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June 30, 2015

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Part Four (Book Three)

Morning Broadcast:

After having a family day out at the Pro-Bending arena, Zeng, Aria, Kyan, and Kesuk return home. After having a family day out at the pool, Tomaya, Omaya, Kun, and Jade also return home. The next morning, Zeng and Aria are the first ones up. Aria makes breakfast while Zeng feeds Kayla, Phoenix, Marbles, and Arrow. A few minutes later, Kyan, Kun and Kesuk wake up and come walking down.

Kyan, Kun, and Kesuk: "Morning."

Zeng and Aria: "Morning, kids."

Kesuk: "It smells good."

Zeng: "Your mother is making breakfast, and I just fed the animals. So don't feed Arrow again okay, kiddo?"

Kesuk: "Okay and thank you, Dad."

Kyan sits and turns on the radio.

Zeng: "What are you doing, Kyan?"

Kyan: "Just messing around a bit."

Zeng: "Alright, but be careful with it."

Kyan: "Don't worry, Dad, I won't break it."

She tunes in on a few radio stations and stops at one hearing a broadcaster say.

Broadcaster: "Today I have a special guest I will be talking to. It was hard to get this interview with her, but I think it will be worth. Stay tuned after this commercial break."

Zeng: "Wait, Kyan! Keep it there."

Kyan nods and leaves the radio on that station. While they wait for the broadcaster to come back on, Aria serves them breakfast. After two minutes, the broadcaster's voice returns.

Broadcaster: "Welcome back to our broadcast! As I said before our break, I will be talking with a very special guest who has just arrived a few moments ago. I would like to welcome Avatar Kurai!

Kyan, Kun, and Kesuk: "Kurai!"

They stop eating and listen carefully.

Kurai's Interview:

Broadcaster: "Introduce yourself, Avatar."

Kurai: "Hello, everyone. My name is Kurai, and I'm Avatar Korra's successor."

Broadcaster: "You are more shy than your previous life. Tell me, why hasn't the world heard of you until now?"

Kurai: "Well, I didn't find out who I was until I was six years old. However, my siblings, cousin, and I kept it hidden from our parents and the rest of our family."

Broadcaster: "And the world."

Kurai: "Yes..."

Broadcaster: "Don't you think you are a little late in coming out as the Avatar? I'm sure you, your siblings, and your cousin knew who you were."

Kurai: "My older sister and cousin knew exactly who I was, but my twin brother and I were a bit clueless."

Broadcaster: "I see. Now, not many have heard of you and you claim to be the Avatar. However, there is another person out there right now who also claims to be the Avatar. You two are similar in that you are both born of the fire element, but the next Avatar was suppose to be of the earth element. Can you explain?"

Kurai gets annoyed that the broadcaster is bringing this topic up, but keeps calm and answers his question.

Kurai: "Like you said, not many of you have heard about me, but many of you have heard about a man by the name of Nazo who claims to be the Avatar. Well, he is not. All he is, is a performing firebender. None of it makes any sense and believe me, I thought the very same. I know that the next Avatar was suppose to be born an earthbender, however, I'm not a born earthbender or from the Earth Kingdom. My birth element is fire. I know I may have contradicted myself after saying it doesn't make any sense that the next Avatar shouldn't be a firebender, but an earthbender. I understand that not everyone will understand why I'm the Avatar and many may not like that I am. I don't completely understand myself, but I'm doing everything I can to find out."

Broadcaster: "I see. Alright, moving on. Are you aware that people all around the world are very confused about this situation? Are you worried what people might think of you?"

Kurai: "I don't doubt that people are confused, and I wish I could help them understand more, but I can't if I don't understand it all myself. I'm aware of people think about me. I have been called the broken link, a mess up, and even the Anti-Avatar. Many others said that the Avatar Spirit, Raava, made a mistake and that I should have never survived after I was born. Truthfully, I struggled to understand why me? Why am I the Avatar? I tried looking for answers by myself, but that didn't work, and I became more frustrated. I wanted to give up and just be alone, but I didn't. I'm continuing to look for answers, and I'm not alone in doing so. I have help from my family and close friends."

Broadcaster: "Wow, those are some names given to you. Have you had contact with your past life or lives? Has Avatar Korra helped you in any way?"

Kurai: "Yes, they are. I'm struggling to connect with Avatar Korra and the past Avatars. However, I do have a connection with Raava. She has helped me in any way possible."

Broadcaster: "I see. Are you aware of what happened during Avatar Korra's era?"

