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Avatar Thinking:

Back at home, the family decide to call it a night.

Zeng: "It's getting late. We should go to bed."

Kurai: "I'll go in a few minutes. I kind of want to sit and stay up for a while."

Zeng: "Alright."

While the rest of the family got to bed, Kurai stays up sitting on the couch thinking. Kayla and Phoenix stay with her.

Kurai: "I know you're trying to tell me something, Korra. I feel it, but I don't understand."

Kayla moves her ears listening to Kurai. Phoenix also listens.

Kurai: "I can also feel something when I'm around Nazo. I can't explain it, but doesn't feel right and feels different."

Kayla looks at Kurai and Phoenix nuzzles Kurai's side. Kurai smiles and pets the both of them. Kurai eventually lays down and falls fast asleep. Kayla and Phoenix stay up to guard the home.

Midnight Attack:

Later that night, as Kurai sleeps, somethings stirs and catches Kayla and Phoenix's attention. Kayla begins to bark and Phoenix growls.

Kurai: "Kayla, Phoenix, go back to sleep."

A dark spider spirit comes crashing through the front door, grabs and pins Kurai to the wall. A man known as the Black Hood stands behind the spirit almost as if he were controlling it. Kurai is so scared she can't yell. Kayla jumps in to try and help Kurai by tackling and clawing at the spider spirit. Phoenix follows Kayla's action and claws at the dark spirit. However, the spider spirit hits them both with its legs. Kayla and Phoenix are thrown back as the dark spirit holds Kurai in place. Kurai is forced in the Avatar State by the dark spirit. Zeng and Aria wake up hearing the commotion downstairs and come running down.

Aria: "Let my daughter go!"

Aria firebends at the dark spider spirit, but the Black Hood firebends at Aria and knocks her back. Zeng tries waterbending to calm and relax the spirit. However, this technique does not work and the spirit hits Zeng with one of its legs sending falling back into Aria. The Black Hood laughs and continues to firebend at Aria and Zeng. Aria and Zeng do what they can to block the attacks. Inari and Koko, two knowledge-seeking fox spirits living in the home attack the Black Hood biting down on his hand and arm. The Black Hood firebends at the two spirits knocking them off of him. Kurai is finally able to get a yell out. The rest of the family wake up hearing Kurai yell and come running. Lee blue firebends at the Black Hood getting him away from Aria and Zeng. The Black Hood avoids Lee's firebending and counters with lightning. Lee redirects the lighting back at the Black Hood.

Meanwhile, Kana and Kyan try waterbending the spirit to calm and relax it. However, they get the same result as Zeng when he tried and get thrown back. Omaya and Kun earthbend the spirit trying to capture it, but the spirit breaks free. Then Onua and Tai try to metalbend the dark spirit to try and trap it in metal, but it manages to break free once again. Haylin, Tomaya, and Kesuk try airbending the dark spirit away from Kurai, but also fail. Jun jumps in to try and help Lee against the Black Hood by using blue firebending at him. Lee redirects the Black Hood's lightning to the ceiling as a signal fro White lotus guards to come in and help. The Black Hood smirks under his mask.

Black Hood: "I took care of your guards."

Aria gets back up and sees everyone trying to defend their home and Kurai. However, nothing seem to be working. She thinks for a quick second and gets an idea.

Aria: "Everyone, cover your eyes now!"

Aria uses a new firebending skill that was discovered and taught to her by her friend Merizo. This skill creates a blinding light that mimics a solar flare from the sun. Aria uses flare on the dark spider spirit and on the Black Hood. The bright and burning light causes both to step back. As the dark spirit lets go of Kurai, Kurai falls to the ground. While Aria temporarily blinds the Black Hood and the dark spirit, Omaya earthbends and traps the Black Hood.

Omaya: "You're under arrest for trespassing!"

What the family doesn't know, is that the Black Hood as help of his own. An outside waterbender bloodbends Lee, Jun, and Omaya, while an outside earthbender breaks the Black Hood out of Omaya's earthbending. A Satomobile pulls up, the Black Hood and his accomplices quickly get into the Satomobile and drive off. Aria manages to get rid of the dark spirit with light. With the dark spirit and the Black Hood gone, they quickly turn to Kurai. Kurai is sitting on the floor shaking. She is still in her Avatar State, however, her eyes are not white like the normal Avatar State should be. Instead, they glow a dark red-orange color. Zeng and Aria hug their daughter close trying to calm her.

