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Fire and Flight
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Avatar: The Sole Woodbender



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Acer Indonesia, Wani-wan123, AvatarRokusGhost, Master Ratava, The Cabbage Man

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July 2, 2012

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"Corridors of Boredom"

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This is the third chapter of the fanon series Avatar: The Sole Woodbender by Henryjh98.

Previously of Avatar: The Sole Woodbender:Mozukai's Story

" "Greetings!"

Several people screamed and panic began to spread throughout the village. Mozukai's head turned to the source of the sound and he saw twelve shadowy figures standing under two large trees, each holding large flames in their hands."

— From Splinters, So Many Splinters
"Rida's eyes rolled into the back of his head and he slipped to the ground, unconscious. The four guards did the same, followed by Tokor. General Tao started yelling commands, none of which Mozukai understood. He stepped back in fear as the village began to mutter loudly and nervously. Then, General Tao collapsed and Paimok was the final one standing. He looked around nervously and opened his mouth. . . It was too late. He slumped down on the floor; spread eagle on the ground."
— From Splinters, So Many Splinters
" The village was under siege."
— From Splinters, So Many Splinters

Chapter Three

Jet's village burns

Opening Sequence

Voice of Ahkang

Water. Earth. Fire. Air.

The monks would tell me how since the time of the first Avatar, there have been four bending elements, and a nation to go along with each one; The Fire Nation, the Water Tribes, the Earth Kingdom, the Air Nomads.

But everything changed fifteen years ago, when the Earth Kingdom split and a new element rose. On that fateful night, the sky lit up a great white color, the color of my eyes at my most powerful. Nobody knew what it was.

I do. I know. A fifth element has come into this world, granted by the spirits. The element's entry has defied the Avatar Cycle. Defied the world. But the new element is our only hope, our only way to survive. We must protect it. We must.

I belive Mozukai can save the world.

Water. Earth. Fire. Air.


Fire and Flight

The twelve men stood at the front of Kimanchi, flames burning in their hands. Screams and shouts echoed throughout the town, escaping the mouths of terrified people.

The leader of the group stepped forward and smiled wickedly. "We are looking for a boy!" he proclaimed. "A boy with special powers." he emphasized the word special.

As he finished speaking, one of his men leaped forward and shot a blast of flames at a nearby house, setting it on fire. Several people ran out screaming. Mozukai stood there, appalled and angered. He knew that they wanted him, but he wasn't going to go down without a fight. Turning to a young boy standing nearby, Mozukai said, "Get to the barracks and gather our forces! Be fast and don't be seen!

The boy nodded and slipped into the crowd, sprinting towards the trees. "WHERE IS HE!" screamed the man. Mozukai took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He needed to concentrate. "Mozukai, don't," ordered Gaidan, coming up beside him.

"I have to," the wood bender replied. He took a step forward and breathed in, letting his anger take over.

"Do you think you can come to our village and knock out our leaders," Mozukai yelled, and then continued, "then attack our people so you can take one of us captive?"

The leader was silent for a moment, but then smiled. "Pretty much," he said evilly.

Mozukai smiled violently. "Well...well you are wrong!"

"And you think you can stop us?" the leader taunted.

"Pretty much," Mozukai growled.

"Well...well you are wrong!"

Mozukai laughed and then the twelve firebenders crouched into fighting stances. He raised his hands and winked at them. Confused, they all looked at each other. "What, are you trying to earthbend!" one roared. "There is only one bender I'm this village! So, trying to earthbend?"

Mozukai frowned and shook his head. "Not quite," he murmured.

He jumped forward, spun around in the air, and landed, pushing his hands outward. In response to his actions, the branches of one tree swooped down and snatched up the firebender, banging him against he trunk.

Gasps of surprise echoed throughout the town and people murmured and muttered loudly. The firebenders stood shocked, their arms at their sides. {C}Their leader recovered quickest and screamed, "That's him! He is the one we need!"

Mozukai brought his hands in the air and then quickly swiped down to the ground. A huge bough slammed onto a skinny firebender, smashing him to the dirt. Mozukai could hear the sickening crunch as his bones broke.

Two of the firebenders jumped forward and crouched to the ground, punching out their fists and unleashing a torrent of white hot fire. Reacting quickly, Mozukai curled his arms around his body and dozens of branches wrapped around him. The shield of wood deflected the fire and saved Mozukai from being burned to a crisp.

The two firebenders rushed at Mozukai, their arms ready to shoot fire at him. They passed near a tree, much to their demise. Mozukai lifted his hands and twirled them around, causing the roots of the tree to emerge from the ground and ensnare the two enemies. The roots retreated to their normal positions, but not before burying the firebenders up to their chins in the ground. They struggled helplessly, trying to escape.