Kurai: "I am well aware of what happened happened those years ago. I know about the Hundered Year War before and during Avatar Aang's time, I know about the Equalists, the Civil War between the Southern and Northern Water Tribes, the turmoil with the spirits, the Red Lotus, and about Kuvira's attack. I may not know details, but the one detail I do know is that Avatar Korra lost her connection with the past Avatars and her connection with Raava during the Civil War. I know what she went through and eventually finding her connection with Raava again."

Broadcaster: "How did you learn all this?"

Kurai: "My family, the spirits, from Raava, and from Avatar Korra herself."

Broadcaster: "I thought you said you had trouble connecting to your past lives?"

Kurai: "I have and I am, however, the connection has grown stronger."

Broadcaster: "I see. Why do you think your connection is growing stronger?"

Kurai's voice sounds stronger now as she speaks.

Kurai: "I believe it is growing stronger because I am accepting who I am, what has happened in the past, and what is happening in the present. Before I left Republic City to begin my training, I never thought I would learn more than what I already knew. However, I was wrong. I thought I was a mistake and broken, but I learned that the cycle was just starting again. It was mending itself, and it is still mending itself. I may have been born of fire and not earth and I may be the Avatar, but I am not perfect. I am different from past Avatars, but I'm also the same as them."

Broadcaster: "Very wise of you to say. How are you different from past Avatars?"

Kurai: "Besides being born of fire and not earth, I am also a younger sister to my big sister, Kyan, and who has ever heard of an Avatar with siblings? As if that wasn't enough, I am a twin to my airbending brother, Kesuk. My mother, Aria, was born a firebender and my father, Zeng, was born a waterbender. It is still funny how they managed to have a daughter who is a waterbender and then twins where one is an airbender and the other is the Avatar."

Broadcaster: "Quite the family you have. How are you similar to past Avatars?"

Kurai: "The best way to answer that is by looking at my family. My family is very diverse and mixed up, just as the world is. However, we are all connected. We are one."

Broadcaster: "Wise words once again. It seems to me you have a better understanding than you think or know you do. We are running out of time, however, we have time for one last question. How do you feel as the next Avatar and as Avatar Korra's successor?"

Kurai: "I understand that during Avatar Korra's time, there was a lot of change. Whether big or small, there will always be change. With each past and present Avatar, change will always come. Lastly, I know I can never live up to what Avatar Aang and Avatar Korra accomplished. Truthfully, I can never live up to what any of the past Avatars accomplished. Everyone may call me what they want: a broken link or a mess up, but that doesn't mean I'll stop fighting! I will continue to grow, learn, and change! If I have learned anything from Avatar Aang's story and Avatar Korra's story, it's that being unbroken means having the courage to fail, but not breaking when you're broken! I also know that I am never alone on this journey."

Broadcaster: "I may just be a broadcaster, but during this talk with you, I can tell you are very strong and very wise in your words. I know we are out of time, but I have to ask, can you put those words into action? Will you stay just as strong as your words?"

Silence sweeps across after the broadcaster asks Kurai that last question. Kurai takes a deep breath and breaks the silence.

Kurai: "I know I can."

Kurai says that with confidence. The broadcaster nods.

Broadcaster: "Very well. Well, that's all for today's interview with Avatar Kurai. We wish her the very best of luck."

As the radio switches to music once again, Zeng and Aria smile proudly for their daughter. Kyan and Kesuk smile proudly for their sister, and Kun smiles proudly for his cousin.

Firebending Training Conclusion:

After a year of training in the Fire Nation, Kurai is outside doing some firebending. Master Mao watches his student closely.

Mao: "Good, very good. You have improved young Avatar."

Kurai turns and bows to her master.

Kurai: "Thank you, Master.:

Mao bows back.

Mao: "You have learned to restraint yourself. However, there is one last part to your firebending training. I want you to show me lightningbending into a fire vortex."

Kurai nods, takes a deep breath and does as she is instructed to do. She generates lightning then firebends a fire vortex.

Mao: "Good, you have finally achieve it. I have nothing else to teach you. Well done my, young pupil. You may return to Republic City for a month break. Then you will go to Zaofu for your earthbending training. There, you will meet one of the masters, and she will be teaching you more than you already know."

Kurai smiles very happy to hear she has completed her firebending training and more happy that she can return home for a month. She bows again to Master Mao.

Kurai: "Thank you so much, Master."

Mao: "You're welcome, my young firebender. You may go home."

Kurai: "Yes!"

