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January 21, 2015

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After Graduation:

In the next two days after the ordeal with the court and at the park, Aria's little brother, Tsubasa has just graduated from school. He is 18 and ready to follow in his sister's footsteps of becoming a Republic City Police Officer. Aria decides to bring Tsubasa with her to work and introduce him. Once at the station, Aria shows Tsubasa around. While walking around, they run into Merizo and Omaya.

Aria: "Hey Merizo and Omaya."

Merizo and Omaya looks up and smile.

Omaya: "Hi Aria and Tsubasa."

Merizo: "I see Tsubasa wants to get started right away!"

Aria: "Yep! He's going to be great."

Tsubasa: "Thanks sis."

Aria: "You're welcome little bro."

Aria turns back to Omaya.

Aria: "Any word on the training today?"

Omaya: "Yes. It starts in an hour."

Aria: "Great, thank you."

An hour later, training begins. Merizo goes up first, then Aria. Both train against other officers, but they are metalbenders. Tsubasa nervously watches on the sidelines. Merizo and Aria don't start off to well and get tossed around. They end up on the ground and tied up in the metalbender's wire. Aria tries her best to get free, but gets more tangled in the metal wire that is wrapped around her body. Chief Lin Beifong watches her officers closely.

Opponent Officer: "Come on, you used to be able to beat me no problem. Kids slow you down or something?"

While watching, Tsubasa cheers his sister on.

Tsubasa: "You can do it sis! Show them what you're made of!"

With that little bit of encouragement, Aria takes a breath. Though tied up on the floor, Aria firebends from her feet to lift herself up. She then kicks fire at her opponent officer. Merizo follows in Aria's lead. Both are bale to defeat their opponents and break free. After they finish, Tsubasa goes up. The metalbending officer trips and tangles Tsubasa, tossing him around as well. When Tsubasa gets trapped, he takes a deep breath and blows at one of the metalbenders knocking them back. He then frees himself, makes an air shield, and air kicks the other metal bender. With that powerful airbender kick, the officer is down. Lin turns to Aria.

Lin: "Not bad. He will be a good addition.

Aria and Merizo walk over to Tsubasa with a smile.

Aria: "Nice job little brother!"

Merizo: "Indeed! Very well done."

Tsubasa: "Thank you sis and thank you too Merizo. You both were great too!"

Merizo: "You're welcome."

Aria: "Thank you too Tsubasa."

After training, Tsubasa, Aria, and Merizo get a drink of water.

The Promotion:

While Tsubasa, Aria, and Merizo catch their breath, Lin asks to talk with Omaya.

Lin: "Omaya, may I speaks with you please?"

Omaya: "Yes ma'am."

Lin and Omaya talk in Lin's office.

Lin: "I'm promoting you to Chief Prosecutor. You've done so well. Congratulations!"

Omaya bows respectfully to Lin.

Omaya: "Thank you, Lin."

Lin smiles a bit.

Lin: "You've earned it."

Omaya smiles.

Talking to Lin:

Aria walks over.

Aria: "I'm sorry to interrupt Chief and Omaya, and I'm also going to apologize in advanced for being in subordinate."

Lin: "Alright, go on."

Aria: "Chief, I don't understand. I have been working so hard to move up and my partner and I can't because of our aggression? What about this training too? Excuse me for saying this, but that ridiculous! Lin, um Chief you and I both know Merizo and I did what we had to bring Magnus to justice. You and I both know sometimes to we have to do what is wrong, to make it right!"

Lin: "Sergeant, It wasn't my ruling. You and sergeant Merizo did what was right. However, I can't reverse the decision made."

Aria sighs and nods.

Aria: "I understand."

Lin: "The training isn't to get your badge back. You always have it unless I take it away. I'm requiring all my officers to train again. It's to keep them awake and prepared. When we interrogated Magnum, he threw out some threats. That explosion was the beginning he said and he could be bluffing, but I'm not taking any chances. Some of threats directly at your daughter. We know his guys won't let anyone get in their way. That means targeting mostly you, your husband, and other kids."

Aria: "I understand and he gave Merizo and me the same threat. AS well to my daughter. I was hoping he would only go after maybe Zeng and I, but now my other kids as well."

