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This is the fifth chapter in Avatar: The Sole Woodbender by Henryjh98.

Previously on Avatar: The Sole Woodbender:Mozukai's Story

"Mozukai laughed and then the twelve firebenders crouched into fighting stances. He raised his hands and winked at them. Confused, they all looked at each other. "What, are you trying to earthbend!" one roared. "There is only one bender I'm this village! So, trying to earthbend?"

Mozukai frowned and shook his head. "Not quite," he murmured."

— From Fire and Flight
""I'm Kori," the waterbender said. "I'm from the Northern Water Tribe."

The young girl dressed simirlarly to the tall boy smiled slightly. "Most call me Ishi. Me and my idiot brother, Shom, are from Ba Sing Se. We left and then got captured with our friends here."

Mozukai nodded and smiled. "Well, I am Mozukai and I am from the town of Kimanchi."

Kori smiled widely. "I saw you firing arrows, but you have no bow! How did you do that?"

Mozukai shrugged. "You'll find out soon enough, I'd assume."

The short, skinny boy in yellow robes stepped forward. Mozukai could clearly see the blue arrows that traveled his chi paths along his body. He looked very powerful, despite his tiny size. He couldn't be more than sixteen or seventeen. "I am Ahkang of the Northern Air Temple. And I am the Avatar.""

Fire and Flight

" "Go, Mozukai!" he urged. "Leave! They want you. They will take you to prison and kill you. Go!""
— From Fire and Flight

Chapter Five


Opening Sequence

Voice of Akhang

Water. Earth. Fire. Air.

The monks would tell me how since the time of the first Avatar, there have been four bending elements, and a nation to go along with each one; The Fire Nation, the Water Tribes, the Earth Kingdom, the Air Nomads.

But everything changed fifteen years ago, when the Earth Kingdom split and a new element rose. On that fateful night, the sky lit up a great, white color, the color of my eyes at my most powerful. Nobody knew what it was.

I do. I know. A fifth element has come into this world, granted by the spirits. The element's entry has defied the Avatar sequence. Defied the world. But the new element is our only hope, our only way to survive. We must protect him, we must.

I believe Mozukai can save the world.

Water. Earth. Fire. Air.


Bending Freedom

The horrifying image of smoke curling up from the forest, right over Kimanchi's location still burned fresh in Mozukai's mind. As they flew away on Yangto, Akhang's sky bison, he could see his village burning. He imagined the children running from the flames, the elderly too slow to flee, the soldiers fighting the invaders, and the women searching for their husbands and children. Mozukai felt like a coward, a disloyal person. He felt as if the blood of everyone who died was on his hands.

This all was going through his mind as he was sitting in a floating nest he had created with his bending, about one hundred yards from the camp, where Akhang, Shom, Ishi, and Kori all sat around a fire, while Yangto snoozed. The twin pygmy pumas, Dudom and Gugom, chased each other in circles around the campfire.

Mozukai sighed. It was the fourth day since he had escaped Kimanchi and met his new companions, but he still felt alone, distant. Kori, of course, being the kind soul she was, made an attempt to cheer him up, but it was unsuccessful. Most of the time, Mozukai just sat in the trees while his companions sat around and gathered food. He was depressed about his town, his village. All his friends could be dead. Would he ever see any of them again? All their faces flashed through his mind; Gaidan, Goji, Rida. . . He felt lonely and lost.

Then an idea struck him. Mozukai began to reason that he felt alone was because he didn't know any other woodbenders. Maybe. . . just maybe if he found some more woodbenders, he wouldn't feel as lonely. Quickly, he waved his arms, then raised them high, before dropping them down quickly. The branches around him moved down while untangling themselves before snapping back into position. Mozukai hit the ground running and jogged over to his friends.

"Hey guys," he said.

Shom turned around and smirked at Mozukai. "Finally woke from the dead?"

Mozukai flashed a sarcastic smile at Shom. For some reason, the earthbender really seemed to dislike him, but those reasons were unknown to him. Hopefully some day he would grow more compassionate towards Mozukai.

"What is it, Mozukai?" asked Kori, with her usual friendliness.