Zeng: "It's okay, Daddy is here."

Aria: "Mommy is here, too."

Kurai: "Get off of me!"

Kurai firebends her parents away from her. As Kurai is losing control of herself, her sister, Kyan, gets an idea. She turns to her brother and cousin for help.

Kyan: "Kesuk and Kun, hold Kurai down!"

Kesuk and Kun nod, then hold Kurai by her arms. Kurai firebends a breath of fire at them, while Kyan takes out her spirit water.

Kesuk: "Dad said to use that in emergencies!"

Kyan: "What do you think this is!?"

Kyan waterbends the spirit water around Kurai. The spirit water heals Kurai and calm her down. Kurai stops firebending and her Avatar State returns to normal. Once her Avatar State returns to normal, Kurai's eyes return to her normal firebender yellow. Kesuk and Kun let Kurai go and Kurai looks around seeing the mess and her family beaten up. She is in complete shock and doesn't remember a thing that happened, but knows it wasn't good. She breaks down and cries. Aria and Zeng holds Kurai close trying to comfort their scared and confused daughter.

Kurai: "This was all my fault..."

Zeng: "No, sweetie, it wasn't. It was the man who attacked you."

Aria: "Your father is right, Kurai."

Kurai nods but stays close to her parents. Kyan, Kesuk, and Kun don't like to see Kurai hurt and upset like this.

Kyan: "What kind of spirit was that?"

Koko: "He's known as the Nightmare or Fear Eater. We have no idea where he came from. He feeds off and shows a person's worse fears and uses it against them. Unfortunately, some of those fear can happen."

Inari: "It's scary."

Kyan nods agreeing with the little knowledge-seeking fox spirit. After being attacked, the family try their best to go back to sleep and get whatever rest they can for the rest of the night. However, they go to sleep wondering who the Black Hood is and how did he get a dark spirit to help him with this attack? Kurai as difficulty sleeping the rest of the night, waking up every hour or so because of nightmares.

Morning Clean Up and Recover:

The next morning, Jun, Haylin, Lee, Kana, Tai, Omaya, Tomaya, and Tsubasa are up and have started cleaning the mess from last nights attack.

Omaya: "I can't believe they broke the entire living room wall. This is going to take the whole day to fix."

Tomaya: "Yes, but at least everyone is safe."

Omaya nods agreeing with Tomaya.

Jun: "I can't wait to show that guy who he's messing with!"

Lee nods agreeing with Jun.

Lee: "I know how you feel."

Jun: "No one does this to our family!"

Kana: "Hey, we need to be relaxed and try not to stress. Do it for Kurai."

Lee: "Kana is right."

Haylin: "Yes, and we will do just that."

They continue to clean up. Omaya goes and checks on her small daughter and her mother.

Omaya: "Hey, Mom, how is Jade doing?"

Onua is holding her sleeping granddaughter in her arms.

Onua: "She's doing fine. She's just tired after being woken up last night."

Omaya: "I know, I was so worried. She is going to be sleeping most of the day today."

Onua: "Yes, that's right. I think today will be a day to clean up and just recover from last night."

Omaya: "Yeah. Hopefully we can finish this before sundown."

Onua nods. Omaya nods too and looks at her sleeping daughter.

Omaya: "She's so adorable."

Onua: "Yes, she is."

Omaya smiles and leaves her mother and daughter to go check on her son.

Omaya: "Hey, Kun, you okay, sweetie?"

Kun: "Hi, Mom, I'm fine."

Omaya: "I'm glad. Want to come down and I'll make breakfast?"

Kun: "Sure, but I have one question. Is my arm burnt? It stings."

Kun holds out his arm for his mother to see. Omaya examines it.

Omaya: "We have to take you to Kana."

Kun: "That bad?"

Omaya: "Yes."

Kun: "Okay."

