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June 30, 2015

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The next day, Zeng and Aria are the first to wake up. They get ready and head downstairs. Once downstairs, Kayla hears Zeng and tackles him. She licks Zeng's face wanting to be fed. Zeng laughs.

Zeng: "Kayla."

Aria laughs too, but is then interrupted when Phoenix comes over and nudges her, also wanting to be fed.

Zeng: "Looks like they are both hungry."

Aria: "Yeah."

Zeng: "Let's feed them."

Aria nods and gets the fish out. Zeng looks at the polar bear dog and hawk dragon.

Zeng: "Do you both want it cooked?"

Phoenix carefully breaths fire and cooks his fish right in Aria's hand. He then takes it from her hand and eats it. Kayla doesn't want her fish cooked and takes her raw fish from Zeng's hand. She eats it.

Aria: "I guess that answered your question, dear."

Zeng nods. Phoenix and Kayla finish their breakfast, but Phoenix helps sticks his nose in for another fish. He finds one, cooks it himself, and eats it. Aria shakes her head at her hawk dragon. There is a tap at the window. Zeng, Aria, Kayla, and Phoenix look up to see a messenger hawk. Immediately, Phoenix runs over and accidentally scratches the window as he tries to get at the hawk. Zeng and Aria see what Phoenix is doing and tell him to stop.

Zeng: "Phoenix, no!"

Aria: "Down, Phoenix!"

Phoenix listens and gets down.

Aria: "I'll have to fix that today."

Aria says as she looks at the window and opens it to let the messenger hawk in. The messenger hawk sits on Phoenix's head holding a letter. Aria takes the letter carefully from the hawk and looks at it. Zeng gives the hawk a treat.

Aria: "This letter is from the Fire Nation."

Zeng: "It must be from Kurai."

Aria: "If it is, we should wait for the rest of the family to wake up before we read it."

Zeng: "Good idea."

Aria puts the letter to the side for now. While they wait for the rest of the family to wake up, Zeng and Aria make everyone breakfast.

Letter from Kurai:

Once everyone is awake and having breakfast, Zeng makes a small announcement.

Zeng: "Everyone, Aria and I have some news. Dear, can you show them?"

Aria: "Sure, dear."

Aria reaches for the letter from Kurai, but it's not where she put it.

Kyan: "Is this the news?"

Kyan holds the letter in her hand.

Zeng: "Yes it is, sweetie."

Aria: "Go ahead and open it."

Kyan opens the letter and looks at it.

Kyan: "It's from Kurai!"

Zeng: "I knew it."

Aria: "Read it, sweetheart."

Kyan: "Okay."

Kyan reads the letter from Kurai.

Dear Family,

During the journey to the Fire Nation, I was able to explore the ship and meet a few soldiers. Of course some of them were also White Lotus members. While staying on the ship for two nights and three days, I learned that it can be a very bumpy ride on the water, and it was hard to sleep. I'm more used to being in the air on a plane, airship, Phoenix, or on a flying bison than being on the water. I don't know how Dad, Grandpa Lee, or Grandpa Jun are able to stay away for so many days on a ship and get the rest they need. I guess the water knows I'm not strong at waterbending yet. It probably takes getting used to being on a ship and on the water as well.

It was hard being away from home for the first night, second night, and the third night. I miss everyone. However, Khan cheered me up and explained why I was headed to the Fire Nation to start my Avatar training. I understood why and looked forward to getting there. After a few days of being on a ship, we finally arrived in the Fire Nation. I'm staying with Khan, Khan's wife Akane, and their son Xiu. Khan and his family are very nice and make me feel right at home. Khan and Akane made dinner while Xiu showed me around their house. After dinner, I sat down and wrote this letter to everyone. When I was finished, I wanted to send it out right away. I tried to look for Khan, but I accidentally bumped into Xiu. After talking to him for a bit, I learned that Xiu was just as shy as me. However, he did promise me that he would show me around the Fire Nation after I finished with my Firebending Master tomorrow. I really look forward to seeing where Mom, Grandpa Lee, and Grandpa Jun grew up, and I look forward to beginning my training, but I'm also a bit nervous. I hope I don't mess anything up or hurt anyone while training. I will try very hard not to, while also remembering everything Mom, Grandpa Lee, and Grandpa Jun taught me.

