It's a Mad Mad World
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The Secrets of the Beast

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February 22, 2012

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The secrets of the beast 4:

It's a Mad Mad World

Explained by The Skeletal Tiger

Tora paced back and forth trying to find better ways to explain the sudden appearance of the sediao but everyone just stared at him impatiently.

"This one believes that you should start from the beginning."

"Yes I suppose you are right, My name is Tora the Dì shí yi(eleventh) of the sediao" Every instantly started to prepare except Iroh and the nameless one.

"I understand your weariness but if I wanted to actually be apart of this then I would have tried to kill you."

"Unless you are trying to trick us" Sokka said, Tora chose to ignore him.

"I've heard that one of your group was taken to Taku to be apart of Shinomitori."

"How would you know that and what is Shinomitori?" Toph asked almost demanding.

"I. . .um know someone that keeps an eye of the ranks and the Shinomitori is also what we assassin's refer to as the games. . .It is a game of death where the city has been split into five zones and killers from across the nations will compete."

Aang looked disturbed by the news.

"This one acknowledges your fear of someone else end he wishes to extend a notion of you not coming with he and Tora if it helps you."

Aang looked at the armored man with a stare he acknowledge as one of vengeance.

"Let's go to Taku" Aang quietly said Tora merely nodded.

Speaking to The Demented Jester

"There's no earthly way of knowing which direction we are going; there's no knowing where we're rowing-"

"Be silent!" Azula said walking into Zhengyi jail cell. He was in solidarity confinement as he would keep attack other prisoners and was an even smaller cage inside to keep him from escaping.

"Something wrong with a little song to pass the time" Zhengyi said with his ever present grin. He wore simple prison wear, his make up gone revealing his scarred face.

Azula had several guards torture him but he merely laughed it all off.

"So why my little monster are you here, got tired of your men failing?" She looked at all the scars he had. Without his make he seemed human until he smiled.

"I need to understand why the Sediao is attacking and where they are" Azula stared him down as his grin started to fade.

"It doesn't matter. . ." Azula gave him a strange look.

"Nothing will matter. . .the beast is coming and he will ensure that everything will burn"

The start of the MadWorld

Taku was a quiet, open city with little to no problems. That was because it became abandoned and always remained quiet. At least that was what Aang knew he last came here now however. . .

Everything had changed. Decorations layered the entire town in bright lights and decorative images.

"What is going on?" Aang had asked and Tora answered without missing a beat.

"The rank above me has been busy with this place ever since the attempted siege of the Northern Water Tribe" He raised his head hearing noise from a little was and motioned the group to it. Said group was a small stage, spotlights started whirling around the stage from different balconies.

"Welcome all killers, murderers, assassins, and all around bad guys, you have come here to struggle in one of the greatest games to ever come across this here land" The lights centered on one man he was in the middle of the stage.

He was dark skinned with long brown braided hair and had blue colored eyes, He wore a black coat decorated with gold accents, religious designs and fur trims around the collar, a silver breastplate with a gold colored undershirt and with black pants and black tobi shoes. There was a woman next to him.

She has long, flowing black hair with a dark purple tinge to it, it is tied into two ponytails with red hair ties and she lets two long bangs stay at the side of her forehead, she also wore glasses, She also wears a dancers kimono, red with white often has the right sleeve of the outer kimono off, showing a blue kimono with a shorter wears a yellow obi and has black hanfu sandals with white socks.

"Tomorrow y'all better prepare yourselves but today I need ya to enjoy yourselves we have little time in the city so as a gift for all of ya that traveled this far"

The Jester sings and The princess tries to understand

"Or which way the river's flowing, is it raining? Is it snowing?. Is a hurricane a-blowing?-" Azula didn't need to say anything for Zhengyi to stop singing.

"Ever hear about the time a few people tried to change the world. . .several tried each got cut down and Then the real fun began" He chuckled to himself.

Azula didn't have time for his nonsense but before the question could be formed he answered.

