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By King Bumis Heir Part of the Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan, Avatar: The Smell of War continuity.
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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan, Avatar: The Legend of Anana, Avatar: The Smell of War.

39th Earth King Yao
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Earth Kingdom


126 (Overthrown), 98 (During the war)


1013 BG


872 BG (Age: 141)

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Dark Brown (formerly), White

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Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation (formerly)


Fire Lord Osamu, Avatar Kwan Chun, Avatar Anana, Air Nomads

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Earth King


Earth King


Earth Kingdom

First appearance

Book 1: Air Chapter 18: The Smell of War

Last appearance

Book 2: Water Chapter 10: The Forbidden Art

39th Earth King Yao is the Earth King, the ruler of the whole entire Earth Kingdom, ruling from the capital city of Ba Sing Se during Avatar Kwan Chun's life time and part of Avatar Anana. He makes an appearance in Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan.


Early Life

Earth King Yao, had gone down in history as one of the few tyrannical rulers of the Earth Kingdom. Yao was born to Earth King Avanindra and his unknown wife in 1013 BG.

Time of Rule

Earth King Yao, was racist towards the Air Nomads, because he did not understand the lifestyle, and the history that followed on why they chose to live like that. After his father had died of cardiac arrest, Yao took the throne in 983 BG at age of 30. From then on he put drastic measures into the kingdom, that not only made it a great rule but also had done various changes to how things worked and how people had reacted and what had resulted from it.

A few revolted to Yao's rule, because of the increase in taxes, many were poor, the economy plunged downwards after Avanindra's death. Increase of crime had also occurred during this time. But after the people of the Earth Kingdom had learned that Yao had no mercy, crime decreased, and everyone was fearful of the Earth King.

The Secret War

During Kwan Chun's training, Yao, had grew more hatred for the Air Nomads. He decided to pick on them since they lived a pacifist life style. He noticed that on the Earth Kingdom map that Western Air Temple was on his territory. He wanted no such cowards living on his land, he would not accept that.

Yao, declared war on all Air Nomads though, one day an ambassador from the Air Nomads had arrived to have peace talks with the Earth King. Yao, imprisoned him in jail that day, early in the morning a law had been passed by that all Air Nomads who set foot on Earth Kingdom territory were to be extorted on sight, or imprisoned.

The ambassador, was none other than Kwan Chun's guardian monk. The years sped by as the Air Nomads who resided on Earth Kingdom soil were killed and/or imprisoned. Some of the king's men, had actually quit, they wanted no part in Yao's human crimes, and war crimes. A couple of men stayed, those had intentions on ridding the land of airbenders.

Yao time and time again, had propaganda rallies and posters all over the city and kingdom, many men would travel to Ba Sing Se to join Yao's army. He persuaded young men to join his army, and law-biding citizens as well. Years had passed, when word spread around that Kwan Chun was a fully-realized Avatar. Yao's army had grown five times than its original amount. More than 11,000 men had joined the military.

When Kwan Chun, had learned of Yao's crimes on Air Nomads, he traveled directly towards the palace. Kwan Chun had warned Yao about the war, and releasing his guardian monk. He also warned Yao that if he continued that Kwan Chun would return to execute him.

Yao, did not feel threated but felt there was danger was placed upon his kingdom. Yao had the guards seize the Avatar, who retaliated and killed all of the guards within the throne room.

Yao, had told Kwan Chun, that his 11,000 troops have been deployed, and as of right now are marching towards all four of the air temples. Kwan Chun, had left the Earth Kingdom towards the Fire Nation.

Seeking audience with the Fire Lord, the Fire Lord had agreed with the Avatar to immediately have his troops defend the temples from the Earth King's armies. Fire Nation troops were placed in all four temples for a duration of two weeks. Yao's army, did not march to all four temples, the whole army had marched towards the Southern Air Temple. Kwan Chun, had stopped at the village of Hunan, which was burnt down and abandoned two decades ago.

Kwan Chun, had fought off the army of men, and even quicker with the use of the Avatar State. After a while more and more men continued to come and Kwan Chun, had sacrificed himself to end the war.

Which in fact, his death did end the war. Though Yao did not allow any Air Nomads on Earth Kingdom soil. Until many years later, Yao had declared war on the Fire Nation, when he discovered that the Fire Nation had placed troops to protect the Air Nomads.

Osamu, was ready for war, he was really great friends with Kwan Chun, and Kwan Chun had saved his life, so in return he helped out his friend during his time of need. Many men had revolted against Yao and the war, they were tired of the war, and the crimes that followed. Many families had lost loved ones because of the war.

With the help of Avatar Anana, the citizens of Ba Sing Se, had formed a resistance against King Yao, and had overthrown him months later. Placing his son, as the heir of the throne, and in hopes that his son would be different than Yao.

Sixteen years later, Yao had died of extremely old age, dying at the age of 141 in 872 BG. Yao was written down in history as one of the greatest yet terrible and tyrannical ruler in Earth Kingdom history.



Yao, was born an earthbender, and discovered this ability when he was able to walk. His father King Avanindra, had placed him in training right away. At the age of 17 Yao had become a master earthbender.

Throughout the years as ruler of the Earth Kingdom, Yao had used his abilities against the Air Nomads, in heinous and bad intentional ways. Making him a war criminal.



Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan

Book One: Air

Preceded by
38th Earth King Avanindra
Earth King
983 BG - 855 BG (128 Years)
Succeeded by
40th Earth King Wang

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