Anyways, I guess that's all I can say for now. I hope everything is going well back at home and in Republic City. I know by the time you get my letter, it will probably be the next day. By then, I'll be in training and exploring the Fire Nation. I will keep writing to everyone when I can.

Zeng: "Awe, someone's in love."

Aria: "Awe, our little girl."

Kyan gets excited hearing that part of the news from her sister and lets out a squeal. Kayla barks after hearing Kyan's squeal.

Kesuk: "Kyan! You squeal so loud you made Kayla bark!"

Kun: "I'm blind, but I don't want to be deaf either, Kyan."

Kyan: "Sorry, but you wouldn't understand. It's a girl thing. I have to write to Kurai right now! She has to tell me everything!"

Kyan searches for paper and something to write with. She finds some paper and something to write with.

Kyan: "My letter to Kurai is personal. The rest of you can write one big letter to her or a separate one like me. You know, I'm sure I'm not the only girl in this family who has squealed over a boy."

Kyan looks at Aria.

Kyan: "Mom, did you do that with Dad?"

Aria laughs a bit and shakes her head.

Aria: "No, I didn't."

Kyan: "Oh."

Kyan then looks at Omaya.

Kyan: "Did you, Aunt Omaya?"

Omaya: "I uhh..."

Omaya blushes in embarrassment.

Kyan: "See!? Proves my point! I'm sure Grandma Kana, Haylin, and Onua have too. Now excuse me while I write this letter."

Kyan sits and writes.

Kun and Kesuk: "Girls..."

Zeng: "I know what you mean, Kesuk and Kun."

Aria gives Zeng a look and says playfully.

Aria: "Oh you boys love us no matter what."

Zeng: "Yes, we do."

Zeng and Aria smile.

Zeng: "Come, let's write a letter back to Kurai."

They all nod and begin the letter to Kurai.

The Firebending Master:

As the family write their letter to Kurai, Kurai finds herself meeting her firebending master. She slowly and shyly enters a temple. Inside, she finds a man sitting down and meditating with candles surrounding him. She shyly and slowly approaches him.

Kurai: "Excuse me? Master?"

Master Mao: "You must be the Avatar."

Kurai: "Yes, sir, I mean, master!"

Kurai corrects herself, but is very embarrassed at her mess up already. However, she takes a small breath and continues.

Kurai: "My name is Kurai."

Mao: "I know who you are. You are one of my pupils' granddaughter."

Kurai: "Oh. Wait, which one?"

Mao: "Lee."

Kurai is surprised.

Kurai: "I-I didn't know that."

Mao: "Yes. He's a very good student of mine. It's sad what happened to his parents and at such a young age too."

Kurai nods.

Kurai: "Yes, I have heard the story. Trust me, I feel bad for my grandfather. He taught my mother lightning and meditation. Then he taught me some lightning and meditation too. It has helped my mother and me a lot."

Mao: "I also see you lack restraint. You need more meditation before you can truly firebend. You're still fresh."

Kurai: "I don't mean to be disrespectful master, but how can you tell?"

Mao: "You have the thirst of revenge. You have trouble holding back. We shall start immediately."

Kurai: "Well, it's hard to stay back when the person tried to hurt my family, use my family and the people against me, then they tried to use me against my family! On top of that, I can't enter the Avatar state without wanting to hurt someone, without gaining a big headache, and without losing control!"

Mao: "I will teach you restraint from hurting others and loved ones. Come, follow me."

Mao starts walking, and Kurai follows him. Mao leads Kurai outside and brings her to a big hill. Kurai stands with Mao as she looks around and the wind blows.

Mao: "Feel the sun around you. Breath in and out."

Kurai: "Yes, Master."

Kurai stands and takes small breaths in and out. She can feel the warm sun on her.

Mao: "Good. Now keep doing it, and I will return to check on your progress."

Kurai: "Wait, I'm suppose to do this for how long?"

Mao: "Just keep your stance and be patient."

Mao walks to the temple. Kurai sighs and does as she is told. Later that afternoon, the sun burns brighter and hotter. Mao is meditating, but stops and goes to check on Kurai. Kurai is sweating under the sun, but manages to keep somewhat patient and calm.

Mao: "Good good. That's enough for today. Come with me, dinner is ready, and you can go back to Khan. There will be another lesson tomorrow."