Kurai says goodbye to her master and runs back to Khan's home. Xiu hears her come back.

Xiu: "What happened? Something good?"

Kurai: "You are looking at a firebending master and someone who can go home to see her family for one month before she has to go to Zaofu for her earthbending training!"

Xiu: "That's great!"

Xiu hugs Kurai, and Kurai hugs him back. Xiu blushes then shyly finds the courage to ask Kurai out.

Xiu: "I was wondering, before you go home tomorrow, want to go on a date with me?"

Kurai blushes very red.

Kurai: "I-I...Yes, I do."

Xiu: "Great!"

Both Xiu and Kurai smile. Kuria finds the courage to give Xiu and little kiss on his cheek. After, the two get ready for their date.

First Date:

As Kurai gets ready for her first date, she wishes her mother or her sister were here to help her. Kurai is on her own with this, but knows that she will be herself, just as she has always been. Xiu gets ready as well. Once he is finished, he goes to check on Kurai. Before Xiu knocks at Kurai's door, Kurai walks out with her hair fixed and tied up. She is wearing something formal rather than her usual clothes. Xiu is also dressed in formal clothes.

Kurai: "You look handsome."

Xiu: "Thanks. You look...beautiful."

Kurai: "You're welcome and thank you too."

Xiu: "You're welcome."

Both smile and blush.

Xiu: "Shall we get going?"

Kurai: "Yes, let's go."

Xiu and Kurai go out to dinner. Khan and Akane watch their son and Kurai head out.

Khan: "Our young man is growing up."

Kana: "Yes, he is. He is no longer afraid to stand up for himself, he is a firebender who can firebend, and now he is dating."

Khan hugs his wife, and Akanae hugs her husband back. Xiu finds a place for him and Kurai to eat.

Xiu: "This looks like a nice place."

Kurai: "I agree."

Both smile and go inside. Once they are seated, Kurai notices that the restaurant has a lot of Republic City decorations. She even sees a map of Republic City hanging on the wall.

Xiu: "Reminds you of home."

Kurai: "Yes. I miss my family and home very much, but I don't want to leave the Fire Nation either."

Xiu: "I will be waiting for you when you come back. I'll also talk to my father and see if we can move to Republic City."

Kurai: "Really!? That would be great, but wait, you would leave your home nation?"

Xiu blushes.

Xiu: "I want to stay with you."

Kurai smiles and blushes too, hearing him say that. The two order their food and as they wait, Xiu begins a conversation with Kurai.

Xiu: "What is your family like, Kurai?"

Kurai: "Well, I have a very big family, I'm one of three kids, everyone in my family is a bender, we have a few pets including some flying bison, a hawk dragon, polar bear dog, and an ostrich horse."

Xiu: "Wow! You weren't kidding that you have a big family."

Kurai: "Yeah. It can be a bit overwhelming sometimes."

Xiu: "I can imagine."

Kurai nods as their food arrives. They thank the waiter and begin to eat. Xiu gathers up some more courage to ask Kurai an important question.

Xiu: "Kurai, when you come back, will you be my girlfriend?"

Kurai's face turns very red, but she smiles and nods.

Kurai: "Yes."

Xiu smiles and also blushes again.

Xiu: "Great! Thank you."

Kurai: "I just, I don't know how long I'll be before I come back."

Xiu: "No matter what, I'll wait for you."

Kurai: "Aww, thank you, Xiu."

Both smile at one another. After dinner, Xiu pays and the two head out. Xiu holds Kurai's hand and walks close to her. Kurai holds Xiu's hand too and leans on him a little. Once back at home, Kurai turns to Xiu before they go inside.

Kurai: "Thank for the dinner and evening, Xiu."

Xiu: "You're welcome, Kurai."

Kurai kisses Xiu on his lips, and Xiu kisses her back.

Going Home:

The next morning, Kurai is up and packing her things. As she packs, she has mix feelings of happiness, excitement, and sadness. She pulls together though and goes to the kitchen to make a thank you breakfast for Xiu, Khan, and Akane. Xiu wakes up and finds Kurai cooking.

Xiu: "Morning, Kurai."

Kurai looks up from her packing.

Kurai: "Morning, Xiu."

Xiu: "Something smells good."

Kurai: "I made some breakfast."

Xiu: "Usually we make our breakfast as we get up."

Kurai: "Really? Not at my house. Whoever is up first, usually makes breakfast for everyone, but I don't mind."

Xiu: "Thank you though."

Kurai: "You're welcome."

Kurai serves breakfast as Khan and Akane walk in.

