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January 21, 2015

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Zeng and Aria hugging, saying goodbye, and dropping off their kids at school, Zeng turns to Aria.

Zeng: "I'm stopping by work to pick up some papers."

Aria: "Alright. Kayla and I will wait for you outside."

Zeng: "Thank you dear."

Aria: "No problem dear."

Once they drive at the ship, Zeng hops off Kayla and boards the ship. A few moments later, a loud explosion is heard and seen coming from the ship. Kayla gets startled and Aria quickly hops off Kayla and ducks for cover. Once she feels it is safe, Aria stands up and realized what just happened. She looks over at the ships and gasps.

Aria: "Zeng!"

Aria immediately runs into the ship. Soldiers who mad sit out try to stop her, but she pushes them out of the way. She finds Zeng out cold and covered in ashes. As she wipes ashes off of Zeng, she begins to cry and feels to see if he has a pulse. Paramedics and firefighters arrive on scene, including Omaya's uncle Tai. Tai sees Aria and holds her back so the paramedics can help Zeng. Aria fights to be near Zeng but eventually stops and just cries. Back at home, Lee gets a call from the hospital. After he hangs up, he turns to Kana and tells what happened. Kana begins to cry.

Kana: "We have to go now!"

Lee: "Yeah let's go!"

Lee and Kana head to the hospital. Once at the hospital, Kana gets word on Zeng's condition. Doctors tell Kana and Lee that Zeng won't wake up for about a month. Aria sees Kana and Lee and walks up to them.

Aria: "Kana? Lee?"

Kana turns and faces Aria.

Kana: "Aria."

Aria hugs her mother-in-law and Kana hugs her daughter-in-law back. Lee watches them and feels very stressed, very down about all this, and very worried about his son. Lee and Kana stay at the hospital with Zeng, while returns home to care for her and Zeng's kids. At home, Kyan, Kesuk, and Kurai see their mother walk in and see the expression on her face. They know something is wrong. Aria takes the three upstairs and breaks the news as gently a she can. Kyan, Kesuk, and Kurai can't believe it and begins to cry. Aria holds the three close in her arms. She too can't hold back the tears. That night, Lee, Kana, Aria, Kyan, Kesuk, and Kurai are unable to sleep. They are all worried about Zeng.

The Investigation:

The next morning, Omaya and Tai are investigating the explosion align with the Republic City Police Force. Omaya finds something and calls her uncle over.

Omaya: "Uncle Tai look at this!"

Tai comes over and kneels down beside Omaya.

Omaya: "It seems that the engine had a loose piston."

Omaya tries to touch it, but it's hot.

Omaya: "Ow!"

Tai: "Careful! Loose for sure, but by accident or was it purposely loosened?"

Omaya looks under the piece.

Omaya: "A piece of the engine is missing. I think that's the reason why it exploded. Someone tampered with the engine."

Tai: "Yes you're right. Whoever did this, wanted to really take out this ship."

Though Aria was specifically told not join this case, she arrives anyways. Sheng sees Aria board the ship and in her uniform.

Sheng: "Aria? You're not supposed to be on this case."

Aria: "Oh so it wasn't an accident?"

Sheng: "We don't know. I'm just saying it's pending."

Aria: "I don't care because if it wasn't an accident, I will hurt whoever did this!"

Sheng: "Woah, okay, you're just mad because your husband got hurt."

Aria: "Yes and I'm worried I may lose him and what about our here kids!? They need their father!"

Sheng: "Well, if anything does happen to him. I'd be glad to help care for you and the kids."

Aria grabs Sheng's collar.

Aria: "That statement made you sound suspicious. Also, try another move like that and I'll shove my flame fist down your throat!"

As Aria warns Sheng, Omaya goes to see General Lee.

Omaya: "Sir, may I see the report of who were the last people that were in the engine room?"

General Lee: "I'm sorry I gave it to an officer."

Omaya: "Who was it?"

General Lee: "It was metalbended before the explosion. That's what one of the officers told me."

Omaya: "Thank you."

Omaya eventually finds the officer who received the list.

