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June 30, 2015

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Day Off:

The next morning back in Republic City, Kyan and Kun are awake. They feed themselves as well as Kayla, Phoenix, Marbles, and Arrow. Kayla sits next to Kun, and Kun gently pets her.

Kun: "So what are we going to do today?"

Kyan: "I was hoping to hang out with Magnus today."

Kun: "I'd like to ask if he can teach me how to lavabend."

Kyan: "I don't think he would mind."

Kayla nuzzles Kyan also wanting to come. Kyan now pets Kayla.

Kyan: "I kind of just want it to be me and him."

Kun: "That's understandable, but will your parents let you?"

Kyan: "I think they will."

Kun: "Maybe."

Omaya walks in with Jade in her arms. Jade yawns having just woke up. Kun hears the footsteps and recognizes them as his mother's.

Kun: "Morning, Mom."

Kyan: "Morning, Aunt Omaya."

Omaya: "Morning, kids. How are you this morning?"

Omaya kisses Kun's forehead. Kun smiles.

Kun: "We are doing fine."

Jade: "Ku!!"

Kun: "Morning to you too, Jade."

Kyan: "Aw cute."

Omaya: "I wish she had a playmate that was her age."

Kun: "Well, I may not be her age, but I don't mind speeding some time with my sister."

Omaya: "Great! Thank you, Kun."

Kun: "Anytime, Mom."

Omaya smiles proudly. Kun and Jade also smile. Omaya goes and feeds Jade. As she feeds her daughter, Tomaya comes in to check on them.

Tomaya: "How are my girls?"

He says as he gives a kiss on Omaya's cheek and a kiss on Jade's forehead.

Omaya: "Morning, dear. We are both fine."

Tomaya: "Good to hear."

Jade: "Da!"

She says as she spills some of her milk. Tomaya smiles and cleans Jade up.

Omaya: "Thank you, dear."

Tomaya: "Anytime, dear."

Onua walks in.

Onua: "Morning, you three."

Omaya: "Morning, Mom."

Tomaya: "Morning, Onua."

Onua smiles.

Onua: "Looks like you three are doing well."

Omaya: "Yes, we are. I wonder how Kurai is doing."

Onua: "Yes, I wonder too."

Tomaya: "Yes, but I'm sure the letter was sent back to her. She should get it soon, and I'm sure she'll send one back."

Onua and Omaya nod.

Letters from Home:

Back in the Fire Nation, Kurai is in the middle of training when a letter arrives for her. She politely excuses herself, opens the letter, and reads it.

Dear Kurai,

We miss you so much, but we are very proud of you. We are sorry your first time on a ship was a bit of a wavy ride, and we are very happy to hear that you are in good hands. Remember, it's okay to be a little scared. Just always do your best and be who you are. Never let anyone get in the way of that! We are happy to hear you also enjoying your first time in the Fire Nation. There's always something to see wherever you go, whether it's your first time or even if you have been there more than once. You're are going to be someone great, just like we already know you are. Be careful, and we can't wait to hear from you again.

Your family 

Kurai smiles reading the letter, but also realizes she has a separate letter from Kyan. She reads that next.

Dear Kurai.

Republic City is quiet, however, Nazo is still putting on shows. We have not seen or heard from the Black Hood since the attack on Air Temple Island. Maybe he gave up and left. Anyways, Kun, Kesuk, and I are all doing fine here in Republic City. We are all practicing our bending just like you are. It's hard to be the only girl here, besides Jade. It's a bit lonely not having my sister / roommate with me. I can't talk to Kesuk or Kun about girl things. I know what you are doing is important, your job, and what you were born for, but I wish you were home. However, I also want you to be out there and be the best and strongest you can be! Come back and show everyone who you are and impress them with what you know! I did some research and you know, you may be the first Avatar to have siblings? Interesting, huh? Also, how was your date with Xiu? What is he like? Is he cute? Is he a bender? I want to know everything! I also know you will laugh after you read what I just wrote to you, but still...tell me! Lastly, I miss you very much and I can't wait to hear from you again soon.


Your big sister.


Kura smiles and laughs even more so after reading Kyan's letter. She is relieved to hear everything is okay back at home. Mao comes in to check on his student.

