The Aftermath
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May 17, 2015

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The Aftermath:

The next day, the family wakes up on Air Temple Island. They are given food and water.

Zeng: "Where is my daughter? Is she okay?"

Woman: "She is still out cold."

Zeng: "Can I see her?"

Woman: "Of course. She is in the room on the left, just two doors down."

Zeng: "Thank you."

Zeng gets up and goes to see his daughter. When he enters, he sees Aria, Kyan, and Kesuk sitting by Kurai's side. Zeng sits with them.

Zeng: "Our little girl can finally rest for now."

Aria sighs and leans on Zeng, still worried. Kyan and Kesuk are also silent and worried about their sister. Zeng holds Aria close. Aria tears up, but wipes it. The door opens to the room and Tenzin enters. He asks to speak with Zeng and Aria.

Tenzin: "I'm sorry to interrupt, but may I speak with the two of you?"

Zeng: "Yes, Master Tenzin."

Aria: "Of course, Master Tenzin."

Tsubasa comes in holding Kurai's favorite polar bear dog plush that she has had since she was a baby. He puts it next to her gently. Aria smiles, seeing what her brother does for Kurai as she walks outside with Zeng and Tenzin.

Tenzin: "Before the Black Hood or rather, Zeketin, attacked Air Temple Island, I was speaking with your daughter. She told me about her dreams, how confused she was before she connected with Raava, as well as with Korra. She told me what they had explained to her about what happened with Avatar Korra and Harmonic Convergence. Events that happened in the past lead to a mess up with the Avatar Cycle. Kurai believed that it was the whole answer she was looking for; however, when Nazo and Zeketin came, it confused her more. Now, there have been claims in the Earth Kingdom and now Fire Nation with Nazo about the Avatar being there. Clearly, she has been in Republic City the whole time. People are confused and angered by all of this, just as Kurai is."

Zeng: "I know, I heard the police arrested Nazo's fiancée and are interrogating her right now."

Tenzin: "This is true."

Aria: "What does all this mean?"

Tenzin: "I have tried to speak with the White Lotus about keeping Kurai here on Air Temple Island. However, they feel it is best if they to take her to the Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdom. There, they will to try and figure out what's going on with these events, as well as properly train Kurai. Before they do, they have to catch Nazo and Zeketin."

Zeng: "I understand. She needs to start her Avatar training."

Aria: "For how long and away from home?"

Tenzin nods.

Tenzin: "Yes, and however long it takes."

Zeng: "We hope our little girl will come home soon."

Tenzin: "You may keep in touch with her no matter where she goes."

Aria: "I'm glad and thank you, Tenzin."

Tenzin nods and leaves the family alone so they can be together.

Zeng: "Let's see if Kurai is awake."

Aria: "Alright."

Inside the room, Kyan and Kesuk heard the entire conversation. They sigh and look at one another. Kurai wakes up and looks at her siblings.

Kurai: "Kyan? Kesuk?"

Kyan and Kesuk: "Kurai!"

Kyan and Kesuk hug their sister tight.

Kyan: "How are you feeling?"

Kurai: "I have a headache."

Kesuk: "Drink some water."

Kesuk hands his sister a cup of water.

Kurai: "Thank you."

Kurai takes her sip as Aria and Zeng walk back into the room.

Zeng: "Hey, sweetie, welcome back."

Aria: "Hello, sweetheart. Glad to see you're awake."

Kurai: "Hi, Mom and Dad."

Zeng and Aria smile.

Zeng: "We are going to make your favorite food when we get back home."

Kurai: "You don't have to."

She remembers what happened at the very end when she hurt everyone.

Kurai: "Maybe it's best if I stay here and not go home."

Zeng: "I understand. Then we will make your favorite food here."

Kurai: "No, you should all go home. I don't want to hurt my family again."

Zeng: "Sweetie, you're safe now. Tsubasa bought your favorite plush and we want to give you something. It will keep you connected with us."

Zeng looks at Aria.

Zeng: "Dear, can you give it to her?"

Aria: "Of course."

Aria smiles and hands Kurai a special bracelet.

Kurai: "It's beautiful. Thank you."

Aria: "You're very welcome, sweetheart."

Zeng: "Always wear it on your wrist."

Kurai: "I will."

Kurai puts it on.