Omaya takes Kun to Kana. Kana notices that Kun's burn is similar to the burn she healed on Kesuk's arm, but its the other arm. Kana heals Kun's arm using her waterbending. They come to the conclusion that Kurai accidentally burned them when they were holding her down. Meanwhile, Zeng wakes up and looks next to him to see Aria cuddled with Kurai in her arms and smiles. Aria holds Kurai like a protective mother, until Kurai begins to toss and turn in the middle of having another nightmare. Zeng puts his hand on Kurai's shoulder to let her know its okay, but Kurai yells in her sleep.

Kurai: "Get off of me!"

Hearing her daughter yell, Aria gets up and nudges Kurai.

Aria: "Kurai, sweetheart, wake up."

Kurai wakes from her nightmare and sits up quickly.

Zeng: "It was just a dream, sweetie."

Kurai looks at her parents. Zeng and Aria can see the fright in Kurai's eyes. Both are very worried for their daughter. Kurai rubs her eyes very exhausted not having had a good nights sleep.

Kurai: "I'll go to my room so I don't keep bothering you both with my nightmares."

Zeng: "You're not bothering us, sweetie."

Kurai: "This is the sixth time I woke you up because of my nightmares."

Aria: "Sweetheart, we are your parents. We don't mind at all and want to make sure you're okay."

Zeng: "I agree with your mother."

Kurai nods, crawls back under the blanket, and tries to get some more rest. Zeng looks at Aria.

Zeng: "We need a healing session for Kurai."

Aria nods agreeing with Zeng.

Zeng: "For now, let's stay with her when she is sleeping."

Aria: "Yes. I don't want to leave her alone."

Zeng nods agreeing Aria. They continue to stay by Kurai's side while she is at her weakest point.

The Unwanted Guest:

While Kurai rests upstairs and as the recovery and cleaning continue, there is a knock at the door. Omaya answers and sees Nazo and his fiancé Mia standing in front of her.

Nazo: "Hi, I'm looking for Kurai."

Omaya: "Wait, you're Nazo from the performance. You humiliated my son and my niece. Sorry, but she's asleep right now."

Nazo: "Look, I heard what happened last night and I feel awful. Whatever that man and spirit did, it should have been me, not her.

Omaya notices the bite wound on Nazo's hand. The same area Inari bit The Black Hood.

Omaya: "I'm sorry, but she really had a rough night. She doesn't want to be disturbed, but I'll let her know."

Mia: "They can't talk for just a few minutes?"

Nazo looks at his fiancé.

Nazo: "It's okay dear, let her rest."

Nazo now looks back at Omaya and nods.

Nazo: "Alright, please do let her know. I just want to hear it from her that she is okay."

Omaya: "Thank you."

Omaya shuts the door and locks it. The family go back to cleaning up.

On Her Own:

The next morning, Kurai is the first one up. She gets ready, goes downstairs, and gets Phoenix.

Kurai: "I need a walk and I can't really go by myself, so I'll take you with me Phoenix. Mom and dad need Kayla today for the search at Nazo's home."

Phoenix gets up and goes with Kurai. The two quietly leave the house for a walk. Kurai and Phoenix wonder around Republic City, while back at home, Zeng is up and in his uniform. Omaya and Aria are also up and in their uniforms ready to go give Nazo a visit. Someone knocks at the door and Aria answers. When she opens the door, Aria sees her partner Merizo.

Merizo: "Hey, I heard about everything. I can't wait to cuff Nazo and see him behind bars!"

Aria: "Hi, Merizo and we all want to see that happen."

Aria welcomes Merizo into the home.

Zneg: "I'm going to go and wake up Kurai, she wants to come with us."

Aria: "Okay, dear."

Zeng goes upstairs to Kyan and Kurai's room. When entering, he only wakes up Kyan. However, Kurai is not in her bed. Worried, Zeng runs back downstairs.

Zeng: "Kurai is missing!"

Aria: "What!? She's not in the room!?"

Zeng: "No, she's not!"

Aria run over to see if Kurai is with Kayla and Phoenix. When entering, she only sees Kayla, but neither Phoenix or Kurai. Aria runs back into the kitchen.

Aria: "Wherever she went, she took Phoenix with her!"

Zeng: "Kayla, let's go look for Kurai."

Kayla gets up. Kyan and Kesuk step in and look at their parents.

Kyan: "Dad, Mom, maybe you should let Kurai alone. She has Phoenix."

Kesuk: "Focus on the other mission for today and search Nazo's home."

