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February 26, 2015

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Before Dawn:

After talking with her father, Kurai gains the confidence she needs to face Magnus. Kurai's father Zeng, her mother Aria, Grandfather Lee, and Aunt Omaya help her train and prepare before the next day. The next comes, it is still dark outside and not yet dawn. Zeng is awake and in his combat armor. He makes breakfast before its time to go. Aria is up getting ready and Omaya is also awake. Omaya is feeding her infant daughter, Jade as Tomaya walks over to them.

Tomaya: "Omaya dear, I want you to stay home with our daughter."

Omaya: "I wish I could, but I have to help Kurai."

Tomaya: "I understand, but you are a mother and Jade needs you. I will go and help out."

Omaya: "Alright."

Tomaya: "Thank you."

Tomaya gives Omaya a kiss on her cheek and goes to get ready himself. Meanwhile, Kyan, Kun, and Kesuk also ready themselves. Kurai tries once again to contact Korra or any of her past lives, but nothing happens. Kyan sees her sister trying again and sits next to her.

Kyan: "You okay?"

Kurai: "I'll be fine. It's almost dawn, I'm going to leave now. I guess I'll see you there."

Kyan: "Alright, but be careful and we will be there soon."

Kyan pauses for a moment and before Kuriai leaves she tells Kurai;

Kyan: "Oh, Kurai?"

Kurai turns to her sister.

Kyan: "Kick this sorry earthbender's backside."

Kurai smiles, nods, and sneaks out. After breakfast is made, Zeng, Aria, Tomaya, Kyan, Kun, and Kesuk head out. Omaya watches them go and worries for Kurai. On the way, they run into Merizo, who joins up with them.


Kurai reaches downtown Republic City just as dawn approaches and the sun rises over the buildings. Kurai walks in a defensive stance.

Kurai: "Magnus! I'm here, just like you asked!"

Kurai stops and listens. She can't hear anything but a few Satomobiles in the distance. Before she can react, she gets hit with earth and falls back.

Magnus: "I didn't think you would come and alone too."

Kurai looks up at Magnus from the floor.

Kurai: "That was a cheap attack."

Magnus: "I don't always play fair."

Kurai stands up and gets in her stance. As she does, she can see two other men walk up and recognizes Davenport and Alak.

Magnus: "Hope you said your farewells, because this is it for you."

Magnus earthbends rocks columns at Kurai. Kurai breaks them using a blazing arc, then firebends a fire stream at Magnus. Magnus blocks her fire with an earth wall, while Davenport and Alak earthbend two boulders at Kurai. Kurai manages to break one, but gets hit with the other. Magnus sees Kurai down and hits her again with earth columns. Kurai is tosses back again, but quickly stands up and airbends the three men back. Magnus stomps the ground creating a small earthquake which throws Kurai off balance and stops her airbending. Davenport uses earth sinking to trap Kurai in the ground. Kurai struggles to break free as Magnus, Davenport and Alak approach her. Magnus metalbends a sharp sheet of metal into a needle.

Magnus: "Let's get this over with."

Magnus is about to end Kurai's life, but is interrupted.

Kesuk: "Leave my sister alone!"

Kesuk airbends Magnus away from Kurai.

Aria: "Stay away from my daughter Davenport and Alak!"

Aria blue firebends Davenport away from Kurai as Zeng waterbends at Alak shooting ice needles at him. Kurai is very happy to see her parents, siblings, cousin, and uncles there. She gathers her strength and earthbends her way out of the ground.

Davenport: "Aria dear, you made it."

Aria: "I'm not going to let you hurt my daughter anymore!"

Davenport: "Magnus will take care of her, Its my job to end you dear."

Davenport earthbends columns at Aria. Aria breaks them and fights back with blue fire lashes hitting Davenport. Alak runs over to help his father against Aria. Merizo firebends two fire streams, hitting Alak before he his able to help his father.

Davenport is hit with Aria's blue fire lashes. After getting back up, Davenport earth shackles Aria's hands behind her back and then hits her with earth gauntlets. Zeng water whips at Davenport.

Zeng: "Stay away from my wife, you creep, and stay away from my family!"

Davenport gets hit, but stands his ground and smirks.

Davenport: "You must be this pet's (talking about Aria) husband. You should have kept her on a tighter leash. She's a wild one and I'm just putting her in her place."

Davenport earthbends a column at Zeng.

Zeng: "Pet!?"

Zeng avoids Davenport's column and angrily uses the water whips at him.

Davenport: "A woman is nothing more than a pet to a man and you are weak to let this woman take hold of you!"

