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January 21, 2015

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Zeng and Aria take Kyan, Kesuk, and Kurai to school on Kayla. The kids at the school look up at the giant polar bear dog and at the kids who are getting off. Earlier, Kun was dropped off by Omaya and Tomaya. The kids at the school recognized Omaya as one of the three members of a pro-bending team called the Unagi Sea Serpents. They also recognized Tomaya as being a royal from the Earth Kingdom. Now they recognize Zeng and Aria as the other two from the team. Zeng and Aria drop their three kids off, say goodbye, and make sure they go in before heading back home. Kun waits for his cousins and they head in together. Once inside, another boy and girl approach them excitedly.

Girl: "Zeng, Aria, Omaya, and Tomaya are you parents!?"

Kyan and Kun: "Yeah. Why?"

Boy: "Because your parents were awesome pro-benders! We have heard a lot about them and they're awesome in general!"

Girl: "You think they can take us to see the arena?"

Kun: "Our parents don't pro-bend anymore. It's been a while."

Kyan: "Yeah."

Boy: "Can they still take us?"

Kyan: "I'm sorry, I don't know."

A voice interrupts the kids conversation. Kyan and Kun look and listen, turning to where the voice is coming from. Another boy walks up to them.

Magnus: "Your parents weren't so great. My mother and father told me otherwise and that your parents were dangerous. They were because they did illegal stuff and got away with a lot they shouldn't have. They don't deserve any honorable title."

Kyan and Kun get angry and don't like what this kid is saying.

Kyan: "Don't talk about our parents that way!"

Kun: "What would you know? Take it back!"

Kyan: "Or else!"

Magnus crosses his arms and stays cool.

Magnus: "You heard what Mrs. Wenjing said."

Kyan: "You're lucky then! If we weren't in school, I would-"

Kun puts his hand on his cousin's shoulder.

Kun: "Kyan, not the place."

Kyan: "Fine."

Tsubasa and some other student councils see this event unfolding and come over.

Tsubasa: "Hey t

Magnus walks away seeing Tsubasa and the council come. Kyan and Kun look at their uncle.

Tsubasa: "You two okay?"

Kyan and Kun nods.

Kyan: "We're fine."

Meanwhile, on the other side of the school, a girl teases Kurai and throws some rocks at her.

Sapphire: "She won't do anything, because she's to shy and quiet!"

Other girls laugh as Sapphire continues to tease and taunt Kurai. Kesuk sees these girls picking on his sister and rushes over to help.

Kesuk: "Leave my sister alone!"

Sapphire: "What are you going to do about it!?"

Kesuk knows he isn't allowed to bend at all. He also knows he can't hit a girl. He helps Kurai by putting his hand on his sister's shoulder.

Kesuk: "Come on, Kurai, let's go."

Kurai nods and goes with her brother. When their backs are turned, Sapphire hits throws a big rock at Kurai and hits her on her back.

Kurai: "Ow!" She cries in pain.

Kesuk turns to Sapphire.

Kesuk: "That wasn't nice! Say you're sorry. Now or else!"

Sapphire laughs.

Sapphire: "Or else what? She is a big baby anyways!"

Avatar Kurai:

Though her back hurts and she is in pain, Kurai stands up and faces Sapphire and the other girls. Her eyes are Avatar white.

Sapphire and the other girls see this and nervously step back. Kurai airbends the girls, then earthbends them trapping them in the ground. All the kids that were watching are shocked and can't believe their eyes. Kurai can't control herself. Kesuk sees this and tries to clam his sister down. he hugs her.

Kesuk: "Kurai calm down!"

Tsubasa senses what's happening with Kurai runs to her. Kyan and Kun follow Tsubasa and so do the other kids around them. They know something is up.

Kesuk: "Kurai please sis calm down!"

Once they arrive, they see that Kurai is still in her Avatar State and she has no control. Tsubasa joins Kesuk and hugs Kurai close.

Tsubasa: "It's okay Kurai, your uncle is here."

Kurai hears Kesuk and Tsubasa. Her bending stops and her eyes return to normal. Once calmed down, Kurai looks around. The kids stare and the teachers come out after hearing all the commotion.

Wenjing and Li: "What's going on out here!? More bending!?"

Kurai has seen what she has done. She is very scared and very nervous.

Kesuk: "It was an accident! Sapphire threw rocks at my sister and hurt her!"

The teachers look at the kids who were trapped in the ground.

Li: "I thought your sister was a firebender."

Kesuk: "Well. that too. Along with air, earth, and water."

Seeing everyone stare at her, shy Kurai runs off.

Tsubasa: "Kurai!"

Tsubasa runs after her. Kurai hides in a hollow tree. Kyan turns to the crowd.

Kyan: "You are all lucky she just did that to you! I would have had you on your knees using my blood-"

Kun stops his cousin before she goes to far.

Kun: "You should all be sorry."

Kesuk speaks up.

