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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan, Avatar: The Legend of Anana, Avatar: The Smell of War.

40th Earth King Wang
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Earth Kingdom


16 (Coronation)


871 BG


707 BG (Age: 164)

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Dark Brown

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Eye color

Light Green

Personal information

Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, Avatar Anana, Air Nomads, Fire Lord Osamu

Chronological and political information

Earth King


Earth King


Earth Kingdom

First appearance

Book 2: Water Chapter 10: The Forbidden Art

Last appearance

Book 2: Water Chapter 10: The Forbidden Art

40th Earth King Wang is the Earth King, the ruler of the eastern Earth Kingdom, ruling from the capital city of Ba Sing Se during most of Avatar Anana's lifetime. He makes an appearance at least twice, and sometimes is mentioned by historian characters in Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan.


Early Life

Earth King Wang, was one of the youngest Earth Kings to rise to power in history during very troubled times within the Earth Kingdom. Wang was born to Earth King Wang and his unknown wife in 871 BG.

History's Youngest Earth King

When Avatar Anana, and the citizens of the capital city of Ba Sing Se, had a series of rallies for over seven months. Earth King Yao, predecessor of Earth King Wang also known as, his father had attended one of the rallies. It was then that Anana's friend Rari had discovered an old book that contained laws that an Earth King must follow to be fair to the people, and to rule the nation well.

After Rari and Anana had studied the texts within the book, they had marked down any laws that Yao had broken. The day that he [Earth King Yao] had attended the rally only to have it be shut down and have Rari and Anana arrested. It was Rari who had given the book to Yao's adviser, when the adviser had read its marked contents he was shocked, and ordered the guards to arrest Yao on the spot. The old man was sent to prison and in within a week's time his 16-year-old son Wang crowned on sundown as the 40th Earth King.

Rebuilding A Nation

When Wang was crowned the new Earth King, the boy had much to learn, his father's adviser was his teacher in the etiquette, and politics of being a great Earth King. Some of the changes that were made in the eastern Earth Kingdom were, the Air Nomads, were once again allowed to set foot on eastern Earth Kingdom soil. The taxes that were once high when Yao was in power had plummeted down to affordable prices.

The military were no longer in service 24/7, with no vacations, the use of the military were as followed: When the city is under attack, when there's a threat within the city that could be a danger to the Earth King, and/or when the declaration of war was planned.

Yao, had used his soldiers for many things, things that they were not obviously qualified to do, the men were able to see their families. Dead troops, were finally given a respected burial and were no longer cremated. Making the funeral prices affordable to the families of the deceased troops.

The taxes would no longer benefit the Earth King but now benefit, veteran soldiers, poor families, and the injured.

Later Life

With the changes Earth King Wang brought when he was crowned the new Earth King, the eastern Earth Kingdom was rebuilt and restored to its former glory when Earth King Avanindra was on the throne. In 778 BG, his second wife through new marriage because the his first wife had died.

Through this second marriage his second wife at the age of 45 bore Wang's firstborn and only child Ta Po. Wang was 75, when his son was born he finally had an heir to the throne. Raising his son throughout his old age, at the venerable age of 148, Wang had died of old age while still in power.

His successor, Ta Po, also known as his son, had taken the throne after his father. Several years later, Ta Po was assassinated by General Senlin, an escaped convict who went into prison for treason during the Thirty Year War that had occurred through Ta Po's reign.


Wang, was born a non-bender but he had other abilities or in this case skills, his father's adviser who in turn ended up being Wang's trusted adviser. From the age of 16, Wang was learning the etiquette and politics of an Earth King. Studying the laws that an Earth King had to follow, the 20th Earth King had written that book, after it had once happened thousands of years. He did not want to make the same mistakes like his father, as Wang did have fair judgement.



Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan

Book Two: Water

Preceded by
39th Earth King Yao
Earth King
855 BG - 707 BG (148 Years)
Succeeded by
41st Earth King Ta Po

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