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Avatar: Advent of Earth




Prequel to Chapter 4

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The Faceless One

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December 12th, 2012

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Fire... Air... Water... Earth. Currently, the four nations are enjoying a timely era of peace, but this was not always the nature of things. Half a century ago, the last and final Avatar, a Waterbender named Korra, vanquished a maniacal extremist who called himself Amon, and hoped to rid the world of bending forever. Sadly, shortly after this triumph, Korra was killed by an illness in her sleep, and, for reasons unknown, was not reincarnated. Though at first her immediate absence was met with worldwide panic, this reaction was short-lived. As the years passed, the wounds left by her disappearance scabbed over, and have now all but faded entirely. Now, is an era of science, and it appears... spiritual figures such as the Avatar are no longer needed to maintain balance. However, there are some that say this peace is the calm before a great storm, one that, if the Avatar fails to return, will reduce the world to ashes. But these few are surely out of their minds. Surely.

12-12-12 Edit

Chen sat up in bed, and found himself covered in a thin film of sweat. He groaned, and set to the task of reorganizing his covers, which had been thrown to the floor in a clump. Chen was quite familiar with nightmares, yet this new breed was way above anything he had experience with.

"Don't worry son," his father had said the day before, "many kids have nightmares after traumatic experiences--what you're going through is perfectly normal."

This had cheered him up a bit, but it was his mom's words which really stuck to him. "Just try to remind yourself it isn't real. None of your nightmares are."

That was partially true. A great deal of his nightmares were ridiculous, and nonsensical when examined closely, but this new one... It really made sense, especially in the dark.

Doctor Huang had referred to a mysterious person as him, and a few days later, he'd been kidnapped by Bolin, who'd been convinced by the same person that Chen new how to reanimate the dead. And in the first of this new chain of nightmares, he'd finally seen him.

Just recalling the horrific entity's appearance made Chen shiver. It had been vaguely human in shape, with a red face half-hidden in shadow, and a set of bright purple eyes. he hadn't been standing up, so Chen had no idea how tall the thing was. he'd instead been lying in a deep puddle of blood, in a corner of a blackened cave. The stench of blood had been thick, and had filled Chen's nostrils as he looked on.

His body pulsated with a steady rhythm, and it had taken Chen a good amount of time to realize the being was expanding and contracting to his own heartbeat.

Each time Chen's heart pumped blood throughout his body, the beast's body shuddered and pulsated.

Just then, it had turned to look at him, and Chen was gripped with more fear than he had ever felt in his entire life. It's face was a human heart, dripping veins down its sides and blood onto the floor. One giant mouth split it's surface, and it used it to grin at him--a mess of shark teeth.

"12-12-12" was all it said,"12-12-12-12-12-12-12-12-12..."

Author's NoteEdit

Well, that was a short little prequel to Chapter 4, made in the 12-12-12 spirit! I hope you enjoyed it!

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