Kurai nods and follows Mao back to the temple. As she walks back with him, Kurai is confused how that little bit of breathing and patience will help her. She also wonders why she couldn't firebend today, but she does not question Master Mao.

Asking Permission:

Kurai returns to her temporary home and is greeted by Khan and Xiu.

Khan: "Welcome home, Kurai."

Xiu: "Hi, Kurai."

Kurai: "Thank you and hi, Xiu."

Xiu: "How was your day?"

Kurai: "It was interesting."

Xiu: "That's good. I was wondering-"

Xiu begins to say in a shy tone.

Xiu: "Do you want to hang out with me for a bit? If it's okay."

Xiu blushes as he finishes his question. Kurai blushes, smiles, and nods.

Kurai: "Sure. As long as it's okay with your father."

Khan smiles and nods.

Khan: "It's fine with me."

Kurai: "Thank you, Khan."

Xiu: "Thank you, Dad."

Khan: "You're both welcome."

Kurai smiles at Xiu.

Kurai: "So what are we going to do?"

Xiu: "There's a small Fire Nation festival not to far from here."

Kurai: "That sounds like fun."

Xiu smiles.

Xiu: "Let's go!"

Kurai and Xiu walk together.


While walking together, Kurai sparks up a conversation.

Kurai: "So, are you a bender?"

Xiu: "Yes, I'm a firebender. However, I'm not very good. I can't make fire yet, and I don't know why."

Xiu looks down embarrassed a bit to say that. Kurai looks at him.

Kurai: "That's great that you're a firebender! Wait, you have firebended yet? I'm sure you can do it."

Xiu: "I hope I can."

Kurai: "Let's try a simple move. Try this."

Kurai firebends a small fire stream. Xiu tries to firebend, but there is only a small spark.

Xiu: "Nothing."

Kurai: "Well, you got a spark, and that's something. Try taking a few small breaths and relax a bit."

Xiu nods and does as Kurai says, but nothing happens. As Kurai tries to teach Xiu, Xiu notices three boys approaching them.

Xiu: "Oh no, not them."

Kurai: "Who are they?"

Xiu: "Bad news."

Kurai: "We should get out of here then."

Kurai and Xiu begin to walk away, but are intercepted by one of the boys.

Xing: "Hey Xiu, who's the girl?"

Xiu: "What do you want?"

Kurai: "Go away and leave us alone!"

Han: "Awe, but we like meeting Xiu's new friend. Besides, you're on our turf."

Xing: "That's right! If you want to stay, you have to pay ten gold coins."

Kurai: "Last time I heard, this area was for anyone who freely wanted to walk here. Besides, that's unfair!"

Han: "Then leave."

Kurai: "You have no right to do this!"

Han laughs.

Han: "Xiu's girlfriend has to stick up for him."

Xiu gets embarrassed and looks down.

Xing: "Listen, why don't you leave him and come with us? He'll drag you down. It's better if you come with us."

Kurai: "Why don't you leave before I teach you a lesson!"

Han laughs again.

Han: "You!? Yeah right!"

Kurai: "I'll show you."

Kurai gets into her stance, but before she could do anything, a woman's voice and whistle interrupts the argument.

Mei Ling: "Hey you three! Leave those two alone before I get your parents!"

Han looks at Xiu and Kurai.

Han: "You two got lucky. Next time, you won't be."

Han turns to Xing and Jirou.

Han: "Let's get out of here."

The three boys leave. Mei Ling looks at Kurai and Xiu.

Mei Ling: "Are you two okay?"

Kuria: "Yes, we are fine. Thank you."

Mei Ling: "My name is Mei Ling. I'm a friend of Khan's, and you must be Avatar Kurai."

Kurai: "Nice to meet you and yes, I am."

Mei Ling smiles.

Xiu: "Can we go home? I'm sorry that it didn't go so well."

Kurai: "You sure, Xiu? It's not your fault."

Xiu: "I don't know."

Kurai: "Alright, we will go back. I should show those three a lesson they won't forget."

Xiu: "Don't, Kurai. I don't recommend messing with those guys."

Kurai: "It's not right what they did to you and possibly others! Someone has to stop them!"

Xiu: "Yes, but not right now. Let(s continue with our plans for today."