Zeng: "Kyan always wears hers and remember, you'll never be alone. You're stronger when we are together. Though we may be apart, we are still connected. Right, Kyan and Kesuk?"

Kyan and Kesuk nod and smile.

Kyan: "Please come home, Kurai?"

Kesuk: "Yeah, we want you to come home before you have to go."

Kurai: "Go where? I'm just staying here."

Zeng: "You will be starting your Avatar training with great masters. Tenzin will teach you spiritual training, as well as airbending. You will have a great firebending master, then you will go to the North Pole for waterbending, after that you will go to Ba Sing Se for earthbending. Khan will escort you to the Fire Nation in two days."

Kurai: "What!? But you, Mom, and everyone else at home can come here and teach me! You are all masters yourselves! I don't want to hurt my family, but I don't want to go that far away! Not without you! And I'm not not going anywhere if I have to until Nazo and the Black Hood are caught!"

Kurai says scared and angry.

Zeng: "I know and we feel the same, but Tenzin is doing this to make you stronger. Aang and Korra felt the same way, even Kyoshi."

Kurai sighs and nods, understanding.

Kurai: "Then I want to be home until I have to leave. I promise I won't hurt the family again. I'll try to stay calm."

Zeng: "Don't worry. When you come back, you'll be stronger than ever."

Kyan: "Yeah, and we can beat Kesuk and Kun in sparring even more!"

Kesuk: "Hey! But, Dad is right, Kurai. Besides, you'll get to go and experience what every nation is like. That will be fun!"

Kun walks in, wanting to cheer up his cousin.

Kun: "We promise that if you are working to get stronger, we will do the same."

Zeng: "Yes, even us parents will do the same. Right dear?"

Aria nods.

Aria: "That's right."

Kurai smiles.

Zeng: "Come on, let's go home."

Zeng, Aria, Omaya, Tomaya, Tsubasa, Kyan, Kun, Kesuk, and Kurai go back home.


After spending the last day with Kurai before she has to leave and begin her Avatar training, the family returns home. Aria and Zeng talk while Kurai begins packing.

Zeng: "Tomorrow is the day."

Aria: "I just hope she's ready."

Zeng: "She will be fine, dear. Our little Avatar will be on a great adventure."

Aria smiles and nods.

Aria: "Yes, she is."

Kyan, Kesuk, and Kun walk in while Kurai is packing.

Kyan: "Hey, you okay?"

Kurai sighs, but nods and smiles.

Kurai: "I'm excited, nervous, and still a little scared."

Kesuk: "You shouldn't be. It won't take that long."

Kun: "Kesuk is right and you'll be home soon."

Kyan: "That's right, and you should take Phoenix with you."

Kurai: "No, I don't want to separate him and Kayla."

Kesuk: "Hey, what about Nazo and the Black Hood?"

Kurai: "I'm going to get them before I leave tomorrow."

Kyan: "How?"

Kurai: "I'm stalling, Khan."

Kyan, Kun, and Kesuk: "Count us in!"

Kurai smiles and nods.

Not Giving Up The Fight:

Later that night, Aria checks on Kurai and finds her looking out of the window in her room.

Aria: "Hey, sweetheart. What's on your mind?"

Kurai looks at her mother then back out the window.

Kurai: "Nothing."

Aria: "Sweetheart, I know when something is up with you."

Kurai sighs and sits on her bed.

Kurai: "I'm scared about being away, but I'm also scared about staying. What if things go wrong, just like everything else has?"

Aria sits next to Kurai and holds her daughter close. Kyan, Kesuk, and Kun walk by hearing what Kurai said. They want to help cheer Kurai up. They walk into the room and sit with Kurai and Aria. Aria smiles and with all the kids there, she decides to say a little something to all of them.

Aria: "There's something I want to tell all of you. Just when you think hope is lost and giving up is all you got, when blue turns black, your confidence is cracked, and there seems no turning back from here, and sometimes there isn't an obvious explanation. When your feet are made of stone and you're convinced that you're all alone, look at the stars instead of the dark. That's what turns the wrong so right and that's when you can't give up the fight. That's when night time turns into day and when loneliness goes away. Don't let your anger get you lost. Take a deep breath, take it on the chin and let love back in. I know you may not understand this now, but you will."

Kyan, Kun, Kesuk, and Kurai smile hearing these words.

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