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January 21, 2015

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With everyone back home, Omaya does some paper work and gathers the evidence she needs to prosecute Magnum. The next day, Omaya, Aria, Merizo, Zeng, Kyan, Kun, Kesuk, and Kurai arrive in court. When they get there, they see Magnum an the defense lawyer. The parties are all sworn in by the bailiff. As soon as everyone is sworn in, the judge walks in and sits down.

Judge: "Today we have the case of Merizo and Aria v. Magnum. Can the prosecutor begin with her opening statements please."

Omaya: "Yes, Your Honor. The defendant has constantly and purposely been in conflict with my clients. My clients warned them and promised to stay away However, that was broken."

Judge: "Thank you. Now the defense."

Defense: "Yes, Your Honor. Your Honor, my client has admitted to wrong doing, but this kind of wrong doing was set up for him by the sergeants in question. He was wrongfully accused."

Omaya: "Objection! Wrongful accusation please. His son said out loud that he tried to kill Kurai. Magnum he used his son to try and kill Zeng who is a General. On top of that, he tampered a battle ship! I have the evidence!"

Judge: "I see."

Defese: "Objection! My client said that it wasn't his idea. The man who was already taken in framed him because he knew of him and thought ti was the perfect plan!"

Omaya: "Objection, Your Honor! We have couple witnesses and military intel. I would like to request my first witness, Your Honor."

Judge:'Permission granted."

Omaya: "Thank you, Your Honor. Before I call my first witness I will have my partner, Sergeant Aria explain the crime scene lay out and the evidence."

Judge: "Very well. Sergeant Aria please approach."

Aria approaches the stand.

Aria: "Thank you, Your Honor. Upon arriving at the crime scene, I was told that a piece of the engine, the piston, was tampered with. The piston had been loosened. However, the piston could not be done by hand, but by only a special tool or a metal bender. When looking closely at the piston, I noticed no marks that a tool could make to remove that piston. It was carefully removed without a tool."

Judge: "Do you have the piston?"

Aria: "We do, Your Honor."

Omaya: "Thank you, Sergeant Aria."

Omaya she shows the evidence and the judge takes a look.

Judge: "Any fingerprints?"

Aria: "No, Your Honor. It was untouched and the officers used gloves as protocol calls for."

Judge: "Were you called at the scene, Sergeant?"

Aria: "No, Your Honor. I was there with my husband General Zeng. He was picking up paperwork. I was waiting outside for him when the explosion took place."

Judge: "What about your partner?"

Aria: "He was at the station when the explosion took place. He had no idea until he received info from our chief."

Judge: "Defense?"

Defense: "Thank you, Your Honor. That piston could have been any metal bender. Perhaps a mistake made by one when preparing or fixing the engine on the ship. Mistakes happen. I think this sergeant just wants to put my client in prison because of what happened to her husband and the perfect set up and accusing my client."

Omaya: "Objection! There weren't any metalbenders there. I have the schedule. Sheng was trying to tamper with the evidence. He was arrested and sentenced to life in prison yesterday. We also discovered a letter from Magnum. We found it in Sheng's pocket and it's clearly in his hand writing. I can prove by asking the defense to write his name."

Judge: "May I see the letter please?"

Omaya brings the letter up and the Judge reads it.

Judeg: "Defense, have your client write his name."

Magnum writes his name, defense brings it up, and the judge takes a look.

Aria: "If I may, Your Honor, add something to that piece of evidence."

Judge: "The writing is similar and yes go ahead."

Aria: "My partner and I interviewed a man who saw the defense speaking with Magnum and overheard them plotting their devious plan. Everything that is written not he letter, they spoke about in person."

Omaya: "It's true. They also tried to kill my Sergeant Aria's daughter."

Judge: "What I am reading here, and correct me if I'm wrong, but they tried to kill the Avatar?"

Aria: "Your Honor, my daughter is the next Avatar."

Judge: "Really?"

Omaya and Aria: "Yes."

The Judge shocked.