Sheng: "You wanted to speak with me?"

Omaya shows her prosecutor badge.

Omaya: "I'm prosecutor Omaya. I'm working on this case and I have direct authority to look on the files of the pass inspections on this Water Tribe ship. If you do not cooperate. I will have the head chief take you down for questioning."

Sheng laughs.

Sheng: "Listen, I respect your badge, but respect mine. I'm also investigating this case. Here is the list."

Sheng hands the list to Omaya.

Sheng: "We are questioning suspects now."

Omaya gets in her stance.

Omaya: "If you are not cooperating, I will have to arrest you."

Sheng: "I gave you the list. Feel free to talk to the suspects like we are."

Omaya looks at the list.

Omaya: "Where were you during your shift hours I didn't see that you clock out at the office during lunch time explain and don't say you where at the scene of the explosion."

Sheng: "I wasn't. I was out on another call. It was a small call that was no big deal."

Omaya: "There was no calls around that time. I have the record of all the calls made that day."

Meanwhile, Aria gets a notice from the school. She sighs.

Aria: "Not again."

Aria interrupts Omaya and Sheng.

Aria: "I have to get the kids."

Sheng: "Why don't I go with you? Just for caution."

Aria: "Fine."

After Aria and Sheng leave, Omaya turns to Lin.

Lin: "One of our top police officers is not telling the truth."

Omaya knows Sheng is lying and quickly runs home.

The Plan:

After arriving back at school the next day ofter the explosion, Kyan, Kesuk, and Kurai are quiet. They are still very worried about their father and like their mother, they can't concentrate on anything else. No one knows that Magnum hired Sheng to metalbend the ships engine that caused the explosion. Magnus and Kyan have been secretly getting to know one another and have grown to become more than just friends. However, Kyan does not know that Magnus is only following orders from his father, Magnum. With Zeng in the hospital, Sheng trying to distract Aria, Aria not in the right state of mind, sending the police in circles, after telling Magnus that he was meant to be the next Avatar, not a born firebender, and especially not one of Zeng and Aria's kids, and with his son Magnus getting close to the Avatar's big sister eventually getting close enough to attack Kurai, Magnum's plan is going very well.

Avatar Kurai's First Fight:

Meanwhile, at the school, the kids are all in their classroom preparing for class to start. Magnus and Kyan give each other a hug.

Magnus: "Hey, I heard what happened. I'm sorry to hear about your father. I hope he gets well soon."

Kyan: "Thank you." She gives Magnus a kiss on his cheek.

Class begins and before they know it, it's recess. The kids all go outside. Once outside, Magnus carefully slips away from Kyan and walks up to Kurai.

Magnus: "Kurai!"

Kurai hears her name and looks at Magnus. She is bit nervous knowing this is the boy who bullied Kyan and that his sister bullied her.

Kurai: "What do you want?" She shyly and nervously says.

Magnus: "I just wanted to talk. How is your daddy doing?"

Kurai: "I think he's doing fine. I don't really know. My mom says he will be okay."

Magnus: "Really? I don't know, that was a bad explosion. Some guys didn't make it."

Kurai begins to get a bit louder as she speaks up, but backs away as Magnus comes towards her.

Kurai: "Stop it! You don't know anything!"

Magnus: "Oh I know more than you think. I know who caused that explosion and why."

Kurai: "No you don't!"

Magnus: "It was me! I should have been the next Avatar! The next Avatar should have been an earthbender, not a firebender like you!"

Kurai begins to tear up scared. Meanwhile, Kyan is watching and listening to all of this.

Magnus: "Look at you, you are to shy to be the Avatar! You're weak! You're an insult and disgrace to the past Avatars and to everyone in every nation! You're running away from me rather than defending yourself! How can you defend an entire world without defending yourself first!?"

Kurai: "I-I..."

Magnus: "You're nothing!"

Magnus earthbends and Kurai is hit hard. Not he ground Kurai is in pain, but stands back up. Magnus attacks Kurai again. Kurai falls back. Kids run over to watch. Magnus keeps hitting Kurai left and right. He eventually traps he run earth. Kurai is badly beaten. Magnus metalbends a sharp piece of steel from the playground and puts it towards Kurai.

