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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan, Avatar: The Legendary Ku Tei.

41st Earth King Ta Po
41st Earth King Ta Po
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Earth Kingdom


119 (deceased)


778 BG


659 BG (Age: 119)

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Light Green

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Earth Kingdom, Fire Lord Yeh Lu, High Monk Geetsan, Ku Tei, Lieutant Chang, General Chen


Ex-General Senlin, Southern Water Tribe, Northern Water Tribe, Baotu the Crime Boss, Dixia gang, Hei Shichang gang, Mousha Quan gang

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Earth King


Earth King


Earth Kingdom

First appearance

Book 1: Water Chapter 9: The Escape Part 1: New Identity

Last appearance

Book 1: Water Chapter 10: The Escape Part 2: The Assassination

41st Earth King Ta Po is the current Earth King, the ruler of the whole entire Earth Kingdom, ruling from the capital city of Ba Sing Se. He is a minor character in the fanon Avatar: The Legendary Ku Tei, and Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan. 41st Earth King Ta Po is assassinated by Taofan, and Haoke, they slit hit throat while he was sleeping. And is eventually succeeded by his grandson who becomes the 42nd Earth King.


Heir to the throne, of the Earth Kingdom, Ta Po became the Earth King after his father died of heart failure, at the age 126. Ta Po took the throne as the 41st Earth King at the age of 71. And ruled the Earth Kingdom for 48 years.

Being taught to be a great leader, who is cautious about his decisions rather than impulsive like the 39th Earth King his grandfather who was overthrown for being to impulsive.

Ta Po becoming Earth King, resulted in weakness due to the fact that because of it, the Earth Kingdom's Thirty Year War took place. Being backed up by his generals who had strategic minds.

Ta Po's Earth Kingdom was fighting against the Chief Aput's, and Chieftess Akitla's Water Tribes. The Water Tribes being also strategic, and decisive about the wars, the fact that during their lifetimes they were in a large war that Avatar Anana soon joined after her training and ended it.

Avatar Ku Tei

Ta Po had Avatar Ku Tei, the Earth Kingdom Avatar, as a general within the Earth Kingdom Army, and often used the Avatar for support, and peace talks. Ta Po had no control over the Avatar and trusted the Avatar not give away their battle plans to the Water Tribes.

Ta Po would occasionally send Ku Tei, on peace talks to the tribal chiefs of the Water Tribes.

Senlin the Traitor

Avatar Ku Tei was sent to have peace talks with the tribal chiefs of the Water Tribes, they finally agreed to have a peace treaty signed, and Chief Aput of the Southern Water Tribe, decided to the fact that they finally had peace ratted out General Senlin, on giving them battle plans of the Earth Kingdom.

The tribal chiefs decided there would be one last battle before the war ends. The Avatar would face the Traitor. Defeating the traitor was one of the causes that ended the Thirty Year War.

Ta Po had General Senlin, sent to prison for life for treason. The Avatar spared the life of the general, being the fact that he was Earth Kingdom just like the Avatar.


Ta Po was assassinated the day former General Senlin, had escaped from prison. When night came Senlin, and his new ally Haoke snuck into the palace, and the old woman killed the Earth King with a dagger, by slicing his throat open.

The next morning the jailor went to cells where Senlin was held, and discovered his cell door was destroyed. The jailor notified the guards, and the prison went on high alert.

The Earth King's advisor went to wake up the Earth King, and noticed the guards guarding the door, were dead on the floor, he rushed into the Earth King's chambers, and found the Earth King's body, with a large wound on his neck, and his blankets stained red.

The city went a high alert, and the gangs in the Lower Ring, laid low for six months. But Senlin was long gone, in the Earth Kingdom General Senlin was titled, Earth Kingdom's #1 Wanted Criminal, and rewarded an immense large prize for his capture. Hours later after the Earth King's death, Ta Po's grandson was crowned the new Earth King.


Born an earthbender and taught by his father's advisor, Ta Po mastered earthbending at the age of 28. Throughout, the years Ta Po grew to be a powerful earthbender. Even at an old age he still held up to his reputation.


Preceded by
40th Earth King Wang
Earth King
707 BG - 659 BG (48 Years)
Succeeded by
42nd Earth King Qiang Zhen


Avatar: The Legendary Ku Tei

  •  ???

Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan

Book One: Air

Book Three: Earth


  • Ta Po, was a name I came up with.
  • Ta Po rules in both fanons, but debuts in Book 2: Air of Ku Tei's story.

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