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January 21, 2015

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Ten years later, Kyan and Kun are 14 years old, Kesuk and Kurai are 10 years old, and Omaya is going to have her second child. During those years in between, Kurai and her siblings have discovered that Kurai is the next Avatar, Korra's reincarnation, and Korra's successor.

After her siblings and cousin discovered that Kurai was in the new Avatar, Kurai refused to accept the truth. Before her siblings and cousin could tell her anything or even run inside to tell her parents and the rest of the family. They agree, but want to help Kurai master the other elements, besides fire. Kurai agrees to that. While practicing and training with them, Kurai get frustrated with learning waterbending. This ultimately leads to Kyan and Kurai having an argument and Kurai running away from her sister. Though Kyan, Kun, and Kesuk try to stop her, they feel she needs some space and leave her alone. As Kurai walks round Republic City, she notices signs about Avatar Korra. She knows what happened because her parents have told her, her siblings, and her cousin stories. She also knows from learning about it in school.

Not really paying attention, Kurai wonders into a tent. A voice comes from behind a few curtains.

Water Mage: "I was wondering when you would show up."

Kurai gasps and falls back frightened. The Water Mage shows herself with a friendly smile on her face.

Water Mage: "Don't be afraid Kurai. I'm not going to hurt you."

Kurai: "You-you know my name?"

Water Mage: "Yes."

The Water Mage helps Kurai back up and the two have a seat across from each other.

Water Mage: "I knew your parents, Zeng and Aria. Your mother met me the same way you did. She was about your age too. She than came back a few years later when she was a teenager, than again before you were born."

Kurai is surprised to hear this, but actually feels comfortable now and relaxes a bit.

Kurai: "My mother and father, my family, they are very well known."

Water Mage: "Yes they are, but that's not why you came."

Kurai looks at the old woman confused. She wonders how this old lady can possibly know why that wasn't the reason she came.

Water Mage: "You are scared and confused. You recently found out that you are the next Avatar. It was by accident, you and your siblings and cousin were doing some sparring. Your sister bugged you a bit and you airbended. After, they promised to keep it a secret not to tell anyone else, especially your parents. However, they wanted to help you master the other three elements without anyone knowing. You agreed to that, but when it came to learning waterbending, you got frustrated. You and your sister had a fight."

Kurai sighs looks down feeling bad about that. She is also very surprised the Water Mage knows all this.

Kurai: "After everything that I have been told and heard, I am scared. I don't want anything like that to happen to me or my family again...I don't want to be different either. I want to be a normal firebender, like my mom. I didn't ask to be the Avatar! It doesn't make any sense as to why I was chosen! I was born of fire, not of earth! Earth is suppose to be next in the cycle! I'm getting teased for it! It's not my fault!"

Kurai loses control, her eyes glow, and she accidentally airbends. The Water Mage waterbends around Kurai as if to heal her. Kurai calms down and her eyes return to their normal firebender yellow.

Kurai: "I'm sorry, but that's what I mean."

Water Mage: "Don't be sorry child. You are learning what you can do. Now listen, I'm going to tell you what I told your mother, your father, your aunt, and your uncle. You will face some great challenges, but you won't be alone. Your sister, brother, and cousin will all be facing similar challenges, but in different ways. In time, you will find the answers to all your questions. The world is a mysterious place with new things to be found and discovered. The world sometimes does things we don't understand, but we search for that answer and we know there is a reason why certain a events happen."

kurai: "I kind of get it."

Water Mage: "You'll understand more as you learn more and more. This is all I can tell you, I will let your family explain the rest. As for now, my advice to you is to go home and tell your family how you feel. I am sure they will completely understand and want to do what's best for you, as well as help lead you in the right direction."

Kurai smiles feeling a little better.

Kurai: "Okay, I will!"

The Water Mage smiles.

Water Mage: "Very well. Now get going! They are searching for you and are very worried about you."

Kurai nods, stands up, and makes her way back home. On hr way out, she waves at the Water Mage and thanks her.

The Next Avatar:

At home, Kurai walks through the door and enters the family home. She sees everyone's worried face.

Kurai: "I'm back," she says in a shy tone, but loud enough for them to hear.

Aria and Zeng: "Kurai!"

Aria and Zeng run over to their daughter and hug her close happy to see her back home and safe. Kurai hugs her parents back. Kyan walks over to her sister and gives her a big hug. Kurai hugs her big sister back.

Kyan: "I'm sorry for pushing you to hard and I'm sorry we had that fight. I'm just happy your home and safe."

Kurai: "It's okay, I'm sorry too. You were only trying to help me be my best."

Aria and Zeng look at one another confused.

Aria: "You two had a fight?"

Kyan: Nods. "Yes. Kesuk, Kun, Kurai, and I were outside practicing our bending. I wanted to see what Kurai could do because she wasn't firebending. I pushed Kurai to hard to try to do something. She was frustrated and than ran off. It was my fault because I was getting frustrated with her for getting frustrated," she says looking down.

Aria: "Kyan you know better than to, wait what were you trying to push your younger sister to do?"

Kyan, Kurai, Kesuk, and Kun look at one another. Aria, Zeng, Omaya, and Tomaya know their kids are hiding something from them. The kids know they can't keep it a secret any longer. Kurai speaks up.

Kurai: "What Kyan said wasn't entirely true. Yes, she was pushing me hard to show off my bending, but it wasn't firebending, it was waterbending."

Aria: "Sweetheart you're not a waterbender, you're a firebender."

Kyan, Kun, and Kesuk is surprised at what Kurai is saying.

Kyan: "Kurai, what are you doing?"

Kurai: "I think it's time our family knows."

Kun: "Are you sure about this Kurai?"

Kesuk: "Are you really ready for this sis?"

Kurai takes a deep breath and nods. Kyan, Kun, and Kesuk gather around Kurai and put their hand on her shoulders and back.

Kyan: "Then we are right by your side."

Kun: "Let's show them what we all discovered together."

Kesuk: "Yeah!"

Kurai: "Thank you," she smiles.

Kyan: "Anytime." She looks over at the family and says, "Mommy, daddy, everyone, please follow us to the yard."

The family quickly follow the kids outside. Once outside, Kurai is standing in the center of the yard, Kyan, Kun, and Kesuk standing apart and far away from Kurai as much as they can.

Kyan: "Before we show you, we want to show that Kun, Kesuk, and I will have our hands behind our backs and we won't move at all. We want to do this to show we are not doing anything and that it is all Kurai."

The family watches still confused and curios as to what the kids are up to. Kyan looks at Kurai.

Kyan: "Ready sis?"

Kurai: "Ready."

Kyan: "Just like we showed you okay?"

Kurai: "Okay, begin."

Kyan, Kun, and Kesuk introduce each element followed up with Kurai showing she can bend them.

Kyan: "Fire!"

Kurai firebends. The family knows Kurai is a firebender, so they aren't surprised.

Kun: "Earth!"

Kurai earthbends.

Kesuk: "Air!"

Kurai airbends.

Kyan: "Last but not least, water!"

Using a bucket of water set up for her, Kurai tries her best to waterbend, but struggles keeping it. However, it is enough to show she can. After she bends all four elements, Kurai stops and bows.

Kyan, Kun, and Kesuk: "We give you the next Avatar, Avatar Kurai!"

The family is speechless after seeing what they just saw. Aria and Zeng look at one another not knowing what to say or if anything, who should say something first.

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