Zeng: "She wants to come with us and I know why, she's heading to see Nazo."

Kyan and Kesuk look at one another knowing their parents won't listen and will go out to find their sister.

Zeng: "Hop on, Aria!"

Aria climbs onto Kayla and holds onto Zeng. The two head out to look for their daughter. Kurai sits with Phoenix having a fried fish Kurai bought from home just for them. Kayla, Zeng, and Aria find Kurai and Phoenix.

Zeng: "There you are."

Kurai and Phoenix look up seeing the three approach them.

Kurai: "What are you three doing here?"

Zeng: "We are asking the same question. You left with Phoenix and without informing us."

Kurai: "I'm fine. I just needed some time alone and away from the house."

Zeng: "Be careful, Kurai. Alright?"

Kurai: "Dad, I'm the Avatar. What can go wrong?"

Zeng: "Yes, I know, but we are your parents and we worry."

Kurai: "You have got to stop worrying so much."

Aria: "Kurai, it's not my place to tell you or your father's place, but we have our reasons. However, the big is that we are your parents and we won't ever stop worrying about you or your siblings."

Zeng: "We love you, don't you ever forget that."

Kurai: "I won't, I promise."

Zeng: "Come home soon."

Kurai nods.

Zeng: "Come on, Aria, let's get back to business."

Aria doesn't want to leave her daughter, but nods.

Aria: "Alright."

Zeng: "I know how you feel, dear."

Aria: "She's just like us, they all are."

Zeng and Aria climb back onto Kayla and head towards Nazo's home. Kurai hops on Phoenix and continues her walk with him.

Search Warrant:

Zeng uses a piece of cloth from Nazo's clothing that was bitten off my Inari and asks Kayla to snuff it and follow the scent. Once Kayla gets the scent, she goes crazy following it. Eventually, they are led to mansion like home a little outside of Republic City.

Zeng: "What is this place? It's almost the same size of our house."

Aria nods.

Aria: "Let's go knock."

They get off of Kayla and knock at the door. Mia answers.

Mia: "Oh, it's you two."

Omaya: "We have a search warrant. Can we come in?"

Mia: "Of course, but I'm the only one home."

Mia lets Zeng, Aria, Omaya, and Merizo in.

Zeng: "Thank you."

Mia: "No problem."

Omaya: "Where's Nazo?"

Mia: "He's out right now."

Merizo: "Of course he is."

Mia: "Can I get you four anything?"

Zeng: "Yes, please and thank you."

Mia: "Alright and please make yourself at home."

While sniffing around, Kayla finds a black suit in the garbage. Mia goes gets some tea, but spots Kayla sniffing.

Mia: "Hey, back away from there!"

Mia looks in the trash and says to herself.

Mia: "That man needs to do a better job at hiding his things."

She firebends and burns the suit to ashes. Aria sees what Mia does after pushing Kayla away. She knows that trick about burning the suit, because she has done it before. Mia gets the tea and some snacks, then walks back out.

Mia: "Help yourselves."

All thank Mia and Mia nods.

Mia: "So why do you want to see my Nazo?"

Zeng: "Where was your fiancé last night?"

Mia: "Here with me. He surprised me with a wonderful dinner."

Zeng: "Really? How did you guys hear about the attack two nights ago? Someone tried hurting my own daughter and family."

Mia nods.

Mia: "Yes, and after the attack, the police put up wanted posters for that man. I'm sure Nazo is out trying to find him. He's very sweet once you get to know him."

Aria rolls her eyes.

Merizo: "I'm sure he is."

Aria: "She kept on having nightmares over and over!"

Mia: "I'm so sorry to hear that. I really am. I hope she's doing better now and I hope that man is caught."

Mia is very she good at acting like she is surprised and that she cares, though she knows the truth.

Zeng: "Thanks. Well, we better get going."

Mia: "I hope for the best for your daughter and your family."

Aria: "Yeah, thank you."

After leaving, Zeng gets a bad feeling.

Zeng: "Something isn't right. Trust me."

Aria: "I trust you."

The Setup:

Meanwhile, Kurai and Phoenix continue to walk around Republic City. As Kurai and Phoenix walk, they come across someone trying to steal.

Man: "Stop! Thief!"