"I will tell you everything I know" Zhengyi looked up to the ceiling

Meeting The Mysterious Arranger

"It's been awhile Tora" A woman appeared behind him, Tora smirked as the place started to light up with dancers appearing

She had long brown hair and deep blue eyes. She wears a silky flowered kimono tied up to her chest, a short purple skirt and white tabi with an unusual yellow bird-shaped design along the back. Her ears have multiple piercings consisting of ball bearings and two metal rods. On her forehead she has a blue diamond tattoo in the center, along with triangle tattoo on the opposite sides of her face.

"Sifa is the guy on stage truly the next rank."

She offered a stern look. "You still own me for the last bit of information I given you."

Tora pulled out a pouch and tossed it to her. As she caught it she spoke.

"He is Ryuji Dì shí jiè(Tenth) of the sediao, he has turned this entire city into a neatly divided war zone where large bouts of fighting take place."

As she said this Aang looked at her and she finally took notice.

"Tora, why have you brought children to this?"

"This one knows that the tribesman is a exceptional warrior, the loudmouth is current champion of earth rumble, and the sad child is the-"

"IS the Avatar I know, they all have high bounties on there head and every criminal in this city will try to capture or kill them"

The Jester reveals and The Princess cuts a deal

"He only calls himself the Baron apparently only ranks higher then 4 can visit him" Zhengyi said as he stared at the ceiling.

"Why have you never seen him?" Azula asked.

"Never bothered too. . .He had messengers and they gave me directions and I went and gave destruction pretty fun job if you ask me" As he spoke a large grin appeared on his face, giggles started to erupt from him then he started to laugh. It died down quickly as he stared at her waiting for her next question.

"What was your new assignment?"

"The recruitment of your bestest buddy Mai, You see she's important to someone and they had sent Maque to retrieve her and me to kill any resistance but somehow you brought her to me. . .How nice" His smile never faded as he stared at Azula who was trying not to set the man aflame.

"And now you will lose one of your illusions of friendship when she finally gets dragged into the lower birth" Zhengyi laughed as he said this.

"Unless we can cut a deal" Azula spoke in an effort to surprise him it worked.

The Skeletal Tiger tries and The Mysterious Arranger doubts====

"I don't care for any of that I only want to be the Dì shí jiè."

"Well then I suggest staying for the tournament as he won't except rank battles until the finals."

Tora looked upset "What?. . .isn't that against the rules."

She waved her hand dismissively "You are the challenger he is higher ranked, He chooses the time and place for the battle and he has already chosen it."

"What do suggest I do now?" Tora asked as dancers started moving around several combatants.

"Enjoy today as the whole city is your playground for tomorrow it will become war zone!" Ryuji announced over the crowd.

"Catch some sleep relax and try not getting killed I have reserved two rooms for you and your new allies " Sifa finally answered.

"You seem confide that I'll win."

"Me?, No I'm 100% certain you'll die"

"Not a speck of light is showing, So the danger must be growing! Are the fires of hell a glowing?" Zhengyi started to smile.

"Do not test me" The only thing Azula said then after calming herself she asked.

"A servant tried to help you one of my servants that were to negotiate your release."

He was mouthing the words as though he was a little child mocking an adult then giggled at the words release.

"She wasn't you and I only want to talk with you" He said waiting for a response.

"OH and don't worry the deal is still up but I will get out of here in a way that's special" He watched her closely watching her already try to figure out what he was going to do.

The Skeletal Tiger asks The Avatar something strange

"Your girlfriend is real nice" Toph said not even trying to fake sarcasm.

"You try being apart of a organization of assassins and be all about butterflies and rainbows". Tora said taking a sip of tea he were given two rooms as they were told but both rooms were quite large, almost big enough to fit ten people in both rooms. In one room held Zuko, Iroh and this one, in the other Toph, Aang, Sokka and Tora.

"Alright now that we're here tell me all you know assassin" Sokka demanded.

"Understood, I am the eleventh in the Sediao a group of assassins with one goal, That goal is unknown to me right now but what I do know is that after the Kulou Wu the ShinoMitori is starting here."

"What is the purpose of this tournament?" Aang.

"It always varies the games were created to quench mankind's thirst for blood and violence in the absence of war, but this particular incarnation of the games is solely driven by someone's greed namely Ryuji's."

"How do you know what happened to my sister?"