Kurai sighs, nods, and smiles.

Kurai: "Alright."

Mei Ling smiles seeing Xiu having found his first friend. Xiu and Kurai say bye to Mei Ling and continue their day.


Kurai and Xiu continue their day together after their run in with Han, Xing, and Jirou. After having a nice day, they return home.

Xiu: "Mom, Dad, we are back!"

Kurai: "We had so much fun!"

Xiu and Kurai walk in on Mei Ling talking to Khan and Akane about Xiu being bullied. Akane looks over at her son.

Akane: "Xiu, why didn't you tell us you were being bullied?"

Xiu doesn't like that his parents found out and looks down.

Akane: "Kurai, can you please give us a moment with Xiu? We want to talk with him."

Kurai nods and respectfully leaves them be.

Xiu: "I'm sorry, Mom and Dad."

Akane: "It's okay, sweetie, but we really want you to tell us these things. They didn't hurt you or anything, did they?"

Xiu: "They do sometimes."

Kurai secretly listens in on the conversation and doesn't like what she hears so far.

Akane: "How?"

Xiu: "I can't say anymore."

Akane: "Oh sweetie..."

Xiu: "The only thing is, the bully is the principal's son. I can't fight him, and I can't even firebend, even though I'm a firebender."

Khan: "I'll have a chat with the principal."

Akane nods.

Akane: "Good idea, dear."

Kurai is very angry that someone would hurt Xiu. She thinks to herself.

Kurai: "He can't fight them without getting into trouble, but I can show them not to mess with this family again."

Khan: "Hopefully Kurai doesn't get into trouble by going after these bullies. Knowing her, she is just like her mother."

Akane: "I hope not."

Xiu agrees with his parents. After the little talk, they all go to bed.


The next day, Kurai goes for her training while Xiu goes to school. After training, Kurai returns and finds Xiu also coming home, but with a black eye.

Kurai: "They did this to you?"

Xiu: "I don't want to talk about it."

Akane comes in and sees her son's injury. She runs over to Xiu.

Akane: "What happened!?"

Xiu removes himself from his mother and goes to his room. Akane sighs worried about her son. Kurai decides to get two cups of water and brings them both to Xiu. She enters his room.

Kurai: "Hey, I know I asked, but are you okay?"

Xiu shakes his head.

Xiu: "No."

Kurai: "Here, drink some."

Kurai hand shim one cup of water. Xiu takes it and sips it.

Xiu: "Thank you."

Kurai: "Let me try to heal your eye."

Xiu: "Okay."

Kurai places the second cup of water down, she then waterbends the water carefully on Xiu's eye. The water glows, and Kurai begins to heal Xiu's wound. Xiu's winces a bit from pain. Kurai can see that he does.

Kurai: "I know, I'm sorry it hurts, but you have to hold still."

Xiu stays still as Akane walks in.

Akane: "Hey you two."

Xiu: "Hi, Mom."

Kurai finishes healing Xiu.

Akane: "Is everything okay?"

Xiu: "A bit. Thank you, Kurai."

Kurai: "You're welcome."

Xiu smiles a bit at her, but then sighs.

Xiu: "I just wish they would stop."

Akane: "Your father will take care of it."

Khan walks in.

Khan: "I talked to the parents."

Akane: "And?"

Khan: "Let's just hope they did something and if not, the kids will be kicked out of school."

Akane: "Alright."

Xiu: "Mom, will I ever be able to firebend?"

Akane: "Yes, you will, sweetie, and you father will teach you."

Xiu nods and smiles a bit again.

Kurai: "If I ever see those three again, I'm going to teach them my own lesson!"

Khan: "Don't, Kurai. I used to be like them, it's not a good path."

Kurai: "Fine."

Xiu: "Besides, it's time for me to stand up for myself, even if I can't firebend yet."

Akane: "Sometimes fighting isn't the answer. You don't have to firebend to stand up for yourself sweetie. Only use it when necessary and wthe time comes, your firebending won't fail."

Xiu: "Thank you, Mom."

Akane: "You're welcome, sweetie."

Akane hugs her son, and Xiu hugs his mother back.

Akane: "Now, why don't you both get some rest."

Xiu: "We will."

Kurai: "Yes."

Akane: "Good. Goodnight to you both."

They all go to their own beds.

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