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May 8, 2015

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At home, the rest of the family tries to figure out what they can do and who they need to help them.

Inari: "Mom, we need to do something fast!"

Koko: "I don't know what to do, my pup."

Tomaya: "We have to get them out of jail!"

Kana: "We will, Tomaya."

Inari: "What was that guard's name again? He is a Fire Nation guard and a prosecutor too."

Kyan: "You mean Khan?"

Inari: "Yes, that him!"

Tomaya: "Yes! He can help get Omaya, Zeng, and Aria out of jail as well as clear their names!"

Inari: "He's going to come all the way from the Fire Nation. It's going to take four days to get here."

Tomaya sits and sighs.

Lee: "We can write a letter and have a messenger hawk send it to him."

Tomaya: "Let's do it!"

Phoenix nudges Lee showing he will deliver the message.

Lee: "Alright, Phoenix, you can do it."

Phoenix is happy he can help.

Tomaya: "I'll write it."

Tomaya gets the supplies needed and begins writing. Once done, he attaches the letter to Phoenix.

Tomaya: "Be careful."

Phoenix nudges Tomaya, showing he will be.

Lee: "We are counting on you, Phoenix."

Lee pets Phoenix. Phoenix nudges Lee showing he has this. Then he walks outside and takes off headed to the Fire Nation.

Kun: "So can we at least visit them in jail?"

Lee: "I don't know. We would have to get permission."

Kun: "Oh..."

Lee: "I know how it feels. I want to see them too."

Tomaya: "Let's get permission then!"

The family agrees to that and they all head down to the Republic City Police station.


Meanwhile, down in the jail, Zeng hasn't eaten anything at all since they were arrested. Officers try giving him food, but he won't eat it. Aria talks to her husband from the cell next to his knowing he is just as worried as she is.

Aria: "Dear, you have to eat something. I know it's hard, but we need our energy up."

Zeng: "I know, but for some reason I can't eat."

Aria sighs. A few hours later, the family visits Zeng, Aria, and Omaya.

Kyan and Kesuk: "Mom! Dad!"

Kyan and Kesuk run over to see their parents.

Zeng: "Kids!"

Zeng and Aria run to them, holding on the bars.

Zeng: "I've missed you so much."

Aria: "It is so good to see you all."

Kesuk: "It's only been a few hours."

Kyan: "Did they say anything?"

Zeng: "No, sweetie, they haven't yet."

Tomaya and Kun run over to Omaya. Tomaya is holding Jade in his arms.

Kun: "Mom!"

Tomaya: "Omaya!"

Omaya runs over and holds the bars as well.

Omaya: "Tomaya! Kun! Jade!"

Omaya sighs with relief.

Omaya: "Thank goodness you three are okay."

Kun: "Of course, Mom. We are just fine."

Tomaya: "How are you doing, dear?"

Jade reaches for her mom. Omaya holds Jade's hand softly.

Omaya: "I've missed you so much."

Tomaya: "We miss you, too."

Lee breaks the good news to them.

Lee: "Khan is on his way and should be here in four days to defend all of you."

Jun: "You three will have to sit tight until he arrives."

Aria: "That's fine, we will."

Aria turns to Kana.

Aria: "Kana, please tell your son to eat."

Kana looks at Zeng.

Kana: "Zeng, eat something, sweetie."

Zeng: "I will, but can you all stay for a bit? I can't eat without you here."

Kana: "Of course, sweetie."

Zeng: "Thank you."

Metalbending police guards listen from outside.

Aria: "Does anyone know where Kurai is?"

Haylin:'She's on Air Temple Island."

Aria: "Thanks, Mom."

Aria looks to her brother.

Aria: "Tsuabsa, please go to Air Temple Island and check on Kurai."

Tsuabsa: "I will, sis, and I will come back and let you know."

Aria: "Thank you."

Tsubasa nods, smiles, and makes his way out to Air Temple Island. On Air Temple Island, Kurai feels horrible. Much like her father, she can't eat a thing. Vaatu and the BlackHood's words echo in her head. Tenzin and other residents, as well as guard have tried to give her food. Tsubasa arrives and sees the two White Lotus guards standing outside Kurai's room.

Tsubasa: "Can I please see my niece?"

White Lotus: "Sorry, you can't."

Tsubasa: "Please? I know she won't hurt me."

White Lotus: "No! Only master Tenzin can speak with her."

Tenzin walks by, hearing the commotion.

Tenzin: "Tsubasa can be trusted. We must not treat Kurai like a prisoner."

