Reaching The Deepest Depths Of Evil
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The Secrets of the Beast

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February 20, 2012

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The secrets of the beast 3:

Reaching the deepest depths of evil

Ambushed by The Venomous Butterfly

Aang had listened to the strange moment that had happened to Toph, The Sediao, Jian Sheng, and the attack all seemed strange but deep down he felt that they connected. After trying to open his last chakra gate he had a vision that Katara was in danger but then it became something deeper and dark.

A vision of destruction, fires burning everywhere consuming everything, buildings destroyed, people of all nations dead with bodies scattered around, his friends, allies all destroyed, and Katara fell last and in the middle of all the death and carnage was a shadowed figure, eyes glowing red with green fire burning from its hands and coming out of its mouth, behind it a moon shattered.

"A beast intent on extinguishing all life" He heard a voice in the vision and decided that he needed to get back now.

They had already visited the Earth King but he simply insisted that nothing was wrong and that Katara had left with the Kyoshi Warriors. Aang didn't like the situation and that lead to him talking it over at their apartment when there was a knock at the door.

Before Toph could say anything the door was kicked down.

She had long black hair and bright yellow eyes and she wore a small, purple breastplate, supported with black straps that fastened to form a spider pattern on her back, black sleeveless shirt that exposes the midriff with a closed collar, long flowing sleeves and a purple mask that covered the lower half of her face. She wears long, baggy, off-white colored trousers and purple tights with no shoes, and long, fingerless gloves.

"My name is Xuè Húdié Dì sì(Fourth) of the Sediao." She pulled out two sai. "Care to dance!" she said as she got into a fighting stance.

The Tiger fights The clown Princess of Pain

Tora was first to get to the tent where the screaming came from. He found some guy getting thrown around by Zhengyi's right hand woman. She was holding him by the neck and slapping him a few times before grabbing him by his face and tossing him outside.

"Can anyone stand up to the clown princess of pain Hārēkuin or will more fail." It was the same red dressed, white masked clown

Tora stepped into the tent and seen that many of the audience was literally captive as they were tied in chairs.

Harekuin looked at Tora the she gave a very sweet smile, she then waved her hand at him to come closer as she pulled out her club and tried to slam it down on Tora followed by her giggling.

Tora rolled to the side nearly avoiding the drop as Zuko caught up realizing that Tora was slightly kneeling.

"What happened?" Tora started to get up he pointed at the tent, Zuko looked in to see a woman on all fours on the ground ready to pounce, before he could react he was knocked to the side. Iroh came forward ready to stop her.

Saved by The Weapon of Vengeance

Xue flicked her wrist and hands made of stone grabbed all three by their legs. Then another wrapped around Aang's mouth and one grabbed Toph by the arms forcing her down.

"Oh which one should I kill first?" Xue then started to ponder over her choice then Sokka started to speak.

"I bet you would try it after tying us up you coward" Xue then softly laughed then sensually moved over to Sokka.

"Hmm. . .I like you maybe I should rip your head off." She grabbed his head as two stone hands grasped his head and they started to pull.

she was kicked to the side of the head knocking her to the wall.

"Who are you?" Aang asked.

"This one has no time to tell move now" He said as me motioned them to run.

As they made there move Xue got up and yelled.

The Avatar goes to the Skeleton Dance

As they went as far as they could, Aang quietly asked,

"What is going on?"

"This one was on his way to help an ally but he noticed that you were getting attacked and he had to help the Avatar."

"How did you know?" Sokka asked the man in armor looking at Sokka with a confused stare.

"Surely you jest this one has reports of a child with an arrow on his head being both the Avatar and the last air bender and the child seems to fit the description" As he finished he looked around for any objections and found none.

"Why do feel you need to sound really stupid?" Toph asked.

"This one has no time to explain he implores that the Avatar help this one with the Sediao?"

Toph slightly flinched at the mention.

"He knows that you had dealings with them and this one knows that one of the members is here in the Earth Kingdom if only you are to help then maybe we can capture the member so that this one can help you find out The Sediao's plans. Do we have a accord?"

Aang made a slight nod as they made there way across to the Kulou Wu.

The Jester smiles and The Princess questions

Shaxiao made his way to the back off the tent opening it for Azula.