Lin: The training is make sure you are still focused and to keep you up on what you can do.

Aria nods again.

Aria: "I understand."

Lin: "Good. One last thing, I want to assign your daughter and other kids protection."

Aria: "Chief, my husband and I are always going to be nearby. Never far away. One of us will be with them and so will the rest of the family."

Lin: "I'm still going to send officers to check once in a while."

Aria: "Yes Chief."

Lin tosses a uniform to Aria.

Lin: "Make sure our new recruit out there tries this on."

Aria: "Alright. Thank you Chief."

Aria salutes Lin and walks out.

The New Recruit:

Aria walks over to Tsubasa with a smile.

Aria: "Hey little bro. I have something for you."

Aria hands Tsubasa the new uniform.

Tsubasa: "Oh wow! I made it through!?"

Aria: "Yes. You're a recruit now. Congratulations!"

Tsubsa: "Thank you sis!"

Tsubasa salutes his sister. Aria salutes her little brother back.

After Work:

Later that day, Aria, Tsbasa, and Omaya return home. Tsubasa and Omaya are in their new uniforms. Aria plops on the couch sore and a bit bummed about not being promoted to lieutenant. Jun and Haylin hear them come home and walk in. Jun and Haylin walk over and see their son in a new uniform. Jun and Haylin give Tsubasa a tight hug.

Haylin: "Well look at you! Congratulations!."

Jun: "Knew you could do it kiddo."

Tsubsa hugs Haylin and Jun back.

Tsubasa: "Thanks mom and dad."

Onua sees her daughter in a new uniform as well and hugs Omaya.

Onua: "Wow congratulations!"

Omaya: "Thank you mom."

Tomaya sees his wit win her uniform as well and gives her a kiss.

Tomaya: "Congrats dear."

Omaya blushes and gives a return kiss to Tomaya.

Omaya: "Thank you."

Zeng sees his wife laying down on the couch. He smiles, walks over, and sits by her side.

Zeng: "Welcome home Aria. How was your training?"

Aria: "Thanks and I got tossed like a rag doll. Not exactly the best day."

Zeng: "Wow. Is there anything you want for dinner?"

Zeng tries asking to cheer up his wife a bit.

Aria: "No. Ask the kids."

Zeng: "Alright."

Zeng smiles. Kyan, Kesuk, and Kurai hear their parents talking and come over. They are happy their mother is home.

Airbending Lesson:

While dinner is being made, Tsubasa decides to give his nephew another airbending lesson.

Tsubasa: "For this lesson, I'm going to teach you the air leap kick. It's not easy at first, but I'll show you a demonstration."

Kesuk smiles and nods. Tsubasa shows him how it's done. Kesuk watches his uncle preform this move, but he isn't the only one watching. Kurai sits on the side and watches the two. Once finished with his demonstration, Tsubasa looks at Kesuk.

Tsuabsa: "Give it a try."

Kesuk: "Okay."

Kesuk tries to do just as Tsubasa did, but fails and falls on his back. Tsubasa helps him up.

Tsubsa: "Good try, but don't worry it happened to me as well."

KesuK: "Thanks. I'll try again."

Kesuk tries it again and almost has it, but he fails again.

Tsubasa: "You almost and it! Keep it up."

Kesuk keeps trying and trying. Tsubasa notices Kurai on the side and walks over to her.

Tsubasa: "Hey Kurai. Wanna join up for the lesson?"

Kurai: "No ,I don't want to brother you two. Just watching is fine."

Tsubasa: "You sure?"

Kurai nods.

Tsuabsa: "Alright."

As Tsubasa turns to see Kesuk, Kesuk manages to land the move.

KesuK: "I did it! Yes!"

Tsubasa: "Great! That's enough for today. Keep practicing and once you mastered that move, I'll teach you another."

Kesuk: "Yes uncles Tsubasa."

Kesuk bows to Tsubasa and Tsubasa bows back. Both smile as they do.

Officer Zan:

There's a knock at the door. Aria answers and sees a fellow officer from the station. She knew right away that Lin had sent him.