"Well, I was wondering. . . " he began. "No, I was thinking. . . Ah, I just wanted to know if you knew where to find any other woodbenders." He smiled brightly and bobbed up and down on his toes eagerly.

Kori and Ishi flashed a quick glance at each other and then Ishi turned to Mozukai. "Ummm, Mozukai?" she asked. "I. . . I've never heard of any woodbenders besides you. Sorry."

Kori nodded in agreement. "Never has word reached my ears of them."

"But there have to be some somewhere in the world!" Mozukai said desperately, his optimism waning. "I can't be the only one."

"Well, that's just it, Mozukai," Ishi said. "You are the sole woodbender as far as any of us know. I've never even heard of woodbending until I met you."

Mozukai dropped his head in sadness, clenching his fists in frustration. "But. . . but. . ."

"We're sorry, Mozukai," continued Ishi. "I don't think there are any others."

"Then I'm alone. I'm truly alone," Mozukai said, his eyes looking glassy and his voice faltering.

There was an awkward silence that lay there for a few long minutes, but then Akhang stood up and held his staff next to him. "But you aren't alone, Mozukai," he said. "You have us; you have Kori, Ishi, Shom, and me."

Dudom and Gugom sat down next to Akhang, wagging their tales and looking up at the Avatar with pleading looks in their eyes, almost pleading for something. Akhang laughed and patted their heads. "And you have Dudom and Gugom," he chuckled. "Don't forget Yangto."

Mozukai smiled. "Yeah, I guess so. I'm glad I have-" His words were cut short with a high pitched yelp as a rough, slobbery, wet gigantic red monster smothered the front of his body. He toppled to the ground, covered in sky bison saliva.

Akhang, Kori, and Ishi fell to the ground with laughter, and even Shom smiled, but only for a quick and fleeting second. Mozukai pet Yangto on the muzzle and then stood up, walking towards Ishi, who was red with laughter.

"Come here, silly goose-squirrel!" he said, stepping up next to her with wide arms. His sadness faded away for a few moments.

"No, stop!" she screeched as she tried to scramble away. But Mozukai was too quick; he grabbed her around the stomach and pulled her in for a tight embrace.

"Ewyuck!" gagged Ishi, stepping away from Mozukai's slobbery hug. Now a lot of the saliva had rubbed off onto her. She looked up at Mozukai with fake contempt. "You better watch your back!" she threatened, laughing loudly.

Mozukai held his hands up in mock fear. "I'm so scared of a twelve-year old girl!" he teased.

"I wouldn't put it past Ishi to do something very painful to you," Akhang warned, smiling cheekily.

Ishi crossed her arms and nodded. "I would snap your neck right now, but we might need you later on, so count yourself lucky."

On the inside, Mozukai felt a little worried, actually, but he showed nothing on the outside. He kept smiling and then stuck his tongue out at Ishi. She stuck her tongue out back, and then made a rude gesture with her hands. Then she turned to Kori. "Now, Kori, if you wouldn't mind waterbending all this off of me, please," she said. "Oh, and don't bother yourself with doing it to Mozukai; he'll dry eventually."

Kori smiled and then quickly moved her hands around. The sky bison spit covering Ishi was drawn off her, made into a large ball, and then dropped behind a tree ten feet away from the camp fire. Mozukai stood there, mouth open. "What?" he said. "You won't do that to me?"

Kori shrugged. "Ishi said no," she replied simply. Mozukai glared at Ishi, upset at her decision.

Ishi turned to Mozukai and smirked before thanking Kori. Then she sat back down and leaned against Yangto. Mozukai grumbled a little bit and then sat down nearest to the fire to dry off. Dudom and Gugom came up to him and laid down next to him, both in the same position. Mozukai reached his hands out and pet the two pygmy pumas on the head.

A bush shook some thirty feet behind the campfire. Instinctively, the five companions leapt to their feet, four dropping into their fighting stances, while Ishi drew her first stiletto. They crept forward a little bit and stayed on alert, prepared for anyone to pop out of the undergrowth.

Mozukai drew an arrow and held it in the air, ready to strike, while Kori created a ball of water from her water pouch. Akhang held out his staff and Shom floated several medium-sized rocks above his open palm.