Davenport stomps the ground, creating another earthquake to knock Zeng off balance. Zeng stays in position.

Zebg: "How dare you assault my wife that way. You should be ashamed!"

Zeng shoots water streams and creates a water vortex. He shoots it at Davenport. Aria jumps in and helps Zeng kicking fire streams at Davenport. Davenport does his best to defend himself from both of them.

The fight continues as Merizo and Tomaya go against Alak. Kyan, Kesyuk, and Kun help Kurai. Magnus sees the fight unfold and sees Kurai is free. He earth bombs Kurai. Kurai is hit and hurt more by that one attack then any other attack that has been thrown at her thus far. Kurai stands up as Magnus launches himself at her with an earth wave. Kurai sees him coming and firebends from her feet to avoid Magnus' attack, then blaze kicks Magnus off his earth wave. Magnus is thrown to the ground. Kurai waterbends, freezing Magnus solid in ice. Kurai walks up to him, gets in position to take his bending away from him. Magnus looks at Kurai still with a lot of pride.

Magnus: "Go ahead, take my bending! Just like you took my father's bending!"

Kurai hesitates and thinks for a moment. After a few seconds, Kurai backs away from Magnus.

Kurai: "I'm not going to take your bending."

Magnus is surprised by this.

Magnus: "What? Why?"

Kurai: "Your father is a grown man. You're only 14 and you were just following his orders. Look at me and tell me this is what you want. Are you willing to fall behind your father or keep your bending and become better than him?"

Magnus looks at Kurai.

Magnus: "You're giving me a second chance? Even after all the threats and attacks?"

Kurai: "Yes, because unlike your father who was too far gone, you're still young like me. We both still have a lot to learn. I'm sure your mother and sister miss you too and would want you home with them. I also know they love you and will forgive you."

Magnus sighs and nods.

Magnus: "Alright, you're right. I always thought I had to follow my father, but no more!"

Kurai: "You can change for the better Magnus. I know you can."

With that, Kurai frees Magnus. Magnus bows to Kurai with a smile and Kurai bows back smiling. Davenport sees Magnus bow to Kurai. Everyone stops fighting, seeing Kurai and Magnus settling their differences.

Davenport: "No! What are you doing!?"

Magnus: "This has to stop, Davenport. The Avatar was kind enough to give me a second chance and let me keep my bending. End this now."

Davenport looks at Magnus and shakes his head in anger.

Davenport: "You let a girl - younger than you - weaken your spirit. You don't know how disappointed I am in you, Magnus. You'll never be a man like me or your father for becoming soft."

Magnus: "You're right, I'm not like you or my father. I thought I was, but I am far better."

Kurai: "Listen to him Davenport."

Daveport: "Be quiet, boy. You're a traitor - you're nothing either! After all I've done for you, this is how you repay me!?"

Davenport turns to Kurai.

Davenport: "Listen to who? Everyone should be listening to me!"

He begins to get paranoid at this point.

Magnus: "Stand down Davenport. You're outnumbered and outmatched. I'am more than you or my father will ever be. Starting now."

Davenport begins to lose his cool.

Davenport: "I won't stand down and none of you weaklings can stop me!"

He realizes that he's losing focus.

Davenport: "I still have my son. He is loyal, which is something you aren't. If you only had that...And no, you won't even be an inch of what we are."

Alak realizes his father's words, as well as what Magnus said.

Alak: "No, father, enough is enough. Avatar Kurai and Magnus are right."

Davenport is surprised by this.

Davenport: "My own son, you traitor!"

Kurai: "Davenport please, everyone else has stopped. I really don't want to fight anymore or have to take your bending."

He looks at the Avatar.

Davenport: "You be quiet now and you won't take my bending!"

Davenport creates a sink hole under Kurai and Kurai falls in. He then lavabends around the sink hole, pouring the lava into the hole, then cools it, burying Kurai alive.

Aria: "Kurai!!!"

Davenport: "That's what you get, little pet."

Davenport laughs loudly and proudly.

Davenport: "I did it, I taught that little girl a lesson! I enjoy seeing y'all's faces like this. Y'all should be happy that I got rid of such a burden on your lives. You can properly thank me now."

Alak is concerned for his former student, realizing how wrong he was and how Kurai isn't at fault for his mother's death, and how close she is to her family, something he's wanted with his own father. Crying and also very angry, Aria breaks the earth around her hand, freeing herself, grabs Davenport and pins him against a tree. She holds a blue fire dagger to his neck.