Judge: "I've heard the rumors, but I guess they aren't rumors. Can we have the Avatar come up if she is here and explain what happened?"

Omaya: "Yes, but please be gentle with her. She's shy and she doesn't speak much."

The Judge is confused, but he nods.

Judge: "Of course."

Aria takes Kurai's hand and helps her gets seated on the stand.

Aria: "I'll stay right here with you."

Kurai: "Okay mommy."

The Judge is surprised at how young Kurai is.

Judge: "Well, let me first say, it's an honor to meet you Avatar. What is your name and how old are you?"

Kurai: "Thank you, Your Honor. My name is Kurai and I am 10."

Judge: "I see. Before you tell me what happened, can you please prove you are indeed the Avatar?"

Kurai: "H-how?"

Judge: "Bend the four elements of course."

The Judge calls for his bailiff to bring them a cup of water and some rocks. Kurai looks at them nervously. Aria, Merizo, Kyan, Kesuk, and Kun also nervous as they watch. Kurai takes a deep breath. she first bends fire with one hand and holds it there. She then earth bends the rocks and holds it. After, she bend air and holds it. Lastly, she carefully bend water. She bends all four at once. The Judge is amazed. Zeng, Aria, Kyan, Kesuk, and Kun are very proud of Kurai for what she has accomplished. It's a big step for her. Kurai can't bend and hold all four for long. She drops it.

Kurai:I'm sorry, I'm still learning. That was my first time bending all four at the same time."

Judge: "It's okay. At such a young age, I 'm surprised you were able to do that."

Kurai smiles a bit.

Judge: "Avatar Kurai, lease tell us what happened."

Kurai tells the story of what happened at the playground at school and at home when Aria and Merizo bought Magnum to he house. She hesitate to tell the Judge that because she doesn't want to get her moth for uncle in trouble or her sister for bloodbending, but as the Avatar, she also knows it's her job to tell the truth. Aria can see her daughter struggle to tell the truth, so she holds her hand letting her know it's okay. Kurai smiles a bit as her mother gives her comfort.

Judge: "Hm, I see."

Defense: "Your Honor, clearly the prosecution's clients are using their children against my client. Their children should be better taught! Bloodbending is outlawed! The Avatar should not have taken my clients bending! She is to young to know anything about her abilities! I say the Avatar shoulder restore my client's bending and be isolated! She is a danger at this age! Not to mention, Sergeants Aria and Merizo entered my client's home and used excessive force once again! This was cruel and unusual punishment!"

Aria: "Cruel and unusual punishment!? if that true, than it was cruel and unusual punishment when the defense trapped me underground and underwater."

Judge: "Sorry Sergeant, you have no evidence of that. Kids, please show me if this is true."

Kyan: "We can't, I healed them after we were hurt."

Defense: "No evidence there as well, Your Honor."

The Judge sighs.

Judge: "He is right about that. However, I do believe the testimonies heard today."

Defense: "This is outrageous! You can't let them go and let my client suffer!"

Judge: "It seems like these people have suffered enough form your client! However, bloodbending is outlawed and Sergeant, you should have had your kids handled better."

Aria: "My daughters were taught to defend themselves and that's what they did. However, if that what it calls for, than I am willing to accept any punishment, as long as my kids are left out of this and the defense gets the proper sentence he rightfully deserves."

Merizo stands up and walks up.

Merizo: "I am willing to accept the punishment with my partner as long as the same circumstances apply."

Kurai stands up.

Kurai: "No! I'm sorry, but, Your Honor, as the Avatar, I know I have to be responsible for what I do. I want to accept that!"

Kyan and Kesuk walk forward.

Kyan: "As the Avatar's oldest sister, I too want to take responsibility for my bloodbending!"

Kesuk: "I nearly suffocated Magnum to bring him down because of what he did! I want to accept my punishment too!"

Kun: "Count me in too! I helped out just as much as they did to defend my cousin!"

The judge looks at Omaya.

Judge: "I thought you said she was quiet and shy."