And then the bush shook again. Mozukai's eyes narrowed as he prepared for a fight. A third time the bush shook and then a man emerged, dark brown hair with long sideburns that stretched down to his chin, forming a well-trimmed beard. A strange looking instrument was strapped across his back and he carried a small knapsack. A woman who looked about his age came right after him, followed by two more figures; a ten year old boy and a sixteen or seventeen year old girl with a banjo in her hands. She wore a strange hat and her hair fell loosely around her shoulders.

"Who are you?" exclaimed the man, drawing a short dagger and dropping into a weak stance. The woman backed up and stood in front of the two younger travelers.

"I've got a better question. Who are you?" Shom replied.

"I'm. . . I'm a traveller," the man replied.

"Of course you are!" exclaimed Ishi. "You're wandering through the woods. What he meant to say was who are you and where are you from?"

"I'm Saion," said the man. "And this is my family. My wife, Poli. My daughter, Shiun, and my son, Kyan. Kyan is the only earthbender in our family, the only bender in my family for three generations." His family all waved and smiled, Kyan displaying his talent by moving a rock on the ground and purposely bouncing it off of Shiun's head. "We're from a village near Tae Ming, which was quickly conquered by Chao Dao. My life as a bard was destroyed in his evil, iron grip, and for three years, we have been plotting our escape. The soldiers kept our village well guarded. It took lots of planning to flee, but we started off with two others. My best friend and my brother. Unfortunately, five miles from our village, some guards caught up to us and attempted to catch us. My brother, being an experienced fighter, fought back alongside me and my best friend, an earthbender. Poli, Shiun, and Kyan hid, while Kyan fired upon the six guards. Sadly, my brother was killed in the struggle. A week later, my best friend was captured by slavers. I can only hope he is still alive. But he fought to defend my family and I, giving us time to escape. He was, or is, a brave man."

Mozukai, Akhang, Kori, and Ishi exchanged glances and relaxed, but Shom remained in a defensive stance. "I'm sorry for you losses," said Ishi. "But death is inevitable in war."

Akhang nodded. "My name is Akhang, and these are my friends Kori, Ishi, Shom, and Mozukai," he said. "I met up with my friends when I was captured as a slave during my travels away from the Northern Air Temple. Kori, Ishi, and Shom were all other prisoners, but several slavers were disabled when buzzard wasps attacked us. We escaped when the cart tipped over. Mozukai, we met several months after that, just a week ago. He was running from bandits," he concluded.

Saion nodded, sincerely believing his tale. Mozukai, however, knew his friend was lying in an attempt to hide his identity as the Avatar and of the powers that Mozukai held. He thanked him silently.

"Would you like to join us around the fire?" asked Kori.

Saion nodded and he and his family approached the fire. But before they could sit down, Dudom (or was it Gugom?) leaped out of the shadows and landed in front of Saion, growling. The musician screamed out and jumped up in fright.

Kori frowned. "Now, Dudom, is that a way to treat guests?" she chastised crossly.

Dudom purred pathetically and flattened his ears, backing away low to the ground. He lay down on the ground, covering his face with his paws. Gugom joined him, lying in the same position. Saion smiled nervously and sat down. Ishi grabbed some bread and handed it to the newcomers. They accepted it graciously.

"So, where are you heading?" asked Akhang.

"We were thinking Ba Sing Se, but our way was cut off by a blockade of Chao Dao's forces. We need to find another way to the great city," explained Poli.

"Hmm," said Akhang. "You could always take Serpent's Pass."

The family seemed appalled at the idea. "The Serpent's Pass?" whispered Kyan. "But. . . but ghosts haunt it and kill everyone who goes that way."

Akhang shook his head. "No, they don't. It's safe and I bet Chao Dao's forces don't guard it. It'll be the only way to start a new life in the free part of the Earth Kingdom."

"I guess so," said Saion. "It could be our only ticket out of here."

"Well, how about you play us some music on your. . . instruments," said Ishi eagerly, changing the subject. "What is that you have, Saion?" she added, being her inquisitive self.

