Wanting to Practice Firebending
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March 28, 2015

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Wanting to Practice Firebending:

The next day, the family is eating a Fire Nation breakfast Lee made for them. All except for Kurai, who is running in and out of the house and the yard. Kurai goes to where Phoenix, Kayla, and Arrow live. She tries to get Phoenix up so she can practice her firebending with him. Kayla is asleep next to Phoenix.

Kurai: "Come on, Phoenix, move! Get up!"

Phoenix doesn't budge, but Kayla hears Kurai and wakes up. The polar bear dog yawns and looks at the young Avatar trying to wake up the hawk dragon.

Kurai: "Come on, you lazy dragon! Even Kayla is up now!"

Phoenix gets up, causing Kurai to fall.

Kurai: "Oof!"

Phoenix yawns and looks at Kurai. Kayla wags her tail slowly, still sleepy, but also looks at Kurai.

Kurai: "I have to feed you two, don't I? Be right back."

Kurai runs inside and grabs two big fish from the fridge. Aria sees her daughter doing all this.

Aria: "Sweetheart, after feeding Kayla and Phoenix, why don't you eat with us? Your grandfather made a delicious Fire Nation meal."

Kurai: "Sorry, Mom, busy."

Kurai returns to the yard with the fish in her hands. Zeng wonders what's going on with his daughter.

Zeng: "What's up with Kurai lately?"

Aria: "I don't know."

Aria turns to Kurai's siblings and cousin.

Aria: "Kids, do you know?"

Kyan, Kesuk, and Kun shrug not knowing. Meanwhile, Kurai gives Kayla and Phoenix their food. Phoenix cooks his fish then eats it whole, while Kayla just eats hers as is. Kurai remembers something and runs back inside.

Kurai: "Hey, Grandpa Lee, can I use a sheet of metal from the garage that you don't need anymore?"

Lee: "Sure. It's in the scrap area. Wear gloves though, some of the metal can be sharp."

Kurai: "Thank you."

Aria stands up and goes after Kurai.

Inner Divide:

Aria: "Woah, wait, Kurai! What do you plan on doing with that?"

Kurai: "I'm going to burn right through it as a target and cut it all using my firebending."

Lee joins up with Aria and Kurai.

Lee: "Here, Kurai, put these on."

Lee gives her safety glasses. Kurai puts the safety glasses on.

Lee: "Mind telling me what's going here?"

Kurai: "Just practicing."

Aria: "Practicing what exactly?"

Kurai: "My firebending, Mom, like I just said."

Lee and Aria look at one another, knowing Kurai is not saying everything.

Lee: "I know that look, Kurai, I was like that when I was your age. You're not just practicing, something is bothering you."

Aria: "Same here, sweetheart. What's going on?"

Kurai: "I'm just practicing, that's all."

Kurai: "I'm fine, really. I'm testing my own firebending and I'm excited to do it."

Aria: "Kurai, if you do it like this, you'll hurt yourself and others."

Lee looks at Kurai nodding.

Lee: "I agree with your mother."

Kurai: "There really isn't anything to talk about."

From inside the house, Kun calls out.

Kun: "You're lying! I can feel it from here."

Kurai calls back to Kun and says sarcastically.

Kurai: "Thanks, Kun!"

Lee: "Looks like it is time to tell us, Kurai."

Kurai: "Fine. It's Nazo, he kind of got to me."

Lee: "The guy who calls himself the Avatar humiliated you? That guy is a fake! I saw him once when I went from-"

Kurai interrupts her grandfather.

Kurai: "Yeah."

Aria explains to Lee what happened the night before.

Lee: "I know him, he was a ex soldier with me long ago. He quit the job because he couldn't handle it. To humiliate my granddaughter like that, that's just not right! I need to speak with him."

Aria is surprised to hear this from Lee.

Kurai: "He makes me so mad I'm gonna-."

Kurai metalbends a sheet of metal into a ball, then sighs.

Kurai: "I don't think talking to him will work, Grandpa Lee."

Lee: "With me, it will. Trust me, I know how to deal with this."

