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A Family Reborn





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Blueflame 1


Katorra12, Humble Imaginations, AvatarKorraWaterbender

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15 September 2012

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"Are you ready, Twinkle Toes?" Toph teased.

"How many times do I have to ask you to refrain from calling me that?" Aang questioned annoyingly.

"Hey, couldn't resist... in 5, 4, 3, 2..."

Toph dived out of a blimp above the water, that separated the Air Temple Island from The United Nations. Next came Katara, followed by Zuko and then Aang.

"Um can we put this off I really... just...Ahhhhhh! Suki!!" Suki pushed Sokka out of the lane then jumped.

"Yeah! Talk and dive!"

Each member of the esteemed Team Avatar had a part to play in this showcase.

Katara: She bent the water up into a fountain shape and cleared space so Toph could bend the earth easily.

Toph: She created a sand+earth based foundation that looked like the United Nations.

Sokka and Suki: They were tasked to carve signs of the four nations on each side of the foundation.

Zuko: Zuko used his firebending to create fireworks.

Aang: Aang had to perform the crowning ceremony.

He plunged head first into the water and went into the Avatar State. He shot up out and landed on top of he foundation Toph built. He gathered all the elements, and brought them in the center of his hand. Zuko shot up with firebending and landed before Aang and knelt...

A gate opened... and walked in a tall, dark, muscular man.. bearded, with the Earth Kingdom sign tattooed on his arm. Dark complexion and with brown eyes. He kicked a plate of food into the room...

She looked down then stared at him. She tilted her head suspiciously, causing the man to step in and close the door. He knelt down to her level and looked her directly in the eye. The miserable 20 year-old held the man's collar and then spoke softly into his ear.

"If I even so much as lay my eyes on you any time for the rest of my life, I will scorch you alive and watch you burn, and your ashes will be fed to the filth that brought you into this world."

The man smiled and whispered "Now here's the real joke... I get to walk out of here anytime I want but you aren't going anywhere."

Azula grabbed them man and pulled him into a kiss. While she kissed she drained all the moisture from his body. The man slid to the floor, dead.

"Aww, that's too bad... he was only the appetizer." Azula licked her lips and watched the man lie there...

"I HEREBY BESTOW UPON YOU, TITLE UNITED NATIONS RULER!- Aang sent all the elements up into the sky and placed a badge onto Zuko's clothing. They both saluted each other and then Aang used airbending to propel everyone up and into the blimp.

"So, does it feel?" Katara asked with a smile on her face.

"I finally feel like I have made myself proud instead of trying to make others happy." Zuko responded.

Suki spoke up "Well I for one am happy that the ceremonies are finally over."

Guards rushed into the room and saw the guard on the floor. The doctor rushed into he room and helped the guards get the man up on a stretcher. Azula smiled at the last guard and then winked. The guard snickered in fear and left the room. They rushed to the medal room and the doctor began the procedures...

Sokka nodded in agreement. Toph sat in the corner falling asleep on herself when the alarm on the blimp sounded. Sirens crossed the streets of Republic City and the speaker in the blimp sounded. "Sir we have a problem a guard was attacked on floor 12. He is being treated in the medical operating room... Oh? Yes. Sir the guard named Galvin has just been pronounced dead!"...

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