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The Duel
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Avatar: The Revision





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april 21, 2014

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(A:TR) Ep.4: Storms of Betrayal

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The following morning came a bit quicker than anyone would like. The sun had just peaked over what could be either a nice bright day, or a bloodbath of a duel.

Katara didn't have much time to talk to Sokka about this, and to her dismay, woke up to find Sokka already putting on war paint! Sokka had been up all night preparing for the duel, and Katara was having enough of this.

"Sokka please, you don't have to do this."

"Of course I do," Sokka said, finishing off his paint before getting up. Katara got in his way before he can go anywhere.

"Now wait a minute! There's no reason for you to even do this, can't you just call it off?!"

"I'm not taking any chances. For all we know, he can easily just be working with the Fire Nation!"

"What?! Have you forgotten already that Aang was attacked by the Fire Nation?! Why in Raava's name would he even join them!"

"That's not the issue here! I'm not allowing Aang to run off with you!"

"So you think Aang's taking me away? I agreed to go, I'm not forced into it!"

"That doesn't matter! Katara think about it, The Fire Nation has been searching for the Avatar for years, if they find him with you, then we're all in trouble!"

"Oh what! So this isn't about me?! It's about the Water Tribe?!"

"YES!! Katara, if they find out a Southern waterbender is allied with the Avatar, they'll wipe us out completely! You do care about your family and friends don't you?"

"Of course I do, but I don't want to sit here and do nothing! Aang needs help with-"

"I don't care what Aang needs anymore! If you want to side with him, that's fine, but it's not stopping this duel and that's final. Katara, I don't want anything bad happening to you and-"

"AND WHAT?! Are you worried about me or worried about the tribe?"

"I'm worried about both! If the tribe is destroyed, all of the Southern Water Tribe is wiped out...and if I lose you...if I lose you..." Sokka trailed off with just the mere thought of losing Katara to this. Katara, still mad, was beginning to slightly understand his reasoning behind this.

"Sokka look. I know you care about me and want to protect me. But I'm old enough and capable enough to take care of myself. I'm 14 years old and you treat me like I'm a baby...Sokka if you want the best for me then just let me do this." Sokka didn't look at her, not wanting to show his guilty tears. after thinking it over, he turned back to her.

"How does this sound? I am unable to stop this duel, but I'll make you a deal. If I win the duel, you stay here and I spare him. But if Aang wins the duel...then you are free to travel with it a deal?" Sokka asked. Katara looked away, this was probably the best she'll ever get with Sokka on this one.

"...alright Sokka. It's a deal."

"Good. Can you do me a favor and tell Aang this? I'm sure he'll run off if he sees me right away," Sokka asked. Katara walked out with that in her head as Sokka was choosing which weapon to bring into battle.

Aang and Appa resting on ice

Aang and Appa back on the iceberg.

Meanwhile, Aang and Appa were just waking up on the outskirts. Since Sokka pretty much hates Aang now, he and Appa went back to their iceberg outcrop where they first found the village. Aang was still worried over this duel, and was still considering just leaving and avoiding the trouble when he saw Katara come over.

"There you are Aang. I need to tell you something." Aang jumped from his spot and landed in front of her.

"Morning Katara. PLEASE tell me that the duel is off," Aang said, hoping for a yes.

"That's what I want to tell you...there's some good news and some bad news."

"Well, let's get the bad news over with first."

"Okay...the bad news is that I can't convince Sokka to call it off. It's still gonna happen." Aang's heart sank. He knew he can't fight, and it went against anything Air Nomads were taught. Appa found this a bit sad and let out a sad moan.

"Oh man...and the good news?"

"Well Sokka had agreed on a deal. If you win, I can come with you. If he wins though, I'll have to stay here. So we still have a chance on this."

"Well a chance is a chance, and I guess I have to take it. When is the duel starting anyway?"

"Well when I woke up Sokka already had his war paint on so...let's just say you better get there." Aang was surprised Sokka was ready so soon. Aang was about to go but Appa let out a stressed roar, not wanting his master to fight.

"Stay here boy. I'll be back soon." Appa stayed, but still was worried as Katara and Aang went back to the village.


When Aang arrived at the village, all of the Southern Water Tribe was off in one spot, with Sokka standing at the ready. Aang was still scared as heck but now, given the deal he heard, he night as well.

"Look who decided to join us," Sokka said, still not liking Aang that much.

"Sokka please. I don't want to fight, I don't want to cause any trouble," Aang pleaded, hoping for a last second change.

"Sorry Aang (a young kid hands him a spear), just the way it has to be. I'm sure Katara told you the deal so it's not as bad as it normally is."

"Sokka I don't want to do this. the deal makes it worse."

"Oh? So you want to go to basic rules, winner kills the opponent?" Aang changed his mind almost immediately as Sokka got ready with his spear. Aang wasn't too worried until...

