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March 28, 2015

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In the week that follows, Zeng, Aria, Omaya, Tomaya, and Tsubasa return to work while Kyan, Kun, Kesuk, and Kurai are escorted back to school by a member of the White Lotus. With recent threats to Kurai and her family, the White Lotus member was assigned to guard the kids. Before heading to school, the kids worried about being teased again by other kids. However, once at school, no one makes fun of or teases Kyan, Kun, Kesuk, or Kurai. Instead, the other kids ask the four curious questions.

Throughout the day, Kurai is constantly approached by other students and teachers telling her that they can't wait to see her performance tonight. Students and teachers also approach Kyan, Kun, and Kesuk about Kurai's performance. With each statement said to them, the four grow more and more confused and curious as to why everyone keeps saying this to them. While in one class, the teacher talks about Harmonic Convergence. In the middle of that class, Kurai becomes very dizzy and faints. The class rushes over to her and surround her. The White Lotus guard runs in and asks everyone to back away. She kneels by Kurai's side. Within a few minutes, Kurai wakes up and looks around. She sits up and sees everyone surrounding her.

Kurai: "What, what happened?"

Kesuk: "You fainted."

Kurai: "I did?"

Kesuk nods.

White Lotus: "You alright? Should I take you home?"

Li: "Maybe I should call her parents."

Kurai shakes her head.

Kurai: "No, I'm fine. Really."

They nod and help Kurai back on her seat and give her a cup of water. After, the class continues and Kesuk turns to his sister and whispers.

Kesuk: "What happened?"

Kurai tuns to her brothers and whispers back.

Kurai: "I had a flashback."

Kesuk: "About what?"

Kurai: "I saw all the Avatars before me."

Kesuk is surprised.

KesuK: "Does that mean you're connected with your past lives again?"

Kurai: "I don't know, but promise not to tell anyone. Not Mom, not Dad, Kyan, Kun, not anyone!"

Kesuk: "Fine. I promise, but won't Miss Li and/or the White Lotus guard say something to Mom and Dad?"

Kurai realizes her brother is right.

The Poster:

Later that day, the White Lotus guard leads Kurai and Kesuk back home. Kyan and Kun had been taken home a bit earlier by another White Lotus guard. On their way home, Kesuk when a certain poster catches his eye. He looks at Kurai who is not paying attention and calls out to her.

Kesuk: "Hey Kurai!?"

Kurai turns around to see her brother a few feet behind her and the White Lotus member. She stops the White Lotus and meets up with her brother.

Kurai: "What are you looking at?"

Kesuk: "This poster. I think I know why everyone has been asking those questions today."

Kurai looks at the poster as Kesuk reads aloud.

Kesuk: "The new Avatar has been found and hails from the Fire Nation. Come see the dazzling fire show from our new firebending Avatar. It all takes place tonight at the hall."

Kurai is very shocked hearing what her brother just read.

Kurai: "Hold on, I never signed up for this!"

Kesuk: "They got your birth element right, but you and I were born here in Republic City. Not the Fire Nation."

Kurai: "I don't understand."

Kesuk: "I don't either. I thought there was only one Avatar per lifetime or something like that."

Kurai nods in agreement with her brother.

Kurai: "It's supposed to be."

The White Lotus guard becomes impatient.

White Lotus: "Come on, you two."

Kurai takes the poster and puts it in her bag. They then continue home.

The Plan:

Once at home, Zeng and Aria greet their kids.

Zeng: "Welcome home, kids."

Aria: "Oh thank goodness you two are home."

Kurai and Kesuk seem to have something on their mind and quickly say hi to their parents.

Kurai and Kesuk: "Hi, Mom and Dad."

Kesuk: "We are just fine."

Kurai: "Yeah."

Kesuk: "Now, if you'll excuse us."

Kesuk grabs Kun by the arm and takes him upstairs.

Kesuk: "We need your help with something, Kun."

Kurai takes Kyan's hand and takes her upstairs too.

Kurai: "We need your help too, Kyan."

Kyan and Kun are confused, but now with Kurai and Kesuk. Aria looks at Zeng.

Aria: "They are in a rush."

Zeng: "I'll go talk to Kesuk and Kun."

Aria: "Zeng, I think they are all going to the same place."

Zeng: "Oh, right."

