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Second Letter Home:

The next day, the return letter from Kurai arrives in Republic City. Kesuk finds it and tells the rest of the family.

Kesuk: "I got the mail!"

Kyan: "Read it!"

Kesuk: "Alright!"

Kesuk reads the letter.

Dear family,

I don't know where to begin. I guess I'll start by saying that I'm happy everything is going well at home. Everything is going well here too. You were right, there is always something to see and do. I have also met some new people while staying here, both good and bad. The good news is that Master Mao says I'm doing very well with my firebending. Thanks to Mom, Grandpa Lee, and Grandpa Jun for giving me the start I needed. The bad news is that Xiu and I ran into three boys who teased and made fun of Xiu. The first time they attempted to fight us, I learned Xiu was unable to firebend even though he is a firebender like Khan. However, the next time we saw those same three boys, Xiu was ready to stand up for himself. He asked me to come along, and I did. We ended up fighting them, and Xiu was able to firebend! I was so happy to see him accomplish that. He also did not give up when one of the boys lightningbended him. Xiu got right back up, defeated Han, and got back his coins. I fought the other two boys and defeated them too. They were all surprised at Xiu being able to firebend, and they were also surprised to see me as the Avatar. I know you said to be careful, and I promise I am, but I also can't turn away from helping someone. It's what I do. I also tried to go into the Avatar State after meditating, but it didn't go so well. I don't like that Nazo is still acting the way he is, and I'm also a bit nervous that the Black Hood hasn't been seen since I left. However, Xiu inspired me more today after I saw him keep fighting Han. If he didn't give up fighting, then I sure as well won't either! Lastly, I also got Kyan's letter separate from the family. That's attached to this letter. I still miss everyone very much, and I'm always happy to get a letter from home then be able to write one back.



Zeng: "Looks like Kurai is doing well."

Aria: "Yes, it's good to hear."

Zeng: "I can't wait to see our daughter again."

Aria: "I know, dear, I feel the same."

Kyan: "Me too."

Kesuk: "Same here."

Kesuke hands Kyan the letter from Kurai to her.

Kyan: "Thank you, Kesuk."

Kesuk: "You're welcome."

Kyan reads her personal letter from her sister.

Dear Kyan,

I'm so happy to hear everything is quiet and going well. I'm also happy to hear that you, Kun, and Kesuk are practicing your bending skills just like I am. I understand what you mean, big sis, it's lonely not having anyone to talk about, well, girl things. I sleep by myself here as well, and I miss having my big sister / roommate around. However, you and I are never alone! No matter how far or where we are. Whenever I feel like that, I look at the bracelet Mom and Dad gave me, just like the necklace they gave you. Remember that.

Thank you for saying what you said to me about showing everyone who I am. I hope you, Kun, and Kesuk are doing the same. That would be interesting if I was the first Avatar to have siblings. Though, with our mixed up family and even me being a mixed up Avatar, I can't say I'm surprised.

Now to answer your questions. It wasn't a date, it was just a hang out. That's it, but it went well after we had that small confrontation with the three boys. Xiu is cute and yes, he is a firebender. He is also very nice, caring, and strong. I don't know what else to say about him right now, but it's my turn to ask you a question. How are you and Magnus? Miss you, Kyan, and can't wait to hear from you again.



Kyan smiles, and she will write back to her sister later tonight.

The Talk:

After reading the letters, the family goes about their morning. Zeng and Kesuk do some work outside the home, Aria makes them a meal for when they are done, Kun bods with Jade, and Kyan is with Magnus.

Magnus: "I want to talk with your father."

Kyan: "About what?"

Magnus: "Something important."

Kyan: "Alright. I guess you can talk with him as soon as he is finished with the house work."

Magnus: "That's fine."

As soon as Zeng and Kesuk finish working, they clean up and join up with everyone else. Kyan and Magnus walk over to Zeng.

Kyan: "Dad, Magnus wants to talk to you."

Zeng: "Sure, I don't mind."

Kyan: "Okay."

Magnus: "Thank you, sir, but can we talk in privacy please?"

Zeng: "Sure. Follow me."

Magnus follows Zeng a bit nervously. Zeng and Magnus go into the other room to talk.

Zeng: "So, what is it you wanted to talk about?"

Magnus: "About Kyan."

Zeng: "Go ahead. I'm listening."

Magnus: "I want to ask Kyan to marry me."

Zeng: "So that's what this is about? Well, she can't marry someone until she is sixteen. It's fine with me, but you have to wait two more years."

Magnus nods and smiles.

Magnus: "Yes, and I understand that. Thank you and I really just wanted to ask you now is all."