Davenport: "Awe, what's wrong dear? Lose a daughter? I saved you the trouble of future embarrassment with that one. How about you make your husband happy and give him another boy?"

Davenport lavabends a line around him and Aria and smirks.

Zeng: "Kurai! Aria!"

Zeng gets angry.

Zeng: "That's enough!"

He bloodbends Davenport without moving his arms.

Zeng: "You have no idea who your dealing with."

Aria: "You disgusting, ungrateful, shameful, sorry man! I warned you and now I'm not holding back!"

Buried under the cooled lava, Kurai is alive having protected herself in an airball. She enters the Avatar State and earthbends her way out.

Kurai: "I told you to stand down Davenport! You chose not to listen! Leave my mom, my dad, and my family alone!"

Kurai earthbends the cooled lava at Davenport. He is surprised to see the Avatar sending the cooled lava back, and he shatters it in the middle. Aria is surprised but relieved to see her daughter is okay.

Davenport: "Why won't you and your mother stay down and obey me!? I will do what I wish with you and your mother, you hear me Avatar!!!?"

Kurai: "I won't let you!"

Davenport is now pestered by the fact that the Avatar is still alive.

Davenport: "You don't have to let me deary! I will do what I want by force! Such as taking your life away! Remind me, what happens when you die in your condition? Hehe, that's right, your kind is finished!"

In the Avatar State, Kurai airbends Davenport, knocking him back and away from her parents. Second, she firebends at Davenport. Davenport gets burned, then Kurai earthbends knocking him down with boulders. Davenport gets tossed around by Kurai and feels the pain. He knows he can't take much more punishment. He looks at his son and tries to win Alak back on his side.

Davenport: "You have my permission to assist me in this battle, son."

Alak: "I refuse, Father."

Davenport feels even more betrayed, and loses it completely.

Davenport: "How dare you, you ingrate! You're useless and worthless! How dare you doubt me and go against me!? No wonder your mother died, a disappointment like you killed that frail woman!"

Alak: "If anything, my mother died because it was your fault!"

Davenport: "Don't talk back at me ever like that again! You're my biggest regret in life - you can't even lavabend! That's why I always took Magnum's son for training instead of you, you are an embarrassment!"

Alak: "I can talk to you how ever I want! My biggest regret was following in your footsteps!"

Davenport knows his son is now a true traitor. He tries to earthbend at Kurai again, but Kurai finishes with Davenport by using her waterbending to freeze him solid up to his neck.

Zeng: "You're disgusting, Davenport! I won't ever forgive you after what you did to your own wife and my family!"

Kurai walks up to Davenport and gets in position to strip him of his bending. Davenport gives her a cold, dead look.

Davenport: "Don't think just because you can take away my bending that this will be the end of me. I will find a way to exact my revenge and end you. Hurry up!"

Kurai hesitates a bit, she personally doesn't like doing this, but she knows how dangerous he is.

Kurai: "You forced this on yourself."

Davenport despises the fact that he's about to lose his bending, but can't show it to them.

Davenport: "Of course you would resort to this. Two great men, Magnum and Davenport, having their bending stripped by the likes of you, a little girl. You have something against earthbenders."

Kurai: "I have nothing against earthbenders. You two give earthbenders a bad name - and great? No, both you and Magnum hurt my family. You wanted to create chaos. Like I said, I don't like taking away anyone's bending, but you left me no other choice."

Kurai removes Davenport's bending. Davenport feels empty now that his bending has been taken away from him. He also feels that he lost a part of himself that he will never get back.

Davenport: "You confused child, we were glorious earthbenders, whose only flaw would have been raising two pathetic sons. We wanted to rule the world the way we see fit, and it would have been the perfect world! No, you take pleasure in depriving benders of their bending. You should have taken away your mother's bending. I truly hate her and you now."

Kurai releases Davenport of her earthbending and returns to normal self. Aria quickly grabs Davenport's hands and handcuffs him.

Aria: "You're under arrest."

As the metalbending police force arrive to take Davenport. Before he is taken to prison, Davenport looks at Kurai one last time.

Davenport: "You'll give me and Magnum our bending one of these days, I swear this to you. I will get what I want."

As Davenport is taken away, deep down, he wishes he could melt them all and bury them with what used to be his lavabending. He is determined to get his bending back someday and get revenge, but for now he will take this loss and better himself. He will come up with a new plan with Magnum and they haven't seen the last of the two.

After Dawn:

With Davenport taken away, Magnus approaches Kyan.

Magnus: "Kyan? I know I made a huge mistake and regret everything about it. I know I don't deserve it, especially after using you, but maybe you'll give me a second chance, too?"

