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April 23, 2014

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For the next day, Sokka, Katara and Aang were making pretty good time flying thanks to Appa. The skies were clear over a crystal blue sea, a rather friendly flight over all. Katara was looking around at the sea as Sokka was looking at his map.

"You sure get a good view from up here," Katara said, never being up this high before.

"Well it's not that special. You get used to it after a while," Aang replied. He is used to these sort of heights, himself being apart of the Air Nomads after all.

"You get these views all the time? You're pretty lucky Aang. (turns to Sokka) Hey Sokka do you see this?" Sokka however wasn't paying much attention, a bit busy with his maps. All he can really say is, "yeah sure."

"Sokka, can you look off your maps for one second?"

"Who else is going to find out where to go?"

"Speaking of which, how far are we 'til we reach land?" Before Sokka can reply, he looked just past Aang to actually see land not to far ahead.

"Not very long at all. Look!" Aang and Katara both saw the land not too far ahead and were excited: already they got to the Earth Kingdom land! Talk about good timing. Aang gave Appa a god pat on the head as Appa flew right for it...but however, Katara looked to the side and notice something else. There was a ship this far out of the water, passing through it seemed. The men on the ship though spotted them...this was a Fire Navy ship! And now they were in their sights! The soldier who did see them first shouted out "Get the captain! We found him!" It took just a minute before their captain came out. He went over to the guard giving the order.

Zuko's ship

They have been spotted!

"What's the problem?"

"The Avatar captain! He's been spotted off the coast, see for yourself!" The captain looked over to where the soldier is pointing and indeed, the flying bison was unmistakable, and the people on it indeed were targets. The captain turned to the crew.

"Battle stations. Take that bison down!"

Meanwhile, Katara was observing the ship rather warily, thinking that it just didn't seem right. She kept an eye on it...then it hit her. The Fire Nation ship had found them! Katara saw them getting a catapult aimed at them. In desperation, Katara rushed forward up to Aang.

"Katara what are you-" Before Aang can finish, Katara quickly pulled Appa's reins, pulling him upward, just missing an oncoming fireball! It wasn't until after that they realize what's happening.

"Fire Nation ship! Hang on, I'm gonna try to lose them!" Aang yelled, getting hold of the reins again. 5 more fireballs were shot right at them, Appa missing each by inches. 3 more would have hit if Aang didn't blow them out of the way with his airbending. The captain started to notice where they were going and the condition of the bison. The soldiers were going to shot once more but he gave them the order to stop.

"Let them pass."


"Look at where they're going. They are heading towards the mainland. We'll attack them later. For now, we'll trail them until they rest." Those orders were made and they began to get the ship off in their direction. The captain stared off right at them as they flew farther off, much faster than his ship did. Aang looked back at them as they were flying.

"That was close. Why were they firing at us?" Aang asked.

"Aang I've told you about the 100 years of war remember? They're against every other nation right now," Sokka reminded.

"Oh yeah right. Come on, let's find somewhere to land."


Eventually, after some flying in the mainland, they did manage to find a suitable spot to rest, for Appa's sake mainly.

"Here we go. Nice spot. We can rest here for a bit."

"What's this 'We'? I think We can continue onward from here," Sokka said.

"Sokka, Why are you complaining? Appa did most of the flying you know," Katara stated.

"So? He can still continue, right Appa?" Appa though laid on his side, causing the loud-mouth Sokka to fall off. He laid back on his stomach, Katara getting off after that.

"Okay okay, we can wait," Sokka groaned. Appa licked him as a thank you, leaving him soaked in his saliva.

Their troubles though are only just beginning. Just a mile away back at shore, the Fire Navy ship had just arrived at the harbour. The captain stepped out first as his soldiers followed. Those at the harbour cower away as they marched through, but the earthbenders confronted them.

"Why are you Firebenders here?" One of them shouted.

"We came here searching the Avatar. We saw him fly by sometime ago. Now where is he?" He ordered.

"What? The Avatar disappeared 100 years ago," one of them reminded.

"Then why did we find him flying by here? We know he's somewhere here. Now talk!"

"We don't know what you're talking about, but you'd better get lost. You're not taking our land away!" One of the Earthbenders blasted a rock right at him. But all the captain did was literally melt it mid-flight with a fire blast from his mouth! this freaked out most of them.

"Who do you think you are?"

"I am Fire Prince Zuko. And I'm here in search for the Avatar, nothing more. Now one of you better start talking," Zuko ordered. The Earthbenders were still a bit worried, but they really didn't know anything. Zuko can see none of them are going to talk right now. Angry, he blasted a fire ball right at them. Not hitting them but close enough to scare them. But soon after he did that...

"Don't hurt them! Please!" Zuko followed the sound nearby one of the houses, seeing an odd looking girl with a basket of bread, her hair in ponytails and in a pink dress. Zuko walked over to her, who tried her best not just running away. She gulped as the Fire Prince stood before her.