Magnus: "Not even one defense or attack back. You're a waste. Anything you want to say?"

Kurai looks down ashamed.

Magnus: "Didn't think so."

Kyan runs up to Magnus and Kurai. She hits Magnus with ice and knocks him back.

Kyan: "How could you!? You used me to get to my sister!"

Magnus: "Kyan, I-"

Kyan: "I heard everything! Anything you say now won't help you!"

Magnus: "I'm sorry you feel that way."

Magnus earthbends Kyan. Kyan breaks Magnus' earthbending and attacks back with ice spears. Magnus blocks Kyan's attacks. Kun and Kesuk hear what's going on and they come to try and help Kyan and Kurai. Kun earthbends at Magnus while Kesuk air bends at Magnus. Magnus uses his earth being to shield him from Kesuk's airbending. He then uses his metalbending to trap Kun and Kesuk. Kun tries to break them free, but Magnus makes sure he can't. When he is done, Magnus looks at Kurai, Kyan, Kesuk, and Kun. Kurai sees her siblings and cousin trying to help an d defend her.

Magnus: "Unlike you four, I was trained better! Now where was I? Oh yeah, getting rid of the Avatar and taking my rightful place!"

Kuria is crying, but she see what Magnus did to her siblings and cousins. She also thinks about what Magnus' father did to her father and about her mother not being herself because of all this. Magnus metalbends the sharp piece of steel and points it at Kurai again. He is out of breath from defending off Kyan, Kun, and Kesuk.

Magnus: "Any one else want to mess with me!?"

Magnus looks at the crowd as he says this. The crowd of kids are scared and stay back.

Magnus: "Didn't think so."

Magnus turns to face Kurai. Kurai has her head down, crying, and her eyes closed.

Magnus: "Time to end you."

Magnus goes to attack Kurai again, however, Kurai feels the attack coming. She looks up reveling her glowing white Avatar State eyes. Magnus stops in his tracks, but before he can make annoy other move, Kurai breaks free of the earth and hits Magnus with fire. Magnus falls back and is badly burned. Kurai approaches him angrily, but Magnus backs up.

Kurai: "I don't care if you hurt me, but you hurt my dad, my mom, you used and then hurt my sister, you hurt my brother, and my cousin!"

Magnus tries to earth bend Kurai again, but while in her Avatar State, Kurai airbends a small tornado lifting Magnus into the air.

Kurai: "I may be only 10 years old, but I know enough to know that what you said to me was hurtful and an insult to not only me, but past Avatars! I may not fully understand why I am the Avatar and not an earthbender, but I also know that you don't deserve to be!"

Holding Magnus in the air with her tornado and having said those last words, Kurai knocks Magnus out of the tornado with her earthbending. Magnus lands on the floor. However, he quickly gets up and goes to attack Kurai once again, but Kyan bloodbends Magnus by using her mind and stops him. Kurai sees what her sister is doing and decides to finish it. She uses waterbending to freeze Magnus to a tree while he is subdued by Kyan. This was being watched by the other kids and adults as well. No one really stepped in to stop Kurai or Kyan due to fear. Once Magnus is caught, Kurai returns to normal and helps her siblings and cousin. All four of them are injured, but overall, they are okay. After helping Kyan, Kun, and Kesuk out, Kurai looks around and see everyones faces. She knows what she had done and she knows that she was in control this time.

Resisting Arrest:

After getting a call from the school, Aria picks up the kids and returns home with them. At home, The kids tell Aria what happened. Aria is speechless, but calmly nods and sends the kids to their room. She tells them she will be up soon. Aria sits down with her head in her hands. She thinks about what the kids just old her, about the events that happened at the school, about the explosion, and she thinks about Zeng.

Aria: "I need you so much right now Zeng..."

Sheng: "You know, I'm right here."

Aria: "Yeah thanks. You can go now."

Omaya quickly rushes through the door, inside the home, she handcuffs Sheng.

