The Darkest Show Around
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The Secrets of the Beast



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February 18, 2012

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The secrets of the beast 2:

The darkest show around

The Baron schemes with the Goddess of Death

"I find this move unwise," Maque asked as she realized Jiàn walked into the secret meeting ground after being told that they wouldn't be able assassinate their targets a shadowy figure appeared "I am The Baron I run everything here if you gave a dislike in the orders then you can fight me to change it otherwise remain silent"

She tensed up raising her weapon but then put it down.

There was a small chuckle. "That is what I thought, Don't worry though you will get a second chance after Zhengyi's little party"

She made a small bow then left.

The Baron watched the world through many devices. The Avatar was drawing nearer as The Baron started to plan.

"He will come for you Avatar , The Savior will come" He thought to himself.

The tiger catching it's prey

"You got three seconds EXACTLY THREE SECONDS to tell me where your boss is or I swear I will cut you in half and make you watch your other half bleed out!"

They were in an alley interrogating the next fool who wouldn't speak of the location of their boss.

The one holding the man has brown spiky hair and red eyes, his attire consists of a black hakama and a dark blue sash; his black jacket is ragged with an upturned collar. The inner lining is dark blue, the sleeves are rolled up with a tiger fur imprint on the back, and He wears it open revealing a black shirt, he had two swords strapped on his back.

"I told you that you could find him in a morgue bugs are feasting on his corpse by now" The man started to chuckle.

"This one is not amused." Then there was a punch to the face to the man being tortured.

"He would like to know if he could hurt this fool."

He has dark-blue eyes and long black hair with two long bangs that fall in front of his face. He usually wears his hair in a ponytail that reaches to about his middle back, He wears a green suit of armor with shoulder guards, pads around his knees and a belt.

"Go ahead I guess and what's with this "This one" junk anyway?"

"This one would like to tell you that we should focus on the mission not on his speech patterns thank you." He started punching the man against the wall repeatedly causing it to start cracking against the weight of the fists.

Then quickly as it started he stopped, letting the bleeding punk have a breather.

"This one wants to know if you would like to tell us, He would rather not waste anymore time beating you"

"Hey! Stop hitting him" a whole gang appeared along with a guy that appeared twice as big as the rest.

"Hey look at that a bunch of punks" He then reached for his back pulling out his katana.

"This one requires that you, Tora shall kill them."

"Didn't need you're permission."

Then before the group could react He started to slice through them. Fast he was too fast for them. . .cutting, slicing and slashing the many bandits in the way.

As he stopped he realized it was out in the open and people were screaming and yelling, running as fast as they could. His enemies were no more as blood was thick on his boots.

"This one believes that you missed the big oaf."

That largest of the group tried to reach out crawling with his missing legs.


"This one will answer the scum's last question."

He walked next to him.

"You are worth very much dead and he wanted to make sure that this one and his partner would get the bounty for your dead head so let him ask you a question. . .are you frightened of the end?"

He didn't respond he just stared at him with scared eyes.

"No matter this one will answer for you" He moved slowly to the fallen bandit and put his hand on his chest.

"Let the word be out this one has killed the bandit" He stabbed a hole through his chest with his bare hand.

Assassin's guide of hanging out with friends

Money. . .lord knows that Tora loved money but as he got the money he noticed that "This one" guy didn't do much in the cheap building that they were living in for the time being.

He just sat in a corner doing meditating and as Tora walked in with a large sack of gold coins.

"Hey don't you want to celebrate on the kill."

"This one does not celebrate death. . .he is just a weapon of war."

He didn't make any attempt to move he just sat there with his eyes closed.

"Oh come on isn't there something you want to do like get really drunk, fight, party, be with loose women."

"This one would rather not do any. . .well maybe he would like to have a few drinks if you pay for them."

Tora only shrugged his shoulders.

"Fine fine fine".

Come inside for the ride

"Run away run away save the drinks, save the women, save the money" Tora was running out of the pub they were in.

Somehow and in some way his ally got way too much to drink and pick a fight with basically everyone until he met with the bar owner.

