The Journey Begins
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June 30, 2015

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Part Twelve (Book Two)

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The Journey Begins...

After leaving her family behind and starting her Avatar / Spiritual journey, Kurai finds herself laying on the deck of the Fire Nation bound ship looking up at the sky. She thinks about her family, already missing them so much even though she has only been gone for a day. She also wonders about what lies ahead; who she will meet and what the all nations will be like. Khan walks outside seeing the young Avatar lost in thought. He approaches her.

Khan: "Everything okay, young Avatar?"

Kurai's thought process is interrupted as she looks up at Khan.

Kurai: "I'm fine."

Khan: "Well, we should be arriving at the Capital City in a day. Come, let's get you something to eat."

Kurai: "Alright."

Kurai gets up and goes with Khan. As she walks with him, she gets curious.

Kurai: "What is the Fire Nation like? Also, why are we going there first?"

Khan: "It's where you are going to begin your training since your birth element is fire, and it is your strongest element. Once there, you will meet your firebending master, and I will be your personal escort. I will make sure transporting you where you need to go is safe. You will also be making new friends along your journey."

Kurai smiles about meeting people though being shy about it a little. She's also happy to have someone she knows by her side and not a complete stranger. Khan and Kurai sit down inside the ship and eat. As they eat, Kurai listens and watches the other crew members walk around and talk. Khan decides to let Kurai know where she is staying.

Khan: "My family lives in the Fire Nation. You're welcome to stay with us. My son would love to meet you, and he's around your age."

Kurai smiles.

Kurai: "I forgot you had a family. I would love to meet them and thank you for allowing me to stay with you and your family."

Khan: "You're welcome. I made a promise to your mother."

Kurai: "Oh."

Kurai laughs a bit remembering what her mother had said to Khan before they left. After eating, Khan shows Kurai where she is sleeping.

Kurai: "Thank you."

Khan: "You're welcome. Get some rest."

Khan leaves Kurai to rest. Kurai lays down and thinks about her family as she slowly drifts off to sleep.

At Home:

The next day, the family wakes up back in Republic City. Zeng and Aria are getting read for work, Tomaya is making breakfast, while Omaya is changing and feeding Jade, and Kyan, Kun, and Kesuk get ready for school. While Omaya changes Jade, Jade happily babbles to her mother. Omaya smiles, seeing her daughter happy.

Omaya: "You're very talkative, Jade."

After changing Jade, Omaya carries her daughter downstairs. Omaya walks into the kitchen with Jade and sees her husband cooking.

Omaya: "Morning, dear."

Tomaya: "Morning, dear, and good morning to you too, sweetie."

Jade: "Da!"

Tomaya smiles, hearing his daughter almost say 'dad'.

Omaya: "Jade has been opening up to us a lot, dear."

Tomaya: "I see that. Our little girl is becoming less and less shy."

Omaya nods in agreement and smiles. The two parents hear their eldest son come down the stairs.

Kun: "Morning, Mom, Dad, and Jade."

Tomaya: "Good morning, son."

Omaya: "Morning, sweetie."

Jade sees her big brother and gets excited.

Jade: "Ku!"

Kun smiles, hearing his sister almost say his full name.

Kun: "Hey, she almost said my name!"

Omaya: "She did! This is new."

Tomaya: "Yeah."

Kun carefully holds his sister's hand as he smiles.

Kun: "Great job, Jade."

Jade giggles.

Omaya: "Awe."

-Omaya and Tomaya smile at their kids. Kun sits with his mother and sister while his father continues to make breakfast.

Omaya: "So Kun, how is school so far?"

Kun: "It's okay, not much has changed."

Omaya: "Really?"

Kun nods.

Omaya: "What about your earthbending?"

Kun: "My earthbending is coming along great! I was able to sandbend a little, but I still need work. Same with lavabending, but my metal and earthbending is good."

Omaya: "Really? Wow!"

Kun smiles, nodding proudly.

Omaya: "My young man."

Omaya kisses Kun's forehead. Kun gets embarrassed.

Kun: "Mom..."

Tomaya chuckles, seeing his son a bit embarrassed. Omaya smiles and giggles. After breakfast is made, Tomaya calls the family down to eat. The family sits and eats together.

Zeng: "Tomorrow it's the weekend. No work."

Kyan: "Yay, weekend!"

Kesuk: "Yes!"

Kun: "Looking forward to it!"

Aria: "But you kids just got back."

Kyan: "School is rough, Mom."

Zeng: "Wait until you have to go to work like us."

Kesuk:'Yes, but I'm sure your jobs are more exciting than school."

Tomaya: "Not always. We still have to do paperwork and go to meetings. It can be boring."

Kun: "Yes, but we also have to do paper work in school."

Kyan: "Wait a minute, no you don't. I do most of your writing, Kun."

Kun: "Yes, but I tell you what to write."

Kyan: "True."

The family smiles and after finishing up their breakfast, they clean up the mess. Kyan, Kun, and Kesuk go to school, Zeng, Aria, Omaya, and Tomaya head to work, while Jade is being watched by her grandparents. At work, Zeng looks at a picture that sits on his desk. The picture is of him and his family and as he looks at it, he thinks about Kurai. Aria also looks at the same picture of her and her family and wonders how Kurai is doing. At school, Kyan and Kesuk wonder how their sister is doing and what kind of fun she is having. Kun wonders about his cousin and how she is doing and what she is learning.

Arriving in the Fire Nation:

That same morning, the ship docks in the Fire Nation. Kurai is still asleep, unaware they have arrived. Khan comes in and gently nudges Kurai.

Khan: "Avatar? We have arrived."

Kurai wakes up and yawns. She sits up and looks at Khan.

Kurai: "What? We are here?"