Aria: "Lin wasn't kidding, was she?"

Zan: "No, she wasn't."

Aria: "Alright. Well please come in."

Zan: "Thank you."

Zan walks in and Aria shuts the door. Zeng hear the door shut and calls out.

Zeng: "Who is it dear?"

Aria calls back.

Aria: "Just a co-worker."

Zeng: "Okay."

Zeng answers. Aria turns to Zan.

Zan: "Do they know?"

Aria: "Not yet."

Zan: "I see."

Aria: "The kids are upstairs playing."

Zan: "Very good. Best we tell the rest of your family before we tell the kids."

Aria nods and gathers the family. Once all together, Zan and Aria explain what Lin spoke to Aria about. Zeng looks at them a bit concerned.

Zeng: "Why though?"

Zan answers Zeng's question quietly as to not alert the kids.

Zan: "It's also protection for your other two kids as well you, Aria, and everyone else."

Zeng: "I understand. Thank you, officer."

Zan: "Anytime. So may I meet this young Avatar and the other little ones as well?"

Zeng: "Sure, right this way."

Zeng leads Zan to where the kids are playing. Aria goes with them. The kids are talking with one another in their rooms.

Zeng: "Hi kids."

Kids: "Hi dad!"

Zeng: "We have someone who wants to meet you."

Zan comes in with a friendly smile. Kyan, Kesuk, and Kurai look at him.

Kyan: "WHo is this guy?"

Aria: "He is one of mommy's friends from work."

Aria introduces the three to Zan.

Aria: "These are our kids. Kyan is our oldest daughter, Kesuk is our son, and Kurai is our little Avatar."

Zan: "Well, it is very nice to meet all of you. I'm Lieutenant Zan."

Kyan: "Nice to meet you too."

Kesuk: "What are doing here?"

Zan gently tells the three kids what's going on. The kids understand about the protection, but Kurai feels like this is her fault.

Kurai: "Sorry everyone..."

Zeng: "Don't worry, everything will be all right."

Aria: "Sweetheart it's nothing to worry about and your father is right."

Zan: "I promise nothing will happen. However, I hate to say this, but there are a few rules you kids have to follow. Just to stay safe."

Kurai sighs, but nods.

Kyan: "How long is this going to happen?"

Zeng: "We don't know."

Zan: "Don't worry, it's going to be fine."

Kurai: "I guess you have to do it. I understand."

Kyan and Kesuk nod agreeing with their sister.

Zan: "By the way, it's an honor to meet you, young Avatar. You and your siblings."

Kurai: "Nice to meet you too and thank you."

Zan smiles then stand snack up and looks at Aria.

Zan: "Aria I need speak with you and then I'll be on my way."

Aria: "Alright."

Aria and Zan go back downstairs and talk outside.


Later the night, while everyone is asleep, two men sneak in as quietly as they can. One is a metal bender and uses his metalbending to ties up Zeng. The other is a firebender and he gags Zeng with a cloth. They take Zeng to an abandoned warehouse. The next morning, Zeng wakes up to find himself tied up and not knowing where he is. He can hear two men talking and tries to listen.

Firebender: "I'm telling you we should have taken them both."

Earthbender: "One at a time. If he doesn't give up the Avatar's location, that's when we add on. We do this until she is forced to come out!"

As Zeng listens, he fears for his daughter, Kurai. He continues to listen.

Firebender: "I can't believe we are taking orders from a 14 year old who had orders from his father."

Earthbender: "Once he's out of prison, his son will step down. For now, we deal with it."

Firebender: "Fine. It may work in a way. Magnus is 14 and the Avatar is 10. She's not strong enough."

Earthbender: "Exactly and that's why we kill her when she can't fight back."

The earthbender looks over and sees Zeng is awake.

Earthbender: "Our prisoner is awake."

Firebender: "Finally."

Earthbender: "Alright water sucker, tell us where the Avatar is? We know you are her father and we know that you were Avatar Korra's student."

Zeng: "I'm not telling you where she is!"

Firebender: "We just want her. If you tell us, you're free and everyone else will be sparred."

Zeng: "If you touch my daughter or my family, I won't hold back!"