"Oh yeah. almost forgot. Since this is a duel, each side has to remain fair so in this case Aang. No bending!"

"WHAT?! I can't fight without bending!"

"Like I said. each side has to remain fair. Guards, give the lad your weapon." One of the guards handed Aang a spear to use and kept aside as they both faced each other. Aang had no clue how to use a spear at all so he was in rough water again.

" chance to change your mind Sokka!...please?" Aang asked, a bit jittery. Sokka didn't care though, and the duel began.

Sokka charges

The duel begins.

The duel started with Sokka immediately charging at Aang, spear aimed right for him as he ran at high speed. Aang didn't do a duel before so all he did was block with the spear he had. Sokka tried hitting Aang a few more times but it mainly resulted in a fast block or a quick dodge. Aang was simply acting like a monkey would in the face of danger: avoid any hit and try to get away. Sokka did manage to trip Aang but it didn't last long as Aang knocked Sokka of his feet with a sidekick to his legs. Aang tried to run but the others made it hard to find an escape route as Sokka charged at him again.

"Hold still and take it like a man!" Sokka demanded, trying to slice him.

"I'd rather be alive thank you!" Aang replied in a scared voice, bolting past Sokka and into an alley. Sokka knew he ain't following a regular duel so he didn't hesitate to fallow him. In the alley way, all there was just some water jars (one of which Aang hid in). Sokka waited a second or two before he quickly began slicing all the jars! after some crazy slicing and dicing, the jars shattered, water spilling. Lucky for Aang, somehow Sokka missed him, and he ran back out to the main area.

All of this commotion caught Appa's attention, able to hear the noise from where he was. He was getting more and more worried over Aang's fight as he moans sorrowfully...But Appa wasn't the only one who was noticing this. Unaware to Appa, another figure stood from the hole Aang was in and was eying the's ready to go to the Water Tribe.

The fight back in the village was lasting longer and harder as Aang kept trying to avoid. Aang paused for a moment as Sokka was losing patience with him.

"Aang, in a duel 2 contestants must fight. Why aren't you fighting me?" Sokka asked. Aang, whom was shaking and shivering with fear only replied Ooh. Is it my turn?"

"Fight me!" Sokka groaned. Aang charged forward with his spear he had, but all Sokka did was grab it, ram the dull end in Aang's arrow, and threw it aside. the blow knocked Aang onto his back as Sokka's blade was aimed at his face. Katara in the crowd was worried. This duel is getting intense, and Aang is in deep trouble now.

"Oh no. This is terrible..." Katara thought. She looked around but suddenly noticing something running towards the entrance of the village. What happened next stuns everyone.

Sokka raised his spear, about to finish Aang. Aang braced up for the impact of the spear but suddenly Sokka found himself rammed off, crashing in a tent! a dusted up snow cloud form over Aang and as it disappeared...something was above him. Everyone just starred at it, including Sokka, who got up from the wreck. A blue beast, or wolf of sorts, was standing above Aang. Protecting him. Sokka still aimed his spear at it, although now worried himself. but before anyone can react, waterbending was suddenly used and sliced the spear in two! Sokka immediately turned to the crowd.

"Who did that?" Sokka groaned. None of them replied. The beast though suddenly appeared in his face, angry and disappointed in him for some reason...then it spoke.

"I did." The sentence was short, but it was enough to surprise Sokka when knowing it is able to speak with him at all.

"So you can talk?...who are you?" Sokka asked, a bit shaken.

"...My name is Aurora. And you should be ashamed of yourself. Fighting against the Avatar over something so meek." Sokka felt like his heart stopped for a second. It was crazy enough finding a 112 year old Air Nomad. Now this same nomad is the Avatar?!

"W-wait...Aang is the Avatar?" Sokka shuttered.

"I thought you'd have gotten the hint by now. (turns to Aang) He is the very last of his kind, and coincidentally the next Avatar in the dare you fight him?" Sokka was still scared and didn't know how to react to this turn of events. Aurora turned to leave but Aang caught it before hand.

"Wait! How did you know that?" Aang asked, obviously confused. Aurora turned to the nomad and smiled.

"You'll find out in due time..." and with that, Aurora ran off like lightning, seemingly disappearing out of sight. Aang turned to everyone else, mainly Sokka whom was shocked the most. One of the kids got Aang's spear and gave it to Sokka so he can win. but all Sokka did was stare at Aang with a new outlook on the end. All Sokka did was dropped the spear and turned away. Facing the crowd, he announced "This duel is over. Avatar Aang wins." Sokka sighed. Everyone was confused but didn't question the chief's choices. He then walked over to Katara.


"...A deal's a deal. You're free to go with him. You can leave whenever you want to..." After that was said, all Sokka did was walk back in the hut quietly. Not another word was said the whole morning.

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