Tora thought over the specific words to say in hopes that he would not set Sokka off.

"I am not entirely sure but what I do know is that The Sediao knows everything that you all have done up to this point and they know about every slingle one of you and every single person that you've been in contact with including your sister."

there was silence.

"Here' the plan if you can stomach being part of it speak up now if not me and my partner will cover The Shinomitori."

He then looked at Aang "Avatar I need you to try and work your way around the areas find any info but do not get caught or you will a participant by force you will work with Zuko."

"You mean the same guy that been chasing us half way through the world" Sokka responded.

"Aang knows more about Zuko's stealth skills more than anyone."

"How did you-" Aang tried to ask.

"The Sediao knows they somehow always do which is why you need stealth they cannot keep in eye on all of us so will you consider working with him?"

"I-I will try" Aang responded. Tora nodded.

This one tells Zuko something intresting

"I need to know what's going on in the other room" Zuko said as he tried to walk out.

"This one cannot for his partner Tora has explained that he needs to speak with the others for now give Tora an hour and my partner will talk to you."

Zuko didn't want to push the matter further.

"Excuse me but what entirely is that matter at hand?" Iroh asked.

"He knows that a tournament to the death is starting and Tora is explaining to the others how it works."

"How does Tora wish to handle it?" Another question from Iroh.

"Tora wishes to have This one and Tora fight on our own seeing that he doesn't want children being apart of this" The answer was given.

"Can you check to be sure my nephew and I need to discuss somethings."

"Alright" As he made his way to the door Zuko decided to ask one question that has been bothering him since meeting the strange pair.

"You said that you knew me?"

He had stopped at the door taking a deep breath before saying.

"He knew you as the boy who stepped up to his father to stop the needless slaughter of a division of soldiers and was punished severely for it."

Zuko slightly flinch with the memory of his Agni Kai with his father.

"But He knows you better as the child that vouched to stop the needless death of this one's father, He knows that you tried your hardest and for that he is indebted to you for it" He turned around and gave a small bow before leaving.

Zuko was shocked.

The Jester keeps his promise and The Princess should of asked

"I like it when you come here it reminds me to sin with a grin" He grinned to show what he meant.

"Enough of this where is Mai."

"May I finish my song?" He asked, She couldn't believe it another one of Zhengyi's pointless questions.

"Let me and I will walk you down to where she is myself" He promised, She didn't know what to make of this (A trait that bother her about him).

"Fine" Azula needed to see where this was going.

"Is the grisly reaper mowing? Yes! The danger must be growing! For the rowers keep on rowing And they're certainly not showing any signs that they are slowing!" He yelled at the top of his lungs but before she could shut him up the wall next to her exploded.

Hārēkuin walked through the hole in the wall with keys in hand as she unlocked his mini cell and let him walk out and as the take there leave through the hole in the wall that led outside he turned to Azula.

Her ears were ringing and she could barley keep conscious.

"Looky there MY little monster was the explosive Q&A with me too much for you well since I'm a man of my word I had made a little scribble for you to figure out where to go next" He placed a piece of paper on her face as he made a quick peck on her head and left not before saying.

"Bye bye." Then he started to laugh as she became unconscious.

The Skeletal Tiger prepares himself for The Deathwatch

Tora was sitting on the roof gazing at the stars as dwelled on the fact that tomorrow he would have to be apart of a bloodbath, He heard some foot steps.

"Avatar what is it that you wish to talk about?"

"This contest requires a large amount of blood shed?" Aang asked.

"I am sorry that you had to be brought into this but yes it requires me to kill," Tora responded, Aang looked uncomfortable.

"Isn't there another way to stop Ryuji before the contest?"

"I know this is not what you want but no he is already in hiding, waiting for the winner of the Shinomitori to fight him" Tora took a quick pause to let that sink in.

"Do not bear the burden of the deaths of those in the games on your shoulders that is my responsibility and mine alone," Tora answer and waited for Aang's response.

"I wish it didn't have to come down to that."

"Then find out what you can with Zuko and maybe it only led to a few deaths but as for now it will have too" And with that the conversation ended.

Tomorrow was the Shinomitori and Tora was going to have to be the try and survive.

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