Omaya: "Sheng, you're under arrest!"

Sheng earth bends Omaya out of his way. He then takes his keys and un-handcuffs himself. Seeing what's going on, Aria quickly tries to tackle Sheng, but Sheng grabs Aria and pins her.

Sheng: "If any of you move I swear this won't end well!"

Omaya: "Sheng, don't make me do this. Let her go. Do you really want it to end like this?"

Sheng: "I'm only the beginning of the problem to all of you! This is nothing to what's coming!"

Kyan, Kun, Kesuk, and Kurai hear commotion coming from downstairs. They quickly run out of their rooms and see what's going on. Kyan, Kesuk, and Kurai shout.

Kyan, Kesuk, and Kurai: "Mom!"

Aria sees the kids worried look on their face.

Aria: "Stay back! All of you!"

Aria: "Sheng, you caused enough heartache. Stand down now!"

Sheng: "You'll have to make me!"

Sheng then kisses Aria. Khan, an old friend of Aria's comes in, grabs Sheng's wrist and pins him down.

Khan: "Sheng stop! You were not like this long ago!"

Aria sinks to the floor in so much shock. Kyan can't take it anymore and jumps in to help. She bloodbends Sheng. Kesuk and Kurai follow their older sister. Kesuk uses his airbending and suffocates Sheng while Kurai puts one of her fist on Sheng's chest and her other hand on his head. Kurai strips Sheng of his bending. After this is all over with, Kyan and Kesuk stop their bending, Sheng falls to the floor. He is still alive and arrested. Omaya sees Aria is in shock and takes her outside. Outside, Aria has nothing to say.

Omaya: "You okay?"

Tearing up, Aria shakes her head no, but she doesn't want to speak.

Omaya: "It's okay you are in state of shock. Doctors are coming."

Aria turns, walks back inside and goes to her room. She feels so helpless and doesn't like it. Omaya worries for Aria.

Cheering Up:

Aria lays crying in her bed. Kyan, Kesuk, and Kurai go to their mother and hug her knowing she's not herself. Kyan knows that Khan can help her and her siblings make Aria feel better. She goes back down and gets Khan.

Kyan: "You can come up to see her if you want."

Khan: "Aria?"

Kyan: "Yes."

Khan follows Kyan back upstairs.

Khan: "Mind if I come in?"

Aria waves her hand telling him to come in. Khan comes in and sits next to her.

Khan: "It's okay, it's over. Sheng can't hurt you anymore."

Aria: "It's not just that Khan. My husband is in the hospital, I don't know if he will make it, an officer I thought I trusted kissed me and hurt me, my kids got into another fight at school, my son nearly suffocated someone, my daughter bloodbended twice today, my other daughter too away someone bending for the first time and nearly used her bending to kill a boy who tried to kill her at school, all My kids were hurt due to this fight, and I don't know how to deal with this. I know I have to file a report now about that incident and now this one."

Khan: "I understand. I'm sorry about your husband and I hope he gets better soon."

Aria: "Me too, I really need him..."

Khan: "Come, you need a hug."

Aria hugs Khan and Khan hugs her back.

Aria: "Thank you."

Kurai speaks up.

Kurai: "His name is Magnus."

Kyan: "He was boyfriend. He left saying he was coming back. I didn't know he was going to try and kill Kurai. He attacked Kurai and trapped her. I came over and fought him. He beat me. Kesuk and Kun and came to help but he was to strong and beat us all."

Kesuk: "Kurai ten bent three of the four elements at once in her Avatar state thing."

Kurai: "Yeah, but Kyan saved me when she bloodbended Magnus. I was able to freeze him after."

Kun: "He hurt all of us."

The kids showed their wounds. Kurai having the worse.

Khan: "You did good kids in helping to defend your sister Kurai like that."

Kyan and Kesuk and Kun: "Thank you Khan."

Aria hugs all the kids.

Aria: "I'm so proud of you all."

Kyan: "Dad would be disappointed in us and in me for bloodbending."

Aria: "No, I think he would be just as proud."

Kurai: "Mommy, is this all my fault?"