"Oh, this is a instrument of my own creation. I call it the Flarp Drum, which is a mix of a flute, a drum, and a harp."

"And I have a regular banjo," Shiun said. "And Kyan plays the flute. My mother isn't too big on music, so she just listens. Occasionally, she writes the songs."

"Will you play one?" asked Kori. "I'd love to hear it."

"Of course," replied Saion. "Shiun, Kyan, we'll play Bending Freedom."

"Okay," Shiun said. She grabbed her banjo and began to play a low pitched, beautiful chord. Kyan grabbed his flute and blew into it, creating an eerie yet free echoing sound that resonated around the forest. Saion began to tap on the drum of the Flarp Drum, and then blew three, long breaths into the flute. He plucked a couple strings of the harp, and then repeated the pattern.

Then, Shiun began to sing in a soothing, beautiful voice. It was calm, mystical, and unlike anything Mozukai had ever heard.

It's not like water, or air or fire

It cannot be compared to earth

Freedom is like its own element

A gift given at your birth

Mozukai frowned. He thought of the people in Kimanchi, fleeing their homes, trying to escape the town with their lives. He should have been there to help. They were not free, yet he was. They would carry the weight of the siege on their shoulders, bear a heavy burden. He breathed in and closed his eyes.

But yet it is like water, or air or fire

It can be compared to earth

We bend it along the river

And through the air with mirth

It dances like a flame

Rumbles like the ground

Impossible to tame

Yet, it's all around

Mozukai's eyes fluttered open and he glimpsed everyone swaying slightly to the lull in the lyrics. He blinked again and no longer was he looking at the camp fire. Three figures were climbing up a hill off the coast of an ocean, with a burned boat on the beach behind them. Then, a dozen silhouettes loomed out of the shadows and grabbed them, throwing them into a cart. He felt despair and loss aching through his body as the carts rolled away from him.

Then he snapped back and Shiun still hadn't started singing. Nobody else seemed to notice his relapse, but it felt very, very real to Mozukai. What had happened, though? Shiun began singing again and he was lost in the music.

Freedom can be taken away

By anyone who dare

They think it's okay

But they don't know the fare

Bending freedom, the fifth element

Bending freedom, our life is better with it

Bending freedom, the beauty of peace,

Bending freedom, calm and smooth

Bending freedom

Bending freedom

Shiun held the last note for a long time and then closed her mouth and shut her eyes. Kori, across the fire from Mozukai, wiped away a tear. Ishi smiled, her eyes watering. "That was beautiful," she said.

Akhang smiled. "You are talented. You have a truly beautiful voice."

"I've never heard such talent," Shom said.

Mozukai agreed with all of them, but he couldn't help feeling a bit awkward when freedom was called the fifth element, when he knew what the true fifth element was. Wood was the true fifth element, and he had to keep that hidden. "Who wrote that?" he asked. "It was quite a song."

Poli smiled and dipper her head. "I am the writer."

"It was written very well, flowing smoothly and softly together," Mozukai complimented. "You have great skills for writing."

"Thank you," she said.

Akhang and Saion both yawned simultaneously, stretching their arms high in the air. Saion looked at his family. "We best be getting to sleep. If we're heading to Serpent's Pass, we should rest on up."

"I am pretty beat too," said Akhang.

"Good night!" called Kori and Ishi as the family stood up and moved about twenty yards away, constructing a low wall of rock around their camp. Mozukai grabbed his sleeping roll and spread it out, sliding under the soft covers. He closed his eyes after bading everyone good night, and then fell into a dreamless sleep, Bending Freedom floating through his mind.

A bird chirping woke Mozukai. He sat up in his sleeping roll and looked around, letting his eyes adjust to his surroundings. Yangto was still snoozing, with Dudom and Gugom running circles around him. Ishi was sharpening her blades on a rock while Shom stood a couple feet away from her, chucking rocks at a nearby tree. Poli was out foraging in the forest for leechi nuts, but Saion and Kyan were both playing their instruments quietly. Shiun sat not too far away, tuning her banjo and singing softly to herself. Lastly, Mozukai's eyes fell on Kori and Akhang passing a ball of water back and forth fifty yards away from the camp, by a stream.