Khan: "Yes."

Kurai: "That was fast."

Kurai gets out of bed and stretches.

Kurai: "I'll get ready quick."

Khan: "Alright."

Khan goes outside and waits for her. Kurai quickly changes and grabs her things, then meets Khan outside.

Khan: "Let's go to my house. Tomorrow you will be meeting your master."

Kurai: "Alright."

Kurai goes with Khan. She is a little nervous about meeting his family and even more so meeting her master tomorrow. They arrive at Khan's home.

Khan: "I'm home."

Khan's wife greets him by giving him a hug and a kiss.

Akane: "Welcome home, dear."

Khan hugs and gives a wife a kiss back.

Akane: "How was your trip?"

Khan: "It was fine."

Akane: "I'm glad to hear it, dear."

Khan nods then introduces Kurai to Akane.

Khan: "Dear, this the Avatar. Her name is Kurai."

Akane smiles and greets Kurai.

Akane: "It's an honor to meet you, Avatar Kurai. Khan told me a little about you and your family. Welcome to our home."

Kurai smiles and says shyly.

Kurai: "Please, just call me Kurai. It's very nice to meet you as well and thank you for having me here."

Akane: "Of course and it's no trouble at all. Make yourself at home here."

Kurai: "Thank you."

Akane nods and smiles. Khan and Akane's son, Xiu runs in, hearing Khan's voice.

Xiu: "Dad! You're home!"

Xiu hugs his father, and Khan hugs his son back. Akane smiles, seeing her son and husband hug. Kurai smiles, seeing the family together. Xiu sees Kurai and blushes. He hides behind Khan.

Akane: "Don't be shy, Xiu. Introduce yourself."

Xiu shyly introduces himself to Kurai.

Xiu: "I'm Xiu. Nice to meet you."

Kurai, also shyly, introduces herself to Xiu.

Kurai: "Nice to meet you, I'm Kurai."

Anna smiles and looks at her son.

Akane: "Xiu, why don't you show Kurai around while I speak with your father. I will also prepare something to eat for everyone. I know your father and Kurai must be hungry after the journey here."

Xiu: "Yes, Mom."

Xiu shows Kurai around while Akane and Khan talk as they prepare a meal. When the food is ready, Kurai sits with Khan and his family. As they eat, Xiu tries to stop blushing every time he looks at Kurai. Kurai looks up at Xiu and catches him blushing. After eating, they clean up. Kurai writes a letter to her family, while Akane checks on her son.

Akane: "Hey sweetie, are you okay?"

Xiu: "I'm all right, Mom."

Akane: "Are you sure?"

Xiu starts blushing again.

Xiu: "I uhh..."

Anna smiles, seeing her son blush.

Akane: "I think I know."

Xiu: "Wait, what?"

Akane: "My son has a crush on the Avatar."

Xiu: "No, I don't!"

Xiu's face turns as red as an apple, and he runs to his room. Akane giggles and says to herself.

Akane: "Oh my son."

Meanwhile, Kurai looks for Khan to ask him how she can mail the letter to her family. She accidentally stumbles into Xiu's room.

Kurai: "Khan, I'm sorry to bother you, but I wanted to ask you if-"

Kurai looks up and sees Xiu. She blushes very embarrassed. Xiu blushes as well, but points tot he room across the hall.

Xiu: "My father is in that room over there."

Kurai: "Oh. Thank you and sorry for the interruption."

Xiu: "It's okay. Hey Kurai? I was wondering, when you come back from training, will you want to hang out?"

Kurai smiles and nods.

Kurai: "Sure! I don't know how long I'll be training or how long I'll be staying. So maybe you could give me a tour of the Fire Nation?"

Xiu" Really? Great!"

Xiu smiles happily, and Kurai smiles still.

Kurai: "I look forward to it."

Xiu: "Same here."

Xiu and Kurai smile at one another, then Kurai leaves Xiu alone. As she walks back to the room she is staying in, she looks at the letter in her hand.

Kurai: "I'll send it tomorrow before I meet my master."

Kurai enters the guest room and lays down.

Back In Republic City:

Zeng, Aria, Omaya, and Tomaya return from work. Kyan, Kun, and Kesuk are home from school.

Kyan: "Finally home."

Kesuk: "Weekend!"

Kun: "Yeah finally."

Kyan:'What are we going to do?"

Zeng: "It's actually three days."

Kyan, Kun, and Kesuk: "Yes!"

Zeng and Aria smile.

Aria: "You kids are excited."

Kyan: "Of course, Mom!"

Kesuk: "Yeah! What haven't we done in a while around Republic City?"

Kyan and Kun: "Um..."

Zeng: "Good question."

Kesuk: "Why don't we just walk around and see what comes up?"

Zeng: "That's a good idea."

They all nod in agreement. Later that day, Zeng and Kesuk prepare a Water Tribe dinner for the family. When the food is ready, they all sit and eat.

Zeng: "So tomorrow we get to sleep in late."

Kyan, Kun, and Kesuk: "Yes!"

The parents smile seeing their kids excited about that.

Kyan: "It's weird sleeping in my room by myself."

Kesuk: "You scared?"

Kyan: "No! I'm just used to having Kurai around."

Aria: "Oh sweetie, we all miss your sister very much."

Zeng: "We understand, Kyan, but don't worry, she will be back."

Aria: "That's right."

Kyan nods.

Kesuk: "Do you think she made to the Fire Nation?"

Kyan: "If she did, we should hear from her soon."

Kun: "She may also be busy, so she may not have time to write."

Kyan: "No. She promised."

Zeng: "Yes, she did, and she always keeps promises."

Kyan, Kesuk, and Kun nod and smile. After eating, the family calls it a day.

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