Aria: "Why would you think that? It's not at all your fault."

Kurai: "Magnus said he did that stuff to get to me. He said other things that seemed like he was right. He used Kyan to get to me, he caused the blow up to try and kill daddy first then get you distracted."

Kurai tears up.

Kesuk: "Mom, what happens if dad, you know?"

Aria can't believe what she is hearing.

Aria: "Kurai, sweetheart, this is not your fault. You don't listen to what Magnus said. You continue to grow and learn. Kyan sweetheart, I'm so sorry, your first crush was using you. I know it hurts, but you'll see there's a boy out there perfect for you. Kesuk, sweetie, your father will be fine. I know he will be."

Though with uncertainty, Aria hugs her kids close again. Khan smiles.

Khan: "Your kids are strong, Aria. I'm really happy about that."

Aria worries for her kids now, but smiles and nods.

Aria: "They are and I'm really happy about that too."

Khan: "Oh I forgot to introduce myself to your twins."

Khan turns to Kesuk and Kurai.

Khan: "I'm Khan. I'm a royal guard to the Firelord and defense attorney part time."

Kesuk: "Nice to meet you. I'm Kesuk the airbender in training."

Kurai: "Hi I'm Kurai. I'm a firebender, airbender, earthbender, and waterbender in training."

Khan: "It's an honor to meet you Avatar Kurai."

Khan bows to Kurai. Kurai smiles a bit still getting used to that, and she respectfully bows back. Kesuk and Kyan smile. Aria also smiles feeling a bit better thanks to Khan and her kids.

A Month Later:

After a month of waiting, Zeng finally wakes up. He struggles to wake up and has an oxygen mask on him. As she is standing and looking out the window, Kana hears Zeng moving a bit and turns around. Zeng weakly speaks up.

Zeng: "Mom... Dad..."

Lee starts tearing hearing his son's voice.

Lee: "Hello son."

Kana tears up too, but smiles seeing her son awake.

Kana: "Hello sweetie."

Zeng: "What happened? I was picking up some papers a few minutes ago.."

Kana tells Zeng about the explosion and that it's been month. However, she doesn't tell him what's been going on after the explosion, because it would be to much for him right now.

Zeng: "Explosion...? Month...?"

Kana nods.

Kana: "Yes."

Zeng is shocked.

Kana: "Your father and I stayed here the whole time. We are so happy and relieved you're finally awake."

Zeng: "Thank you..Where's?... Kids...? And wife?"

Kana: "Your kids are at home and Aria is at work I believe. That's what Haylin told me when she called to check in."

Zeng: "Thank you..."

Kana: "Anytime sweetie."

Later that day, because Aria and Merizo are busy looking for Magnum, Haylin brings Kyan, Kesuk, and Kurai to visit Zeng.

Haylin: "Remember you three, don't mention anything to your father about the last month. We don't want him to worry."

Kesuk: "What if he asks?"

Kyan: "We tell him we have been going to school but we were worried about him and couldn't concentrate. That's not a lie but it doesn't make him worry to much."

Kurai: "Good plan."

They enter the room. Zeng sees his kids an smiles weakly.

Zeng: "Hey kids."

Kyan, Kesuk, and Kurai smile.

Kyan, Kesuk, and Kurai: "Hi dad."

Zeng: "I missed you all so much."

Kyan: "We missed you too daddy."

Kurai:'We were so worried."

Kesuk: "We are happy to see you're okay now."

Zeng: "Hows school?"

Kyan covers Kesuk's mouth before her brother has anytime to say anything.

Kyan: "It's fine. It's been a bit hard because we were worried about you so we couldnt concentrate to much."

Kurai: "They gave us a break, because of what happened."

Zeng: "All right."

Kyan, Kesuk, and Kurai nod.

Zeng: "Where's your mother? I've missed her."

Kesuk: "Working."

Kyan: " We think she's on patrol or something, because we call her but she's not there."

Zeng: "I see."

The doctor comes in to check on Zeng.

Doctor: "Our patient is up. Good to see you awake. How are you feeling?"

