The Big Morning
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May 19, 2015

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The Big Morning:

The next morning, Kesuk and Kun are up making themselves and the family breakfast. They also feed the animals in the home as well. Kayla and Phoenix eat their fish, while Marbles and Arrow munch on their hay. Omaya comes into the kitchen, holding Jade in her arms.

Omaya: "Morning, you two."

Kun: "Morning, Mom."

Kesuk: "Morning, Aunt Omaya."

Omaya: "Today is the day Khan escorts Kurai to the Fire Nation."

Kun and Kesuk nod.

Kesuk: "Yes, but my sister won't go until until Nazo and the Black Hood are caught."

Omaya: "Wait, what!? No! She needs to master all four elements as well as her Avatar training, which includes her spiritual side! She has to do this before she faces Nazo and the Black Hood. It's direct order from the White Lotus, from me, from the entire Republic City Council, and from the Republic City Police Force! We can't lose the one person who can bring full balance to the world!"

Kun and Kesuk are unsure what to say, but they agree with Omaya. Kyan comes in, having heard what Omaya said.

Kyan: "I don't think Kurai understands that."

Omaya: "Trust me, she will. If we lose her, who knows what will happen."

Feeling the tension, Jade begins to cry not liking the argument. Omaya tries to comfort her daughter, but Jade keeps crying.

Omaya: "Excuse me."

Omaya leaves the kitchen and brings Jade to her room. Tomaya hears Omaya come into the room with Jade and sits up.

Tomaya: "Everything okay?"

Omaya: "Kesuk told me that Kurai was going to stop Nazo and the Black Hood before going to the Fire Nation. I told him that the world needs Kurai and that we can't bear to lose her. That's when Jade started to cry."

Omaya gently puts Jade on her bed.

Tomaya: "I see. Well, I hope all goes well and I hope for the best."

Omaya: "Yes, I do too."

Back in the kitchen, Kyan turns her attention to her brother and cousin.

Kyan: "She's right. We have to convince Kurai to go right away."

Kurai walk into the kitchen having heard the last piece of the conversation.

Kurai: "It's okay, I heard everything."

Kesuk: "So you're not going to try and stop Nazo and the Black Hood first? You'll go with Khan to the Fire Nation."

Kurai: "Believe me, I want to stop them first. However, Aunt Omaya is right. After Mom spoke with us last night, I realized that with me being so unstable right right now, it's probably best if I do go with Khan as soon as possible."

Kyan: "We support whatever decision you make, Kurai."

Kesuk: "Yeah."

Kun: "Always."

Kurai smiles. While Kyan, Kun, and Kesuk enjoy their last breakfast with Kurai for a while, Zeng and Aria wake up. Aria yawns, sits up, and stretches. Zeng sees his wife up and gets up as well.

Zeng: "Morning."

Aria: "Morning, dear."

Aria gives Zeng a kiss on his cheek. Zeng gives her a kiss back and Aria smiles.

Aria: "We better get ready for today. It's a big day; back to work and seeing our daughter off to the Fire Nation."

Aria's smile fades, remembering that her daughter is going to be away without them for a while. She doesn't want any of her kids to be so far away, but she also knows it has to happen. Zeng understands how Aria is feeling.

Zeng: "I know, I feel the same, dear."

Aria nods. After talking, Zeng and Aria finish getting ready and go downstairs.

Omaya: "Morning, Aria and Zeng."

Tomaya: "Morning to you both."

Kyan, Kesuk, and Kurai: "Morning, Mom and Dad."

Kun: "Morning, Uncle Zeng and Aunt Aria."

Aria: "Morning, everyone."

Zeng: "Morning."

Kurai: "I see everyone is ready for work and school again."

Zeng: "You have an important job too, sweetie."

Kurai: "I know, Daddy."

Kurai smiles a bit.

Kesuk: "I think it's awesome what Kurai will be able to do! Oh, and if you have time Kurai, remember to bring back a little souvenir for us."

Kurai laughs a little.

Kurai: "I will."

Kun: "Don't forget to write us too."

Kurai: "I promise I will."

Zeng, Aria, Omaya, and Tomaya smile, seeing the kids in a positive mood.

Pickup and Farewell:

After breakfast, Khan comes over to pick up Kurai.

Khan: "Are you ready to go, young Avatar?"

Kurai: "Almost."

Kurai gives Zeng and Aria a hug. Zeng and Aria hug Kurai back.

Zeng: "Be careful, sweetie."

Aria: "Yes, and never be afraid to be yourself."

Kurai: "I all be careful, Dad, and yes, Mom."

Kyan, Kun, and Kesuk hug Kurai in a group hug. Kurai smiles and hugs them all back.

Kurai: "I want you all to be careful as well."

Zeng: "We will."

Kurai: "Good. I'm going to miss all of you."

Aria: "We are never that far away."

Aria points to Kurai's element bracelet. Kurai nods and smiles, knowing that it is true.

Khan: "I don't want to be a burden, but we do have a time schedule to keep."

Aria: "Of course, we understand."

Aria looks at her old friend.

Aria: "Khan?"

Khan: "Yes?"

Aria: "Take good care of my daughter and make sure she is safe. If anything happened to her, you will be the first one to answer to me."

Khan chuckles.

Khan: "Come on, Aria, you know me better by now."

Aria: "I know, I know. I'm just being a mother is all."

Khan: "Understood."

Aria smiles. Kurai gives the last hugs to her Aunt Omaya and Uncle Tomaya. Omaya and Tomaya hug Kurai back.

Omaya: "See you soon."

Tomaya: "Go show them, Kurai."

Kurai: "I will, and see you soon too."

After saying farewell to her parents, sibling, cousin, aunt, uncles, and grandparents, Kurai grabs her bag and leaves with Khan. Kayla howls, shooing her goodbye to Kurai, while Phoenix shows his goodbye by blowing fire into the air. Kurai turns, waves at the two, and calls out.

Kurai: "I'll be back soon!"

Kyan pets Kayla and Phoenix, then hugs them both.

Kyan: "Kurai told me to give you both a hug from her."

Khan and Kurai board a ship headed for the Fire Nation. Kyan, Kun, and Kesuk head off to school, Zeng, Aria, Omaya, and Tomaya head off to work.

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