Kurai: "No, I've grown quite a bit since this has all happened. I also want to say that as the Avatar, I know that I represent the people, the Four Nations, and Republic City."

Aria: "Kurai, Kyan, Kesuk, please don't-"

Omaya: "Kun, please don't-"

Kurai: "No mom! It's my job! Kyan, Kesuk, and Kun stay out of this!"

Kurai looks at the Judge.

Kurai: "I know I still have a lot to learn and I haven't learned even half the stuff I'm suppose to. One thing I did learn as the Avatar, is that sometimes you have to do the wrong thing to do the right thing."

Zeng: "I'll go to jail as well! I don't want my daughter to be alone!"

Omaya: "Your Honor, we do have one last witness. His name is Khan. He is on his way right now. He will help defend this family."

Khan opens the door wearing his royal guard armor.

Khan: "Sorry, Your Honor that I'm late. I'm the witness and I have a last piece evidence that'll change your mind. He tried to destroyed it, but one of my coworkers took this picture of Sheng trying to kill Aria."

Khan hands the picture to the Judge and the judge looks at it.

Judge: "I see. Very well, I have seen and heard enough! I am sorry Avatar Kurai, but as the judge, this is my job. I will not send anyone to prison, but the defense. I sentence the defense to life in prison without parole! He may receive visitations form family, but family only. No other outside visits. As for our Sergeants here, I sentence you two to a suspended badge. You can not perform your duties until you go through training again. During this time, you may not move up in rank, however, keep your rank that you currently stand at now. This is my final verdict!"

The judge slams his gavel.

Avatar Korra Park:

Once court is out of session, the family walk outside.

Kurai: "Mommy? Uncle Izo? I'm sorry about you two getting suspended because of me."

Kyan: "Me too, I'm sorry."

Aria: "No, you two did not do this at all. It's not your fault."

Merizo: "Your mother is right. It's nothing we can't fix and gain back."

Aria: "I'm so proud of you both for standing up and taking responsibility. Kesuk, Kun, and Kyan for standing up for Kurai. You are all very brave."

Merizo: "I couldn't agree more with Aria. You are all so mature and should be proud of yourselves as well."

Omaya comes out holding her files. She looks at Aria and Merizo.

Omaya: "I'm sorry about what happened. I tried everything to keep your badges from being suspended, I finally locked up Magnum."

Aria: "It's okay Omaya."

Merizo: "As long as my brother got what he deserved and he did thanks to you Omaya. It was worth it."

Omaya smiles.

Omaya: "Anytime."

Aria and Merizo smile. Merizo comes up with an idea."

Merizo: "Why don't we head to the park and celebrate?"

Omaya: "Sure! I'll ask my mom to bring my daughter and we will meet them there."

Tomaya, Jade, and the rest of the family meet up with them at Avatar Korra Park. Once there, Kyan and Kesuk play some catch, Kun sits with his mother, father, and little sister. He spends some time with them. Kurai is curious about the statue of Avatar Korra. She walks around it and looks up at it and smiles.

Kurai: "I know you have been trying to talk to me Avatar Korra. I didn't know what you were trying to say to me, but I think I know now. You I think, what I said at the court and to the judge wasn't only me. It was you helping me say what I had to. I don't think I'll ever be as much as a legend as you are or even as great as the others. Everyone keeps saying something is not right with me. Truth is, I can feel something is missing. I feel it when um Raava is helping me. I don't know what it is, but I will try to find out and continue to learn."

Kurai places her hand on Korra's statue. However, once she does, she suddenly becomes very dizzy and faints. Zeng comes by to see Kurai and brings her favorite snack.

Zeng: "Hey Kurai, I've got your favo-"

Zeng sees Kurai on the floor. He drops the snacks and picks his daughter up.

Zeng: "Kurai? Kurai you okay?"

Kurai is breathing, but she's not moving. Zeng calls for Aria and Aria runs over.

Aria: "What's wro-"

Aria gasps seeing her daughter in Zeng's arms.

Aria: "Kurai!"

