Arriving at Home
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February 23, 2015

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Arriving at Home:

When arriving home, the family looks at Omaya, Aria, and Merizo and see the worry on their face.

Omaya: "Sorry everyone. We are home."

Tomaya comes over and drags Omaya close.

Tomaya: "What happened?"

Omaya hugs Tomaya back then explains her encounter with Magnus and how she lavabended.

Tomaya: "I'm sorry that happened dear. Wish I could have been there to help you."

Omaya: "It's okay. Thank you."

Kun: "That's amazing that you lavabended!"

Omaya: "I don't know how I did, it just happened."

Tomaya: "Relax now, dear."

Omaya: "Thanks, dear."

Tomaya: "Can I get you anything?"

Omaya: "Water please, for me and Marbles."

Tomaya: "Of course."

Tomaya gets some water for Omaya and Marbles.

Omaya: "Thank you."

Tomaya: "You're welcome."

Omaya: "I'm going to train and practice my lavabending."

Kun: "Can I join you, Mom?"

Omaya smiles.

Omaya: "Sure."

Omaya and Kun go outside to practice the new skill.


Omaya tries to do lavabend, but she just earthbends rocks as usual. Kun can feel what his mother is trying to do. Onua and Tai watch Omaya try her best. Omaya tries it again, and this time, she gets it. Kun, Onua, and Tai are amazed.

Tai: "Wow! Nice going, Omaya!"

Onua: "Great job, sweetie!"

Omaya: "I did it!"

Omaya smiles proudly and fixes the floor.

Kun: "That was great, Mom!"

Omaya: "Thank you Kun, Mom, and Uncle Tai."

Kun, Onua, and Tai: "You're welcome."

Omaya: "I have to tell Aria about his. Excuse me."

Omaya goes and tells Aria.

Aria: "That's amazing, Omaya! Congratulations."

Omaya smiles.

Omaya: "Thank you. Come, I want to show you."

Aria smiles too and goes with Omaya. Omaya shows Aria her lavabending.

Aria: "Wow, that's going to help a lot and its quit a skill to know."

Omaya nods agreeing with Aria.

Omaya: "I can teach this to Kurai. It's not going to be easy, since I just learned this technique."

Aria: "Don't worry about Kurai for now. Concentrate on mastering it first and maybe teaching it to Kun. I think he'll be more excited to learn it."

Omaya: "Alright. I'm going to practice every day."

Aria: "Good idea."

Omaya smiles and looks at her mother and uncle.

Omya: "Thank you both for being there."

Onua: "Aw, you're welcome, sweetie."

Tai: "Anytime, Omaya."

Omaya hugs her mother and uncle. Onua and Tai hug Omaya back.

The Meeting:

Magnus returns after his run in with Omaya. As he walks in, he demands to know where two of his men are.

Magnus: "Where are Davenport and Alak?"

Alak is there, and hears Magnus.

Alak: "What seems to be the problem Magnus? What's with the loud talking?"

Magnus: "Don't question me when I speak! Did you rid the Avatar of her mother and father?"

Alak mutters under this breath.

Alak: "You ungrateful little..."

Alak gives Magnus a stern look.

Alak: "No, she's not an orphan just yet, but we did deliver a warning to the Avatar. As per your request."

Magnus: "You and your father are failures! You two couldn't kill her mother? As far as I was told, she didn't even use lightningbending on you! I had to send another message to the Avatar. This time, I delivered it to her aunt."

Alak keeps his cool despite the fact that Magnus is really tempting him, even more than Aria did.

Alak: "No, killing the Avatar's mother this early on would have been a mistake. You told us to give her a warning, and that's exactly what we did. I could have killed the Avatar in class a long time ago, but you want her all to yourself. She got the message Magnus, she actually confronted us."

Alak than speaks under his breath again.

Alak: "You don't talk to my father like that when he is around."

Magnus: "Very well, understood. The Avatar better show up at dawn just as planned or she will regret it. if she doesn't, well, lets just say she won't have a family anymore. I will give her a reminder the night before over the radio."

Alak: "I knew you would understand. You did have me as a professor after all. Well spoken in Creative Expression."

Alaka shifts his focus on what Magnus said and smirks.

Alak: "She will be there, she showed something in our short fight. Still, give her that reminder."

Magnus nods.

Magnus: "Yes and oh, did she now? I will, but what it that she showed?"

Alak: "Oh yes, I was surprised she talked to be honest with you. That shy girl entered her Avatar State and proceeded to want us, to not mess with her parents and to leave them all alone. Ha!"

Magnus is surprised by the Avatar's actions, but he laughs.

Magnus: "No matter, we will not take her warning seriously. She doesn't stand a chance."

Alak joins in and also laughs.

Alak: "Yes, especially with you lava bending. She will never be ready for that. No one on her side will. Where did you come from today anyways?"

Magnus: "She won't be, she is not that strong yet. Even if she did scare you and your father while in the Avatar State. I ran into the Avatar's aunt, who can also lavabend."

Alak: "She's really not. I bet my father and I could have taken her down if it wasn't for the others intruding."

Alak looks Magnus straight in the eyes.

Alak: "She didn't scare us one bit. Wait, that metalbending police woman? She can lava bend? That isn't the greatest news to hear Magnus."

Magnus: "Watch it, Alak, and get out of my face! The metalbending woman can lavabend, but she was very weak with the skill."

Alak: "I don't want to be close to your face either. She will probably train with the Avatar in order to protect herself with lava bending, but it won't work."

Magnus: "No worries, they won't have time to master the skill."

Alak: "They won't, especially since you'll be getting better. Are you two going to train again far away from here?"