The tree Shom was chucking rocks at was snapping and bending at a bad angle, so Mozukai smiled and waved his hand as the next rock was making its way to hit the trunk. The rock, as big as Mozukai's hand, hit the tree, but it didn't just fall to the ground. It bounced off the trunk and soared back towards Shom. He screamed out and the rock struck him in the stomach. He toppled to the ground and groaned, "How does that even happen?" His voiced squeaked loudly and Ishi rolled over, laughing.

Next, Mozukai drew an arrow and crouched down, stalking over near Akhang and Kori. He quickly threw his arrow and then pushed his hand out. The arrow streaked through the forest and right through the blob of water as it was being passed to Kori. Both Akhang and Kori leapt back in surprise and fear as water splashed onto their clothes. Then they turned to where Mozukai was standing and Kori smiled.

"Really, Mozukai?" she asked, putting her hands on her hips.

Mozukai smiled and stood up, walking over to them. "Hey, it was a good shot," he replied, holding his hands out to his sides.

"Mhmm," said Kori, pursing her lips.

"Well, Kori, I do agree that it was a good shot," Akhang said, looking at his friend.

Kori glared at him and then turned back to Mozukai. "I also have pretty good aim and can make good shots," she said.

Mozukai didn't like where the conversation was going. He backed up a step, his lips out like a fish. Then Kori jumped forward, bent down and then rose up, waving her arms all the while, in one graceful motion. A huge wave rolled up out of the stream and crashed down on Mozukai. He was flattened to the ground as water pushed him down. Once the wave had crashed, he sat up, spitting a fish out of his mouth. He frowned at Kori and then stood up. "I assume you aren't going to dry me off, just like last night?" he speculated.

Kori smiled and tutted real quickly before strolling back to the camp. "We'll continue practice later, Akhang."

She walked back over to the fire, leaving Akhang and Mozukai. The woodbender turned to the Avatar. "You wouldn't mind drying me off, would you?" he asked.

Akhang shrugged and pulled his outstretched hands towards himself. All the water flew off of Mozukai and Akhang quickly began rolling his hands. The water stopped and formed a floating orb. He threw it back into the stream, with a huge splash.

The two of them walked back to the camp and sat down. Mozukai grabbed some bread and his waterskin and ate a quick breakfast. When he was done, Saion and his family walked over to them.

"It's best we depart," said Saion. "Thank you for your hospitality."

Akhang bowed. "Hopefully are paths will cross again."

"Goodbye!" said Ishi and Kori simultaneously.

"Bye!" the family called back, walking away.

"Good luck," Mozukai told them. They all nodded and almost disappeared, when Shom shouted to them.

"If you get to Ba Sing Se, go to the inn called The Twin Pumas and go there from noon to two every week. If we ever have a chance to get to the city, we will meet you there!"

Kyan saluted him. "Count on it!"

Everyone laughed and then the family vanished into the undergrowth. Akhang turned to the rest of the crew.

"So, should we depart soon?"

Everyone nodded and they immediately began to pack. "Where will we go?" asked Mozukai.

Akhang shrugged. "Maybe we could head towards the Northern Air Temple. It's really nice and I could show you around."

Mozukai shrugged and Kori said, "I've never been to an Air Temple before. That'll sure be cool."

For the next ten minutes they spent packing up, everyone was silent. Finally, Mozukai threw his stuff onto Yangto's saddle and pushed Dudom and Gugom up on to the sky bison before clambering up himself and sitting between the two pumas. Shom sat in between Yangto's neck, holding the reins of the bison.

"To-fao, Yangto!" yelled Shom.

The sky bison roared softly and pushed off from the ground, slamming his tail against the dirt. He soared up through the trees and out into open sky.

The sun was sinking down into its night home when Ishi spotted a town about ten miles away from their position. Kori, who had taken over Shom's position as the steerer, tugged on Yangto's reins. The bison turned to the right an flew on a hill overlooking the town. Bright lights shone from the town, and there seemed to be something going on in the central square of it.

Mozukai was particularly interested in the town, for something seemed light-hearted and fun about it. He wanted to be distracted from Kimanchi. His thoughts were interrupted when Ishi shouted, "A festival is going on!"