Firebender: "Neither will we."

The firebender gives Zeng a minor shock with lightning. Zeng yells in pain. The firebender stops uses his lightning bending on Zeng.

Firebender: "I'll keep this until you tell us."

Zeng: "No, I'm not telling you because you'll kill my daughter!"

Firebender: "It's just our job to get her. Killing her is our boss's job."

Zeng: "She's only 10!"

Earthbender : "Who cares. It's better. She's not strong yet."

Zeng: "You guys are cowards and a disgrace!"

Taking offense to that, the firebender uses his lightningbending on Zeng again. Zeng yells in pain. Back at home, Aria shifts in her sleep and reaches for Zeng, but she realizes he isn't beside her.

Aria: "Zeng?"

Aria gets out of bed and looks around the house. She looks to see if Zeng left a note, but can't find him. She then gets an idea and thinks maybe Zeng got an early call to go to work. She calls his ship and General Iroh, but discovers Zeng isn't there either. Confused and worried, Aria sits down for a minute. Omaya walks in.

Omaya: "Morning Aria. Hey, where's Zeng?"

Aria: "I don't know. I'm really worried. It's not like him to leave without saying anything."

Omaya looks down and notices a piece elf paper on the floor. She picks it up, turns it over, and reads a note on the back.

Aria: "What are you looking at?"

Omaya: "It a note, Zeng has been taken!"

Aria: "By who!?"

Omaya reads the note.

Omaya: "It reads, we have the father. If the Avatar doesn't show up, she won't have a father anymore and we will be back for others. This this might sound crazy, but what if what happened to Magnum, his son Magnus is behind this. He wants to capture Zeng to lure Kurai out. Once Kurai is out, he wants to kill her especially after she took his father's bending away."

Aria shakes her head not wanting to even think about it. Meanwhile, Kurai watches and hears the whole conversation.

Ara: "I have to find Zeng, but I'm not going to give up my daughter like that. You could be right too."

Kurai walks up to Aria with a worried look.

Kurai: "Daddy is gone because of me?"

Aria is surprised to see her daughter standing there and having heard everything they just said.

Aria: " your daddy is okay. He knows how to protect himself. This isn't your fault."

Kurai: "It sounds like it. Aunt Omaya just said it. I want to help find daddy."

Aria: "No! You are staying here where it's safe."

Kurai: "But-"

Aria: "No Kurai! I'm going to see if Kayla can pick up Zeng's scent and lead me to him."

Aria quickly prepares Zeng's polar bear dog, then climbs onto her back.

Aria: "Come on Kayla, find Zeng!"

With that, Kayla and Aria take off. Kurai watches her mother go. Once Aria and Kayla are gone, Kurai gets on Phoenix. Before she can take off, Kyan walks in.

Kyan: "Where are you going?"

Kurai tells Kyan what happened.

Kyan: "What? No! As your big sister I won't let you!"

Kurai: "You can't stop me."

Kyan: "Then I'm coming with you."

Kurai: "No!"

With that last word, Kurai gives Phoenix a kick and they take off.

Protecting the Avatar, Protecting Their Daughter:

Kayla manages to track Zeng to the abandoned warehouse.

Aria: "Good girl Kayla."

Upon approaching the warehouse, Kayla stands on her hind legs and uses her front legs to knock down the door. Once the door has been knocked down, Aria runs inside and finds Zeng. She also sees the two men that are surrounding her husband. Aria calls out.

Aria: "Let him go!"

The two men look up see in Aria walk toward them. They smirk.

Firebender: "One against two? Two guys against one women. Seems unfair."

Earthbender: "You can't take us."

Aria: "Try me."

Aria firebends at the two men. The earthbender blocks her fire with his earthbending, then the firebender attacks using his lightningbending on Aria. Aria yells in pain. Zeng watches helpless at the moment.

Zeng: "Aria!!"

The earthbender picks Aria up off the ground and slams her not he wall. Though still in shock tom the lightning, Aria manages to use her lightningbending on the earthbender. Now the earthbender screams in pain. As Aria defends herself, Zeng struggles to try and break free. The firebender comes to his partner's help and firebends at Aria. Aria sees it coming and blocks the attack, however, with Aria distracted, the earthbender gets back on his feet and metalbends Aria back to the wall. Zeng begins to tear and he shouts.