Zeng: "I'm fine thank you for taking me in. My parents were worried."

Doctor: "Don't mention it."

Lee: "When can my son be released from the hospital Doctor?"

Doctor: "Well, we would like to keep him for at least one more night just to make sure."

Kyan, Kesuk, and Kurai: "Can we stay?"

Haylin: "No. Let your dad rest here for the night."

Zeng: "I don't mind the kids staying Haylin."

Haylin: "Alright. I'll let Aria know when she comes home tonight."

Kyan, Kesuk, and Kurai: "Yay!"

The doctor speaks to Zeng.

Doctor: "Your kids grew since I last saw them.

Zeng smiles.

Zeng: "Yeah."

That night, Kyan, Kesuk, and Kurai calmly tell Zeng the truth about what's been going on the past month.

Zeng: "I understand. You needed to protect Kurai."

Kyan, Kesuk, and Kurai smile seeing that their dad is not mad at them or disappointed.

Zeng: "Kyan, let me know if you are going to have a boyfriend and come to me first before you get an approval. I don't want you to be heartbroken."

Kyan: " Yes daddy, though a little late on the heartbroken part."

Zeng: "I understand."

Kyan: "It's okay though, I'm not as heartbroken. especially seeing what he was trying to do, or did. no one hurts my little sister!"

Zeng: "I'am so proud of you Kyan."

Kyan: "Thanks daddy."

The next day, the doctor comes in.

Doctor: "Morning all of you. Well Zeng, It seems you are okay to return home."

Zeng: "Great! Thank you."

Doctor: "Of course, but it easy okay?"

Zeng: "I will."

The doctor smiles and leaves them so they can prepare to return home.

Back Home:

Upon arriving home, Zeng and welcomed by Haylin, Jun, Onua, Tai, Omaya, Tomaya, and Kun.

Zeng: "Thank you everyone."

Tomaya: "How are you feeling?"

Zeng: "I'm fine I have couple of burn marks on my shoulders and back."

Kana: "Don't worry, Kyan and and I will help you with those."

Zeng: "Thanks."

Kana: "No problem sweetie. Lets get you upstairs and resting."

Zeng: "Okay."

Kana takes Zeng upstairs and helps him settle in.

Zeng: "Thank you."

Kana: "You're welcome. Sleep well sweetie. If you need anything, just call."

Zeng nods. Kana smiles and leaves her son to rest.

Finding Magnum:

After receiving word from Lin and Omaya that Magnum is the true culprit behind the attack, Aria and Merizo have been busy searching for him. After searching for an entire month, they finally find him. Aria and Merizo come up with a plan. Once they have found Magnum, Merizo uses flash to temporarily blind his brother, then both Aria and Merizo lightningbend Magnum. When Magnum is down and weaken from the lightning, Aria takes in the heated air and thunder bends Magnum. This knocks out Magnum. The next day, Aria and Merizo bring Magnum to the family home.

Magnum: "I can't believe my little brother beat me!"

Merizo: "I was better trained than you."

Magnum: "You just got lucky. Why did you bring me here anyways? This isn't the station or prison!"

Aria: "We have a special surprise for you."

Magnum: "Haven't I had enough cruel and unusual punishment from you two?"

Merizo: "What you did to me in the past, to our parents, to this family, your wife, your daughter, and to your own son was cruel. This doesn't compare to that!"

Aria: "However, It is going to be very satisfying watching this."

Magnum: "What are you going to do?"

Aria: "You'll see."

The kids hear Aria and Merizo's voice. They come downstairs.

Kyan: "Mommy, you're finally home."

Kesuk: "You and Uncle Merizo look like a mess."

Kurai: "You both look very tired too."

Aria and Merizo smile.

Kyan: "So is this the guy?"

Merizo: "This is my brother, Magnum. He is the one behind all this."

Kyan looks at Magnum and gasps.

Kyan: "You're Magnus' father and the man who stormed into our home after my siblings were born! You earthbended me and broke my arm when I was little! You also grabbed my siblings by their arms and dangled them! You hurt them too!"

