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Sometime had passed since they found Zuko, and Appa was a bit winded from the extra flying work. Upon such, Aang, Sokka and Katara are stuck for a bit when Appa needed to stop. At least the weather's good for an upside. They were by a mountain river at this point so Sokka took the time to fish for a bit. Katara was trying to do some bending practice herself but Aang oddly was doing something else. Katara found him by the river, where Appa is still sleeping.

"What'chu doing Aang?" Katara asked when she saw him. Aang kinda panicked and jumped up to his feet, his hands behind his back as if hiding something from her.

"Hi Katara!" Aang said, kind of hesitant.

"What do you have?" Katara asked.

"Oh nothing, nothing at all." Aang said, trying his best to keep Katara from seeing this thing.

"Come on Aang. What do you have?" Katara sighed with a smile. It was a bit childish of Aang to hide this in such a manor. Eventually though, Katara managed to see what Aang had in his hand. It looked like some sort of woven cocoon at first until she notice a small flower on it. Katara picked it up as Aang started to blush a little.

"What's this?" Katara asked, a bit intrigued. Aang rubbed the back of his head embarrassed.

"I...made you a necklace. My way of saying thanks for coming with me," Aang said, a bit shy on saying it. He knew it was a bit soon, since they only meet about a week ago, but Katara smiled and patted Aang's bald head.

"That's sweet Aang. Thanks," Katara said, making Aang blush up more as she walked back to the river. However, Sokka though was getting very bored, not catching anything.

"Come on fish, take it," Sokka groaned, adding a bored yawn. But almost as if on cue, he felt a powerful tug on his line. Sokka tried getting the catch, only to have a fish jump out and slap his face! Katara and Aang laughed as Sokka wiped off the water on his face.

"Yeah yeah, go ahead and laugh," Sokka groaned. Aang looked off in the water where the fish was seemingly "taunting" Sokka for a bit. He was getting a good laugh out of this when he noticed something downstream. Somebody was coming there way. He didn't seem very rough though, all calm and friendly looking.

"Hello there," he said, his voice all calm and sweet, as if peace with the world.

"Hi there sir," Aang said. Sokka was in the water right now, trying to catch that same fish with his bare hands this time. The man chuckled as Sokka was clocked in the face by the same fish's tail again. With a smile, the Man helped Sokka up to his feet as he got out of the water.

"Stupid fish," Sokka groaned. The man smiled and actually held out something he had with him. Sokka was confused and took it.

"What's this for?"

"A gift. Aunt Wu said it will be helpful for you."

"Who's Aunt Wu?" Aang asked, a bit curious as Sokka tried opening his present.

"Aunt Wu is the fortune teller back at my village. She predicted I would have a safe journey. She also said to give this little gift to any stranger I come across." After the man explained, Sokka got the whole present open. one flick and it opened up into an umbrella.

"Aunt Wu predicted this?" Katara asked, also curious.

"Why yes. Aunt Wu is an excellent fortune teller, and has never been wrong," he said.

"Okay now you're pulling my leg. Exactly how can someone be right ALL the time? I suppose she said something about why we needed an umbrella?" Sokka said. He isn't one for predictions, more of a science guy.

"Yes she did. She told me for a quick spring shower to come pass soon."

"Oh sure, like as soon as I put this over my head, it'll suddenly-" Sokka put the thing over his head while he was talking...and then it suddenly started to rain. Katara used her waterbending to make a small water umbrella for herself and Aang.

"See?" the man said.

"Wow that is impressive. It would be fun to get a prediction," Aang said aloud. The man smiled sweetly to Aang.

"She is open for free predictions. If you're interested, you can come back to the village with me. It's not too far from here," the man offered.

"Sounds great. You can go on ahead, I need to wake Appa," Aang said. The man did go off a bit, with Sokka and Katara following. Eventually Appa woke up an they caught up with the others.

"So how good of predictions is Aunt Wu?" Katara asked.

"She's very special in her predictions. She has given about 1,950 predictions at last count, all of which are true," the man said.

"Come on now. Anyone can make a prediction! Even me!"

"Can you?"

"Watch!.. It's gonna keep drizzling." Sokka waited as it kept going but as soon as he said, "See?"...the rain stopped.

"Not everyone has the gift Sokka," Aang said.


It took a bit, but they eventually did make it to the village, known as Makapu. The residents of Makapu Village were friendly, but right now they were all in the middle of the village, nearby a shrine. The event didn't start just yet, so they didn't miss anything.

"What's going on?" Katara asked.

"Ah we're just in time. you see that mountain over there?" The man pointed to the mountain ahead of the village.

"What about it?"

"You see young ones, many years ago we used to have a tradition of one of the villagers to venture up to the rim of Mt. Makapu, to see if it'll erupt on that year. But now since Aunt Wu's arrival, we have grown a new traditional coming. See for yourself," the man said. Aang, Sokka and Katara all went over to see as an elderly woman walked over to the shrine, a book in her hand, and oddly a lemur on her shoulder. The woman was Aunt Wu, and has stopped at the shrine and looked at the clouds.

"Hm...a bending arrow cloud...A well year for a good harvest." A farmer in the crowd was especially pleased as Aunt Wu continued.