Kori replied, "Awesome!" It sounded like she was smiling, but Mozukai couldn't tell because her face was turned away from him.

Soon enough, the group reached the hillock above the town and Yangto alighted (alight is too much of an understatement. It was more of aheavyed, for it seemed that the ground shook when the sky bison landed). Mozukai crawled out of the saddle and landed softly on the ground. Ishi followed eagerly after him.

"Akhang, are we actually going to be able to sleep in beds tonight?" she asked. "I think all that sleeping on the ground has bended my spinal cord," she added, twisting her back.

"Do we have enough coin to rent two rooms in an inn?" asked Shom, hopping down.

Kori, who had just slid off of Yangto's head, screwed up her mouth in thought. "Probably not."

Ishi groaned and fell to the ground, leaning on her elbows. She frowned and didn't pay any heed to Dudom and Gugom when the started licking her face.

"Sorry, Ishi," Akhang muttered. "We just need some more money. We can always sell some meat or trade some goods."

Mozukai nodded. "I'm a great hunter," he said, smiling. "Especially near trees." Then he winked.

Kori giggled and Akhang smiled. Shom remained his usual self, stern and cold towards Mozukai. The woodbender smiled and then crossed his arms. "So, tomorrow, we'll go hunting and then sell our wares in the town. At the moment, we are going into the town to join the festivities!"

Ishi shot up from here prone position and raised her hands in the air. "Par-tay!" she screeched. "Woo-hoo!" She turned away from the others and sprinted off down the hill towards the town. Mozukai and Kori stood there shaking with laughter, while Akhang smacked his face with his hand and shook his head and Shom crossed his arms, rolled his eyes and sighed loudly.

The foursome set off at a walk down the hill, chatting animatedly. Akhang turned to Yangto, who was growling at Dudom and Gugom, and said, "You stay here, buddy. And keep quiet."

Yangto opened his huge mouth and let out a roar that shook Mozukai. Akhang's face grew angry, red as an apple. "I said quiet!" he snapped.

Yangto whimpered, then opened his mouth and let out a soft, quiet roar. Dudom and Gugom came up on either side of the bison and did the same, then lay done quietly.

They found Ishi waiting at the gates to the town, leaning casually against the hardened mud wall. Four guards armed with long halberds stood at attention, casting glances at the newcomers. Akhang and Kori smiled at them and Mozukai waved.

The five kids walked into the city, walking down a dark main street. Ishi made small noises and looked around, her lips parted and her eyes wide.

"Where's the party?" she asked, despondent.

Nobody replied and they just continued walking down the street till it came to a stop, and then turned right. Ishi was the first to round the corner and she squealed in delight when she did. They heard her quiet footsteps pit-patter away down the street.

Curiously, Akhang zoomed around the corner with his airbending and Kori jogged after him. Mozukai and Shom were left alone to continue walking. They went around the corner, and Mozukai stopped in his tracks. A huge smile formed on his face and he stood staring at the spectacle with awe.

Four gigantic pillars sat in the center of a large town square, purple and blue flames flickering on the top of them. Lights and candles hung from ropes and streamed all over the square. People cheered as stone animals moved around because of earthbending and sparks flew out of dragon's mouths.

Jugglers walked around, throwing and juggling ten or twelve items at a time. Waterbenders twirled glowing water with live animals inside around their heads. And above the entire festival was a huge slide made of ice, where people were zooming down into a pool of water.

Mozukai saw Ishi climbing on top of a stone badgermole. Akhang zoomed around on an air scooter, laughing and smiling. Kori began to bend some water out of her water pouch.

Before Mozukai could run over to the slide, a firm hand slapped down on his shoulder. He turned around and saw Shom looking at him. "Don't do anything stupid," he said.

Mozukai nodded. He knew Shom meant for him to not woodbend, because that could be bad for the peopleto find out about his powers. "Gotcha," he said, walking away.

"Mozukai!" screamed Ishi, riding past him on the badgermole. "Come with me to the water slide!"

"That's where I was heading!" he called back.