Zeng: "Stop! Leave my wife alone! Please!"

The firebender lightningbends Zeng again.

Earthbender: "So you're the one who gave birth to the Avatar. I'm going to make sure you never become a mother again."

The earthbender metalbends a broken pips and turns it to a sharp point.

Earthbender: "First tell us where your daughter is!"

Aria is scared, but holds her ground.

Aria: "I'll die first before I tell you where my daughter is!"

Earthbender: "Have it your way."

The earth benders cuts Aria's side with the sharpened pipe. Aria yells in pain. Meanwhile, Kurai sees Kayal and lands Phoenix. She then sees the door Kayla opened up, dismounts off of Phoenix, then runs inside to look for her parents. Inside, Kurai sees the two men and her parents.

Avatar Kurai:

Kurai: "Leave my mommy and daddy alone!!"

Kurai earthbends the firebender away from Zeng and airbends the Earthbender away from Aria.

Kurai: "You want the Avatar, you got the Avatar!"

Zeng and Aria are surprised to see Kurai here by herself.

Zeng and Aria: "Kurai?"

Kurai gets in her stance. The two men smirk and quickly get up. The firebender is the first one to attack Kurai and firebends at her. Kurai blocks it with her earthbending, then uses that same earthbending to counter the attack. The earthbender breaks the boulders and sends metalbends sheets of metal at Kurai. Kurai moves out of the way of most of the metal sheets, but one hits her and cuts her neck. Kurai yells a bit and puts her hand to her neck. She feels the stinging and begins to tear up. Zeng and Aria watch and are very scared for their daughter. When Kurai gets hurt, both parents shout and begin to tear up themselves.

Zeng and Aria: "Kurai!!"

Aria: "Leave her alone!!"

As Aria tries her best to break free of the metal, Zeng bloodbends the two men without moving his hands.

Zeng: "Don't touch my daughter! You will pay for hurting her!!"

The two men can't move with Zeng bloodbending them. Kurai struggles to stand, but manages to get back on her feet. A bit dazed form the lightning, she re-focus' and sees Zeng bloodbending the two men. While her father does this, Kurai uses this as an advantage. She takes a deep breath, shuts her eyes and enters the Avatar State. While in her Avatar State, Kurai uses all the water from her waterbender's pouch and waterbends the two men freezing them solid.

Back at home, Kyan runs back inside and runs into her grandfather Lee. Lee can see Kyan's worried face.

Lee: "Where's my son, my daughter-in-law, and Kurai?"

Kyan quickly tells Lee what happened. Lee gasps.

Lee: "Sweetie, can you help out by waking up Tsubasa and grandpa Jun? We need them!"

Kyan nods and does as she is told. Jun and Tsubasa quickly jump out of bed. Lee calls the police and they soon arrive at the home. Kyan explains what's going on to the police. Even Zan is surprised by this and did not see this coming. At least, not so quick. The metalbending officers, Lee, Jun, and Tsubasa rush over to where Zeng, Aria, and Kurai are. Kyan wanted to go, but she was unable to. Within a few minutes after Kurai froze the two men, police arrive. They arrest the two men and free Zeng and Aria. Though they are hurt and burned themselves, Zeng and Aria go over to Kurai and hug her very close. Kurai cries and hugs her parents back.

Kurai: "I'm sorry..."

Zeng: "Shh, it's okay sweetie. It's over."

Kurai: "It's all my fault!"

Aria: "Sweetheart, we are fin and this is not your fault."

Kurai: "Yes it is! They hurt you! I don't want that to happen again."

Zeng: "We are here to protect you Kurai."

Aria: "It's what parents do."

Kurai: "I don't want anyone getting hurt because of me! I don't want to learn lightningbending either."

Zeng and Aria look at one another not knowing what to say.

Zeng: "Come on, let's go home."

Zeng carries Kurai. Kurai, Zeng, and Aria return home with Lee, Jun, and Tsubasa.