Aria: "Come on."

Zeng and Aria go upstairs quietly to see what the kids are up to. Inside Kurai and Kyan's bedroom, the kids sit together on the floor.

Kesuk: "Look what we found on our way home."

Kesuk goes into Kurai's bag and takes out the poster.

Kun: "What is it?"

Kyan: "It's a poster."

Kyan reads it.

Kyan: "It says, the new Avatar has been found and hails from the Fire Nation. Come see the dazzling fire show from our new firebending Avatar. It all takes place tonight at the hall."

Kun: "I'm surprised, Kurai, it's not like you to do this."

Kurai: "It wasn't from me. I have no idea what this is about."

Kun: "Then where did it come from?"

Kurai: "I don't know."

Kyan: "This is what everyone has been talking about today in school."

Kurai: "Wait, they talked to you and Kun too?"

Kun: "Yes, and we were so confused. We thought it was a rumor, but it seems to be true."

Kesuk: "Kurai fainted today too when we were learning about Harmonic Convergence."

Kyan: "Wait, what? Why? What happened?"

Kurai: "When Miss Li started talking about the event and events leading up to it, I had a flashback and saw all Avatars that came before me. At the end of the flashback, something went wrong and that's all I remember."

Zeng and Aria are surprised by what they hear.

Kun: "Maybe those events you were talking about triggered something from your past."

Kesuk: "I asked Kurai if she reconnected with her past lives after that."

Kyan looks at Kurai.

Kyan: "Did you?"

Kurai: "I don't know."

Kyan: "You have to try."

Kurai: "I will, but for now I want to go see this show."

Kyan: "Mom, Dad, and Aunt Omaya won't let us out that late. Not by ourselves anyways."

Kurai: "I know, but it's just something we have to go see. Without them."

Kesuk stands up.

Kesuk: "I say Kurai and I sneak out while Kyan and Kun stay here and keep everyone distracted."

Kyan: "You're acting like General Dad downstairs. Besides, I think Mom and Dad will know if their twins are missing."

Kesuk: "I'll take that as a compliment. Come on, it will be fun."

Kun: "Fun, but possibly dangerous too."

Kyan: "Besides, you and Kurai get to have all the fun."

Kesuk: "I'm sure a show won't be dangerous and you two are a very important part of this team."

Kurai, Kyan, and Kesuk facepalm.

Kyan: "Fine, but you two better hurry up."

Kesuk: "In and out."

Kurai: "Don't I have a say in all this?"

Kyan: "Yes, of course, sorry, Kurai."

Kun: "What do you think, Kurai?"

Kurai sighs.

Kurai: "If Mom and Dad find out, we are going to be in so much trouble, but I really want to go. Let's do this."

Kesuk: "So we sneak out after everyone goes to bed."

Kun: "Kyan and I will make sure everyone stays asleep and if they wake up, find an excuse."

Kyan nods and smiles.

Kyan: "That's right."

Kesuk: "Mission is a go tonight!"

Kyan, Kun, and Kurai smile and nod all agreeing on this. Kurai quickly burns the poster with her firebending as to leave no evidence behind.

The Mission:

Later that night, Kurai and Kesuk sneak out on Kesuk's flying bison Arrow. Zeng and Aria quietly follow their kids on Phoenix. They all end up at Republic City Hall. Kurai and Kesuk sneak in, while Aria gets her and Zeng in using her Republic City Police Force badge. Once inside, they see the huge crowd gathered around a center stage. Kurai and Kesuk stand in the middle, but close to the front of the stage, while Zeng and Aria stand a few feet away from their kids. Music begins to play as a woman walks out onto the stage.

Mia: "Welcome, ladies and gentlemen! Kids of all ages! Benders and non-benders alike! My name is Mia and tonight I have a very special show for all of you!"

Kurai, Kesuk, Zeng, and Aria listen and watch.

Mia: "Many of you know why you're here, so let me just get right to it. I proudly present and welcome my fiancé and your newly found Fire Nation Avatar, Avatar Nazo!"

The crowd cheer and chant Nazo's name as he walks out on stage. Kurai, Kesuk, Zeng, and Aria are very shocked.

Zeng: "Wait, what!?"

Aria: "What!?"

Kurai and Kesuk: "What!?"