Kurai argues with her grandfather.

Kurai: "He has a way with words though. He seems to twist everything you say. I was listening to him being talked to on the radio and people are against me. That's why I don't want to go out. How can I be the Avatar if people don't want me around?"

Lee: "Kurai, I have dealt with these type of people. If they mess with you or someone, they mess with the entire family. I know the feeling."

Kurai: "Exactly, so let me handle it and I'll ask for help if I need it."

Kuria returns to what she was doing. Aria turns to Lee.

Aria: "I'm sorry, Lee."

Lee: "It's all right. If she wants to deal with it on her own, let her."

Aria sighs and nods. Kurai firebends angrily as Lee and Aria watch her. To her surprise, Kurai accidentally uses blue fire to melt away the sheet of metal. Seeing this, Lee walks over to her.

Lee: "You finally achieved blue fire."

Lee shows Kurai how easily she bends blue fire.

Lee: "I must warn you though, if you continue to use it with anger, you will lose control and lose your true goal. Your firebending will not ignite."

Kurai sighs and sits down on the grass.

Lee: "It will take some time. I recommend meditation."

Kurai: "I tried that."

Lee: "Good. Continue doing it. I do it as well."

Kurai: "Whenever I do it, I find myself in the Spirit World."

Lee: "You need to relax and breathe like you use for bending."

Kurai: "I can't relax. Every time I think about what he said, I get mad. He's such an insult and embarrassment!"

As she talks about Nazo, Kurai accidentally firebends in anger again.

Lee: "You have to let it go and keep doing what you do. People will realize that he's a fake. Put him to the test."

Kurai: "Easier said than done, Grandpa Lee."

Lee: "Oh trust me, I think we have a plan. We need each member to have a volunteer to have a spar against Nazo. When he has a show, we will expose him. I'm sure Korra and Aang would have done the same."

Kurai: "Can everyone please stop saying that! I don't know if that is what they would do! I can't ask them because the cycle is messed up and I don't know why and I'm trying to figure it out so everyone needs to get off my back about it!"

Kurai accidentally earthbends causing the ground to shake a bit.

Aria: "Kurai!!"

Lee figures he should leave his granddaughter alone.

Lee: "I'll go back inside now."

Lee goes back into the house.

Aria: "Kurai, your grandfather is just trying to help!"

Kurai realizes that and looks down.

Kurai: "Sorry..."

Aria: "Don't say sorry to me, go inside and say you're sorry to your grandfather!"

Kurai nods and goes inside.

Kurai: "Grandpa Lee?"


Kurai: "I'm sorry, I lost control...again..."

Lee: "It's okay, Kurai."

Kurai nods and, not knowing what to say next, goes to her room.

Father vs. Daughter:

Everyone decides to give Kurai some space. In the meantime, Zeng walks up to Kyan.

Zeng: "Kyan, want to spar with your dad?"

Kyan: "Sure, Dad!"

Zeng: "Great! Let's go outside."

Zeng and Kyan go outside.

Zeng: "Alright, Kyan, show me what you know so far."

Kyan nods and waterbends the water from the plants grass around her. She then uses the water and shoots ice spears at the fence. Zeng is amazed.

Zeng: "Wow, you've been practicing."

Kyan smiles.

Kyan: "A bit."

Zeng: "Alright then, ready?"

Kyan gets in her stance.

Kyan: "Ready!"

Zeng waterbends water streams at Kyan. Kyan moves out of the way and waterbends water whips at her dad. Zeng uses a water shield, then waterbends water whips back at Kyan. She tries to use an ice shield, but it breaks and Kyan gets hit. Zeng turns the water into ice spikes and points them at Kurai. Kurai looks at them from the ground.

Zeng: "I win."

He then turns the ice spikes to water and drops it.

Kyan: "Maybe, Dad, but I bring my opponents down with me."

Kyan uses ice creeps on Zeng's legs. Zeng is surprised.

Zeng: "Hey, that's my move."

Kyan smiles.

Kyan: "I know. I saw you use it on Mom, so I thought I'd give it a try."

