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42nd Earth King Qiang Zhen
Qiang Zhen, the 42nd Earth King
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Earth Kingdom




691 BG


571 BG (Age: 120)

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Earthbending, Polearm

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Chu Gar


Earth Kingdom, Earth Kingdom army, Ba Sing Se citizens, Captain Wei, Earth King's advisor, Jailor #2, 41st Earth King Ta Po


Water Tribe rebels, Shan-Yu of the Mousha Quan, Mousha Quan gang

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Earth King


Earth King

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Chapter 13: The Tale of Two Gangs

42nd Earth King Qiang Zhen is the new and current Earth King, the ruler of the whole entire Earth Kingdom, ruling from the capital city of Ba Sing Se. He is a minor character in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan. 42nd Earth King rules from the end of Book 1, Chapter 13 to Book 3. I assume he would die after Avatar Yangchen is born.


Early Life

Qiang Zhen, was luckily born into royalty, as the grandson of Ta Po, and the child to Ta Po's son. Living in the Upper Ring in an estate close to the palace, Qiang Zhen's childhood was solitary-like.

Qiang Zhen, was not able to go to school like the other children in the Upper Ring, he was highly protected by the elite guards as well as all of his family. His father's personal friend was Qiang Zhen's tutor. At the age of 10, Qiang Zhen discovered he was an earthbender, the tutor was also an earthbending master, and Qiang Zhen's tutor trained him in earthbending.

In his teen years Qiang Zhen, was anti-social, had no friends other than his tutor, his grandfather (which they had a great relationship by the way), the servants, and the guards. He spent most of his time home, reading and studying, or training in his skill of earthbending.


By the age of 23, he was a young man, his grandfather offered him a home by the palace as well. Qiang Zhen had already mastered earthbending by this point, and his grandfather Ta Po had offered him free studies at the university.

Qiang Zhen, took up the offer and left to the university, studying in politics, and economics was what he majored in. Graduating at the age of 27, Qiang Zhen, became a political scholar and learning of all the politics of not just the Earth Kingdom but that of the other nations.

Assassination of Earth King Ta Po

The next morning when he had heard of his grandfather's death, he could not acknowledge his grandfather's death. He was not able to cope with it, his grandfather the Earth King was very close to Qiang Zhen.

These were the toughest times for his family. His father was appointed to be the next Earth King as he was Ta Po's son. Qiang Zhen, asked if they can revolt the birth right of his father to himself, his father was too old and already had enough weight on his shoulders.

Instead of his father, Qiang Zhen, was now appointed to be the heir to the throne, the Earth Council agreed upon his request, as it would've been a lot better if they had a fresh young mind leading the country.

Coronation of Earth King Qiang Zhen

Two weeks had passed when he requested the Earth King position to him from his father. The day had come where he would be crowned the new Earth King, in the afternoon.

Qiang Zhen, from the beginning of his reign had law to any of those who joined the Mousha Quan gang, or were allied with them was for immediate extortion to them. During that time the Dixia gang, and Hei Shichang gang had hid for six months. The Mousha Quan gang had disbanded during that time, and Shan-Yu's son, had lived a normal life.

Current Life/Reign

Qiang Zhen, had lifted the law after he heard news six months later that during his coronation Shan-Yu was assassinated, and his gang was disbanded. Hearing nothing of General Senlin. Years later, reports of sightings of General Senlin had returned.

During his free time, Captain Wei had trained Qiang Zhen in polearm fighting. He didn't master this until around the time where he lifted the law of the extermination of the Mousha Quan members.

During his early years, as the Earth King, Qiang Zhen fell in love with one of the maids in the Earth Kingdom palace. They soon got married, and she bore him a son, and a daughter.

When the Avatar, arrived for his first time to Ba Sing Se. Qiang Zhen sent him out to search for the former general. The Avatar tells him that he has been searching for the general and that their last encounter was at the Southern Air Temple.


Qiang Zhen, was born an earthbender, and did not discover his abilities until he had turned ten years old. His father's personal friend, who was also his tutor, was an earthbending master and had trained him in earthbending.

In his early 20s, Qiang Zhen, had mastered earthbending. At his mid 40s, he trains his son in earthbending. His daughter being a non-bender Qiang Zhen, trains her in polearm fighting.


  • Unknown Mother (Mother)
  • Ta Po's Unnamed son (Father)
  • Palace maid (Wife)
  • Unknown son (Heir to the throne; Prince; Son)
  • Unknown daughter (Princess;Daughter)
  • 41st Earth King Ta Po (Grandfather; Deceased)
  • Baotong (Nephew; Deceased)


Book One: Air

Book Two: Water

Book Three: Earth

Preceded by
41st Earth King Ta Po
Earth King
659 BG - 571 BG (88 Years)
Succeeded by
53rd Earth King


  • Qiang Zhen is Chinese for "strong, earth".
  • Qiang Zhen sounds a little familiar to Qian Zei.
  • Sometimes a mix up Qiang Zhen with Qian Zei.

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