Kyan crosses her arms and looks at him.

Kyan: "You almost killed my father, hurt my mother, and nearly killed my sister! You want me to come crawling back to you!?"

Magnus: "I guess not."

Kyan saw how Kurai gave Magnus a second chance. She gives Magnus a hard punch to his arm.

Kyan: "That's for hurting my family and breaking my heart. However, you did come through and realize your mistakes and want to be better for good. If my sister says you deserve a second chance and has given it to you, than I will do the same."

Magnus rubs his arm, but looks at Kyan very surprised.

Magnus: "Really?"

Kyan smiles and nods. Magnus hugs Kyan and she hugs him back.

Magnus: "Thank you."

Kyan: "Anytime."

Kurai smiles. Kesuk comes over to Magnus and gets in his face.

Kesuk: "If you ever hurt any of my sisters again, I'll take every last breath out of you! understood!?"

Magnus: "Yes, understood."

Kesuk: "Good! I'm keeping my eyes on you!"

Merizo walks over and puts his hand on Magnus' shoulder.

Merizo: "I'm proud of you, Magnus, and I know your mother and sister would be too. I promise to help care for you, your sister, and your mother."

Magnus smiles.

Magnus: "Thank you."

Merizo smiles.

Curious about what will happen to him now, Alak speaks up.

Alak: "What's my fate now? Can I go back to teaching? The students need their professor."

Kurai: "Well, I guess we can give you a second chance, Professor Alak."

Kyan, Kesuk, and Kun nod, smile, and agree with Kurai. Alak smiles, and smiles even more when she calls him Professor Alak.

Magnus: "Thank you Avatar. This means a lot to me. You have given me another chance to redeem myself, realize how blind I was. I was a fool because of my father."

Kurai: "Hey, as far as I know, standing up on your father like that was redeeming yourself. I promise to talk this time and I look forward to finishing your class."

Alak smiles once more.

Alak: "Yes, you are right, my student. I have stood up to the menace that is my father. I have a lot more redeeming to do and I'd like to ask for your help in doing this in class. My students need to know that I was in the wrong." He smiles. "I would like that, if you participated."

Kurai: "I promise I will and I'll start by telling the class that you changed and you know what you did wasn't right. I think they will see and forgive you."

Alak: "I appreciate that Kurai, I really do. With your help, I'm sure they will understand."

Kurai: "It's the least I could do."

Alak still smiles and turns to Kesuk.

Alak: "I need to apologize you too, Kesuk, as well as your mother."

Kesuk: "Hey if my Avatar twin sister says it's all good, then I forgive you too professor."

Alak: "Thank you, the both of you."

Kurai and Kesuk: "You're welcome."

Alak now turns to Kyan.

Alak: "You were a great student, Kyan, just like Magnus. Based on what you guys showed me in class, I can see a connection there."

Kyan: "Thank you, Professor."

Magnus: "I'm sorry about everything, professor."

Alak: "It is okay, Magnus, I'm sorry for everything too."

Alak finally turns to Aria.

Alak: "I have disrespected you a lot. I would like to start off by apologizing to you and for treating you that way in my classroom. I have a terrible history with firebenders. You didn't deserve that, and you're a great mother to these children."

The kids back away knowing Aria's not going to take Alak's apology quickly. Aria grabs Alak.

Aria: "Don't expect me to forgive you just like that. You seriously injured me, before you changed your mind, you were an accessory and you were going to kill my daughter and me."

Kurai: "Mom, he's changed."

Alak: "It's okay, Kurai. I understand your mother's anger. However, don't you worry, I will stay away from them outside our professional environment. I'll it to you though, you'll see that I'm a changed person. There's a parent-teacher conference coming up in two months, I'll prove it to you then."

Aria nods and let's go of him.

Aria: "Alright, fine."

Alak: "I am very happy to see everyone safe now and overall okay. Again I am sorry for the mess I helped to create. If there is anything I can ever do, don't hesitate to ask."

Aria nods. Alak says goodbye and moves on. Zeng and Aria hug their daughter.

Zeng: "I am so proud of you, Kurai."

Aria: "We couldn't be more proud of you, sweetheart."

Kyan, Kesuk, and Kun come over and also hug Kurai. Kurai smiles and hugs her parents, siblings, and cousin.

Zeng: "Come on, let's go home."

They all agree and head home. As they head home, Kurai is exhausted and can't wait to go back to sleep. Meanwhile, all over the city, people wake up and begin their day. Though the fight is over, dawn will continue to rise, bringing a new day, a new start, and a new challenge.

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