Khan: "Morning."

Akne: "Morning, you two."

Xiu and Kurai: "Morning."

Khan: "Wow Kurai, you made this?"

Kurai: "Yes."

Akane: "That's very kind of you, Kurai. Thank you."

Kurai: "You're welcome, and I was happy to."

The family sit and eat.

Home: A Month Break:

When arriving back home, Kurai knocks at the door. Kyan hears it, walks down, and answers the door. When she opens the door, she sees her sister standing there with a smile on her face. Kyan gets excited to see her sister and yells happily.

Kyan: "Kurai!"

Kyan hugs her sister very tight. Kurai hugs her sister back.

Kurai: "Hello, Kyan."

Kyan;" I've missed you so much!"

Kurai: "I've missed you too, Kyan, but shhh. I don't want anyone else to know I'm home yet. I'm going to hide and surprise them."

Kyan laughs a bit and nods.

Kyan: "Alright. Go hide."

Kurai smiles and hides. Zeng and Aria hear Kyan's yell and wake up.

Zeng: "Did you hear that dear?'

Aria: "Yes. That was Kyan!"

Worried, Aria and Zeng get out of bed and run downstairs.

Aria: "Kyan!?"

Kyan: "Morning, Mom and Dad."

Omaya comes down holding Jade in her arms. Tomaya, Kun, and Kesuk also come downstairs.

Zeng: "We heard screaming!"

Aria: "Are you alright?"

Kyan: "Yes. A bee landed on my arm and scared me. I froze it and then unfroze it outside."

Omaya and Kun can tell Kyan is telling the truth about being okay, but is lying about the bee.

Aria: "Well, alright."

Kesuk: "You had us worried, Kyan."

Kyan: "Sorry."

Omaya: "Aria, can you please hold Jade for one moment? I have to tell Kun something."

Aria: "Yes, of course, Omaya."

Omaya carefully gives Jade to Aria. Aria carefully and gently holds Jade in her arms.

Kun: "What do you have to tell me, Mom?"

Omaya pulls Kun to the side.

Omaya: "Kun, Jade's first birthday is tomorrow. We have to surprise her. Can you help your father and me make a great first birthday for her? I remember your first birthday. You and a great time!"

Kun: "Of course, Mom!"

Omaya: "Thank you, son."

Omaya hugs Kun, and Kun hugs his mother back. They return to the others. Kurai comes out of her hiding spot and playfully yells.

Kurai: "Your young Avatar is back!"

Zeng: "Kurai!"

Zeng hugs his daughter close as he smiles with joy. Kurai hugs her father back also smiling.

Kurai: "Hi, Dad."

Aria: "Kurai!"

Aria miles happily seeing her daughter, but is still holding Jade.

Kesuk: "Kurai!"

Kesuk hugs his sister. Kurai hugs her twin brother.

Omaya: "Let me take Jade so you can hug Kurai."

Aria smiles and carefully hands Jade to Omaya. Omaya smiles and holds Jade in her arms once again. Aria goes over and hugs her daughter.

Aria: "We missed you so much, sweetheart."

Kurai: "I missed everyone too."

Omaya: "Welcome back, Kurai."

Kurai: "Thank you, Aunt Omaya. It's good to be back

Kesuk: "I thought you were going to be gone longer."

Kyan: "Yeah, I thought so too."

Kurai: "Well, I mastered firebending, and I'm in Republic City for a month. Zaofu is my next stop, and that's where I will learn to master earthbending."

Omaya: "That's amazing!"

Kurai smiles and nods.

Aria: "Congratulations, sweetheart!"

Kurai: "Thank you, Mom."

Kesuk: "You and mom should spar. Firebending master against Firebending master!"

Kyan: "No, first she has to tell us everything and tell me about Xiu."

Kurai: "Uh..."

Kurai blushes.

Kun: "Hey, she just got home. Let her relax and settle in."

Zeng: "I agree with, Kun."

Kyan and Kesuk: "Alright."

Zeng: "You got taller since the last time we saw you."

Kurai: "I have?"

Aria: "You have. I agree with your father."

Kurai: "It doesn't feel like it, but I believe you both."

Kesuk: "Can you go into the Avatar State again?"

Kurai: "No. I tried, but it still hurts. It's a more spiritual thing, but I think that will come soon."

Kesuk: "Maybe with your airbending training."

Kurai: "That's what I think too."

The rest of the family, including the animals, come and greet Kurai. They are happy to have Kurai home, and Kurai is happy to be home.

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