The White Lotus guard nods, bows to Tenzin respectfully and lets Tsubasa in.

Tsubasa: "Thank you, Master Tenzin."

Tsubasa goes in.

Tsubsa: "Kurai?"

Kurai gets up and gives him a hug. Tsuabsa hugs her back.

Tsubasa: "Are you okay, Kurai?"

Kurai looks at her uncle.

Kurai: "What did I do? I don't remember anything."

Tsubasa explains what happened.

Tsubasa: "Your mother and father are really worried and they are in jail."

Kurai backs away from him.

Kurai: "This is my fault..."

Tsubasa: "No, it's not your fault. You never meant to hurt anyone."

Kurai: "I'm dangerous...You should leave."

Tsubasa: "You're not dangerous. You are still Kurai and we love you no matter what. Your mom and dad were crying. They can't stand to see you suffering like this and they want to help."

Kurai: "No! Everyone needs to stay away!"

Tsubasa: "You need to conquer your fears and face your challenge. Your parents want you back, your siblings want you back, I want you back."

Kurai backs away.

Tsubasa: "We will be waiting for you when you're ready, okay?"

Kurai: "Okay, but they say I may have to leave the family and go to either the Fire Nation or Earth Kingdom."

Tsubasa: "I understand. If you run into trouble, don't be afraid to come and ask for help from the family."

Kurai nods even though she knows that won't happen.

Tsubasa: "See you soon."

Tsuabsa leaves. Kurai is alone once again. Tsubasa returns to the prison to give the news to Aria.

Aria: "How is she?"

Tsubasa explains everything. Aria gets angry and firebends at the metal bars from inside her cell.

Tsubasa: "Easy, sis."

Aria: "Sorry."

Zeng: "Once I get out of this prison, I will teach Nazo not to mess with this family!"

Aria: "That's right! He will pay for what he has done."

Kyan and Kesuk can feel and understand their parents anger.

Kyan: "I'll bloodbend him and break him."

Kesuk: "No one does this to us!"

Zeng: "Agreed."

Aria: "We have to get out of here as fast as we can. If we weren't already stuck behind bars for something we didn't do, I would burn right through them and get out."

Zeng: "I don't want you to lose your license and start over. Khan should be here tomorrow."

Aria sighs and nods.

Aria: "You're right, dear, you're right. We will have to be patient."


After the visits, the family reluctantly returns home without Zeng, Aria, Omaya, and Kurai. At home, the family notices small clues around the house.

Lee: "Dear?"

Kana: "Yes?"

Lee: "Some of Zeng's clothes are missing."

Kana: "What!?"

Lee: "I think someone broke into our home while we were out. Aria's clothing is missing as well."

Kana: "Onua and Tomaya said Omaya's clothes were missing too. Tai said something about a broken window downstairs."

Lee: "We have to tell Khan about this."

Kana: "We will."

Lee: "We also have to remember to lock everything up before we go anywhere next time."

Kana: "We had everything before we left. If anything, only a metalbender could unlock anything from the outside."

Lee: "True, but we need to switch it to platinum."

Kana: "Yes, that's a good idea."

Lee: "Thank you."

Help Has Arrived:

The next day, Khan arrives in Republic City. He immediately goes to the police station.

Zeng: "Aria, Khan should be arriving today."

Aria: "Thank goodness."

Khan visits Zeng, Aria, and Omaya in the jail.

Khan: "How are you all doing?"

Omaya: "Khan!"

Aria: "I'm so happy to see you."

Khan: "Don't worry, I heard about everything. I will get you all out of here and clear your names."

Zeng: "Thank you so much! We want to get out so we can help Kurai. We need her."

Khan looks at them confused.

Khan: "Wait, what happened with your daughter?"

Zeng explains the situation.

Khan: "I didn't get that in the letter. Actually, whoever wrote this, no offense, but didn't write it so well."

Tomaya: "I panicked!"

Omaya:'It's okay, dear, you did your best."

Tomaya smiles a bit.

Khan: "It's not a problem at all. Let's get you three out first. I talked to Lin and the family and it seems like you were in fact set up."

Aria speaks to Zeng.

Aria: "You were right, dear."

Zeng nods, then turns to Khan.

Zeng: "Thank you, Khan."

Khan: "Hey, it's your family who figured out the evidence."