Mao: "You can go home, Avatar. Tomorrow we will start with firebending techniques. You're doing very well."

Kurai respectfully bow to her master.

Kurai: "Thank you, Master Mao."

Kurai heads back to her temporary home.

Temporary Home:

Kurai returns to her temporary home.

Kurai: "I'm back."

Khan: "Welcome home. Akane and Xiu made a meal. Want to join us?"

Kurai: "Thank you and sure."

Kurai joins the family.

Xiu: "Tomorrow, I will confront the bullies. Kurai, will you come with me please?"

Kurai: "Of course I will."

Xiu: "Thank you so much."

Xiu hugs Kurai. Kurai blushes and hugs him back.

Kurai: "Anytime."

Xiu and Kurai smile.

Next Lesson:

Kurai warms up as Master Mao meets her outside.

Mao: "This is your next lesson. See this leaf?"

Mao burns it.

Mao: "Don't let the flame reach the edges for as long as you can."

Mao gives the burning leave to Kurai. Kurai holds it carefully and tries her best to keep the fire from reaching the edges.

Mao: "Keep going and I will return to check on you."

Kurai nods and holds it. She is a bit impatient with this, but tries to stay calm. The morning turns into the afternoon, and it becomes hotter outside. Kurai is sweating as she holds the fire on the leaf still. She wants to do more than this and tries making the flame on the leaf a bit bigger. Mao comes and checks on her.

Mao: "Good job, Young Avatar."

Kurai: "Thank you."

Mao: "You're welcome."

Kurai smiles.

Mao: "In two hours, you can go home."

Kurai: "Yes, Master."

Two hours pass and Kurai says goodbye to her master. She then heads to meet up with Xiu.

Standing Up For Yourself:

Kurai rushes as fast as she can to meet up with Xiu. She finds him waiting for her.

Kurai: "I'm sorry, I tried to make it as fast as I could."

Xiu: "It's okay."

Kurai and Xiu smile at one another then head off. They find Han, Xing, and Jirou.

Xiu: "Hey, you three! It's time we settle this! You three owe me 50 gold coins that you stole from me during lunch. I have had it with all of you and you picking on me!"

Han laughs.

Han: "You can't firebend or do anything about it! I dare you to try and take your coins back."

Xiu: "Oh, I will."

Xiu tries to firebend, but nothing happens. Han, Xing, and Jirou laugh at him. Xiu gets angry.

Xiu: "I will do anything to protect myself, my friends, and my family!"

Xiu tries to firebend again and this time, he manages to hit Han, Xing, and Jirou with a fire stream. The three boys are hit and caught off guard. They are also surprised that Xiu firebended.

Kurai: "Xiu, you did it! You firebended!"

Han gets angry.

Han: "The runt is able to firebend now. Let's see if he can keep it up."

Han firebends at Xiu. Xiu smiles and blocks Han's fire stream. Han becomes very angry and looks at Xing and Jirou.

Han: "Don't just stand there you fools! Help me out!"

Xing firebends at Xiu, but Xiu moves out of the way.

Xiu: "You missed."

Xiu firebends at Jirou and knocks him out. Han firebends at Kurai, but Kurai blocks Han's firebending then counterattacks with her own firebending. Han gets out of the way.

Han: "That's it!"

Han lightningbends at Xiu. Xiu doesn't know how to redirect lightning and gets electrified. He screams in pain.

Kurai: "Xiu!"

Han smirks as he shocks Xiu and he gets knocked back. Kurai runs over and nudges Xiu, worried about her friend.

Kurai: "Come on, Xiu, wake up!"

Han: "It's all over girl. He lost, and he isn't getting his coins back. That's what happens when you mess with us."

Xiu tries to get up.

Xiu: "I won't give up."

Kurai helps Xiu up. Han sees Xiu trying to get up and firebends a firestream at both Kurai and Xiu. Kurai stomps on the ground and earthbends a wall in front of her and Xiu to block Han's firebending.

Xiu: "Thank you, Kurai. Can you help me with the other two guys? I'll deal with Han."

Kurai: "You're welcome and yes, I can. Let's do this."

Kurai earthbends the earth wall away. Han, Xing, and Jirou are surprised at Kurai's earthbending.