Mozukai could tell the eight remaining firebenders were getting more cautious, staying farther away from the trees. Mozukai smiled, noticing that three of them were passing near a bramble thicket. Smiling, Mozukai pushed out his hands. The bramble thicket soared out of the ground, its roots showing, tugging at the earth. The thorns formed a huge wave and crashed down upon the unsuspecting firebenders. They screamed in pain as the sharp thorns stabbed into their body, drawing crimson blood.

Seven down, five to go, he thought grimly to himself.

Suddenly, five jets of fire blasted towards him. Mozukai ducked under two and deflected the other three with his shield of thick, thick wood. He rolled around his shield and pounded on the ground, shooting both his hands out. Roots reached out of the ground and branches soared down, snatching up the firebenders. However, the leader, leapt over them all and shot three blasts of fire at Mozukai.

Mozukai again deflected them with his shield, much to the leader's dismay. He groaned loudly, obviously wanting to get his mission over with. But Mozukai, had similar thoughts in mind. He wanted to destroy this gaggle of firebenders. Quickly, he jumped over his shield and sliced his hands outwards. Ten wooden darts zipped towards the firebender.

Jeong Jeong firebends

. . . a blast of fire cackling. . .

While he was attacking, Mozukai failed to notice a blast of fire cackling towards him. One minute, he was fine, and the next minute his leg was burning terribly. "Ahh!" he screamed, collapsing to the ground and holding his leg. He looked down and saw the skin burning, a horrible rotting smell. It was turning a nasty color and he felt sick. But he had to protect his village.

Recovering rapidly, Mozukai twirled his hands gracefully and watched as the branches of a massive tree next to the leader beautifully bended down and ensnared the firebender, pulling him off of the ground and bringing him right up to the trunk of the tree. Mozukai smiled and tightened the grip on the man.

The firebender laughed loudly and slyly. "You are powerful, you are," he proclaimed. "And you won, too. Huh, happy about that?" he added giddily.

"But you didn't win, boy!" he yelled.

In response, a huge explosion blasted apart some trees and more firebenders, dozens more, stumbled into the village, ready to fight. Mozukai's eyes widened in fear and he took a step back, watching as the firebenders sent jets of fire into the village, lighting houses and shops on fire. People began to scream and panic, running haywire around the town and forest.

Mozukai jumped in fear as he felt a hand touch his shoulder. He spun around and saw Gaidan standing there, a nervous gleam in his eyes. He was holding several bundles in his hands. "Go, Mozukai!" he urged. "Leave! They want you. They will take you to prison and kill you. Go!"

"But. . . no I. . .I have to stay and fight!" the woodbender argued.

Gaidan sternly shook his head. "It's not safe. The guards will handle it. Now go!"

Mozukai looked around nervously. "Where will I go? I have no money and no clothes or food."

"Head to Ba Sing Se," Gaidan said. "Join a village. Just get away from here! I have supplies for you, with gold, clothes, food, and a sleeping roll." He stuck the bundles out to Mozukai and the boy took them, throwing them over his shoulder.

Quickly, Gaidan slid a quiver full of arrows off of his shoulder. "Take these."

Mozukai laughed grimly. "I don't have a bow!"

Gaidan said, "Think, boy! Woodbending! This is for when you have no wood! Now leave! Go!"

Mozukai graciously took the quiver and threw it over his shoulder. He nodded a thank you and a farewell to Gaidan and sprinted away, dodging through the buildings and rolling around people. He crashed out of the burning village and stumbled into the forest, running in no particular direction. Mozukai was just trying to place as much distance between him and Kimanchi village. Briefly, he glimpsed the Kimanchi Warriors running through the forest to the aid of the town. He prayed silently that they would win against the Fire Nation Raiders.

For nearly fifteen minutes, Mozukai hobbled at a high speed through the woods to his unknown destination. But, as he ran, he tripped over a fallen log and tumbled into a small hollow filled with soft moss.

Mozukai grunted as he hit the ground, but tucked into a roll and quickly regained his footing. A shock of pain jolted through his leg that was burning, but he suffered through it and winced slightly.

And then his senses came to him and he saw his surroundings. Two firebenders stood at attention, guarding four people slumped against a tree stump, wooden chains binding their wrists. Mozukai saw a young Air Nomad with blue arrows, a tall, muscular Earth Kingdom boys wearing green robes, a girl who looked like the boy's sister, and finally, a beautiful girl with flowing brown hair and startling blue eyes, garbed in Water Tribe clothing. He noticed, that ten feet from the stump, four wooden staffs were propped up against a tree.

"Hey, who are you?" demanded one of the firebenders, stomping up to Mozukai.

Mozukai gulped and staggered back, raising his hands defensively. He looked around and saw the prisoners watching him with interest. They sat up and looked at the scene, wide-eyed.