Zeng: "That's fine, but remember, once you marry her, it's full commitment and responsibility."

Magnus: "I love your daughter very much. I would do anything for her and I will always protect her."

Zeng: "Good. I don't want to see my baby girl crying."

Magnus: "I know I have hurt her in the past, but I promise that won't ever happen again! You have my word."

Zeng: "Good."

After the talk, Zeng and Magnus join up with the others.

Father / Daughter Spar:

Zeng: "Kyan, would you like to spar with me?"

Kyan: "Sure, Dad!"

Zeng: "Great! Let's go."

Kyan smiles and goes outside with her father. Once outside, Zeng gets into his stance.

Zeng: "Show me what you learned."

Kyan smiles.

Kyan: "Alright."

Kyan waterbends a water whip and uses it against her father. Zeng avoids Kyan's water while and waterbends a water stream at her. Kyan moves out of the way and waterbends ice bullets at her father. Zeng blocks Kyan's attack by waterbending an ice wall. Kyan thinks quickly and comes up with an idea. She uses the water around her arms and turns it into an ice drill. She uses the ice drill to break her father's ice wall. Once the ice wall is broken, she then aims at Zeng with a water boxing technique. Zeng moves out of the way of Kyan's water boxing then waterbends ice creeps on Kyan's legs.

Zeng: "Got you."

Kyan: "Aw. Yes, you did, Dad."

Zeng: "Good match! You've gotten a lot better!"

Kyan: "Yes, it was, and thank you, Dad."

Zeng and Kyan smile and bow to one another.

Learning to Lavabend:

After Zeng and Kyan are done with their sparring, Magnus and Kun take over. Magnus promised to teach Kun how to lavabend.

Magnus: "I don't want to sound rude, but how are you going to lava bend when you can't see? I know you can feel the earth and even the earth in metal, but are you sure you can do the same for lavabending?"

Kun: "My blindness is my strength. I know I can do this."

Magnus nods.

Magnus: "I have to say, I like your confidence and willpower. Alright, let me teach you how to lavabend."

Kun smiles and listens to Magnus.

Magnus: "Lavabending is being 'able to change the phase of the earth by manipulating and melting it into lava for more versatility in battle. This is similar to what waterbenders do with ice. A bender using this ability can form the lava into different weapons or summon magma from the ground. This rare ability allows the bender to phase-change earth into lava, lava into earth, and otherwise manipulate existing lava with great dexterity.'"

Kun: "So I have to feel the earth like I normally would, while also feeling the heat of the lava."

Magnus: "Yes, that's right."

Kun: "I admit, I'm a bit nervous about hurting myself or someone else with lava since I can't see it."

Magnus: "Kun, what happened to that confidence? You're a strong earthbender, and you can do this."

Kun takes a deep breath and nods.

Kun: "Alright, thank you."

Magnus: "No problem. Now, get into your stance."

Kun gets into an earthbending stance as he feels the earth below him with his feet.

Magnus: "Good. Now, focus on turning normal earth into a liquid kind of form. Melt the earth away."

Kun stomps on the ground trying to do as Magnus said, but all he does is regular earthbending.

Magnus: "No, didn't work. When my father and Davenport were teaching me this, they told me to use my arms and hands more. I know you feel with your feet and would rather use them, but trust me. Feel the earth with your hands.

Kun kneels down and puts his hands on the ground. He carefully feels the vibrations around him as well as the earth.

Magnus: "Feel the heat within the earth and when you are ready, give it a try."

Kun nods and focuses on the earth below him. When he believes he is ready, he takes a breath, then quickly stands up, his hands coming off the earth, and he is able to turn that earth into lava. Magnus is amazed.

Magnus: "You lavabended!"

Kun: "I did?'

Magnus: "Yes! Don't you feel the heat?"

Kun walks a bit an stops just before he steps on the lava. He can feel the heat from the molten rock.

Kun: "Yes, I do!"

Magnus: "Impressive, Kun, impressive. Now feel the heat of the molten rock and turn it back into solid earth."

Kun feels the heat from the lava and earthbends the lava back into solid earth.

Magnus: "Congratulations, Kun. You are now a lavabender."

Kun: "Yes! Thank you so much, Magnus!"

Magnus: "Anytime and hey, next time I'll teach you how to turn lava into projectiles from just a few pieces of earth."

Kun: "Thank you again, Magnus, and I look forward to it."

Kun holds his hand out, and Magnus shakes Kun's hand.

Magnus: "Anytime and you're welcome."

Both Kun and Magnus smile.

