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Earth Kingdom

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Ba Sing Se


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1147 BG


1098 BG


1125 — 1098 BG

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Gong was the 38th Earth King, ruling from Ba Sing Se (1125—1098 BG). Considered to be a corrupt and inept leader, his reign was characterized by the increasing criminal and bandit activity, as well as government inefficiency and stagnating economy. Gong also gave away vast powers and wealth to various nobles that pleased him, giving regional leaders more independence from the central government. The brief Hu Xin War, that occurred towards the end of his reign, showed the ineffectiveness of King Gong and spread further distrust with the Earth Kingdom government that would serve as the catalyst of unrest during the reign of his successor, King Ronglu.


Gong was born and raised in the confines of the Earth Kingdom Royal Palace in Ba Sing Se. He initially had little interest in politics and pursued pleasure before his father's death, at which point Crown Prince Gong inherited the throne. As a king, he took on the responsibility of leading the country, but was notoriously inept. Under his reign, crime increased, the economy grounded to a halt, and the government suffered from corruption and nepotism. Matching his love of pleasure-seeking, the 38th Earth King spent much of the kingdom's budget on personal banquets and ceremonies. However, one of his most damaging acts was to give more power and wealth to those aristocrats that pleased him, who began acting more independently as a result.

A number of insurrections and rebellions broke out during his reign, but one of the few things he did competently was brutally crushing dissidents. Although a tenuous stability was restored, King Gong's military campaigns did strain the national treasury and caused additional problems. Towards the end of his reign, the Fire Nation responded to King Gong's failure to curb piracy in the Mo Ce Sea by raiding pirate hideouts on the western coast of the Earth Kingdom. Gong found this to be a personal insult to him, and declared war on the Fire Nation. The Fire Nation landed troops in the western part of the kingdom after defeating its navy, and defeated the Earth Kingdom Army, though at a considerable cost. The king was forced to sue for peace and sign an unequal treaty with the Fire Nation. By the time of his death in 1098 BG, his son Ronglu inherited a divided and weakened kingdom.


  • He is named for Prince Gong, a Manchu noble and statesman of the late Qing Dynasty.

Preceded by
37th Earth King
38th Earth King
1125 — 1098 BG
Succeeded by
39th Earth King Ronglu

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