"I repeat, who are you?" the firebender roared.

"You're about to find out," Mozukai slyly muttered.

The firebender charged at him, brandishing a sword and a flaming palm. Mozukai grabbed one of his arrows and held it in his hand, hesitating. He didn't want to kill this man, or kill either of these men, but he had to if he was to escape the hollow.

The second firebender jumped high in the air and blasted several fire jets. Mozukai ungracefully dove out of the way, firing his arrow with woodbending at the first firebender, propelling it at an astonishing speed. It struck the man in the heart and he toppled down, dead.

With a soft thud, the other firebender landed and leaped backward, kicking out and shooting a spiral of flames at Mozukai. Mozukai slid under the flames, feeling the intense heat upon his face. Beads of sweat began to form, but by then he was out in open air and shooting another arrow at the man.

Much to Mozukai's demise, the man incinerated the arrow and shot blinding orange fire. Mozukai tried to roll out of the way, but his burnt leg was slowing him. He was hit with the full blast, but luckily did not catch fire. The flames jolted him backwards and threw him against a tree. His head struck the bark with powerful force, causing Mozukai to see stars and feel dizzy. He blinked several times and staggered up, drawing another arrow.

The firebender was too busy grovelling in his "victory" to notice that Mozukai had regained his balance and was still able to fight. Quickly, Mozukai fired the arrow and watched as it sped towards the man.

Loud laughs echoed from the man's mouth, his eyes squinted shut and unable to see Mozukai fire the arrow. He raised his hands to shoot flames at Mozukai and opened his eyes. His smile faded and his eyes widened. But it was too late. The arrow struck him in the heart and the man fell to his knees, swaying with his mouth agape. A bead of blood trickled out of his mouth and the swayed again, falling to the side in a still position of death, his eyes colorless and lifeless, his skin pale and cold.

Mozukai staggered over to him and grabbed the arrow, yanking it out of the man's chest. Blood sprayed and trickled down the body and into the ground. The woodbender retrieved his other arrow and then looked at the prisoners. He was starting to feel a little dizzy and color began to flood his vision. The girl garbed in Water Tribe clothing looked alarmed and she tried to drag herself free of her chains.

Katara heals Zuko

"I can help you with my waterbending!"-Kori

"I can help you!" she said. "With my waterbending. Just set us out of these chains and I'll help you."

Mozukai grunted and took a couple of week steps over to the prisoners. He grabbed the chains on the girl's hand and snapped them open with woodbending. The girl darted away, grabbed a small pouch near the staffs, and squatted next to Mozukai as he tumbled to the ground. She bended the water out of the pouch and pressed her hands and the water against Mozukai's skin. Instantly, his burning thigh felt better, but he still was weak and slipping into unconsciousness. The girl looked at his face, alarmed and scared as Mozukai's eyes fluttered closed.

And then everything went black.

The boy woke in the hollow with four people leaning over him. They all looked a little wary and seemed on edge as he sat up. His head felt fuzzy and his leg was burning, but not as bad. The healing water had really helped with the burning sensation in Mozukai's thigh.

"Good, you are awake," the girl said, helping Mozukai sit up. She tipped some water into his mouth and instantly, he felt better. The fuzziness in his head receded and the pain dissolved. His body, however, still ached from the fighting and from being tossed around.

"May I ask who you are?" said the tall boy with long hair in the green clothing.

Mozukai blinked twice and looked at the boy. "Well, who are you?"

"I'm Kori," the waterbender said. "I'm from the Northern Water Tribe."

The young girl dressed simirlarly to the tall boy smiled slightly. "Most call me Ishi. Me and my idiot brother, Shom, are from Ba Sing Se. We left and then got captured with our friends here."

Mozukai nodded and smiled. "Well, I am Mozukai and I am from the town of Kimanchi."

Kori smiled widely. "I saw you firing arrows, but you have no bow! How did you do that?"

Mozukai shrugged. "You'll find out soon enough, I'd assume."

The short, skinny boy in yellow robes stepped forward. Mozukai could clearly see the blue arrows that traveled his chi paths along his body. He looked very powerful, despite his tiny size. He couldn't be more than sixteen or seventeen. "I am Ahkang of the Northern Air Temple. And I am the Avatar."

Mozukai's eyes widened. "The Avatar?" he asked, awe and wonder in his voice.

"Yes," said Akhang. "Successor to Avatar Kashang, the Fire Nation Avatar that was born one hundred and sixteen years ago."

"Wow," mused the woodbender. "That's cool."

Shom stepped forward with his arms crossed and looking impatient. "Anyway, my friends and I have somewhere to be going now, so if you don't mind we are going to leave."

"Where are you going?" asked Mozukai eagerly, standing up.

"I don't know, just traveling around the Earth Kingdom," replied Ishi. "Hopefully, though, we won't get attacked by some of Chao Dao's forces."

