Growing Apart?
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March 17, 2015

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Part 11 (Book One finale)

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Growing Apart?:

Three weeks after the incident with Davenport, Magnus, and Alak, the family have been trying to relax. One day, after having a fun sparring match with heir parents and playing a game with each other, Kyan, Kun, Kesuk, and Kurai sit around having a snack. As they have their snack, Zeng shows them pictures when they were all little. After a few pictures, Zeng shows them a particular one.

Zeng: "I also have the pictures when you two were in a plane. Kurai was scared and crying, while Kesuk was having fun."

Zeng shows them the picture. They look at it and Kesuk has a comment.

Kesuk: "Big bad Avatar is scared of heights."

Kurai gets angry with her brother's comment and pushes him off the chair.

Kesuk: "Hey!"

Zeng: "Woah, easy with your brother, Kurai."

Kesuk gets up.

Kesuk: "Yeah, easy, Kurai."

Kurai: "Sorry."

Zeng: "It's okay, Kurai."

Kyan: "Hey, I was scared too and I'm older than you both."

Zeng: "I remember that as well."

Kyan nods.

Zeng: "Your mother was flying the plane."

Kyan: "Mom can fly a plane?"

Aria walks in, hearing the conversation.

Aria: "Yes, your Grandpa Jun taught me."

Zeng: *smiles* "That's right."

Kyan: "Bet you can fly anything, Mom."

Aria laughs.

Aria: "No, just a plane, dragon, flying bison, and occasionally an airship."

Kesuk: "Cool! Can you teach us?"

Aria: "Maybe when you are all a bit older."

Kyan, Kesuk, and Kurai: "Yay!"

Zeng: "I can only fly an airship."

Aria: "Yes, but you can ride Kayla and steer a ship. I can't do that."

Zeng: "Yeah, you are right."

Kyan, Kesuk, and Kurai smile proudly at their parents.

Kesuk: "Well, you'll still have to teach us all one day."

Zeng: "Okay kids, but like your mother said, when you are older."

Kyan, Kesuk, and Kurai nod with a smile. Kesuk teases Kurai again.

Kesuk: "That is if Kurai isn't busy or scared."

Kurai gets angry with Kesuk's comment again.

Kurai: "That's it!"

Kurai firebends at her brother. Kesuk airbends, blocking Kurai's firebending.

Kyan: "Hey, stop!"

Kyan jumps in to try and stop her brother and sister from fighting.

Kyan: "Quit it, you two!"

Zeng jumps in now and tries to stop his son and daughter from fighting.

Zeng: "Kesuk and Kyan, to your rooms! Kurai, stay so your mother and I can talk to you!"

Kurai and Kesuk ignore their father and mess up the house a bit as they continue to fight. Kyan tries again to help stop the fighting.

Kyan: "Kurai, you are supposed to bring balance and unity, not start a fight!"

Kurai hears what Kyan says to her.

Kurai: "What did you say to me!?"

Kurai firebends at Kyan. Aria sees the fire headed to Kyan and blocks Kurai's firebending with her own.

Aria: "Kurai!"

Aria holds her daughter back.

Kurai: "Let go, Mom!"

Aria: "Easy, Kurai!"

Lee stands up and yells.

Lee: "Enough!"

Kesuk and Kurai stop their fighting after hearing their grandfather's voice. Once the fighting has stopped, Aria looks at her kids.

Aria: "Kyan and Kesuk, listen to your father and go to your rooms."

Kyan and Kesuk go upstairs.

Zeng and Aria Talk With Kurai:

Zeng tries to think of what to say to his daughter. Aria speaks up.

Aria: "What was that, Kurai!? What did I say about firebending!?"

Kurai: "Don't firebend at the family unless it's sparring."

Aria: "That's right! You could have seriously burned your brother and your sister."

Kurai looks down.

Kurai: "I know..."

Zeng speaks up now.

Zeng: "And no bending at each other or inside the house!"

Kurai: "Yes, Dad..."

Zeng: "I want you to sit here and think about what you did."

Kurai: "I bet the other Avatars didn't have to deal with this..."

Aria: "Kurai! You are very lucky to have them. Stay here like your father said."

Zeng: "Yes, you are very lucky. The other Avatars left around the world to train away from their family."

Kurai: "Then maybe that's what I need!"