Kesuk: "I should take your breath away for-"

Kun stops his other cousin from going to far. He then uses his earthbending to free the kids from the ground.

Wenjing: "Alright everyone, back inside. Now!"

The kids run in except for Kyan and Kun who are stopped by Mrs. Wenjing. Kesuk is stopped by Mrs. Li. Kyan, Kun, and Kesuk look at Wenjing and Li.

Kyan: "I guess we are kicked out now?"

Li: "No. You were only trying to help your sister and you really didn't use your bending except to help...kind of."

Wenjing: "They broke the rules! You can't just let them off!"

Li: "I'm not saying they are free, but expelling them is a bit extreme."

Kyan, Kun, and Kesuk sit quietly. They are very sorry.

Tsubasa talks to Kurai:

Tsubasa finds Kurai and sits down next to her. He speaks to her in a gentle voice.

Tsubasa: "I know how you feel Kurai."

Kurai: "No you don't..."

Tsubasa: "You're right, I don't. But I felt like that when I first got my bending long before I met my mother. It started when I was your age."

Tsubasa tells Kurai the story of how he got his bending after his real parents died, how he met Haylin, and how Haylin adopted him. Kurai is calm now and nods after his story. She sniffles.

Kurai: "I never asked to be the Avatar. It isn't my fault! It's all messed up! It was suppose to be earth, not fire! I'm so confused..."

Tsubasa hugs his niece.

Tsubasa: "I understand. It's like I wasn't meant to be an airbender."

Kurai hugs her uncle back and tears up again.

Tsubasa: "Let me know when you're ready to back with your siblings. I'll stay with you till you're ready."

Kurai nods.

Punishments and Consequences:

After a little while longer of being in the hollow tree, Tsubasa and Kuria return. While Kurai waits outside the office with Kyan, Kun, and Kesuk, inside Tsubasa explains what's been happening. Tsubasa also asks the student council to bring in Magnus and Sapphire. Magnus and Sapphire come in along with the others who were teasing them. They either give them a look of anger or are scared. Li then asks Kyan, Kun, Kesuk, and Kurai to come in and join them. Once inside the office, the kids sit apart from each other.

Li: "We need the right punishment for all of you."

Tsubasa: "What punishment Mrs. Li?"

Wenjing: "I still think it should be enough to get the message across!"

Li sighs.

Li: "I agree, but it should be fair too. Magnus and Sapphire you two will receive a week of detention and extra homework on saying you're sorry to them. that means no extra activities for you both. Kyan and Kesuk, detention too. I'm sorry, but you did threaten these two. Kun, you didn't do anything really, so you're fine. Kurai, I don't even know what to do for you, but you all get a phone call home."

The kids all nod looking down.

Tsubasa: "I'm sorry that my nieces and nephews needed to get involve in this mess."

Wenjing: "Involved!? They caused it just as much as they were involved!"

Tsubasa sighs worried as Li calls all the kids parents. At home, Aria picks up the phone. Her face turns to worry.

Aria: "Again!? No this is the second time she-Mrs. Li I'm sorry but-"

Aria sighs.

Aria: "Okay, yes. We will be right over. Bye."

Aria hangs up the phone. In no time, all the parents come in. Once again, the wait outside with Tsubasa. Li turns to Aria.

Li: "You said Kurai has done this before?"

Aria: "Yes."

Li: "I'm sorry, but since she can't control who she is, she can't come here anymore."

Aria: "What!? She's only 10!"

Wenjing: "Kurai has to go be taught somewhere else. Somewhere that addresses her issue."

Aria becomes very angry with Mrs. Wenjing's comment.

Aria: "Issue!? It's not an issue, it's something very amazing!"

Seeing Aria's fiery attitude, Wenjing now knows where Kyan get it from.

Wenjing: "Now I see where Kyan gets it from, like mother like daughter."

Aria doesn't know what to say. Zeng speaks up.

Zeng: "Our daughter..." He struggles to say it. "She's the Avatar."

Wenjing and Li: "We know."

Wenjing: "The whole school knows now! What do you think other children's parents will say!?"

Before that question can be answered, a student council walks in.

Student Council: "Sorry to interrupt, but you may want to know that there are parents outside and a crew. It's all the on the radio and on movers being shown."

Zeng and Aria look at each other worried.

Zeng: "I hate to do this, but we need to move her somewhere safe and from the cameras and radio. She's only a little girl."

Aria agrees with her husband.

Aria: "I'm calling Phoenix. He will fly Kurai and me home and away from the crowd. Zeng, you take Kayla and distract them outside."

Zeng: "Good idea! This might sound ridiculous, but we need Kesuk to dress like Kurai for a diversion."

Tsubasa: "I'll take Kun and Kyan on Gigi."

Aria: "That is ridiculous Zeng, but let's do it and thank you Tsubasa."