She had an eye patch in the right eye with normal straps and a front band, her hair was black and cut short, tied into a single ponytail on her left side, she wore a large free flowing robe similar to that of a shrine maiden she lets her robes hang loose revealing a little more than necessary. She has a large pelt of a tiger draped over her legs as well as a long silk scarf connecting to both of her arms that seems to just float behind her. Despite the soft appearance she was not, her sleeves torn She had the number six in Chinese tattooed on her forehead, and she had a pair of red gloves.

He tried to hit her but he just got hit through the door.

That led back to here. Running like crazy hoping that she wasn't chasing after them, practically dragging his he started to slow down.

"What is wrong with you man?"

"This. . .this guy got a little drunk."

"Yea I never thought hitting women was something you'd do."

"Hey hey HEY him is not as think as he drunk he is."

Tora just shook his head.

"Come on I'll help you back to the. . ."

He stopped in front of some kind of parade.

It was the most bizarre thing he had ever seen, Long lines of people in skeleton costumes dancing synchronously down the line as a large voice spoke.

"Ladies and Gentlemen. . .Boys and Girls. . . The Kūlóu wǔ Is In Town, You Better Be Ready, Just Follow The Parade Of Dancing Skeletons."

They kept moving then large music.

"Welcome To The Lower Birth
The Greatest Show Unearthed
We Appear Without A Sound
The Darkest Show Around
We Will Leave You In A Daze"

More dancing, more singing, as the parade went on Tora became perplexed as to how such a large group made there way into Ba Sing Se.

Those thoughts were interrupted by seeing someone that he had not seen in a long time.

The princess ponders and the jester laughs

Azula had walked through the now conquered halls of the palace victory was hers, but the strange encounter ruined the savoring taste of victory.

Especially that clown. . .

He bothered her the most.

Calling her a monster, questioning her sanity, inviting her to destroy everything. She became aggravated.

Yet something about what he said made some sense.

Her eyes widen in shock as she stopped walking not only was it because of that thought but because of the two dead Dai Li in front of the sound of laughter echoed through the walls.

"I know you are there show yourself" Azula got ready for any attack.

"Hello there, princess."

She turned around seeing a familiar person hanging on a tapestry before jumping in front of her.

Before she could move a muscle he grabbed her by her arms and forced her to the ground. She realized he was without makeup revealing several scars over his left eye, on his forehead, and his chin, the most noticeable scar was one on the edges of the mouth to the ears.

"I missed you Azula and I wanted to personally invite to the Kulou Wu" He pulled out a card and threw it on her. He looked up and smiled before stealing a kiss and running off as a knife followed suit.

She got upon her feet seeing Mai with knives in hand and she looked to the opposite direction he was gone again.

Old friends and new allies

"General!" Tora made his way to his old ally.

Iroh stopped as he looked to him.

"I finally have the chance to challenge you to the ultimate battle."

Zuko was ready to step up and fight but Iroh put his hand to his chest.

"I will take care of this" He quietly said to his nephew.

"Sorry I can not play Pai Sho today" He said offering a smile.

The seriousness of Tora slowly changed he got his own smile.

"Oh well guess I will have to settle for later, General."

He slightly bowed to Iroh.

Iroh then laughed he didn't expect to meet an old friend.

"Field Marshal Tora how are things these days."

"Some good some bad, never could be part of the army without ya, General." He smiled and laughed.

Zuko moved forward trying to see what this was all about but before he could say anything someone had to speak.

"Thi-This one knows you," he said as he pointed at Zuko moving in a drunken swagger.

"You are Prince Zuko this one knows you as the boy that. . . that." He was having a hard time talking being that he was still slightly drunk.

He then slightly regained his composure he tried speaking but then fell unconscious.

"What was that about?" Zuko asked Tora.

Tora just shrugged his shoulders.

"He's my partner in a hunt for a small time bandit in these parts but we just worked together heck I don't even know his name."

Captured by The Merciless Poet

Katara had run out of the palace being interrupted by no one but she couldn't shake the feeling that someone was watching her. She looked up seeing something that gave her hope. . .A flying bison. She was about to yell out but then a blade was pressed against her throat.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you"

Katara looked back slightly and saw a woman with an eye patch. She held the blade close.

"I am sorry for this but he requires your appearance."

Katara tried to move but then felt a quick chop to the back off her head as she became unconscious.

"Forgive me what I will do for I never will."

The show begins

"Ladies and Gentleman!
Boys and Ghouls!
Step right up!"