Kesuk and Kurai are surprised hearing this, but small memories come back to them as well.

Magnum: "I'm surprised that same little girl remembers all of that."

Kyan: "That hurt a lot!"

Magnum: "You shouldn't have got in my way."

Aria hits Magnum on the back of his head for that comment to her daughter. Kurai approaches Magnum.

Kurai: "You tried to kill my daddy, you tried to hurt my mommy, and you used your son to try and kill me!"

Magnum: "Yes, but my son is a failure. If he could't do the job right, I guess I'll have to!"

Magnum gathers his last bit of strength, earthbends Aria and Merizo. He then charges at Kurai.

Aria: "Kurai!"

Kyan bloodbends Magnum without using her arms and stops him in his tracks.

Kyan: "This is payback for everything you did to us!"

Kyan uses her bloodbending and breaks Magnum's arm. Magnum yells in pain. Kurai gathers her own strength and courage. She approaches Magnum while Kyan has him stopped, places her fist on Magnum's chest, her other hand on his head, takes a deep breath and closes her eyes. Kurai enters the Avatar State and strips Magnum of his bending. When Kurai finishes, Kyan stops bloodbending Magnum and he falls to the ground. Aria rushes over and hugs all three of her kids. Merizo also hugs them all. Magnum regains his conscious a bit and tries earthbending, but can't.

Magnum: "You-you took my bending! H-how did you? You're too young!"

Magnum then looks at Kyan.

Magnum: "And how did you bloodbend like that!? You didn't move at all!"

Kyan and Kurai look at one another smiling.

Kurai: "You're not the first person. I took Sheng's bending too."

Kyan: "And I bloodbended Sheng the same way as well."

Kurai: "Let's just say we had some great teachers."

Aria gives Merizo a nod. Merizo nods back at Aria then picks up his brother and handcuffs him.

Merizo: "Magnum, you are under arrest for attempted murder and conspiracy. You have the right for main silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you-"

Magnum: "I know my rights!"

Magnum looks at Kurai.

Magnum: "Mark my words young Avatar, you better watch your back from now on! I still know plenty of people who would love to get rid of you!"

Aria slams her elbow on Magnum's back very hard. Magnum grunts in pain after Aria hit him.

Aria: "Don't threaten my daughter!"

Kurai: "It's okay mom."

Something comes over Kurai and she stands up to Magnum's threat.

Kurai: "Listen Magnum, sure I needed some help and I hesitated, but I beat your son and I took your bending away. I may only be 10 years old, but I can take on any one you send my way! Next time, don't hide in the shadows. Say it to my face! I will be ready for them!"

Kurai says this as she puts her fist to her palm in front of Magnum's face. Magnum is speechless after hearing what Kurai said to him. Aria, Merizo, Kyan, and Kesuk are also surprised to see shy Kurai come out like this. With those last words, Magnum is arrested. After Magnum is arrested, Aria and the kids say goodbye to Merizo. Merizo returns to his apartment exhausted. Aria retreats upstairs exhausted. Kyan, Kesuk, and Kurai don't tell Aria that Zeng is home. When Aria enters the room, she is to exhausted to notice Zeng there. She crawls into bed and lays down.

The next day, Zeng is awake. Kana and Kyan are doing a healing session on Zeng's burns. Aria wakes up and sees Zeng next to her.

Aria: "Zeng!"

Aria hugs Zeng close and begins tearing up very happy to see him. Kana and Kyan both jump back a bit in surprise when Aria hugs Zeng. Zeng hugs Aria close as well.

Zeng: "Hi Aria. I've missed you."

Aria: "I've missed you more."

Aria kisses Zeng. Zeng blushes and kisses Aria back.

Kyan: "Ew, Mom and Dad!"

Aria blushes embarrassed.

Aria: "Sorry sweetheart."

Zeng: "You'll understand one day sweetie."

Kana: "Do you two want a moment?"

Aria: "No, no it's okay. He needs to get healed."

They all smile, Kana and Kyan continue to heal Zeng's burns. Aria is very happy her husband is okay and home again.

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