Nazo: "Thank you, everyone! Now, now, settle down. I know my being here has already brought a sense of balance and peace. Both my fiancée and I hail from the Fire Nation. I have been there in training. I have grown strong!"

Zeng: "That's impossible! There's only one Avatar and it's my daughter!"

Aria: "This doesn't make any sense."

Kurai: "This isn't true. It's not possible!"

Zeng: "We need to stop this, Aria."

Aria: "Hold on Zeng, we have to listen and watch a little more."

Nazo shows off his firebending.

Nazo: "Are you not entertained!?"

The crowd cheer wanting to see more.

Kesuk gets annoyed and speaks up loud.

Kesuk: "You're a fake! You are not the real Avatar!"

The crowd goes silent.

Nazo: "Who said that?"

Kesuk: "I did! You're a liar and a con artist! My sister is the one and only Avatar."

Kesuk says as he points to Kurai. Kurai feels everyone looking at her and is very shy.

Kurai: "Kesuk..."

Nazo laughs.

Nazo: "Is this a joke? Surely this little girl can't be your Avatar, people!"

Kurai gets mad.

Nazo: "Shouldn't you two be home, in bed, and with your mommy and daddy?"

Kesuk: "Shouldn't you be retired?"

Mia: "You two have to get off the stage now."

Kesuk: "Or what?"

Mia: "I'll make you get off."

Mia says as she firebends from her hand in Kesuk's face. Kesuk gets back in Mia's face.

Kesuk: "I can beat you in a match any day."

Kurai: "Kesuk, don't."

Kesuk holds back and looks at Nazo.

Kesuk: "I bet you can't even bend anything other than fire!"

Nazo: "The Avatar doesn't have to prove anything to you two children."

Kurai speaks up now.

Kurai: "You're right, no Avatar should have to show off and prove themselves. However, you are doing just that! You're an embarrassment and an insult to all Avatars!"

Kesuk: "Prove to this guy who you are, Kurai."

Kurai: "No, he was right about one thing, the Avatar shouldn't have to prove herself or himself to everyone like this. It isn't right."

Kesuk: "But.."

Kurai: "It's not the time or the place, Kesuk. Let's go home."

Kurai and Kesuk begin to walk off the stage. As they do, Nazo pretends to sneeze and blows fire at Kurai's feet. Kurai moves out of the way and turns to face Nazo again.

Nazo: "Sorry, I sneezed."

Kurai: "That's the oldest Fire Nation firebending trick ever!"

Nazo: "If that's what you want to think."

Kurai is very annoyed and angry.

Kurai: "You want a show, I'll give you a show to remember!"

Kurai firebends, airbends, earthbends, and waterbends one after the other showing who she is. The people are amazed and very confused. Nazo and Mia are taken back by this, but Nazo is always one step ahead.

Nazo: "Oh bravo, who did you pay to do all of this for you?"

Kurai: "What!? No one!"

Nazo smirks.

Nazo: "Sure you did."

Nazo looks at the crowd.

Nazo: "Come on, who is helping this little girl?"

No one in the crowd says anything.

Nazo: "I guess no one wants to speak up."

Nazo turns to Kurai.

Nazo: "You're the fake."

He then turns to the crowd.

Nazo: "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, benders and non-benders a like, give a hand to this little girl for her unreal performance!"

The crowd throw stuff at Kurai. Kurai runs off the stage, feeling very humiliated and embarrassed. Kesuk runs after his sister. Zeng and Aria run after their kids. Once outside the hall, Zeng and Aria look at their kids, knowing they must feel horrible after what happened.

Zeng: "Kurai?"

Kurai and Kesuk turn to see their parents standing there.

Kesuk: "Busted."

Kurai: "I'm sorry, Mom and Dad. We weren't supposed to sneak out and we accept whatever you want to say."

Kesuk: "Our punishment too."

Zeng: "We will deal with that later. After the show, I'm going talk to this poser one on one."

Zeng cracks his knuckles.

Aria: "Zeng, relax. Let's just all go home."

Zeng: "You sure?"

Kurai: "Mom is right, let's just all go home. Besides, Nazo is my problem, not yours, Dad."

Zeng nods.

Zeng: "Alright."

Zeng, Aria, Kurai, Kesuk, Arrow, and Phoenix all go home.

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