There was a large circus in black, red, gold, people with the same man that visited Iroh started yelling around to all that was there. The Jester smiled a very large as he started to open the front curtain.

"Behind this curtain lies a ghastly concoction of delight, horror, fantasy and terror"

People dressed in various outfits started to almost appear out of nowhere. The crowd that followed looked up in excitement, but some looked puzzled as the dressed up clowns started doing flips and tricks to their act.

"Your every wish is our command! Your every whimsical desire brought to life. But I'm warning you... there's always a price!"

Tora looked around as the show was starting. He had a bad feeling about this place so did Iroh, plus he knew that the clown that ran this show was ranked.

Welcome to the greatest show UNEARTHED!"

The two wide curtains of the large tent started opening revealing a large amount of oddities.

Zhengyi smiled to himself as people started to pour into the big top. He was sitting on a throne on a platform a few feet higher then the crowd, on his left and right were two of his most trusted allies.

The one on his right had short black hair with his bangs swept to the side and hanging over the front of his face, He has black short hair and he wore a red robe, he also had red and black Kung Fu pants, a red sash, loafers, and white leggings. He had long sleeves almost covering his hands but there was a shimmer of silver almost looking like a blade.

On his left was a woman with wild and untamed, strawberry blond hair in a slight pony-tail on the top of her head with a light purple cloth she had white make up on that was mostly white with purple lipstick and a lot of black make up around her eyes. Also she was wearing a vibrant Haori, the colors on the rim of the Haori a light blue-purple. The Haori's main color being a red-orange-pink combination with flowery embroidery. Bronze prayers beads being worn around her neck a short red-orange-pink hakama with no sash around the waist, she also has bandaged wrapping around her upper legs and wears brown sandals. She held in her right hand a large wooden club with metal studs on them.

"Welcome to the big top!, a small offering of what is to come, enjoy what you see for it may cause you to lose your mind. . .in excitement!" He raised his hands into the air as people from above started to do trapeze acts, flying through the air wearing skin tight outfits and wearing masks that had bizarre expressions. People below the throne started to slowly advance the crowd in various clown outfits made of many colors, some juggling small balls others weapons some carrying large skeletons of dragons. Tora looked around as he realized that the place was getting was getting darker.

"Feel free to explore the rest of the grounds you will find many strange and wonderful things. . .who knows maybe you will find somethings that wil change your life forever. . ."

Zhengyi motioned his hand as the front curtains opened didn't like this as they stepped outside seeing many new large tents and various other clowns and acrobats, this place just felt wrong.

"Uncle what are we doing here?" he asked as he walked carefully to his uncle's side whispering those words.

"The General already has something in store" Tora whispered to Zuko as they moved to a smaller tent where another event was happening and it seemed to caused lots of screaming.

The jester waits and the princess appears

Azula had heard reports of the parade and decided to take interest in her invitation not without a few Dai Li agents and Mai in the shadows as she walked down a forest path that would in theory led to the back of the circus tent then a coldness made it self known in the air.

Azula felt fear that was slowly creeping up her, a bright light shone in the sky then robed figure seemed to form from the darkness.

He had long black hair and light purple eyes. He had on a pale red robe with light purple linings that bares his upper torso and shoulders and several white wings and a metal crest extend from behind his shoulders.

"I am Shǎxiào the Clown Prince's main magician and will escort you to the big top" He extended his hand to her.

She didn't move merely staring.

Shaxiao merely shrugged his shoulders and started to pull out a deck of cards.

"Not convinced then put your mind at ease watch as I can show the past, present and the future as well" He spread out the cards.

"Pick three that is all you need for me to see what you need" He gave a very cold smile.

She did not have time so she slowly spoke.

"You can just take me to your master we can skip the card play."

She then heard the sound of his deep laughter, He then clapped his hands.

"Sure but why not make sure your friends don't mess around" Out of the dark forest was the Dai Li agents and Mai bound like puppets by some red ropes.

"Follow me well enough and they will be fine" Shaxiao stated.

Azula knew that she needed her pawns losing them now would be unfortunate.

He then snapped his fingers as he started to point out the way to go as her allies started to twist and contort in some bizarre mockery of walking.

Azula had to make a plan to take down Zhengyi and his Dark Circus.

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