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Airbending Practice:

The next morning, Kurai is up at the crack of dawn practicing her firebending skills with Phoenix. The two preform the Dancing Dragon technique. As Kurai and Phoenix do this, they are aware of Kayla watching, but are unaware Zeng is also looking out the window watching them. After completing the Dancing Dragon, Kurai moves on to try the Leaf in the Wind again from the day before.

Kurai: "Okay, Phoenix, now that we are warmed up, try flapping your wings to make a breeze. I want to try the leaf in the wind again."

Phoenix does as he is told and flaps his wings. As Phoenix flaps, the obstacle moves and Kurai tries it again. When jumping right in, Kurai gets hit by the obstacle and falls back.

Kurai: "Let's try that again."

Kurai goes in, but falls back yet again. She lays there and sighs. Kayla walks over to the young Avatar and playfully tackles her. The polar bear dog tries to tell Kurai not to give up my licking her. Kurai laughs.

Kurai: "Okay, Kayla, okay, I get it."

Kayla wags her tail and helps Kurai back on her feet.

Kurai: "Okay, Phoenix, again!"

The hawk dragon flaps his wings, creating the breeze to move the obstacle. Kurai takes a deep breath and tries the obstacle again. This time, she manages to get through.

Kurai: "I did it, I did it! Yes!"

Seeing his daughter accomplish this, Zeng walks out of the house, clapping.

Zeng: "Great job, Kurai!"

Kurai turns to see her father, smiles, and blushes embarrassed, having no idea he was watching her.

Kurai: "Thank you, Daddy."

Zeng: "I'm really proud that you didn't give up and were able to do it."

Kurai: "Thank you again, Daddy. I'm happy I did it finally, too."

Both Zeng and Kurai smile. Phoenix and Kayla both give Kurai and congratulatory nuzzle. Kurai happily pets the two animals.

Zeng: "Come inside, I made breakfast for you, Kayla, and Phoenix."

Kurai: "Alright."

They go inside.

Father-Daughter Moment:

Back inside, Kurai sits as Zeng finishes preparing. Kurai thinks for a second, then asks her father a question she has been wanting to ask.

Kurai: "Dad?"

Zeng: "Yes, Kurai?"

Kurai: "Is it weird that you were Avatar Korra's student and now you have me? Did you and Mommy ever think this would happen?"

Zeng looks at his daughter.

Zeng: "It was a surprise for me that you are the next Avatar, but I'm a proud father to have my daughter as the Avatar."

Zeng smiles after he says that and Kurai smiles, hearing her father say that. Zeng then hugs his daughter and Kurai hugs her father back.

Kurai: "I'm quite the Avatar, huh? I can't connect with my past lives and I don't know why. I'm the only Avatar that has siblings, let alone having a twin, and I'm fire instead of earth. Earth was suppose to be next in the Avatar cycle, but it wasn't. The cycle is broken."

Zeng: "Yeah."

Kurai nods. The rest of the family comes down to eat.

Phone Call:

As the family eats, the phone rings. Omaya gets up and answers.

Omaya: "Hello?"

Lin: "Omaya? It's Lin. Listen, I need intel on this fake Avatar."

Omaya: "Yes, of course, Chief."

Lin: "Good."

With that, Lin hangs up. Omaya whispers in Aria's ear about the mission. Aria nods at Omaya, showing she understands. After breakfast, Kurai, Kesuk, Kyan, Kun, Zeng, Aria, Tsubasa, Omaya, and Tomaya head out to Republic City's Grand Hall.

Show Two:

Once at the hall, the family enters and see a very large crowd gathered around the stage. The crowd murmurs as they wait for the show to start. Varrick is also there with his wife, Zhu Li.

Varrick: "Zhu Li, dear, are we rolling?"

Zhu Li: "Rolling dear!"

Varrick: "Excellent! Let's expose this fake Avatar!"

As Varrick and Zhu Li begin to film, Mia walks out with her arms up excitedly and a big smile across her face.

Mia: "Ladies, gentlemen, boys, girls, benders, and non-benders a like, welcome back!"

The crowd cheers. Zeng rolls his eyes and Aria crosses her arms.

Kesuk: "Here we go."

Kyan: "Who is she?

Kesuk: "Nazo's fiancée."

Kyan: "Oh."

Mia: "Today, not only do we have another wonderful performance, but after the show, there will be an interview with the Avatar, and you can ask Avatar Nazo any questions you may have!"

The crowd claps, showing they like the idea.

Kurai: "You have got to be kidding."

Zeng: "Is he a pro-bender wannabe?"

Aria: "It seems like it."

As the crowd cheers, Mia looks at the familiar faces in the crowd and spots Kurai. She walks over.

Mia: "Did you come here to admit that Avatar Nazo is the real Avatar?"

Kurai: "Just came for the show."

Mia: "Best be on your best behavior then."

Kurai: "Oh, no promises."

Mia: "You better."

She walks away.

Mia: "Without further ado, I welcome Avatar Nazo!"

Nazo walks out on stage with high confidence. He does his performance using firebending, until he sees Kurai. He looks at her and smiles.

Nazo: "My audience! I dedicate this performance to this poorly misguided girl, who thinks herself the Avatar."