Kurai: "Come on, Phoenix!"

Kurai rushes over and chases the thief. The thief sees her running after him, but Kurai and Phoenix trap him in an alley.

Thief: "You better stay back little girl, unless you want to get hurt."

Kurai: "That bag isn't yours! Give it to me, unless you want trouble!"

What Kurai and the family are unaware, is that this thief is a friend of Nazo's and part of his small group. This is a set up for Kurai and the family to prove Nazo's kindness.

Thief: "I'm giving you one last warning, turn around and walk away or get hurt."

Kurai: "You're the one who's going to get hurt if you don't give that stuff back!"

The thief smirks.

Thief: "You asked for it.

The thief firebends at Kurai. Kurai moves out of the way and returns the attack using her firebending. As Kurai and this fake thief firebend back and forth at one another, Kurai finally gets a hit in with blue fire and knocks the thief back. Then she grabs the bag and tries to get out of there, but is stopped by a bloodbender. As she is struggling, an airbender bends the bag out of Kurai's hand. Phoenix tries to help Kurai by breathing fire at the airbender, but the airbender blocks his attacks. The thief goes to lightningbend Kurai, but Nazo comes in and redirects that lightning to the ground hen blue firebends at the thief. After the thief is knocked back, Nazo firebends the airbender away from Phoenix and then firebends the waterbender causing her to stop her bloodbending on Kurai. Kurai falls to her knees and looks around seeing Nazo.

Nazo: "You shouldn't be here. You better run off and let the Avatar handle this."

Kurai carefully stands up.

Kurai: "You are not the Avatar and it's my job to help others. That's what I'm doing."

Nazo: "You confused little girl, get out of here and find your parents!"

Kurai: "You don't tell me what to do!"

The three people Nazo knocked down get back up. The thief lightningbends Kurai and hits her. Kurai yells in pain.

Kurai: "AHHHH!!!!"

Nazo stops the thief fro continuing to lightningbend Kurai with his firebending. Kurai falls to her knees again. She is brunt from that attack.

Nazo: "I told you to get out of here so you wouldn't get hurt! Now look at you!"

Kurai: "I can take care of myself! I don't need your help or anyone else's, you fake!"

The thief and the others toss a bomb at Kurai and Nazo while the two are distracted arguing with one another.

Thief: "Nice knowing you two."

He and the others escape. Kurai and Nazo look at the bombs that's about to go off. As the bomb goes off, Kurai quickly airbends around her, Nazo, and Phoenix protecting them from the explosion. After the explosion, Kurai, Phoenix, and Nazo look around.

Nazo: "Great, they got away because of you! If you would have stayed out of this and left after I saved your life, this explosion would have not happened!"

Kurai: "Like I said, I can handle myself and if it wasn't for me, that explosion could have killed you! Whether I was here or not, he would have used that bomb!"

Nazo: "A little girl like you can't handle the big outside world. You are very disrespectful and bring harm to yourself and others!"

Kurai: "I'm about to bring harm to you!"

Kurai earthbends at Nazo, hitting him with pieces of concrete. Nazo breaks the rock with his firebending.

Nazo: "You are out of control!"

Kurai: "If you are the 'real' Avatar and I'm not, prove it by bending something other than fire! Go into the Avatar State and show me!"

Kurai now waterbends at Nazo. Nazo continues to block Kurai's attacks, but doesn't attack back. Zeng, Aria, Kayla, Omaya, and Merizo arrive seeing the two fighting.

Zeng: "Stop! That's enough!"

Aria grabs Kurai and holds her close. Nazo stops what he is doing.

Zeng: "Nazo, what did you do to her?"

Aria: "Kurai, you're burned, sweetheart."

Kurai is catching her breath.

Nazo: "I did nothing. The only thing I did was protect her from losing her life to another firebender."

Zeng: "Really? Do you have any proof?"

Nazo: "They got away."

Zeng sighs and looks at Kurai.

Zeng: "Let's take you to the hospital, Kurai."

Kurai: "I don't need to go there, Dad."

Nazo: "You should listen to your father, little one."

Kurai stomps her foot and knocks Nazo back with her earthbending.

Zeng: "You're going, Kurai."

Zeng says very sternly to his daughter. Kurai nods and they head to the hospital.

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