"Chao Dao?"

"The Earth Kingdom lord who is waging war against Earth King Tanug," said Kori. "He has captured a fourth of the kingdom."

"Let me come," Mozukai said. "I really need to leave this place and I want to see the world!"

The four friends looked at each other. Shom stood shaking his head, but Kori seemed eager and Akhang and Ishi seemed fine with it. "You realize how dangerous this will be?" Ishi asked.

Mozukai nodded.

"No," said Shom angrily. "We aren't letting some stranger into our group. He could be an assassin or slaver."

"Shut up!" Ishi snapped.

"Will he be able to travel with us?" asked Kori. "He doesn't have a glider."

"Where are you heading at the moment?" Mozukai questioned.

"To the nearby mountains where our ride is," explained Akhang kindly. "Could you keep up with us? We will be on gliders."

"Just fly low and I'll be fine, as long as I am over trees," Mozukai answered, smiling.

"Follow us," said Akhang. He leaped forward, grabbed his glider, and blasted himself in the air with airbending, beginning to glide through the sky. He repeated the actions with his friends and soon they darted out of the clearing.

Mozukai spun his hands and two branches came down and grabbed his around the waste. He began to smoothly wave his hands and arms and the branches started pulling him back and forth. Then, once he had enough momentum, he thrust his hands out. The branches shot forward and propelled him through the leaves of a tree and into the sky. He soared thirty feet above the trees, passing just above Shom. Mozukai smiled and then twirled his arms. Branches shot up from the trees and pushed him forward a bit, with just enough power to get to the next tree.

Kori and Ishi squealed in shock and entertainment at seeing Mozukai's power. Akhang smiled and even Shom looked impressed. Mozukai looked out over the forest, seeing beauty and tranquility in the red and orange canopy, the huge mountains in the distance. As he flew from tree to tree, Mozukai felt freedom for the first time in his life. Finally, he was out of Kimanchi and in the free wilderness.

Thirty minutes later, Akhang flew down and landed on the ledge of one of the mountains. Kori, Ishi, and Shom all flooded their gliders and softly landed next to the Avatar. Mozukai, a little behind, caused a huge branch to come out of the canopy and shot him forward. Gracefully, Mozukai flipped twice and landed, crouching on the cold stone.

Akhang clapped and Kori smiled. Shom scowled and rolled his eyes. Mozukai ignored the Earth Kingdom boy.

"Mozukai, that was amazing!" shouted Kori. "What type of bending was that?"

Mozukai smiled. "Woodbending," he said.

"Woodbending?" shrieked Ishi. "That's awesome!"

Mozukai smiled and looked at Akhang. "Quite impressive. I've never seen anything like it. But we should get out of here. We need to leave and get to our destination," Akhang said.

Mozukai nodded as Akhang whistled. The airbender turned to Mozukai and smiled. "Mozukai, meet Yangto."

A monstrous roar echoed throughout the mountains and Mozukai heard huge feet hit the ground. Stepping out of the shadows was a giant, white furred creature with six legs and two horns. It was amazing and awesome, powerful and huge.

Out of the darkness, a huge sky bison emerged. Mozukai's eyes lit up with a mix of fear and awe. The sky bison was amazing. He had never seen anything like it. Mozukai turned and looked at Akhang. "This is yours?"

"Yangto and I have been companions for years," said the Avatar, petting his sky bison on the head. "But we'd better hurry; we need to get out of here."

Yangto laid down and Shom, Ishi, and Kori scurried up the side, sitting on the huge saddle atop the bison's back. Akhang jumped and spun, using airbending to boost himself in the air. He landed on Yangto's head and sat down between the shoulders and the back of the his head. He grabbed reins and looked expectantly at Mozukai.

"Come on, Mozukai!" he said. "Climb on! We need to get going."

Mozukai smiled and nodded, jumping up onto the bison's side and hoisting himself up into the saddle. He walked over to the side, a few feet from Kori, and sat down. The waterbender smiled but Shom gave him looks of utmost contempt.

Appa soaring

. . . the giant bison took of from the ledge and soared into the sun.

"Yangto, to-fao!" Akhang proclaimed.

For a moment, Mozukai was very confused. Why was he speaking random words to Yangto? He opened his mouth to question it, but was cut short as his body was lurched backwards and the giant bison took off from the ledge and soared into the setting sun.


  • Originally, this chapter was going to be called Fight and Flight, but the author changed his mind because that was the title of a chapter in the fifth Harry Potter, and he wanted to be original in his works.
  • It took a long time for Henry to decide what to have Yangto respond to fly.
  • This chapter was supposed to end when Yangto came out of the cave, but he decided it was too hard to make that into a good ending, so he continued to write until Yangto took off.

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