"Who are you?"

"...M-Meng," she shivered out. Zuko snorted at her.

"You're a bit young to mouth off like that," Zuko said, getting a small flame in his hand ready.

"Just don't hurt them, O mighty Prince Zuko," Meng said, bowing to him. Mainly this is just out of fear, not of loyalty, and Zuko knew it. He lifted her chin up in his hand and stared at her in the face, showing her his deep fire scar.

"I'm only here to find the Avatar. If anyone would know where he is, I'll leave you alone. Unless people like you talk, people like me will not be pleased," Zuko let her go, she dropped to the floor. Zuko turned back to the benders but before he can do anything, she suddenly blurted out "I think I know!" Now Zuko was interested.

"You know?" Zuko asked, more urgent this time.

"I'm not sure exactly. But I did see a sky bison fly by. Does that help?" Meng asked, unsure of what else to say.

"So you had seen him."

"Well if you're looking for a sky bison, then I guess so." Meng was trying to be calm in front of the prince because not only for the sake of the people here, but also so she wouldn't get hurt.

"Where did they go?" Zuko asked.

"I think I saw them head off that way. North of here. I'm not sure how far they went though. That's all I know, I swear!" Meng said. Zuko stared at her for a bit, making sure she is telling the truth to him...indeed she was.

"That's all I need to know. (turns to the soldiers) Okay men, you heard her. Let's move out,," Zuko ordered. With that, Zuko and his men were off on their way, leaving the village alone like he said he would.


Like Meng said, the team was resting just north of where they were. Appa was off asleep as Katara was giving Aang a few pointers on Waterbending, to get Aang used to it anyway, at a nearby river.

"See Aang? Go with the flow of the water. Don't fight it," Katara said, showing Aang a basic wave trick. This one is a basic start-up water trick any Waterbender knows. Aang tried getting it down but it doesn't seem to be working.

"This is harder than it looks," Aang groaned.

"Relax. Like this see? Flow with the waves." Katara said. Aang watched her hands work and decide to mimic her. He didn't see how good he actually was doing, watching Katara, until Katara said, "Aang, you're catching on already!" Aang looked back and it turns out he's already making a mini wave with his mimicry!

"Cool! What if I..." Aang tried to lift the water and it appeared to be working at first, but when he tried pulling it to him, all that did was get Aang soaked with an involuntary water blast.

"Don't worry Aang, you'll get it," Katara assured.

"Hold on, let me try again," Aang did try again. He can lift it up okay but when he tried pulling, it blasted Sokka instead.


"Sorry Sokka." Sokka just sighed in annoyance as he tried to dry off his maps. Katara gave him a hand and got the water off the maps as Sokka continued looking the maps over on where to go next. Upstream though, Zuko and his soldiers were going up the path by the river, in sight of everyone but Aang, whom was distracted at the moment.

"Uh...Aang?" Sokka said nervously.

"Hold on, I think I got it down this time. Now bring it up here and..." Aang ended up making the same mistake, and the water just blasted again, but somehow it hits Zuko this time! Aang didn't realize until too late on who it hit. Zuko was steaming (literally) when this happened. Aang yelped and jumped back but the Fire Nation soldiers surrounded them already. Zuko was staring right at Aang especially.

"This is the Avatar? You're just a kid," Zuko growled.

"Well, you're just a teenager," Aang said. Zuko quickly used a fire ball to keep them quiet. But Appa panicked, feeling a flame on him, as he jumped into the river fast, causing a big wave to splash some of the guards. Zuko made a few more attacks but Katara got her waterbending to deflect it. Obviously Zuko has more trouble with this group than it's worth.

"Hey! Lay off!"

"Sorry Avatar. You're coming with me," Zuko got yet another, much larger fireball ready, but Appa wasn't having any of it! Like some crocodile, he launched out of the water, ramming him hard. With a flick of his tail, he blasted the other firebenders away. Aang, Katara and Sokka scurried onto him.

"Let's get outta here!" Katara yelled.

Appa soaring

The team escapes.

"Right. Appa, Yip Yip!" Appa wasted no time before flying off. Zuko got up and tried again but Appa whacked him with his tail, knocking him onto the ground again. The meeting was short, yet harsh, but Team Avatar got away. In his anger of seeing them fly off so fast, Zuko yelled out, fire shooting into the air like an inferno geyser. Aang looked back to see it.

"What was that about?"

"Aang, are you really that forgetful, the Fire Nation-"

"I know about the war, Sokka. But what he said, about coming back with him. What was that about?"

"I'm not sure. But I think it's best to just stay outta his way," Katara suggested. That was one they all had to keep, as Appa flew off far away from the Fire Nation soldiers as fast as possible.

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