Zeng tells the kids the plan. The kids agree and help out. Kurai and Kesuk switch clothing. As they are swapping clothes, Aria calls Phoenix with her whistle. Phoenix arrives. Aria and Kurai fly back home on Phoenix. Zeng and Kesuk create a distraction with Kayla. Tsubsa, Kyan, and Kun fly home on Tsubasa's flying bison, Gigi. They all return home.

Back Home:

After returning home, Kurai immediately runs up to her room. Tsubasa feels bad for Kurai.

Tsubsa: "Poor Kurai."

Zeng: "I knew we should've transfer the kids to another school."

Kyan speaks up.

Kyan: "She would have never gone into her Avatar state again if she hadn't been pushed."

Aria agrees with both her husband and eldest daughter.

Aria: "You were right Zeng and yes you are right too Kyan. I didn't think Kurai would do this again, but I should have seen it after the first time it happened."

Kesuk and Kyan tell Zeng what happened he first time.

Kesuk: "Uncle Merizo came over. Kun, Kyan, Kurai, and I were outside playing pro-bending."

Kyan: "I froze Kesuk and Kun, but at the same time Kun trapped me and Kurai in earth. It was a tie, unless the one who could break out first, won. I pushed Kurai again to hard and she did what's he did at school today."

Aria sighs and calmly says to Kyan and Kesuk.

Aria: "Why don't you two go get a snack."

Kyan and Kesuk: "Yes, Mom."

Kyan and Kesuk go get a snack. Aria sighs turns to Zeng.

Aria: "I don't even know what to say to Kurai or how to handle this. Moving them to another school will show them nothing but running away from their problems."

Zeng: "I know, but it's for the best. I don't want people asking her questions. She's really unstable."

Aria: "I know and you're right."

Aria thinks for a moment.

Aria: "Why don't we keep Kurai home and she can be taught here?"

Zeng smiles.

Zeng: "Home schooled. Great idea!"

Aria: "Glad you agree."

Zeng nods.

Zeng: "I'm going to go check on Kurai. I hope she's okay."

Aria: "Okay and so do I. I'll be up after I talk with Kyan, Kesuk, and Kun."

Zeng nods back then heads upstairs.

Zeng Talks With Kurai:

Zeng finds Kurai in her room, under her blanket. He sits down next to Kurai.

Zeng: "Hi sweetie. It's your dad. Your mother and I talked and we decided that it's best for you if you were taught at home. Your siblings are going transfer to another school."

Kurai peaks her head out a bit and looks at her dad.

Zeng: "So that means no more bullying. I had the same problem when I was your age."

Kurai: "You did? Is it best for me because I'm dangerous?"

Zeng shakes his head.

Zeng: "No. I just don't want you to be scared. I want you to be happy, unless you still want to go to a new school with your siblings. If you do, that's fine with me."

Kurai: "I don't know what to do. You said I was unstable. I heard you!"

Kurai goes back under her blanket.

Zeng: "Kurai, Tsubasa and Haylin can teach you. It's all right. I once lost control of myself when spirits where attacking. One of the spirits took control of me."

Kurai sighs.

Kuria: "Okay, Daddy."

Zeng: "Come give your daddy a hug. It will make you feel better."

Zeng says this as he has his arms wide open. Kurai hugs her father.

Kurai: "Daddy, how did this happen?"

Zeng: "It's normal sweetie. All Avatars face the same problem."

Zeng smiles.

Zeng: "However, I'm really proud that you are the Avatar. My past waterbending master was Avatar Korra. Believe it or not, you are her reincarnation."

Kurai looks at her father surprised. Aria listens from outside the room.

Kurai: "Really? I read something like that and I think I saw her in my dream I had the other day, but I don't get any of it."

Zeng: "Korra is trying to talk to you sweetie. You can meditate by closing your eyes and focusing."

Kurai: "You're telling me this and uncle Merizo said when my eyes do that, I enter something called the Avatar State and I have to connect with something called Raava. Now I have to do this!? I don't know Avatar stuff!"

Aria walks in.

Aria: "Sweetheart, I know it's hitting you fast. Try to move at your own pace though."

Kyan, Kun, and Kesuk listen from outside the room.

Zeng: "It's best to meditate first and then practicing your elements. All this when you are 16. That is where your training starts. You will start by first learning waterbending. Kyan and I will be teaching you."

Aria: "Your father is right Kurai. Your uncle Merizo and I will continue to teach you firebending. I know Kesuk and your uncle Tsubasa will teach you more airbending. Kun and Omaya will teach you earthbending."

Kurai takes a deep breath.

Kurai: "Okay."

Zeng: "We are so proud of you sweetie. All of us, especially your siblings."

Aria: "We really are sweetheart."

Kyan, Kun, and Kesuk come in and hug Kurai.

Kyan: "We are proud of you too Kurai."

Kesuk: "We think it's awesome who you are and we want to help more."

Kurai smiles a bit more.

Kurai: "I feel a bit better now. Thank you everyone."

Everyone smiles.

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