The girl slipped off of the huge stone creature and walked over to Mozukai. "What is this festival?" she asked.

Mozukai shrugged. "I don't know. It's kind of crazy, when you think about it."

"Yeah," Ishi mused. "But awesome! It's pretty cool. Though, have you seen any airbenders here? I've seen firebenders, earthbenders, and waterbenders, but no airbenders."

"I've seen Akhang," he said in reply.

Ishi laughed. "Not him, you idiot! Other airbenders. It's odd."

"Why don't we ask someone what this place is?"


Mozukai walked up to a man at a game stall. He leaned against the wooden counter and said, "Excuse me, sir, but my sister and I are visiting this town. We'd like to know what this festival is."

The man smiled. "Ah, yes, many people do. This is the San Sakasu festival. Many years ago, one hundred and four to be exact, three friends, Ching, Ba So, and Hokuron were traveling the Earth Kingdom. Ching was a firebender, Ba So was an earthbender, and Hokuron was a waterbender. They decided to throw a small show here in this town and it was very popular. They came back a year later, this time with more tricks and more people. Soon, it turned into a traveling circus and now it still lives on; its biggest festival always in this village."

Mozukai nodded. "Thank you."

"Of course!" said the game stall owner. "Everybody deserves to have their heads stuffed with knowledge!"

Mozukai laughed and he walked away with Ishi as they headed to the slide. Children ran happily around them, while adults watched shows and drank. Everyone was happy at the merry occasion.

They reached the slide and climbed up the ladder to the top of a roof, where the slide was positioned, where they were met by a line of seven or eight kids. Mozukai and Ishi patiently waited.

"You go first, Ishi," said Mozukai when it came their turn.

Ishi nodded and smiled, plopping down on the slide. She waited fifteen seconds and then pushed herself forward, plummeting over the steep drop at the beginning. Her loud screams of joy grew quieter to Mozukai, before they ended all together.

Mozukai sat down and pushed himself forward, then laid back. He slid forward about two yards, and then all of the sudden the slope turned to a steep drop. He screamed loudly and laughed hard as he plummeted down. It was terrifying, yet exhilarating. The slide leveled out and he rounded a corner on the slick ice, water flowing behind him. He spun around in a corkscrew and then came another steep drop. This one was shorter and didn't last as long, but it was even more fun. At the foot of the drop, the slide curved upwards in the air, like a ramp. He sped down the drop and then flew up off the ramp. . . but didn't stay on the slide. Mozukai opened his eyes and screamed out, in real fear, his arms waving wildly in the air.

With a huge splash, he hit the water. For several seconds, he was under the surface, swimming lightly. He looked around and saw that he was in about twelve feet of water. Then he pushed upwards and broke through the surface, gasping for breath. He blinked twice and then smiled widely. That was some of the most fun he had ever had in his life.

Mozukai swam over to the edge of the pool and then crawled out. Ishi stood over him and smiled. "That was so much fun!" she said.

Mozukai nodded in agreement and gathered up his friends so they could all go on the slide together. At the end, even Shom had fun. After that, they wandered around together, going down the slide five more times each. Finally, sometime near midnight, after a wonderful display of fireworks, they went up back to their camp out and made a small fire. Mozukai, after an hour of sitting around the fire, plopped into his sleeping bag, exhausted but yet his mind was racing with the thoughts of his vision.


  • The chapter was first named Truly Alone but it was changed because it didn't represent the chapter as well.
  • The town and festival was pretty much all improve when the author was writing it.
  • This town will be back in Chapter 7, with much more action. Hoorah!
  • Doesn't that slide sound fun?
  • This is his longest chapter yet, 5,207 in total!
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Cycle One:Air
PrologueSplinters, So Many SplintersCorridors of BoredomFire and FlightA Trio of ThievesBending FreedomSlavesA New Glider • The Shinu Resistance • A Brewing Storm • To Flee, or Not to Flee • A Gale for Battle, Part 1-Four Fusion Furies • A Gale for Battle, Part 2-Airship Escape
Cycle Two:Water
Cycle Three:Fire
Cycle Four:Earth
Crash Landing • Imprisonment • When Paper Comes in Handy

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