with a smile starting to form on her face, a smile Ryuji grown to love.

"It's just business darlin" He said as he cupped her chin and with his other hand start to remove her glasses.

"Still very rude" She said as she closed in for a kiss.

The final circle was being made.

[So you can hate, but the truth is that You messing with the best and we coming with the new things black. I need to know how y'all feeling. I need to know if y'all willing. So raise it up to the ceiling. And get it going... We gotta get it up.]

Tora kept ramming another grunt into a rosebush hitting him three times before letting him dangle there.

(Suo:Wow he really hates that rosebush)

Tora quickly moved on to the next grunt by cutting him in half then jumping up and stabbing another in the head. Then there was a large trumpet blaring.

(Cho:Sounds like it's time for Ninjōsata(Bloodbath) Challenge)

(Suo:Lets hope the new challenger can live long enough otherwise we wasted money on the trumpet guy)

Tora heard a gate raise and made his way to it. He stopped in front of a large gang of grunts with pipes, knives, and swords. Tora ran forward with blade in hand sliding under a sword swipe and cutting him through the legs. Then with a certain amount of procession and dodging he was able to slice and slash the crowd in a matter of minutes pulling one sword out of the back of one dead grunt and walked through a large door with a large sign on top that was poorly written in paint Bloodbath challenge.

[The mission is to kill it man. For the love, respect, and dividends. For the squad, the game, and Benjamin's. For the soul, the art, and to get it in. And believe I got to get it in.]

The NInjosata Challendge:Death Press

A large lot that was filled with grunts but that didn't bother Tora, what did though was what looked like a large slab of metal hoisted up by four metal girders

(Cho: Welcome to the first Ninjosata that we love call Death Press)

(Suo:The object of this sucker is to throw as many idiots into the center so they can get ceremoniously and hilariously crushed by the piece of pure iron)

(Cho:That means that those guys will get a whole chunk of iron in there diet)

(Suo: Really? You just said that, Hope it was worth it)

(Cho: It was oh man it was)

"You have 40 seconds starting now!"


Tora wasn't sure where he heard but the others did as they started to grapple each other and one succeeded in gabbing another and throwing him then a few seconds it came crashing down crushing the poor soul underneath it. Then the crusher started to rise. Tora quickly got the idea and grabbed the person closest to him and quickly threw him and as he went across the room he hit two another people knocking them dead center into the crusher.


Then it cam down getting them all, Three grunts attempted to over power him with knives but he cut one in the gut and then sweep kicked him making the grunt fall and as he fell Tora grabbed him by his foot and started to spin him the other two and hitting them into the crusher


As it did what it was supposed to do Tora then went after the next one and cut him down immediately. More grunts started pouring in as Tora wasted little time making his move pushing and pulling grunts into the masher.

(Cho:Wow this guy throws like a chump come on new guy you can throw better!)

(Suo:Sure you can say that only because you're safe in the commentators box aren't' ya?)

(Cho:Of Course when else would I say that to him?)


Tora decided that would be enough and cut down any new grunts that poured in.


"Time is up!"

Tora heard and realized that no new enemies poured in

[That's why I'm out on the push with no limit, man. That's why I'm out on the move with no gimmick, man. That's why I'm dying to stop but can't quit it, man. I'm strung out on this hit I can't kick it, man. I mean for real dawg, I can't quit, man.]

(Suo: The new guy just earned himself 6 thousand gold pieces for his trouble though I did better)

(Cho: Sure and that's why you live in a shack and do low paying commentary)

(Suo: Shut up)

Tora was going to walk out the door but he heard a noise that caught his attention then he quickly backed up when a hammer nearly hit him.

He walked through the door way he had on a dull white and striped shikahusō with ragged sleeves on his right hand, and sleeveless on his left. He also wears the same colored hakama, which is kept with a black obi sash tied around his waist and a bull like helmet. He had a large hammer.

"The name is Gōngniú and I can't let you leave here still drawing breath" He said as Tora readied himself.