"...a wavy moon cloud...Looks like a good year for twins." There actually were a pair of twins in the crowd too, whom again were very happy for that. Aunt Wu made one more look at the clouds.

"Let's see...a cumulus. With a twisted nob outta it...The volcano will not destroy Makapu Village this year!" Everyone cheered as of the good news. Aunt Wu bowed and walked back into her house. As everyone was happy for this, Sokka was especially unconvinced. Future through clouds? He gave a look at the clouds, which didn't appear to be any bending arrow, moon, or twisted nob.

"That is very interesting. Think she is free to give us predictions?"

"Of course. Like I said, she is open for anybody. Her home is just down there. Have fun." The man then went on his way as Katara and Aang ran over to her home, eager for predictions. Sokka still wasn't all too convinced as he looked at the volcano. Something just didn't feel right...

As Sokka was thinking it over, Katara and Aang were right at Aunt Wu's door. Aang and Katara both relaxed and went on inside, finding Aunt Wu standing there.

"Why hello there. Nice to see you," she said, in a usual old lady voice.

"Nice to see you too. You're Aunt Wu aren't you?"

"That's right."

"Oh. Well me and my friend were wondering if we can have a prediction? If that's okay," Aang asked. Aunt Wu smiled.

"I'd be happy to. You just wait here, and I'll get you when ready." Aunt Wu walked to the back as Katara and Aang had a seat. As they were, a young girl walked in with bread on a tray.

"Hi. Anyone want a snack while you're waiting?" She asked.

"Sure, thank you," Aang said, having a bread roll. Katara thanked her too and had a roll as well.

"This is pretty good."

"I'm glad you think so. Had to travel to the fishing village to get them, and it's rather long, even if riding," she said.

"How far is the other village?" Katara asked.

"Pretty far, a few days if you're going by ostrich horse. I'm Meng by the way," Meng introduced. After a bit more of waiting, Aunt Wu came out.

"Okay. I'm ready. Who wants to go first?" Aunt Wu asked. Katara almost immediately got up and said, "I'll go first." Aunt Wu smiled as she lead Katara in the back.

In the back of the room, the room was very dim except for a fire in the middle of it. Aunt Wu ushered her to sit down across from her and so it began.

"So. What is it you want predicted? Love? Fortune perhaps?" Aunt Wu asked. Katara had to think a little bit before getting an answer.

"Well actually. I would like to know on this adventure. I'm trying to help my friend see and-"

"To learn all 4 elements. Is that right?"

"How did you know?!" Katara gasped.

"It was a bit obvious as soon as the Air Nomad entered my home. Now let's begin." Aunt Wu smiled and instructed Katara to hold out a hand to her, reading her palms. Katara didn't say much of anything as it went on through. Aunt Wu looked carefully and accurately at the palms in her hand...then she got it.

"Hm...There will be a lot in store for you and your friends. Many friends. Many enemies. But one from the dark will join you in the light, purified by the goodness of your friend's soul..." Aunt Wu explained. Katara was intrigued with this in many ways.

"Goodness of my friend's soul...Thanks." Katara said.

It was quick, painless, and Katara's prediction was over. Katara walked out as Aunt Wu called on Aang next, whom was waiting patiently. Katara had a good smile on her face, so Aang thought it would be good. As before, Aang sat down across from Aunt Wu.

"So young airbender. What is it you like to know?" Aunt Wu asked.

Aang and Aunt Wu

Aang and Aunt Wu before the prediction.

"Oh...I'm not sure exactly. I didn't think of this part...I guess I'll go with anything really," Aang admitted. Lucky for him, Aunt Wu was prepared with this. She got a bowl full of small bones and placed it in front of Aang.

"Take one of these bones and place it in the fire," Aunt Wu explained. Aang picked out one of the bones and did just that.

"Now what?"

"Watch the cracks in the bones. The cracks it reads will signify what'll await for you." Aang and Aunt Wu both looked intently at the bone. At first nothing happened to it...then it began to crack. It began small, but grew extremely fast. Aang was worried, thinking something might be wrong here. Eventually the bone was cracked so much, it look paper thin at the base...but it stopped there.


"What does this mean?"

"Let's see now...It appears someone is going to meet you. One that'll brighten your life. A fellow bird with a scorpion's sting. And the bond you two share will keep one of you from falling to Vaatu's hand..."


Sokka climbing

Sokka checking the volcano.

Meanwhile, Sokka had finally manned up and began to follow a path up the side of Mt. Makapu. He still wasn't convinced about the volcano thing and, since he heard the old tradition from the man they've met, decided to go and see for himself.

"Everyone still thinks about this fortune stuff. It's ridiculous," Sokka thought aloud, still going up to the volcano's rim. He began to feel the heat, as small flowers start to show on the rim. Sokka began to think a little, flowers wouldn't grow here if the volcano was active.

"Hm. Maybe she is right after all." Sokka got up to the rim...then he saw it.

In that volcano was anything but friendly. The lava was starting to bubble violently, as it's dangerously full. Sokka stood there in fear as smoke started to go up. Picking a lily from the rim, it is clear as to what is really happening...

"Aunt Wu is wrong..."

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