"Enjoy the festivities," he said as he slightly bowed waiting for her to walk in.

She made her way inside. There was a single light and it was only focused on the one person that started to anger her the most. . . Zhengyi.

"Well thanks for dropping in and answering my invite now the real party can begin!"

"Why did you want me here?" Azula asked making sure that she could fight of the deranged jester. He gave a small giggle that turned into maniacal laughter.

"Why did I want you here. . .well I needed some fresh blood to drain out others blood across this Kulou Wu and since you need a nice slip into madness anyway I figured you would like to destroy, Do you care to join me in mass destruction and causing chaos?"

He sat on his throne staring down waiting for an answer. To Azula she felt an anger start to grow again, this offer made no sense to her.

"What if I were to refuse?" She asked as Zhengyi started to smile wider.

"Shaxiao please show our humble guest the fun of refusing" He motioned the magic maker over as Shaxiao started to make a Dai Li agent over in an exaggerated attempt, Shaxiao snapped his fingers as the Dai Li seemed to get out of his magic induced trance and started to quickly realize the situation he was he started to look on in terror as his hands started to wrap around his head and despite his best attempts to get control back, there was a large snap heard and his body went limp and then it was simply dropped.

"Unless you want a repeat performance with your buddy the-"

"What makes you think I need her?" Azula asked as she decided to play a little game with Zhengyi, a game she was going to win.

"Well I assumed that because-"

"That is right you merely assumed that I would have a absolute-"

"Good then I can guess I'll just take her to a good friend of mine" He just merely looked disappointed while Shaxiao tried not to laugh. Azula just kept getting frustrated.

"Then what was the point?"

"Point?. . .well little monster there was no point" He started to smile enjoying the confusion dawning on her face.

Mai meets The Fallen Hero

Mai seemed to stir from her slumber, She remembered red ropes wrapping around her arms and legs then darkness but now she was tied together by a different rope. She tried to move but then a black boot stomped near her head.

"Wouldn't try to move much Missus might not git to enjoy a boat ride."

Then she heard another person walk in she raised his head.

It was a tall man with a muscular build. His most distinguishing feature is his waist-length, extremely spiky auburn hair hair, which sticks up in all directions at the front and sides and partially covers his face. His eyes are blue with yellow rings around the pupils. While his upper body is completely bare, he wears white pants with blue strips, tied with a black sash similar in appearance to karate gi, and black boots and a metal skirt resembling samurai armor.

Then she looked up to see what the black boot was connected to. He wore long gray pants and an orange and red sash over his right leg he has and a metal gauntlet on his left arm and a black shirt with a gray collar with intersecting brown straps. His long hair is dark black with gray streaks and is held back by a gold ribbon, and he seems to have some stubble on his chin. There is a large scar over the right half of his face and over his eye both of which are blue.

"Rank nine your services are no longer required I will take her."

The new person wore a long black coat that flares out behind him and has a tattered appearance. The linings of his coat are red with silver pauldrons, black boots and black belt is ornate and decorated with beads, he wears a bracelet with similar beads on his right wrist underneath his coat she could see are white and lavender sashes. She couldn't see his face.

The one in red and black looked offended.

"It don't matter who ya are I ain't named rank nine my name is-"

"That does not matter I am taking her now."

Before Mai could say anything darkness took her again.

The Tiger battles the pain and the sorrow

Harekuin grabbed the ground in order to slow herself down then as she stopped she turned around looking at Tora. Tora lined up his swords waiting for the next strike. Iroh appeared and knocked her bat away then she turned around and kicked him hard in the groin before hitting him the face with her elbow and knocking him down with force. It allowed Tora to appear next to Harekuin but she ducked under a blade slice and flipped over waiting for the next attack as she grabbed him by the back of his hair and pulled down to the ground.

She smiled more as she made herself ready to land a critical blow to Tora's head but then was knocked away by a large gust of wind.

"This one would love for you not to be decimated as he still needs you to be of use Tora."

His partner said as he picked him on to his feet.

"Yea and maybe next you shouldn't get so drunk that you would take forever just to get here!" Tora looked over his ally to see Aang.

"Lot smaller then I thought he'd be."

"Hey enough about how short twinkle toes is how about you answer some of our question like what the heck is with the Sediao?" She crossed her arms waiting patiently but Tora then said.