Magnus: "That's right! It is just me who is training. You better catch up or you'll be defeated."

Alak: "Well, for some reason, he doesn't want me to go. Not even to watch. I won't be defeated. I have my eyes set on that metalbending police woman now."

Magnus: "Hm, alright. Keep training and don't disappoint me again."

Alak: "I have, for the most part. Perhaps later tonight, I will request to join you two. You know, I'm getting a bit tired of you disrespecting me like this Magnus. My father told me that you are the head here, but didn't treat me like tho when I was your professor."

Magnus: "That's right, I am the head here and you follow as I say! You are not my professor anymore and you never will be again! You work for me now!"

Alak: "We shall see how long that lasts then, Magnus. At least I can talk to my father. Your father specifically said that you shouldn't see each other as to raise suspicions. Even if I'm not teaching you now, I will always be your professor."

Magnus: "My father is a failure as well and he is not here! I may be 14, but I'm in charge and I won't hesitate to get rid of you or you ruining my plans! Do I make myself clear!?"

Alak smirks, wanting to mess with his disrespectful former student with mind games.

Alak: "If your father is a failure, what does that make you? A failing success? Yes, you are in charge here, young boy."

Alak grins and says very sarcastically.

Alak: "Master Magnus, I will always do my bet to carry out your plans."

Magnus lavabends, surrounding Alak.

Magnus: "I will succeed where my father failed. Watch your tone before I melt you."

Magnus burns Alak's foot with the lava. Alak makes a hissing sound in pain, and quickly earthbends a pillar to get out of the lava around him. He tries to use his bending to cool the lava, but can't. He holds his foot while not he pillar.

Alak: "I can see that you're very determined. I understand. You've made your point. Mind getting rid of the lava now?"

Magnus smirks and cools the lava.

Magnus: "Don't fail me again Alak. You and your father."

With these final words, Magnus leaves. As he walks out, he mutters under his breath:

Magnus: "The way I lavabended Alak is just a taste of what is to come for the Avatar. What she will see and feel."

Alak: "Understood Magnus. We will kill the Avatar's mother, father, and that earthbender. My father expects to see you later for training not too far from here."

Magnus nods and moves on.

Radio Announcement:

A few days have gone by, and no one has heard from Magnus, Davenport, or Alak. They smile, relax a little and go about their business as usual. One morning, Kyan and Kesuk are downstairs making the family breakfast. Once breakfast is made, she calls everyone down to eat. As they sit and eat, the radio plays in the background. However, the music is interrupted by the broadcaster.

Broadcaster: "Good morning Republic City! Weather is slowly warming up, but it's still very cold. Make sure you are ready to go outside and face this chill!"

In the broadcast room, the broadcaster is interrupted by an unexpected guest.

Broadcaster: "It looks like we have two special guests. A young boy and you must be his father. What brings you both here? Wait, what are you- No don't!"

They hear a loud few bangs over the radio, then silence. The pause is interrupted by a familiar boy's voice.

Magnus: "Sorry for this interruption, but I have a special message for someone special."

Kyan: "Magnus."

Zeng's face turns serious.

Magnus: "This message goes out to Avatar Kurai."

Kurai looks up hearing her name being said.

Magnus: "Listen carefully Avatar, because I will only say this once more. I will give you one more day, meet me tomorrow downtown Republic City at dawn. You must come alone and if you don't, you can say goodbye to those you care for."

Kurai is paralyzed after hearing that message.

Magus: "Now my partner would like to say something."

Magnus gets off the microphone and another familiar voice takes over.

Davenport: "I look forward to our rematch, Aria dear. This time, I will end you for good."

Magnus: "See you both tomorrow."

The radio turns to static.

Zeng: "Kurai, don't face this alone. We will come."

Kurai: "Dad, I have to."

Zeng: "You can face Magnus, but Omaya, your mother, and I will face Davenport and Alak. This isn't a fair match and even Korra would know this."

Aria: "Your father is right, sweetheart."

Kurai: "Alright."

Zeng and Aria smile at their daughter.

Zeng: "We are going to spar. You, Grandpa Lee and Omaya will spar against you."

Kurai: "Okay, but I want to try something first."

Zeng: "Sure."

Kurai runs upstairs, sits, and meditates. While meditating, Kurai tries to contact Korra or any of her past lives.

Aria: "Zeng, we can't go all in there at once. Let me and Kurai go, then you and Omaya come in."

Kyan: "I'm coming along!"

Kesuk: "Me too!"

Zeng: "You're right and we need to put an end to this!"

Aria, Kyan, and Kesuk nod and are ready to train and prepare for tomorrow. All except for Kurai. She continues to try to reach any of her past lives, but fails and gets very frustrated.

Kurai: "Gah!!!"

Kurai falls back on her bed, looking up at the ceiling.

Kurai: "I'm not ready for this..."

Father Daughter Talk:

After Kurai's frustrated yell, Zeng goes up to see his daughter.

Zeng: "Mind if I come in?"

Kura: "Hi Daddy. Sure, come in."

Zeng walks into his daughter's room and sits by her side.

Zeng: "I know you're nervous, but I also know my little girl can do it."

Kurai sits up and looks at her dad.

Kurai: "Are you kidding? Did you see what he did to Mommy!?"

Zeng: "Yes, that's why she's training hard and so am I."

Kurai nods.

Zeng: "You have to believe in us sweetie."

Kurai: "I do, Daddy."

Zeng: "I'm glad. Come on, let's go do some sparring."

Kurai: "Alright."

Kurai follows her father downstairs and outside.

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