"Didn't need to hear your name and it's too bad you can't stop me" Tora then dashed forward as Gongju took a large swing which Tora ducked under but then Gongnju quickly retracted his hammer and block Tora's sword then pushed him back, and brought slamming down, Tora rolled to left barely dodging it all together, needless to say this guy was faster then he looked. Tora then dodged another swing and stabbed him in the gut. He grabbed Tora by the arm and pushed him into a wall.

"It'll take a lot more than a small cut to take me out!" He pulled the sword out and dropped it to the ground then with impressive speed made his way to Tora and nearly crushing his head against the wall with a hammer swing that created a crater in the moved to the left and grabbed the hammer's handle and tried to pull it away from Gongniu but he merely laughed.

"You seriously tried that."

"Nope," Tora replied as he had his other sword unsheathed and cut Gongniu arm off then with one swift stab, he cut through Gongniu's heart. He then heard a large bell sound and after retrieving and slightly cleaning both of his katana made his way outside of the B.C room and seen a little far off a bell with a sign that read "Boss Battle".

He made his way to it and rang the bell, he heard the sound of a large door opening a few feet away from him and went to investigate as he walked into a large room with an even large hallway the way out was closed off by a tried to lift it open but was hit in the back knocking him into the cage.

[Let's go, let's go y'all! Let's go, let's go, let's go y'all! If y'all ready to move. If y'all ready to fool. If y'all ready to win. If y'all ready to lose. Let's go, let's go y'all! Let's go, let's go, let's go y'all!]

The First Boss:Little Měi Tǒng

"Don't even try it."

He was bald with gray wore purple top, short-sleeved, with tattered ends at the sleeves end, with a protective shoulder guard covering his right shoulder and bicep; the straps going round his arm and beneath his armpit. His trousers are the same purple coloration, with two belts worn around his waist, the lower of which partly overlaps with the upper at the back, though not at the front; with the loose part of the upper belt being threaded down through the second, which proceeds to hang in his hands a giant spiked ball-and-chain.

"I'll murderize ya."

(Suo:You know what I don't get, why they call him Little Měi Tǒng when he's so freaking big?)

(Cho:I think its supposed to be ironic)

(Suo:. . .What?)

(Cho:You know. The use of words to express something other than, and especially the opposite of, the literal meaning. Usually a humorous or sardonic literary style or form)

(Suo:You got beat up in school a lot, didn't you?)

(Cho:. . .yes)

Tora got up quickly as the new fighter winded up his ball and chain to go for another hit. Tora closed the gap causing Tong to defend himself from the sword with his chains. Tong then wrapped it around Tora's arm before Tora could do anything Tong wrapped it around his neck. Tora started to struggle feeling the effects of losing oxygen. He then kicked Tong in his shin then head butted him with the back of his head causing Tong to lose grip of his ball and chain. Tora then turned to slice Tong but he quickly recovered grabbing his sword hand and then grabbing his throat.

Tora need the attempts at strangulation's to stop so he gained his own grip on Tong's arm and with his other hand punched Tong's elbow causing it to snap. Tong yelped in pain then fell on his bottom grasping his broken arm. Tora picked up the ball and chain Tong dropped a few feet away from him and started spinning it around hitting Tong in the face repeatedly as the ball started getting blood all over it Tora decided to swing up hitting Tong in the chin and with one mighty pull smash it down on Tong's head. He then got to his fett trying to feel his head only to find his favored weapon instead then he stopped trying and dropped on his back dead.

The cage door lifted, Outside he could hear the crowd cheering as he left the room. Tora had been victorious but it wasn't over he still had four more levels he had to go through.

[Let's go, let's go y'all! Let's go, let's go, let's go y'all! If y'all ready to live. If y'all ready to die. We gotta get it up!]

(Suo:Wow looks like Tong went through with this and lost his head)

(Cho: Big woop I went through four years of marriage without any head)

(Suo: Well looks like the new guy has made it to the next round: The Outer city)

(Cho: So join us tomorrow when we see more blood and spill more guts in the second level of Shinomitori)

(Suo:I'll see you sick pups then)

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