Khan gives a signal to the guard to open these three cells. The cells open, Zeng, Aria, and Omaya are able to come out. Once out, Zeng hugs Aria, Aria hugs Zeng back, Omaya hugs Tomaya, Tomaya hugs Omaya back, and Khan smiles. Thanks to the family and Khan's help, Zeng, Aria, and Omaya return home. At home, the family gives the three hugs and are very happy to see them again after three days of being in jail. Once this has been situated at home, Zeng looks at everyone.

Zeng: "Now we have to get Kurai."

The family nods, agreeing to that. Lee, Jun, Tai, Kana, Haylin, and Onua stay behind to fix up the house after the break in, while Zeng, Aria, Omaya, Tomaya, Tsubasa, Kyan, Kun, and Kesuk go to Air Temple Island to get Kurai.

Air Temple Island:

On Air Temple Island, Zeng, Aria, Omaya, Tomaya, Tsubasa, Kyan, Kun, and Kesuk are greeted and let onto the island. As they walk, they notice some destruction around the island. Zeng finally sees Kurai and runs over to her.

Zeng: "Kurai!"

Kurai turns around and firebends at her father. Zeng gets out of the way and sees that his daughter is in the dark Avatar State.

Zeng: "Kyan, I'm going to need your help. Are you ready to Spirit cleanse your sister?"

Kyan nods.

Kyan: "I'm always ready!"

Zeng and Kyan get into their stance, but are interrupted when the Black Hood and the dark spider spirit appear behind Kurai.

Black Hood: "That won't be necessary. She is no longer your daughter."

Zeng and Aria get angry seeing the Black Hood.

Aria: "Coward! Fight for yourself!"

Zeng waterbends throwing ice darts at him. The Black Hood firebends and melts Zeng's ice darts.

Zeng: "Nazo, I know it's you! You're the one that hurt my daughter and I will not show any mercy! I will kill you!"

Black Hood: "Nazo? Ha! I wouldn't be that fool of a fake Avatar! Nazo did not realize how much this dark spirit would affect the true Avatar. Also, people would not expect the Avatar to be used as a weapon. Who would go against the Avatar or try to stop her? No one wants to harm her. Though, there have been those who have tried to kill the Avatar, but I see a better potential to keeping her alive."

Aria angrily blue firebends at the Black Hood, but Kurai defends him and blocks her mother's firebending with her own.

Zeng: "You will regret this!"

Zeng waterbends water streams at the Black Hood.

Zeng: "Kurai, wake up please! I know you're in there. Fight it! You're not weak, you're strong!"

Aria firebends fire streams at the Black Hood. Kyan waterbends water streams at the Black Hood like her father and Kesuk airbends at the Black Hood. Kurai blocks all their bending with an earth wall. Omaya breaks the earth wall with earth creeps. The Black Hood removes his hood and mask and reveals himself.

Zeketin: "The name is Zeketin. Nazo has no idea what I'm doing."

Vaatu: "You can't destroy me, human! I will continue to bring unbalance!"

Raava speaks to Kurai.

Raava: "This isn't you, Kurai, you are not meant to bring unbalance and war to the world."

Kurai struggles to return to herself.

Zeng: "Now Kyan! Aria, Omaya, and Kesuk protect us from Zeketin!"

Aria firebends at Zeketin, Kesk airbends at Zeketin, and Omaya earthbends at Zeketin. Zeng and Kyan waterbend around Kurai to try and calm her spirit down. The water ring glows yellow and Kurai stops bending.

Kurai: *stops attacking for the moment*

Zeketin: "No! Kurai they are your enemy! Don't fall for it!"

Aria: "Leave my daughter alone!"

Kesuk: "You're not the boss of my sister!"

Kesuk sends an air wake, while Aria fire lashes, and Omaya sends boulders all at Zeketin. Zeketin gets hit and falls back. Kurai is struggling to know what is wrong and what is right. The White Lotus members and other people on Air Temple Island come over to help.

Kurai's body glows yellow.

Zeng: "Great Kyan! We are almost there!"

Kurai firebends, earthbends, airbends, and waterbends all at once hitting everyone, including Zekein.

Kurai: "Stop it!"

Zeketin Sees he is outnumbered for now. He calls his back up and an airship arrived lowering a latter for him to climb on. He climbs on it. Kurai is still struggling to fight off Vaatu.

Zeketin: "The Avatar will be on our side. You will all see!"

Zeketin leaves on the airship. Vaatu also leave for now, allowing Raava to contact Kurai.

Raava: "Kurai, calm down. You are hurting your own family."

Kurai returns to normal and sees the damage she has caused. She is unable to stand, becomes light headed and faints. Kurai and the rest of the family and others that were injured are treated on Air Temple Island.

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