The Greatest Show Unearthed
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The Secrets of the Beast



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February 18, 2012

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2.The Darkest Show Around

The secrets of the beast 1:

The greatest show unearthed

Toph against The War Mongering Demon

Toph had just closed up two fools in their own metal cage then tried in vain to get back to the Ba Sing Se palace as she rode mounds of earth to try to get to her destination but these were stopped by a quick blur moved past her and the top of said mounds quickly cut off from the rest. She lost her balance and quickly tried to reform it but then the blur grabbed her and pushed her to the she hit the ground she realized that it wasn't as painful as she thought it would be, it was the worst pain she ever felt.

She started to get up not knowing what attacked her.

She could see him, not in the sense of regular people but with her vision this man was a few feet taller than Aang.

He wore a dark green long cloaks, a black interior, revealing a kind of dragon design with a chin-high mandarin collar, frog button, long sleeves, side slits, the left sleeve and the shoulder seemed to have been torn off revealing a chest plate and long metal arm protector it was connected by a white side face mask. Long baggy black pants and long armored boots finished the outfit.

He long scruffy dirty blond hair and jade green eyes with a dark tan and a large scar on his chin. He had a double edged glaive.

"Hello there Toph Bei Fong I am Jiàn Shèng, Dì wu (Fifth) of the Sèdiào(Shades)."

Toph didn't know what this was all about and she didn't care as she tried to form a pillar in order to knock this guy out so she could leave she heard him speak.

"Zhànshén watch over my kill and hope it ends spectacularly."

In her sight he disappeared but then she saw the vibration of a foot step next to her and she rolled to her right to avoid a spear attack that would have sliced her head clean off.

He looked disappointed, he pulled out a silver chain necklace with a silver upside down triangle with a circle around it attached to the chain. He put two fingers on it and spoke.

"Forgive me Zhanshen I will try harder" Then he was hit by a boulder as Toph quickly moved away. She wasn't scared of him or anyone but time was of the essence and she couldn't have time for this.

She started to use the rocks as stepping stones and started to make a large mound and traveled faster. She then saw the flying bison.

"Toph!" She heard that yell and knew it was Aang.

"Toph jump up here!" She could see the bison as she jumped on Aang saw a man in green with a spear jump up to them he raised the spear over his head and stabbed down onto Appa's tail.

"The battle is not over the otherworld awaits you!" He tried to get a grip on the tail but it started trying to flap him off while bellowing in pain.

Aang realized that he would need to do something drastic but Sokka did it for him thrown his favored boomerang and it hit its target on the head.

Jian flew off and as he fell the spear seemed to follow pulling out of Appa's tail on its own causing more pain for Appa. Aang looked at Toph

She knew that some question were going to be asked. . .too bad she had no answers.

Uncovered lies and The Demented Jester

Katara rushed in the palace hoping to warn the king of Iroh and Zuko's appearance in the city and as she ran into the throne room only to see three women dressed in Green that looked like. . .

"Kyoshi Warriors. . .here?" She couldn't concern why but getting there help is what she needed as she made her way to them a large bang was heard as a piece of metal hit the ground in front of her. She stopped and jumped back as the Kyoshi Warriors turned around.

There was a long string of insane laughter followed by whistling of some kind of tune.

"You're losing your touch I mean you should of stuck with my plan just running in a hacking them to pieces and you'd be the one to pick off any trying to escape."

"I think a second shot would of killed the target but you talking has ruined our cover."

"Who are you. . .show your self," Katara yelled.

A man jumped down.

He wore a jester like outfit composed of primarily red and gold and black fabrics, a mismatched jumble of stripes and polka-dots. He wears a red and black striped ruffle around his neck and a red cloak with a yellow and black had white and red facial make-up and his lips are outlined in bright red he had slightly long auburn hair that seemed to be wild with no style to it at all and turquoise colored eyes.

He giggled before presenting himself.

"Hear hear you little TRAMP!. . .I am Zhèngyì, Dì bā(Eighth) of the Sediao."

He gave a slight bow before pulling out a large cleaver, red rust was on the tip of the blade.

"What are you here for."

Zhengyi raised an eyebrow.

"To kill people." She looked surprised, but quickly went to defend herself.

"We're not interested in YOU. We want that pretty little princess!" Katara was confused.

"What princess?"

As if to answer the question another bang sounded through the hall as a small piece of metal went to one of the Kyoshi Warrior but a knife collided with the metal ball.

Another woman descended down.

She hand long braided blond hair, blue eyes, a beauty mark on her left lower cheek. Her dress had a diamond collar is adorned with two butterfly buttons on and 'E' shape strips adorned at waistline, with knee length skirt, petticoat, knee high stockings and black shoes, she had two weapons, rifle-like, but they had been modified to be used also as scythes with tungsten alloy scythe blades growing out of the butt and stock and elegantly designed, angel-wing themed handle grips at the barrel and muzzle.

She started to whistle her song but then she pointed the barrel of her weapon at Katara and fired only for the bullet to go over her head and make another attempt but the three made there move revealing themselves to Katara

Azula, Ty Lee, and Mai.

Zhengyi pointed at Azula.

"Look there be the monster with her fuzzy hair and sharp claws and all naked and eh. . ."

Everyone even his partner looked at him coldly.

"Well not the hot kind of naked more like naked of the furry kind and. . ." Before he could finish a jet of blue flames nearly hit him but he jumped up on the high scaffold having whooping laughter as he did it.