Zeng smiles.

Zeng: "That's my little girl."

Zeng unfreezes himself and hugs his daughter. Kyan smiles and hugs her dad back. Meanwhile, Aria was watching the whole time.

Aria: "Nice job you two. Way to get back at your father, Kyan."

Kyan: "Thank you."

Zeng: "Thanks."

Aria: "You're both welcome."

They all smile.

Not Wanting to Hurt Anyone:

Later that day, Aria, Zeng, Kyan, and Kesuk enjoy watching a movie while enjoying some popcorn. After the movie ends, Tsubasa and Haylin return home after being away and training on Air Temple Island.

Tsubasa: "Finally, we are home, Mom."

Haylin: "Yes, it's great to be home again."

Tsubasa: "Hey, everyone, we are home finally!"

Kesuk hears them.

KesuK: "Finally! Next time, I want to come."

Tsubasa: "Don't worry, Kesuk, you will come with us in the next two weeks."

Kesuk: "Yes!"

Kesuk says excitedly. Aria smiles, seeing her mother and brother home.

Aria: "Welcome home, you two."

Haylin and Tsubasa smile.

Haylin: "Thank you, it's great to be back. How has everything been?"

Zeng: "Good, except there's one problem," he says, worried about Kurai.

Haylin: "What's wrong?"

Zeng tells Haylin and Tsubasa about Nazo.

Tsubasa: "It's a similar problem like what happened in school, but this time it's dealing with a person claiming to be the Avatar. However, he's not."

Haylin: "That's so wrong! He has no right!"

Aria: "She's only eleven and like you said Tsubasa, this isn't a school problem. It's more now. I don't know how to approach this."

Tsubasa: "She needs to realize that she will need our help and she can't do this on her own. Even Tenzin taught me this once and I also learned it when I met Mom."

Haylin: "Tsubasa is right."

Aria: "I think she knows that, but she wants to try what she can before she asks."

Kesuk: "I think she should just show Nazo who she is by landing some good hits."

Kyan: "That should be the last thing she has to do Kesuk. Nazo has another appearance coming up."

Tsubasa: "When?"

Kyan: "Tomorrow."

Tsubasa: "Great! Thank you, Kyan."

Kyan: "You're welcome."

Kesuk: "Knowing Kurai, she may go."

Just as Kesuk says that, Kurai makes her way downstairs. She sees her Uncle Tsubasa and Grandpa Haylin home.

Kurai: "Hi, Uncle Tsubasa and Grandma Haylin."

Haylin and Tsubsa smile at Kurai.

Haylin: "Hello, Kurai."

Tsubasa: "Hi, Kurai."

Kurai: "Glad to see you both back. I just got hungry and came down for a snack."

Zeng: "There's some popcorn for you, sweetie."

Kurai takes her father's offer, sits with them, and has some popcorn.

Tsubasa: "How is your training going, Kurai?"

Kurai: "Fine."

Tsubasa: "Want to do some airbending practice with me?"

Kurai: "No thanks."

Tsubasa looks at her.

Tsubasa: "What's wrong?"

Kurai: "I just don't want to hurt anyone again."

Tsubasa: "It's just some airbending practice, that's all."

Kuria shakes her head. Tsubasa nods.

Tsubasa: "I understand."

Kesuk: "You need the practice, sis."

Tsubasa: "Kesuk is right."

Kesuk: "I know Nazo makes you mad, but his name sounds like something you say when you sneeze or hold your nose. Kind of like this."

Kesuk holds his nose and talks funny.

Kesuk: "I'm Nazo and I can bend all four elements, because I'm awesome at being fake."

Kurai laughs.

Kurai: "Okay, okay, I get it."

Tsubasa joins in on making fun of Nazo and trying to cheer up Kurai.

Tsubasa: "He has a long nose and is nothing but big talk."

Kurai laughs again. Everyone smiles seeing Kurai laugh.

Kyan: "Feeling better, Kurai?"

Kurai: "A little, but am I in the right state to airbend without hurting anyone?"