"Not safe. . .I was hoping my colleague here filled you in on the Kulou Wu" He looked over to his partner who merely shrugged his shoulders.

"This one has told them enough."

"So what do we need to do?" Aang asked as he looked around seeing the many tents.

"There are six tents excluding the big top we need to get to the tents because there used to a large crowd but now it seems like they're all gone but I know they are not we need to hurry and save as many people as we can."

He started to divide people up but then Zuko and Iroh appeared next to Tora, Sokka and Aang already in a battle stance. Iroh and Tora took note and both said something that tried to help this situation in their own way but then a knife was thrown hitting Tora in the leg.

"Why stop the madness?. . .It is so divine" It was the one dressed in red.

"For trying to win without saving lives I will reward you" he had motioned over a crowd of strange acting people as though they were pulled by strings.

"I am Shuā tell Koh I sent you" As the crowd descended down on the group one made his move.

"This one is done with you" He spoke as he disappeared into the crowd.

Tora bit his lip as he took out the knife out before tossing it away. "You alright?" asked Iroh as he got to his side, eyes darting between the approaching crowd and the former field marshal.

"Yeah, suffered a lot worse than this, just a scratch compare to others wounds I've gotten." Tora rose with stone-like face and went into stance.

The crowd came in their odd walk, weapons in hand. Aang was the first to react with a powerful gust of air, causing the crowd scatter onto the ground.

"Sokka! Come on! We gotta chase the magic guy!" Before making his way toward one of the tents. Sokka stop midway in the middle of the dispersed crowd.

"Magic guy? Come on! I've could of thought of something better that!" Sokka quickly ran after Aang when the people began to rise.

"Tora?" Iroh motioned him over as Zuko made his way to another tent.

"I'll take care of these guys, you and Zuko go on ahead!" Iroh signed deeply and nodded. " Take care, Tora."

The crowd finally rose after Iroh left for the tents, Tora got in front of the way to the tents and got into stance again. Then several of the group started to disperse in the air. It was the nameless man as he unveiled arm blades and started to circle towards Aang with his blades. He raised his foot to kick one in the face and he then released a flurry of punches knocking away several that were in front of him.

"Out of his way!" He claimed as he stabbed one of the roped one throw him in the air and used him as a stepping stone to get to the one in red. He landed before Shua, a large man appeared but was quickly cut in half before the man in red could move grasping him by his shoulders and kneed him in the stomach then as that leg went down it was followed by his other leg. Then he pulled Shua down a bit in order to give a rising knee to the face which caused him to fly in to the air.

The Princess fights and The Jester grins

"You're jokin to think that I would have any mundane reason to anything" Zhengyi started to exclaim as he jumped down from his throne a few feet from Azula.

"Then what prevents me from attacking you!" Azula asked as ready for Zhengyi to make a move.

"Nothing go ahead and hurt me I want you to do it" Zhengyi said as a smile crept up on his face he bowed his head waiting for the next blow.

The Jester is surprised and The Princess tricks

Azula looked at Zhengyi with Shaxiao crossing his arm watching silently. Shaxiao wouldn't do that for long as a blue fireball in the face forcing him to cover up with his hands. As he hit the floor Zhengyi unleashed another current of laughter.

"YES! Yes that's even better!" Zhengyi started to laugh even louder then he was started clawing at his own head. Azula started to feel something she never felt. . .fear, she could see blood start run down his fingers. He laughter never faltered . . .Azula needed him to stop. . .she couldn't handle it, she might start laughing herself.

The Tiger learns of the mad world

As Shua landed he stood over him with his wrist blade out.

"This one wants to know if are you frightened of the end?" His wrist blade went away as he put his hand to his chest but before he could land the finishing blow, someone dropped on stood up and the crowd started to drop then the big top burst into flames.

Tora and Iroh appeared, Iroh was carrying people and Tora lead people out.

"Get moving now!" Tora ordered and no one seemed to complain as the big top fell and the other tents simply disappeared with blood on the ground.

Tora survived the Kulou Wu but he knew where he needed to head to next. . .Taku

The princess captures The Jester

Azula carried the unconscious mad clown back to the palace for questioning but she made sure he wouldn't talk for now with several clothes around his mouth. She would not this clown win, she will win this game, she will found out where Mai to win.

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