Ty Lee ran towards the other assassin and the other spoke.

"My name is Máquè, Dì qī(Seventh) of the Sediao, would you like to hear a song?"

Zhengyi somehow was next to Katara.

"Help us out. . .I mean I know you're a goody two shoes but our goals are similar. . .well I mean to dissect a few Fire Nation puppets but hey that's just me."

Katara was confused

Ty lee tried in vain to hit Maque in her flowery movements but she kept dodging moving her body, twirling roll from right to then swing one of her scythes vertically as Ty Lee back flipped.

"This song I made especially for you" Maque said as she fired another round.

Ty lee dodged it jumping up and over Maque attempting to take another hit but Maque responded by quickly twirling to the ground and swinging the blade up over her head cutting Ty Lee in the stomach slightly and bringing it down as Ty Lee landed.

"It's the end now try to defy

As the world prays for your life

I will end it tonight.

You dance, you twirl

Come fight me little fool."

"If you won't help then everything you ever loved will be dead D-E-D dead" Zhengyi pointed out

Katara didn't say anything, She tried to sort out what was going on.

"Silent treatment. . .REALLY?. . .ugh. . .women," he ended up yelling in her face then jumping away as blue flame nearly hit him and went across Katara's face. Katara was snapped out of her thoughts and got into a defensive position.

"Now it's time to break

the legs, the head,

your dreams, your smile

I will make you frown."

Two more rounds were fired then she threw her weapons into the air as parts of the floor and started to enter the barrel of the gun.

Ty Lee made her move running forward she dodged a punch from Maque and made a jab to her chest, her left arm and right arm became numb and couldn't grabbed one scythe as it hit the ground with a large thud.

"Fight for what?

Ecstasy! Yes? No?

That's the cue for me...

So let's go!"

She managed to grab one scythe swinging nearly slashing Ty Lee then jumped up slightly to do a spinning kick the connected to Ty lee's left cheek knocking her away.

Zhengyi jumped on Mai's head twisting her hair and throwing her into a wall as he landed on his feet.

He started his attacks towards Azula waving his cleaver forward very fast to her it was a blur but she was prepared.

"Why are the Sediao here" She asked as she blasted three blue streaks towards him. One hit nothing as he dodged it the second hit his cleaver and the third hit his hand forcing him to drop the cleaver.

He started laughing hard.

"To give the world Madness, murder, and dismay and to drag your good buddy Mai into the lower birth after killing you of course," he said as he pulled out two even larger cleavers and started juggling them. Then tried to advance forward but the a blade went between the two. It was extended from a man that entered the room. The blade slowly made its way back to him.

"Sorry Sorry but time is up"

The Good Man

His clothing is composed of black and gray armor, arm guards, a strange tattoo on his left shoulder, and black pants He had a wide mocking smile, his eyes which are found to be a bright sky blue., he is unusually thin and tall with very sharp features giving him a skeletal appearance, He bears unusual silver hair.

"But the assassination has not been carried out" Maque said as she flipped back to the smiling man and fired a quick round hitting Ty Lee in the leg.

"I mean the targets are neutralized and ready for death."

"No little reaper The Baron doesn't want them dead just captured.

"Well I'm not going to let you" Mai tried to throw knives but then the blade extended cutting threw her collar and stuck her to the wall.

"You know you're monster Right Azula?" Zhengyi said as they stood there waiting for the other to make any kind of mood.

She didn't say anything but she gave him a very deadly stare which caused the mad clown to shake his head he dropped his cleavers.

His smile turned into a very dark frown.

"Do not be angered by it. . .in fact embrace it. . .accept it. . .let it break the ties that bind and follow me. . .we will wreck anything. . .WE WILL DESTROY EVERYTHING!" He offered her a hand but she quickly tried to hit him with a blue flame which required him to roll to the right.

"Very tempting but no I'm going to kill you before I even think of doing that idiotic."

He laughed long and hard then before he could move she was in front of him unleashing large amount of her rage at being called a monster and even larger flames.

But he merely ducked and grabbed her by the arms and pulled her to the ground.

His face very close to hers.

"I can feel it growing. . .give into the madness, it will lead to freedom" His make up started to come off revealing some scars on his face.

"Please hold still" The man told Mai as his blade slowly go back to him but as she was about to pull some more knives out she realized something.

"The buns of her hair were cut off, it was the smiling man.

"I am Piànzi, Dì sān(Third) of the Sediao and my blade is quicker then you" Then he noticed Ty Lee quickly moving despite her slightly limping on the shot leg so as his blade went back he quickly took a step back and shot it forward so quickly that it impaled her in the stomach forcing her to stop blade went back as she dropped to the ground.

"Well that ends that."

"Zhengyi!" It was Piànzi his smile left his face giving a serious stare.

"Guess this is goodbye" He gave a quick grin before leaving then Katara decided it was time to make a run for it.

The three assassin's started to glow blue as each started to disappear not before Zhengyi waved at Azula.

"Bye bye."

Invite to the skeleton dance

Iroh had enjoyed his teashop but then a strange visitor literally rolled through the door.

He was in a red and white jester like outfit wearing a blank white mask.

He pulled out a note and skipped to Iroh.

"The great Clown prince Zhengyi would like to invite you and your brand of Tea to the Kūlóu wǔ(skeleton dance) The greatest show unearthed!" He then gave a short salute and cartwheeled out of the building.

Iroh wasn't sure what to make of this but a little party might be what he and Zuko needed.

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