Tsubasa: "All we are going to do is practice the dancing leaf technique and avoidance. Airbenders don't fight often and only when it's necessary. In the next two weeks, Tenzin wants you to join us on Air Temple Island. That way, you can study airbending."

Kurai: Oh, what's that? That also means I have been using airbending wrong."

Kesuk: "So have I."

Aria: "I think that will be great for you, Kurai, as well as you, Kesuk."

Tsubasa: "Let's go outside, my mom set up the training area and Tomaya is joining us too."

The kids nod and follow Tsubasa outside.

Airbending Training:

Once outside, Kurai, Kesuk, and Kyan can see the obstacle set up.

Tsubasa: "The first thing to do is be like the leaf."

Tsubsas demonstrates how it's done. Kurai, Kesuk, and Kyan watch. After Tsubasa's demonstration, he looks at Kesuk.

Tsubasa: "You go first, Kesuk."

Kesuk smiles and jumps right in. For someone who is so hyper all the time, Kesuk is smooth and calm when it comes to being the leaf in the wind. Haylin and Tsubasa are amazed with how fast Kesuk learns.

Tsubasa: "Wow, he learns fast, Mom."

Haylin: "Yes, he does."

Kesuk smiles and finishes up.

Tsubasa: "Great job, Kesuk!"

Kesuk: "Thank you!"

Tsubasa smiles as Kesuk sits back down.

Tsubasa: "Kurai, you're up."

Kurai: "Okay."

Kurai shyly and nervously gets up.

Tsubasa: "Remember to relax, Kurai."

Kurai nods, takes a deep breath, and begins. At first, she does okay.

Tsubasa: "She's doing great!"

Kesuk: "Come on, Kurai, you got this."

Kurai keeps doing well, but she begins to think about Nazo's words and becomes angry. Tsubasa sees Kurai getting angry.

Tsubasa: "Relax, you can do this."

Kurai loses it and burns the course a bit. Tsubasa, Kesuk, Haylin, Tomaya, and Kyan look at her in shock. Kurai can see their shocked faces.

Haylin: "How about a break?"

Tsubasa: "Good idea."

Kurai flops on the ground taking a break.

Tsubasa: "Are you alright, Kurai?"

Kurai: "Yeah, but I don't want to do anymore today."

She says that and goes back into the home.

Haylin: "When she is ready, she will try again."

Tsubasa nods.

Worried For Her Daughter:

Aria comes out to check on how things are going. As she comes out, Kurai walks past her.

Aria: "How is everything going?"

Tsubasa: "Good and bad. Kurai is not really herself, but Kesuk is learning fast."

Aria sighs.

Aria: "Well, I'm very proud of you, Kesuk."

Kesuk: "Thanks, Mom."

Aria: "You're welcome, sweetie."

Aria looks at Tsubasa.

Aria: "I think it's best we let Kurai calm down for now."

Tsubasa: "That's what Mom and I think too."

Aria nods and sits.

Aria: "I wish I knew what to do and how to approach this with Kurai."

Tsubasa: "That's why we want to take her to Tenzin, he will know what to do."

Aria: "Yes, but how does he know Kurai is the Avatar?"

Tsubasa: "He's Avatar Aang's son."

Aria: "True, I guess he would be one of the first to know when a new Avatar is born."

Tsubasa nods and smiles.

Aria: "I feel so bad for the kids; I'm trying to concentrate on all of them equally, but they are all so different with different needs. I love them all to death and I want the best for them, while also keeping them safe."

Haylin sits next to her daughter.

Haylin: "Sweetheart, being different is not a bad thing. Kyan, Kesuk, and Kurai may need different attention, and though they are young, they have an idea of what's going on. Maybe not everything, but that's how they learn and they learn differently. However, one thing always remains the same with all three of them and that is that they love you and Zeng just as you both love them."

Tsubasa: "Mom is right."

Aria smiles.

Aria: "Thank you both."

Aria hugs her mother and brother, Haylin and Tsubasa hug her back.

Tsubasa: "Let's go back inside."

Aria and Haylin agree, and go back into the home.

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