Worried About Their Daughter:

When arriving back home, Kurai quickly retreats upstairs. Kana heals Zeng and Aria's wounds. Zeng sighs.

Zeng: "I feel bad for Kurai."

Aria: "It's a lot for her to take in right now."

Zeng nods.

Aria: "I'll go talk to her."

Zeng: "Okay. I'll make some brownies for Kurai and the rest of the kids."

Aria nods and goes upstairs. She opens the door to Kurai and Kyan's room.

Talking to Kurai:

Aria: "Kurai?"

Kurai is cuddled up under her blanket. Aria goes over and cuddles her daughter in her arms. Kurai cries in her mother's arms.

Kurai: "What if you and Daddy were gone forever? If Daddy didn't bloodbend, I, you, him...could have..."

Aria wipes Kurai's tears.

Aria: "Hey, we are all fine."

Kurai: "I was so scared...those guys were bigger than me and stronger..."

Aria: "Yes, but you came out stronger sweetheart."

Kurai looks at her mother. Kyan, Kesuk, and Kun listen from outside the room.

Kurai: "No, I didn't. Daddy helped. The metal hurt and so did the lightning. I never want to lightningbend."

Hearing Kurai say that breaks Aria's heart. She knows Kurai was so eager to learn it and now she doesn't want to.

Aria: "Your father said the same thing about his bending. I never said it aloud, but I sure did think about it."

Kurai looks up at Aria.

Kurai: "Really?"

Aria nods.

Aria: "Yes. Now it's your choice of you want to learn lightning or not. I won't force you, but when I was first learning my firebending, I used to think fire only destroyed everything. I learned that it was much more. Fire is life, power, light, warmth. When I first started lightningbending, I couldn't get it. When I did, I accidentally shocked your Grandpa Lee.

Kurai: "Was he mad?"

Aria: "No. He was more proud that I was finally able to do it."

Kurai sniffles.

Kurai: "Oh."

Aria: "Lightning is energy and what happens when a balance in broken and it tries to become balanced again. The reason why I tell you this is because that's what's going on with you. In truth, it happens to all benders and even non-benders. We all have to find that balance. Once we do, there's that light in the dark and we become stronger and closer than we were before."

Kurai just nods. Kyan and Kesuk still listen from outside the door.

Aria: "You'll understand someday. You know, your father and I always knew when your sister, brother, and you were born, it would be an adventure. Your brother surprised us with him being an airbender and we never thought in a hundred years that our shyest daughter would be the Avatar."

Kurai smiles a little.

Aria: "Your father and I wish we could understand fully what you're feeling and what you will go through. Well, your father may know a bit more than the rest of us."

Kurai: "That's because he was Avatar Korra's student."

Aria: "That's right. Your father also has a strong spiritual connection unlike others and he's not an airbender or the Avatar. I have some, but still not as strong. Your sister and brother have it too. Together you will learn to use that and again, you will have a better understanding than all of us."

Kurai: "I know, I felt Daddy's strong energy when he came into the Spirit World to look for me. I know the other thing too, Raava and Avatar Korra explained it the best they could to me. It's just so hard to learn it all and so scary."

Aria: "If we thought learning one art of bending was difficult enough, we can't imagine learning all four. However, no matter what Kurai, you're never alone. Being a bit scared is normal and everyone gets scared. Your father and I thought we were going to lose you today and that's what scared us."

Kurai: "I was scared for you and Daddy. I think more than I was for me."

Aria: "See? But no matter what, me, your father, sister, brother, cousin, and the rest of the family will always be by your side."

Kurai smiles more feeling a little better. 

Kurai: "Kyan, Kesuk, and Kun are outside the door."

Aria: "Are they now?"

Aria gets up, opens the door, and sees Kyan, Kesuk, and Kun sitting outside. She smiles at them. Kurai comes to the door and sees them. Kyan, Kesuk, and Kun smile innocently.

Kurai: "I smell something good."

Kyan: "Daddy made brownies."

Kesuk: "We wanted to see if you wanted to come get some with us."

Kun: "Are you feeling better?"

Kurai nods.

Kurai: "A little, let's go get brownies."

The kids run down for a snack.

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