Calling Home:

Later in the Fire Nation, Khan is setting up a new phone. Akane is helping her husband and they finish installing it.

Khan: "There, now we have a phone. I believe it's more expensive to have a phone, but let's see if Kurai can use it to call home."

Akane: "Good idea, dear."

Khan smiles and calls Kurai. Kurai hears hims and comes walking in.

Kurai: "Yes?"

Khan: "We got a phone. You can used it if you want to call your family."

Kurai: "Oh great! Thank you."

Khan: "You can call them right now. I'm sure they would be very happy to hear from you."

Kurai: "Alright.

Kurai smiles and calls her family. Back in Republic City, Kesuk picks up the phone.

Kesuk: "Hello?"

Kurai: "Kesuk?"

Kesuk: "Kurai!?"

Kurai: "It's me, twin bro."

Kesuk: "No way!"

Khan and Akane smile, seeing Kurai happy. Kyan walks into the room, hearing Kesuk say Kurai's name.

Kyan: "Kurai is on the phone!?"

Kesuk: "Yeah!"

Kesuk: How's the Fire Nation? Can you bring me back a sword from there like the one Grandpa Lee has? Learn any cool Avatar stuff yet?

Kyan: "Kurai, tell me about Xiu."

Kun laughs at his cousins.

Kun: "Calm down, you two."

Kurai laughs at her siblings.

Kurai: "Hey, one at a time."

Zeng and Aria walk in.

Zeng: "Is that Kurai?"


Aria: "We can speak to our little girl now."

Kesuk talks to Kurai.

Kurai: "I haven't really learned any Avatar training stuff yet. Sorry Kesuk, I don't think I can get you a sword."

Kesuk: "You will soon, I'm sure of it. Oh it's okay and miss you, twin sis. Hey, tell Xiu I'll be watching him closely."

Kurai: "Now I know how Kyan felt when you said that to her about Magnus."

Kesuk: "It's my job as your brother."

Kurai: "I know, I know. Miss you too, twin bro."

Kesuk: "Talk to you again soon."

Kesuk finishes his conversation with Kurai and hands the phone to Kyan.

Kyan: "Hi Kurai! Okay tell me everything."

Kurai: "Hi to you too, Kyan. I know who you are talking about, Kyan, but I can't do that over the phone."

Kyan: "Awe. Alright and I guess that means we have something to really talk about when you come home. Well, that and about your training. Speaking of which, I almost beat dad at sparring today. I was so close!"

Kurai: "Ice creeps again?"

Kyan: "Yeah."

Kurai: "Dad's favorite technique."

Kurai and Kyan laugh when they tease their father.

Kurai: "How are you and Magnus?"

Kyan: "We are great! Magnus taught Kun how to lavabend. He also spoke with dad, just the two of them."

Kurai: "That's great for Kun and very kind of Magnus to do. He did? I wonder what that was about."

Kyan: "It was very nice of him, and I wonder too, but they won't tell me."

Kurai: "I'm sure you'll find out soon, Kyan."

Kyan: "Yeah. Anyways, I miss you. Can't wait to talk and see you in person again when you come home."

Kurai: "Miss you too."

Kyan ends her talk with Kurai and hands it to Kun.

Kun: "Hey, Kurai. How are you doing and how is training?"

Kurai: "Hi Kun. I'm doing well and training is also going well. I heard you lavabended."

Kun: "I'm glad to hear that and yes. It's not as easy as it looks. Magnus says he will also teach me how to turn small bit of lava into projectiles."

Kurai: "That's amazing! After this, all you'll need is sandbending and you're practically a master earthbender."

Kun smiles.

Kun: "Yeah. I say when you get back, we all have an intense sparring match.

Kurai: "Oh, it's on!"

Kun: "Great! Can't wait for that. Anyways, miss you and stay safe."

Kurai: "Thank you, Kun. Miss you too and I will."

Kun ends his talk with Kurai and now talks to her parents. Aria speaks with Kurai first.

Aria: "Hi sweetheart. How are you doing?"

Kurai: "Hi, Mom. I'm doing very well. Khan and his family make me feel right at home."

Aria: "I'm very happy to hear that, sweetheart. I know Khan won't let anything happen to you. I trust him a lot."

Kurai: "I know you do, Mom. Khan said I was a lot like you when I firebend."

Aria laughs.

Aria: "That's my girl! However, you're shy like your father."

Kurai: "Yes, very true."

Aria: "Yes and how are you enjoying the Fire Nation?"

Kurai: "Oh, it's great! Xiu went to a Fire Nation fair. It was small, but fun. I enjoy seeing where you, Grandpa Lee, and Grandpa Jun grew up.