Aria she kneels down beside Zeng and Kurai.

Aria: "What happened!?"

Zeng: "I don't know. I came over, saw her on the ground and picked her up. She's breathing, but not moving."

Aria: "We have to take her to the doctor right away!"

Zeng nods. Seeing what's going on, Tsubasa blows his bison whistle calling for Gigi. He then walks over to Kurai, Aria, and Zeng.

Tsubasa: "I felt what happened sis. I called my bison. She's on her way now."

Gigi arrives and lands in front of them.

Tsubasa: "Come on let's go!"

Aria: "Thank you Tsubasa."

Aria takes Kurai holding her close, and climbs onto Gigi. Zeng makes sure they are and then climbs on himself. Once everyone is on, Tsubasa gives the single for Gigi to take off.

Tsuabsa: "Gigi yip yip!"

Gigi takes off. Aria continues to hold Kurai close to her as she begins to tear up.

Kurai's First Hospital Visit:

They arrive at the hospital and Kurai is taken in right away. Both Zeng and Aria cry worried for their daughter. Aria leans on Zeng and Zneg holds her close.

Zeng: "She will be all right."

Aria just nods. Two hours later, the doctor comes out of the room and approaches Zeng and Aria.

Doctor: "We ran a lot of tests on your daughter. Truthfully, we found nothing wrong with her. She is healthy and just seems to be in a deep sleep."

Zeng and Aria sigh in relief, but still worry.

Zeng: "How long will it be until she wakes up?"

Doctor: "We don't know because we have no idea what's wrong with her. What was she doing before she fainted?"

Zeng: "I saw her at the statue of Korra in Avatar Korra park."

The doctor looks even more puzzled.

Doctor: "Huh, I'm sorry we really don't know. She could wake up in a few hours and maybe in a few days. It's best to take her home and let her rest. Keep a close eye on her and we will give you an I.V for her so she doesn't dehydrate or starve. If you notice anything, bring her back right away."

Aria: "We will. Thank you doctor."

After receiving the I.V from the hospital, they take Kurai home.


At home, Aria gentle lays Kurai in her and Zeng's bed.

Zeng: "I hope she wakes up soon."

Aria: "I hope so too."

Kyan, Kesuk, and Kun walk in worried about Kurai.

Kyan: "What's wrong with her? Will she be okay?"

Zeng: "She's fine Kyan. She just in a deep sleep, that's all."

Kesuk: "Why? How?"

Aria: "We don't know sweetie."

Zeng: "We have to wait and see."


Kyan: "What about water healing?"

Zeng doesn't know what to say.

Aria: "Kyan, I know you want to help but best to let your sister alone for now."

Kyan: "Alright."

Aria sits next to Kurai and uses her firebending over her daughter.

Kesuk: "What are you doing mom?"

Aria: "Kyan gave me an idea. If Kurai isn't physically hurt, then maybe-ah yes! I think I know why the doctor couldn't find anything. It's nothing physical, it's spiritual. I don't know anymore than that."

Zeng: "Wait a minute-"

Zeng meditates and goes into the Spirit World. Aria, Kyan, and Kesuk wait worried.

Into the Spirit World:

In the Spirit World, Zeng looks for his daughter, however, Kurai is no where to be found. He calls out for his daughter.

Kurai: "Daddy?"

A 16 year old Kurai comes out of the spirit forest.

Kurai: "What are you doing here? You're not suppose to be here!"

Zeng: "Kurai, is that you?'

Kurai: "Yes daddy, but you really have to get out of here!"

Zeng: "Why? I have full experience in the spirit world."

Kurai: "I want you to stay, but I have to do this alone."

Zeng: "I understand, but if it gets rough, come home soon. We are really worried about you."

Kurai: "I-I don't know how. I don't even know how I got here, but I have to go into there."

Kurai points at a dark spirit forest.

Kurai: "I'm scared, but I have a feeling I'll be fine. Don't worry and tell mommy, Kyan, and Kesuk not to worry."

Zeng hugs Kurai close.