Xiu: "Just you and me now, Han."

Han gets in his stance, accepting Xiu's challenge. Xiu firebends fire streams at Han. Han moves out of the way and firebends a fire whip at Xiu. Once again, Xiu avoids the attack and firebends fire balls at Han. Han gets hit with Xiu's fireball. Meanwhile, Kurai looks at Xing and Jirou.

Kurai: "Come on, you two. Think you're strong enough to take on one girl?"

Jirou: "You'll be sorry!"

Xing and Jirou work together and firebend at Kurai at the same time. Kurai air bends their fire away. She then counterattacks with a fire stream.

Jirou: "Wait a minute, you can firebend, earthbend, and airbend, but that means you're-"

Kurai: "That's right and look who just figured it out."

Kurai smirks and hits the two with a fire comet. Jirou and Xing get hit. Xiu walks over to Han.

Xiu: "Now my coins please?"

Defeated, Han gives Xiu his coins back.

Xiu: "Now leave me alone and never come back! Don't even think about messing with my friend as well!"

Han: "You defeated me... how!?"

Kurai: "He has a true heart, you don't."

Han: "And're..."

Kurai: "I know and you better listen to Xiu or else!"

Han: "Yes, of course!"

Xiu: "Now leave us!"

Han, Xing, and Jirou leave Xiu and Kurai. Xiu hugs Kurai close.

Xiu: "We defeated them! Thank you so much!"

Kurai hugs Xiu back and smiles.

Kurai:'Hey, it was mostly you who stood up to him."

Xiu blushes and smiles.

Xiu: "Well, I couldn't have done it without you."

Kurai blushes too.

Kurai: "Helping others, it's what I do."

Xiu: "Let's go home before my parents go crazy."

Kurai: "Good idea."

Xiu and Kurai head home.

Back Home:

Xiu ad Kurai back home. Akane hears them and comes over.

Akane: "Are you two okay?"

Xiu: "We are fine."

Akane: "Are you sure?"

Xiu: "A bit, just got hit by lighting from Han."

Akane: "Let me have a look."

Akane checks her son.

Akane: "Oh sweetie, you got burnt a bit."

Xiu: "Yeah."

Akane: "I told you not to fight."

Kurai: "If I may, your son is an excellent firebender."

Akane looks at Xiu.

Akane: "You were able to firebend!?"

Xiu: "Yes, and I managed to confront the bullies. I also got my money back that you and dad gave me."

Xiu looks at Kurai.

Xiu: "Thank you, Kurai. I've been practicing really hard."

Kurai: "You're welcome Xiu."

Akane smiles

Akane: "Well, I'm proud of you Xiu. For standing up to them and for firebending. Your father will be even prouder I'm sure."

Khan comes home.

Khan: "I'm home."

Akane: "Welcome home, dear. Your son has something to tell you."

Xiu tells his father.

Xiu: "I can finally firebend."

Khan: "Really!?"

Khan hugs his son.

Khan: "That's great!"

Xiu: "Ow ow, Dad I'm burnt."

Khan: "Oh, sorry, son."

Akane: "Come, let me heal you, sweetie."

Xiu: "Yes, Mom."

Akane waterbends and heals Xiu's burn. Kurai retreats to her room and writes the return letter to her family.

Xiu: "I will sleep well tonight."

Akane: "Yes, you will, my son."

Xiu: "Mom, I really want to meet Kurai's family someday. It would be great!"

Akane: "I'm sure you will, sweetie. I would like to meet them too. Your father has mentioned them quit a few times."

Xiu: "Yeah."

Akane: "Maybe when she is finished with her training, we can meet her and her family back in Republic City."

Xiu nods and smiles, liking the sound of that. After writing her letters, Kurai sits and meditates. As she meditates, Kurai focuses on her going into the Avatar State. When she does, the Avatar is still very unstable and her eyes are the red-orange color. Kurai immediately stops herself and returns to normal. After returning to normal, she is left with a headache, and she sighs.

Kurai: "I'm still unable to..."

Kurai lays down.

Kurai: "Just as Xiu didn't give up fighting against Han, I won't give up fighting as well."

With those last words said, the family calls it a night.

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