Aria: I'm happy to hear that too, sweetheart. I miss you so much. It's empty without one of my baby turtle ducks near me."

Aria realizes she just said that aloud and gets embarrassed.

Aria: "I can't believe I just said that."

Kurai: "Embarrassing, Mom."

Aria: "It was, sweetheart."

Kurai and Aria laugh.

Aria: "Continue to train and enjoy. Love you, sweetheart, and can't wait to have you home soon."

Kurai: "Love you too, Mom, and I can't wait to be home. I'll talk to you soon."

Aria: "Alright, sweetheart. Bye for now."

Aria and Kurai finish talking. Zeng gets the phone.

Zeng: "Hi, sweetie. How are you doing?"

Kurai: "Hi, Dad. I'm doing well. What about you?"

Zeng: "I'm doing fine. I've missed you so much."

Kurai: "I miss you so much too, Dad."

Zeng: "I heard you met a boy named Xiu. How is he treating you?"

Kurai: "Dad..."

Kurai blushes even though Zeng can't see her.

Kurai: "I'm concentrating more on training right now. I don't have time for that, and all he's doing is just showing me around the Fire Nation."

Zeng knows his daughter likes Xiu just by the tone of her voice.

Zeng: "It's okay, sweetie."

Kurai: "Okay, I admit, I like him. However, I really can't focus on that right now. I'm busy with other things."

Zeng: "I understand."

Kurai: "Yeah..."

Kurai quickly changes the topic.

Kurai: "So I heard Kyan almost had you at sparring today."

Zeng: "Yeah, she almost caught me by surprise."

Kurai: "Watch out, Dad, she will get you one day."

Zeng: "I know, I know. Have you been practicing your waterbending?"

Kurai: "Not so much. I've been more focused on firebending right now. However, I helped to heal Xiu after a fight."

Zeng: "Wow really?"

Kurai: "Yes."

Zeng: "That's great!"

Kurai: "I promise to practice all my bending as much as I can."

Zeng: "Great to hear, sweetie. It must be getting late over there. Why don't you get some rest?"

Kurai: "It is and okay, Dad. Miss everyone and will talk to you soon."

Zeng: "Alright, sleep well."

Kurai: "Thank you and you too, Dad. Goodnight."

Zeng: "Goodnight."

The two hang up the phone. Kurai smiles, having talked to her family.

Day Off Continued:

The next day, Omaya, Tomaya, Kun, and Jade spend their day at the pool. Meanwhile, Zeng, Aria, Kyan, and Kesuk spend their day at the Pro-Bending Arena. Once they are there, Kyan and Kesuk curiously look around. Zeng and Aria remember their days here when they competed.

Zeng: "Brings back memories."

Aria: "It sure does, dear.'

Kesuk: "This is so cool!"

Kyan: "It is, but did you know it had to be repaired after it was destroyed in battle?"

Kesuk: "Yes, I remember learning about that."

The commissioner recognizes Zeng and Aria and walks up to them

Commissioner: "Well, I haven't seen you two around here in quite a while."

Zeng: "Hello again, Commissioner.

Zeng: "Kesuk, this is so cool

Kyan: "Did you know it had to be fixed after it was destroyed?"

Kesuk: "I remember hearing about that."

Aria: "Hello again, Commissioner. Nice to see you."

Zeng: "Hello, Commissioner. We have been busy."

Aria: "A lot has happened in the past few years."

Commissioner: "I see and yes, these past few years have been quite rough."

Zeng: "Yes and we now are a family."

Zeng turns to Kyan and Kesuk.

Zeng: "Kids, introduce yourself."

Kyan: "Nice to meet you, sir. I'm Kyan."

Kesuk: "Hello, sir. I'm Kesuk."

Commissioner: "Nice to meet you both. Are you two benders like your parents?"

Kyan: "Yes. I'm a waterbender."

Kesuk: "I'm an airbender."

The commissioner is surprised that Kesuk is an airbender.

Commissioner: "Interesting."

Zeng: "We also have another daughter, but she's busy with training."

Commissioner: "Ah. I'm guessing she is a prodigy firebender? How is it that you two had an airbender?"

Aria: "My mother is an airbender."

Commissioner: "Yes. That's right, that's right."

Kyan: "Our sister is a firebender just like our mom is."

Kesuk: "Well, I wouldn't say our sister is a prodigy. She has a lot of work to do."

Commissioner: "Alright then. Anyways, go ahead and enjoy yourselves here. Let's just hope no more robots or Avatars come around for a while."