He points to Kurai and continues to perform. Kyan gets annoyed and speaks up.

Kyan: "My sister is the one and true Avatar! Not you!"

Zeng: "Kyan, sit down."

Kyan: "No!"

Aria: "Kyan, listen to your father."

Nazo turns hearing that comment.

Nazo: "Who said that!?"

Kyan: "I did! You're a fake, a liar, and a con artist!"

Kun speaks up too.

Kun: "You're nothing but sorry entertainment!"

Omaya and Tomaya are a bit embarrassed when Kun stands up.

Omaya: "Kun..."

Tomaya: "Son, get down."

Kun ignores his parents and continues to stand with Kyan. Tsubasa gets up.

Tsubasa: "If you are the real Avatar, bend the other three elements!"

Nazo: "I don't have to prove anything to you."

Kun: "People of Republic City, I may be a blind earthbender, but even I can see this man is a liar!

Nazo: "A liar!? Ha! People of Republic City! Do you honestly believe this little girl is the Avatar!? She couldn't stop a bully at school!"

The crowd nods, agreeing with Nazo. They then throw stuff at Kyan, Kun, and Tsubasa. Zeng gets up and water whips at Nazo.

Zeng: "You mess with my family, you mess with me! You do realize who I am and even the Avatar wouldn't make fun of others! Real Avatar or not, he or she wouldn't do this! They would be humble and always caring for others! My past waterbending teacher taught me this and to stand up to others!"

Nazo blocks Zeng's waterbending with a fire lash. He gives Zeng a very stern look.

Nazo: "I am unlike any other Avatar you have ever known or learned about. Now get off my stage."

Zeng: "No!"

Zeng throws water streams at Nazo.

Nazo: "I'm ending this show for good! You tease my kids, you teased my brother in law, you're going to pay with a one on one match with me. Right here, right now!"

Nazo avoids Zeng's attacks and gets in his stance.

Nazo: "You're asking for it."

Seeing her father a familiar stance, Kurai gets a flash back of Korra. She quickly gets on the stage.

Kurai: "Enough! Dad, Kyan, Kun, and Tsubasa, get off the stage."

Zeng, Kyan, Kun, and Tsubasa stand down. Kurai looks at Nazo. Kurai looks at at the crowd.

Kurai: "People of Republic City, go ahead and believe this man is the Avatar!"

Kurai turns to Nazo, but speaks in a loud tone.

Kurai: "I recently spoke with Avatar Korra! That's right, the Avatar before me! She told me that the truth will come out and when it does, it will hit you like a thousand and one acupuncture needles! When the world is in need of "Avatar Nazo", he won't be able to "perform". He has failed before he has begun!"

Zeng takes his daughter's side.

Zeng: "Maybe when the time comes, we might need Avatar Nazo to protect this city. My daughter is right. Come on kids, let's get out of this nuthouse."

Kurai, Kyan, Kesuk, and Kun don't listen to Zeng and stay put.

Varrick: "This is gold! I can't wait 'til this happens! Zhu Li, hit on the head for ideas!"

When Kurai mentions Avatar Korra, he gets a bit flustered.

Nazo "What was that? That's a lie! You've never spoken to her in your life! I can protect these people from anything!"

Nazo turns to the crowd.

Nazo: "Do you, my people, trust me, your Avatar?"

Some people take Nazo's side, while others take Kurai's side. Nazo turns to Kurai.

Nazo: "A thousand and one acupuncture needles nothing. I invite you to get off my stage."

Kurai: "I will leave when I want. Oh I spoke to Avatar Korra alright. Her, Avatar Aang, and Avatar Roku! I could have continued, but then I'd miss your ever so wonderful show."

Zeng speaks to Nazo again.

Zeng: "My past teacher was Avatar Korra."

Zeng puts his hands on Kurai's shoulder and speaks to Nazo sarcastically.

Zeng: "I needed her guidance due to the Equalist war. I bet you can't remember that, Avatar."

Aria gets up and puts her hands on Zeng and Kurai's shoulder.

Aria: "You are an insult to the Avatar and to firebenders everywhere. You don't deserve any of this."

Nazo feels a bit threatened by Kurai after her bold words.

Nazo: "I advise you to listen to yourself and reconsider spreading false rumors about yourself. You may address me as Avatar Nazo too."

Kurai: "No, I will address you how you deserve to be addressed."

Kurai turns to her parents.

Kurai: "Let's go home."

Zeng and Aria smile. Omaya and Tomaya walk onto he stage. Omaya earthbends at Nazo while Tomaya airbends at him.

Omaya: "By the way, Nazo, you made dun of my son. Next time you do anything like that, stay out of our way!"

Nazo gets very angry, but watches as they leave. He knows not to attack them for now, but he knows his plan will fall into place very soon.


At home, Kurai sits quietly thinking about what just happened. Kesuk goes over to Kurai.

Kesuk: "Did you really reconnect with Avatar Korra, Avatar Aang, and Avatar Roku?

Kurai: "No, it was just a plan to throw Nazo back and it worked."

Meanwhile, Nazo and Mia gather a small group of different benders that seem loyal to Nazo and against Kurai.

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