Zeng: "It's all right, that's why I'm here. I have a strong connection to the Spirit World."

Kurai hugs her dad back.

Kurai: "I know, I can feel it. I'm sorry I have to do this though."

Kurai makes Zeng leave the Spirit World. Zeng returns to his body and wakes up.

Zeng: "Kurai is doing something important. I'm really worry about her."

Aria:'You didn't stay with her!?"

Zeng: "She sent me back for some reason. She also looked older and taller than me."

Aria is speechless.

Kyan and Kesuk: "Cool!"

Zeng: "She looks a lot like you Aria, but we must wait for here dear. We need to respect that, but if it's takes more than three days, we go and get her."

Aria sighs, nods, and smiles a bit.

Aria: "I understand."

While laying on the bed, Kurai takes a deep breath. After that breath, she doesn't do anything else. Inside the Spirit World, Kurai enters the dark forest. When entering, Kurai sees nothing but darkness. That is until a small glow of light shines in the distance. Kurai follows it and as she does, the light gets bigger and bigger. When she finally reaches it, she is face to face with Raava and Korra.

Kurai: "My dad said you were trying to reach me and I knew it too."

Kurai smiles. Korra and Raava show Kurai that a link between the Avatar and the past lives has been difficult to rebuild and reconnect to its fullest. They explain that the cycle sort of started over again with the skipping of earth. Korra and Raava also explain to Kurai that the reason she is 16 here in the Spirit World is because that is when Kurai will be at her full potential to truly begin. However, they showed her this now because they knew Kurai was ready to receive the news.

Zeng, Aria, Kyan, and Kesuk don't leave Kurai's side. They all end up falling asleep together in the room. The day slowly comes to end and the next day comes.

Waking Up:

The next morning, Kurai begins to move. She struggles to come back, but is trying very hard. Finally, Kurai finds her way and opens her eyes.

Kurai: "Mommy? Daddy?"

Zeng and sees Kurai awake and sitting up. he hugs his daughter close.

Zeng: "We were so worried."

Aria wakes hearing both Kurai and Zeng's voice. She smiles an hugs them both.

Aria: "Kurai, you're finally awake sweetheart."

Kurai hugs her mother and father back. Kyan and Kesuk wake up too when they hear their sister's voice.

Kyan and Kesuk: "Sis!"

Kyan and Kesuk give Kurai a hug. Kurai hugs her siblings back.

Kurai: "Where am I? How old am I? How long was I gone?"

Zeng: "It's all right. You were gone for a day."

Aria: "You're in mine and your father's bed and you're 10 sweetheart."

Kurai looks at her parents and siblings with surprise.

Kurai: "I don't remember what happened after being at the park, being by Korra's statue, feeling dizzy, then it got dark."

Aria: "You're safe now Kurai."

Kesuk: "How is my twin feeling anyways?"

Kurai: "My head hurts."

Zeng: "I'll get you something to drink."

In the kitchen, Zeng looks at the calendar and realizes it's Kesuk and Kurai's birthday. Meanwhile, Aria holds her daughter close as Kurai cuddles up to her mother.

Kesuk: "So what were you doing when you were asleep for that long?"

Kurai: "I wasn't sleeping."

Kyan: "So what were you doing then?"

Kurai explains what she saw and what happened.

Aria: "Sounds like you were in a long meditation."

Kesuk: "That's awesome!"

Kyan: "Yeah! Amazing!"

Kurai: "It was a bit scary, but It was amazing too."

Zeng comes back with a cup of water for Kurai and hands it to her.

Zeng: "Here you are sweetie."

Kurai: "Thank you daddy."

Kurai takes a sip of her water. Zeng leans over and whispers to Aria about the twin's birthday. Aria can't believe they almost forgot their little ones birthday. Zeng and Aria whisper to Kyan telling her to stay with Kesuk and Kurai and keep them busy. Kyan smiles and nods. While her parents figure out what to do for her siblings, she keeps the twins busy. They later celebrate the twins birthday.

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