Zeng: "Well, that's the thing, Commissioner. You see, our daughter is-"

The commissioner interrupts Zeng before he finishes his sentence.

Commissioner: "I mean, I don't have anything against the Avatar, but after seeing the new Fire Nation Avatar, I don't need that in my business. It's a shame Avatar Korra reincarnated into that."

Kyan and Kesuk look at one another.

Aria: "Commissioner, sir-"

Zeng: "The Fire Nation Avatar you are speaking about is not the Avatar. The Avatar is our daughter, Kurai."

The commissioner looks at them confused.

Commissioner: "How?"

Kyan: "That's why she is in training. She is not just a firebender."

Kesuk: "We are all asking the same question, but it's true, sir."

Aria: "We didn't believe it at first either."

Zeng: "Our daughter is very shy."

Commissioner: "It makes sense a bit now. I see. Well, if this is true, I'd like to have a welcome for her and your family. From what I can understand, it's been quit a journey for her and all of you, and that deserves to be recognized."

Zeng: "We don't want fame and fortune. All we want is our daughter to come home soon."

Commissoner: "I see, and I understand."

Zeng: "Thank you, Commissioner. Come on, kids, let's watch the matches."

Zeng, Aria, Kyan, and Kesuk say bye to the commissioner. They then take their seats and watch the Pro-Benders take the arena.

Pro-Bending Memory:

Zeng, Aria, Kyan, and Kesuk watch the Pro-Benders battle it out in the arena. Before they know it, there is a break. The family goes outside to stretch before the next match.

Zeng: "Being here brings back so many memories."

Aria: "It sure does, dear."

Both Zeng and Aria smile, remembering their time as Pro-Benders.

Kesuk: "You three must have been quite a team."

Zeng: "We got to face the Fire Ferrets, but we were knocked out really fast."

Aria: "That's right. Your father got knocked out first, then I did, then your Aunt Omaya."

Kesuk: "Ouch."

Kyan: "Hey, you made it that far though. That's still very good!"

Kesuk: "Agreed!"

Zeng and Aria nod smiling.

Zeng: "Mako knocked me out hard with his kick."

Aria: "Yes, he did."

Mako and Bolin recognize Zeng and Aria and walk over.

Mako: "I have to admit, it was easy getting you out."

Bolin: "No way! We haven't seen you two in a very long time!"

Zeng: "Hey, Mako and Bolin."

Aria: "Hello, Mako and Bolin. It has been a while, hasn't it?"

Bolin: "Well you know, things got a little crazy with-"

Mako: "They know bro, they were there."

Zeng: "Yeah.

Aria nods. Bolin notices Kyan and Kesuk.

Bolin: "Hello there. You two must be Zeng and Aria's kids. I'm-"

Kyan: "We know who you are."

Kyan says smiling.

Kesuk: "You're Bolin! Earthbender of the Fire Ferrets!"

Kyan: "Mako is your older brother and the firebender of the Fire Ferrets."

Bolin: "Wow! You two are smart."

Mako: "We are no longer the Fire Ferrets and haven't been called that in many years."

Kyan: "Doesn't matter, it's a legacy your team left behind."

Zeng laughs.

Zeng: "They love Pro-Bending."

Aria: "That they do, and they love knowing about the past. They are very curious kids."

Bolin: "That's not a bad thing."

Aria: "Agreed."

Zeng: "We have another child, but she's away right now."

Bolin: "A third one?"

Mako: "Why is she away?"

Zeng: "Training."

Mako and Bolin look at one another a bit confused.

Mako: "Not to be disrespectful or anything, but if one of your kids is in training, shouldn't they all?"

Aria: "Well..."

Zeng looks at Aria.

Zeng: "Should we tell them, dear?"

Aria: "Yes, I think we-"

Before Aria or Zeng can say anything, Kesuk jumps in.

Kesuk: "Our sister is the Avatar."

Kyan: "That's right."

Aria: "Okay, our kids beat us to it."

Mako and Bolin are surprised.

Mako and Bolin: "What!?"

Mako: "Impossible!"

Zeng: "We thought the same, but believe us, we went through a lot."

Mako: "How is that? How can?"

Zeng: "Long story."

Mako: "Alright."

The bell rings for the second half of the match.

Aria: "Sounds like it's time for the second half."

Mako: "Yeah."

Bolin: "Hey, we should all catch up again soon."

Aria: "We wouldn't mind that."

Bolin: "Great!"

They all say goodbye and return to the match.

Author's note

  • Magnus explanation about what lavabending is, is taken from the lavabending article on the Avatar Wiki.

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