Aria and Zeng are very surprised by her words.

Aria: "Kurai, what's gotten into you?"

Zeng: "Kurai, what's wrong with you today?"

Aria: "You were just outside having fun with your siblings and cousin."

Kurai: "I don't know..."

Zeng: "Sweetie, it's great to have siblings. They will always be there for you."

Kurai looks down.

Aria: "You and your siblings are going to fight, it's what siblings do. However, it's about how you control and deal with that fight."

Kurai sits there. Zeng and Aria hug Kurai close.

Zeng: "Come, Kurai, let's go apologise to your siblings."

Kurai: "They hate me now, I almost burnt them."

Zeng: "No, they don't."

Aria: "Kurai, we all make mistakes. They will forgive you too."

Kurai: "No, I'm going to stay on the couch."

Kurai gets up and lays on the couch. Zeng goes over to Kurai and Aria goes with him.

Zeng: "I'll tell you the story of what happened with your mother and I. We both had a similar situation."

Kuria: "Leave me alone, Dad."

Aria: "Zeng, she needs her space."

Zeng: "Alright, dear."

They leave Kurai alone.

Zeng and Aria Talk to Kyan and Kesuk:

Zeng and Aria go upstairs to all with Kyan and Kesuk.

Zeng: "Kyan? Kesuk?"

Kyan and Kesuk: "Yes?"

Zeng: "Are you two mad at your sister?"

Kyan: "Yes."

Kesuk: "Yeah."

Zeng: "I know you guys are mad at her, but she's worried that you'll hate her."

Kyan and Kesuk look at each other then back at their parents.

Kesuk: "We could never hate her."

Kyan: "Never, just mad at her. That's all."

Zeng: "When she's better, you two should talk to her."

Kyan and Kesuk: "Okay, Dad."

Zeng: "Good. Why don't you both come down now?"

Kyan: "It's okay, I want to stay up here."

Kesuk: "Me too."

Zeng and Aria: "Alright."

Zeng and Aria leave them alone and go cook dinner.

Twin Divide:

Later that evening, during dinner. 

Zeng: "Kyan and Kesuk have something to say to you, Kurai."

Kesuk: "I'm sorry for teasing you today and all the other times I teased you about being the Avatar."

Kurai looks at her twin brother. 

Kesuk: "I know you started training much earlier than when your past lives began and I know you really didn't have a choice, but to start training early. I know you are still scared, confused, and trying to figure out what's wrong with the Avatar Cycle as well as trying to re-connect with your past lives. Lastly, I also know I haven't been the best supporting brother, it's just-"

Kesuk pauses for a moment, takes a deep breath, and looks at Kurai.

Kesuk: "The reason why I tease you is because I'm a bit jealous of you and Kyan. I'm also afraid that you, me, Kyan, and Kun are growing apart. You are busy with your Avatar training, Kyan and Kun are busy with graduation, and I'm not a firebender like mom or a waterbender like dad and Kyan. You may bend all four elements, but you were born fire first. I have nothing."

Kurai: "That's why, because you're jealous of me and Kyan? Kesuk, you are one of very few who were actually born an airbender! You didn't become an airbender through Harmonic Convergence like the rest. That in itself is really special. Someday, you'll get your master tattoos just like Grandma Haylin, Uncle Tomaya, and Uncle Tsubasa have. It's an honor you were born an airbender and just because you can't bend fire like mom or water like dad or Kyan, doesn't make you any less apart from us."  

Kesuk: "Really? You think so?"

Kurai: "I know so. Hey, I may be the Avatar, but sometimes I wish I was just a regular firebender like Mom, Grandpa Lee, and Grandpa Jun."

Kesuk: "I had no idea that's how you felt."

Kurai nods.

Kurai: "Lastly, I know how you feel too, I may be scared and confused about the Avatar Cycle and why I can't reconnect with my past lives, but I'm scared about losing my connection with my family more. Kyan was right when she said I'm supposed to represent balance and unity. I'm not supposed to start a fight, especially in my own family."

Kesuk: "You make an awesome Avatar and an even better sister. I promise to be more supportive and tease you less Avatar Kurai, and I am proud to not only be your brother, but your twin brother."

Kurai smiles and hugs her twin brother. Kesuk hugs his twin sister back. Zeng and Aria smile proudly at their twins.

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